Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/26/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/26/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

John and Marlena are at home with Paul and Claire. John, Paul, and Marlena discuss Orpheus terrorizing Steve and Kayla then kidnapping Joey. They wonder what his next move is. John says he has a plan to keep their family safe. Claire starts to question being unable to leave as she is mad about not having service to promote her music career. John warns her that if she doesn't listen to him, she could lose her life.

Steve comes home to Kayla worrying about Orpheus. Steve assures her that he's gone but tells her that there's no sign of Joey. Steve says that Orpheus won't hurt Joey because he needs a hostage. Steve says they will be fine. Kayla wants to believe him but she's scared. Steve hugs her and admits he's scared too but promises to bring Joey home.

Orpheus and Xander have Joey tied up. Orpheus tells Joey that it's not every day he sees his old man gunned down but he had it coming. Orpheus instructs Xander to keep an eye on Joey while he goes out. Orpheus warns that Xander is unhinged so you never know what may set him off. Orpheus exits. Xander sits down with a gun and says that he's right as if Joey makes one wrong move, he'll be dead.

At the Pub, Nicole questions Deimos getting a court order for a paternity test from Chloe. Deimos claims it had to be done but Nicole argues against causing her more stress. Deimos laughs it off but Nicole brings up Chloe's medical history. Nicole questions how Deimos even knew about the doctor's appointment. Deimos admits he had Chloe followed. Nicole swears that if anyone happens to Chloe's baby, she will never forgive him.

Philip finishes his call with Kate and tells Chloe that Kate went to see the doctor to change the test results. Chloe can't believe it and is excited that her baby is no longer in danger. Philip encourages that she will never have to deal with Deimos again.

Kate calls Dr. Wright and asks to see him in person for a favor. He suggests Thursday but Kate says now. He isn't sure but Kate says she will be right over anyways. Kate hangs up as Clyde then approaches her in the alley. Clyde says it's good to see her again.

Deimos tells Nicole that he would never put the baby in harm's way but Nicole argues that he already has by stressing the mother. Deimos claims he's trying to relieve stress so everyone can calm down when the truth comes out. Nicole reminds him that Chloe already said Philip was the father but Deimos believes she is lying. Deimos says he will completely back off if the test results prove him wrong but if he's right and the baby is his then he will be the most important person in the baby's life. Nicole comments on him seeming obsessive. Deimos says he can't take Chloe's word and move on. Nicole asks him to do it for her to prove how much she means to him. Deimos questions her thing for grand selfless gestures and tells her not to expect one from him because he's not Daniel. Nicole responds that she never said he was. Deimos tells her that she means a great deal to him and more than he could ever say but he's no hero and never will be.

Chloe asks Philip what he thinks changed Kate's mind since she hates her with a vengeance. Philip points out that she hates Deimos too. Philip suggests she could have done it for him or for the baby as she wouldn't want any kid raised by Deimos. Chloe remains worried that the doctor won't go through with it. Chloe won't feel good about it until she sees the test results. Philip promises that the test will say he is the father and they will raise this kid together as they hug.

Kate tells Clyde that she doesn't have time for his games as she has somewhere to be and can't be late. Clyde says he wants to finish the conversation they had before Chad interrupted. Kate is not interested and tries to leave but Clyde stops her and tells her to get interested fast.

John asks if everyone is clear how to handle things if they run in to the prisoners. Paul and Marlena say they got it while Claire is distracted. John asks if she heard them and asks what he said to do if she runs in to the prisoners. Claire claims she's not in any danger because they don't even know who she is. Paul tells her to wake up while Marlena insists she should be freaked out. John mentions going to the hospital to check with Steve and Kayla. Marlena gets a text from the hospital wanting her to come in. John doesn't want her alone so he will arrange for protection and adds not to leave Claire alone. John kisses Marlena goodbye and she tells him to be careful as he exits.

Steve sits Kayla down and wants her to rest but she complains that she could only think about him and Joey. Steve points out that Orpheus thinks he's dead. Steve claims he's fine but Kayla worries that he is hurt. Steve tells her not to worry. Kayla wants to take him to the hospital but Steve argues against it. Steve refuses to let Kayla be Orpheus' next target. Steve declares she's not letting her go anywhere as he won't risk losing her again.

Chloe joins Nicole at the Pub after Deimos has left. Nicole checks on her and Chloe says she is fine. Nicole can't believe Deimos slapped a paternity test on her. Chloe says she didn't have a choice. Nicole questions her going to the doctor's appointment with the risk of the prisoners out. Chloe says she wanted to get out of the Kiriakis Mansion and had no idea that Deimos would have her followed. Nicole talks about giving him a hard time over that. Chloe comments on Nicole always being a friend. Nicole feels Chloe seems very relaxed and not worried about the test results. Chloe just wants the whole nightmare over and done with. Nicole then realizes that Chloe figured a way to get the test results changed. Chloe denies knowing how to do that but Nicole suggests she knows someone who could. Chloe says she's wrong. Nicole knows she is holding back and asks for the truth so Chloe admits she did it because she had to protect the baby.

Deimos catches Philip preparing to leave the Kiriakis Mansion. Philip comments on Deimos having him tailed and says family doesn't spy on family. Deimos says all bets are off if there is a lie about paternity. Deimos says he has a right to know the truth. Philip argues that he just doesn't want to believe it. Deimos argues that Chloe was covering her bases when he first found out about her pregnancy. Deimos talks about all the time he and Chloe spent together being very close. Philip argues that she was only upset because they had a falling out. Deimos questions why Chloe never mentioned Philip once to him or the break up. Deimos guesses it's because there was nothing to tell.

Kate tells Clyde to let her go because he's hurting her. Clyde says she didn't used to be scared of him. Clyde notices she was trying to use her phone so he takes it and says he was going to let her go but now he has to kill her. Kate warns him that cops are all over. Kate screams for help when she sees someone walk by and pulls out her gun but it's Orpheus who grabs Kate and tells Clyde to do it. Clyde takes the gun and aims it at Kate.

Nicole questions Chloe about pulling off her plan. Chloe says the details don't matter but Nicole warns that she could be in a lot of trouble if it's found out. Chloe tells her not to judge her when she did something just as bad with Sydney. Nicole says she's not judging but feels it's hard to lie to Deimos. Nicole wonders if it gets serious. Chloe insists she still can't tell him. Nicole says it wouldn't be so hard if Deimos wasn't trying to be such a stand up guy to her while she's lying to his face. Chloe tells Nicole that when the test results come out, Deimos will have to accept it and move on. Chloe wants to stop talking about Deimos. Chloe mentions having to go get the test results so Nicole tells her she can go. Chloe hoped Nicole would come with her so Nicole agrees to go. Nicole tells her to be prepared that Deimos still wants the kid. Chloe declares that Deimos will never get it.

Philip tells Deimos that he's grasping at straws. Deimos feels Philip is dodging the question. Philip goes over he and Chloe's history. Philip says they are now committed to each other. Philip is confident in the test results. Philip tells Deimos he may want his own child but he won't have claims on this one. Philip then exits the mansion.

John goes to see Steve and Kayla about planning but Kayla worries about Joey. John encourages them about Joey being a survivor. Kayla doesn't want to sit around and do nothing so she wants to go to work but Steve argues that she's in no shape to go anywhere. John tells Kayla that Marlena will check in with the hospital for her so she shouldn't take any risks. John says it's only a matter of time before they catch the prisoners.

Marlena walks through the town square with Claire. Claire complains about wanting service as they walk off towards the hospital.

Kate apologizes to Clyde for dismissing him and tries to yell but Clyde tells her to shut up. Kate argues that she can help him but Marlena and Claire walk up the alley. Marlena instructs Claire to run but Orpheus catches them. Clyde asks Orpheus if he still thinks he should kill Kate. Orpheus responds that he doesn't care what he does to her because he has the woman he needs in Marlena.

Chloe talks to Nicole more about her situation and deciding to keep the baby. Chloe has a gut feeling that it's a boy. Chloe then apologizes for Nicole being unable to have her own baby. Nicole thanks her as she wishes she could have had one. Nicole offers to be her baby's godmother which Chloe says she would love. Nicole knows it's stressful and tells her to remember how blessed she is. Nicole tells her to do whatever she has to do to protect her baby.

Orpheus tells Marlena that this is a date with destiny and asks who Claire is. Marlena claims she was just someone walking in the town square and claims her bodyguard is coming. Kate tells Clyde that he doesn't want to kill her and tries to convince him to put the gun down. Marlena tells Orpheus to let Claire go and keep her. Orpheus mocks her and reveals he knows Claire is her granddaughter. Clyde tells Kate that this is the only way to end things between them. Orpheus explains that he did his studying in prison on all of Marlena's family including Claire. Orpheus suggests forcing Marlena to watch Claire shot and killed might be the best revenge. Orpheus calls for Clyde to finish this when John bursts in and rushes Clyde. John and Clyde struggle while Orpheus turns and fires his gun.

Steve finishes a call and sits with Kayla to tell her that Roman thinks it's only a matter of time before Orpheus slips up. Kayla hopes Joey doesn't get caught in the crossfire. Steve encourages her about Joey and says he will find his way back to them.

Xander falls asleep while he was keeping watch of Joey so Joey tries to escape being tied up.

John hugs Marlena and Claire as he checks on them with Orpheus and Clyde now gone from the area. John explains how they setup a distraction for their bodyguard. John hopes the shot he took at Orpheus made contact. Kate questions how he knew when to show up at the right time. Marlena explains that she used the panic button that John set her up with so he always knows where she is. John tells Kate that he will get her one as she thanks him for saving her life. Kate goes to leave, saying she has somewhere she has to be but John stops her and says he doesn't want her alone out there after what happened. John calls Roman and tells him that Orpheus had Marlena, Claire, and Kate cornered. Marlena tells Claire that this is why it's so important to be careful. John tells Roman that they can't get far as he hangs up. John turns around and Kate is gone. John questions what's the matter with her.

Kayla tells Steve that Joey is a survivor because of him. Steve doesn't know about that since he wasn't here for some of the most important years of his life. Steve feels he failed Joey in so many ways. Kayla argues that he more than made up for it by keeping him out of prison and pulling him out of the cult. Kayla talks about seeing so much of Steve in Joey. Kayla says Joey has seen and experienced more than any kid should. Steve notes that he survived it. Kayla has faith in their son.

Joey continues trying to get free from being tied up when Xander wakes up. Orpheus and Clyde come back in with Orpheus wounded. Xander questions what happened. Orpheus informs him that John showed up and shot him. Clyde questions how he let it happen as Orpheus responds that the gun jammed and says it wouldn't have happened if Clyde wasn't playing games with Kate and finished her off like he told him to. Xander tries to stop the bleeding but Orpheus yells in pain. Orpheus talks about the pain when they get done with their enemies. Orpheus tells Joey it started with Steve so they can finish off the Johnson bloodline with him.

Kate goes to the hospital to see Dr. Wright and texts him to meet her in the exam room as she wonders where he is.

Steve talks on the phone with Paul about John shooting Orpheus. Steve hangs up and informs Kayla about what happened. They note that it was only Orpheus and Clyde but not Xander or Joey. Steve guesses Xander must be guarding Joey. Steve decides he will check a few places. Kayla offers to go too but Steve reminds her about the power outage. Steve warns her to lock the door and not open for it anyone. Kayla agrees to call as they kiss and Steve promises they will all be back together real soon. Steve then exits.

Orpheus asks Joey if he's ready to meet Steve in the great beyond. Joey doesn't think that will happen. Joey argues that he'll have no leverage if he kills him. Orpheus calls him a smug brat. Orpheus orders Joey to be gotten out of his sight or he'll leave him half blind like Steve. Joey tells him not to talk about his dad. Orpheus continues threatening him so Joey spits on him. Orpheus tells Joey that he will be dead with Steve soon enough.

John and Marlena talk at home. Marlena tells him about Claire only being upset about her tablet not working. John says she clearly hasn't grasped the severity of the situation. Marlena thinks she's beginning to. They talk about Marlena reaching the panic button. Marlena doesn't know what would've happened without it. John says they are safe now except for Kate. John wonders what was so important for her to risk her life to get there.

Chloe, Philip, and Nicole go to the hospital out of town for the test results. Chloe calls it the moment of truth which Nicole points out is not really true. Philip questions why Nicole is there. Deimos enters and says he would like to know that too. Nicole explains that Chloe is her friend and she asked her to be there to support her. Dr. Wright enters with the paternity test results.

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