Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/23/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/23/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole joins Brady in the town square. Brady didn't like her being alone but Nicole assures that she's fine because Deimos hired security for her. Brady worries about the prisoners calling the shots. Nicole wants coffee so Brady suggests she move in to the Kiriakis Mansion. Brady insists that it's not a bad idea. Nicole says she can't. Brady reminds her about the convicts being out and asks if she really wants to be out in the open. Nicole admits she's scared but feels that moving in sends Deimos a message that she's not ready to send. Brady understands but brings up Theresa being terrified of Xander. Nicole reveals to Brady that Xander called her after they left and he's been watching her. Brady tells her to get her suitcase and he's taking her to the Kiriakis Mansion.

Eve and Theresa talk at the Kiriakis Mansion about being without power. Theresa can't believe the prisoners have Joey but points out that they can't hurt him if they want their demands. Eve hates to leave Theresa but Theresa tells her to take care of herself. Eve offers to change her schedule. Eve suggests Theresa come back to New York with her as she doesn't want Clyde to hurt her or Tate.

Philip is with Chloe at a hospital outside of Salem to get checked out. Chloe talks about keeping her secret while Philip assures her that he got away without Deimos noticing. Chloe thanks him for being there. The doctor enters and tells Chloe that her blood pressure is a bit high. Chloe admits things have been stressful. He instructs her to try and relax then he will come back to check her blood pressure. After the doctor exits, Chloe questions how she can relax as she feels her life would be over if Deimos finds out her baby is his.


Deimos finishes a call as Justin guesses he had no luck. Deimos says he can't find anything about the electricity coming back on. Justin suggests more guards but Deimos says he's taken care of it. Deimos tells Justin he has something for him to do that he probably won't like but he doesn't have much choice.

Kate finishes a call with Billie, informing her about her altercation with Clyde. Kate insists that everything is fine and under control but then she gets startled by the door opening which makes her think Clyde is back.

Nicole tells Brady that moving in to the mansion because she's scared of Xander will make Deimos see it as something else. Nicole says she can't let someone new in and refuses to do that to Daniel's memory. Brady offers to walk her home but Nicole wants to go to the mansion to check on Theresa and says Brady can run interference with Deimos. Brady agrees and they walk off together.

Theresa tells Eve that she can't move to New York which Eve questions. Theresa tries to bring up her company but Eve is more concerned with her and Tate's lives. Theresa promises she wouldn't stay if she didn't believe they were safe here. Theresa adds that she's not going to leave Brady.

It's not Clyde but André who comes in so Kate apologizes to Billie for overreacting as she hangs up. Kate tells André that he just scared the Hell out of her. André suggests she make alternate living arrangements if she's that scared. Kate questions if he has ulterior motives. André calls her suspicious. André suggests she go stay with Philip in the Kiriakis Mansion or with Lucas. Kate informs him that Lucas is in the DiMera Mansion with Adrienne who can't stand her while Philip and Chloe are with Victor. Kate comments on not approving of the women her sons choose to be with. André asks if that is their problem or hers.

Philip assures Chloe that Deimos will never find out he is the father of her baby. Chloe brings up that these things have a way of coming out. Chloe tells Philip that she never meant to hurt him but feels like she keeps doing that over and over again. Chloe apologizes and doesn't know why he's being so helpful throughout all of this. Philip thanks her for Parker being back in his life and says he will be her next kid's dad for life. Chloe calls him so nice and brings up their times in high school. Philip brings up their kiss the other day. Chloe tells him that can't happen again as this is complicated enough. Philip agrees not to argue despite enjoying it as he wants to keep it simple. Chloe thinks back to Philip kissing her after she sang for him.

Deimos asks Justin if he's clear on what he needs to do. Justin reminds him that he lost his real job after the last time he did something for Deimos. Deimos says his job is now the family business. Justin says that has nothing to do with business. Deimos says it does have to do with family. Theresa and Eve join them. Deimos informs them that the security system is down because of the power outage. Eve questions him but Deimos assures them that there are more guards and instructs them to be careful. Justin notes that Philip and Chloe need to know about this as well and asks where they are. Theresa reveals they went out this morning which shocks Deimos, who questions where they went. Theresa says they went out the back door but didn't talk to her. Deimos gets upset and storms out of the mansion.

Kate tells André that Adrienne and Chloe don't like her because she's so articulate about their shortcomings. Kate blames Chloe for Philip always being unhappy and says Adrienne always goes back to Justin while Lucas always ends up heartbroken. André suggests Kate doesn't like seeing them upset because she loves them so much. Kate mocks the idea of André giving parenting advice.

Nicole joins Theresa and Eve in the Kiriakis Mansion. Theresa thanks her for coming even though she hates it here. Nicole gives her a wedding gift to cheer her up and tells her to open it later. Theresa worries about Nicole leaving her house when Xander is out there. Eve believes anyone staying in Salem is crazy. Eve reminds them that her door is open. Nicole tells her that her heart is here and always will be.

Chloe tells Philip that the doctor said they might hear a heartbeat today. Philip asks if she wants to find out if it's a boy or girl. Chloe thinks it's a boy which she calls a gut feeling. Philip adds that a little girl would be cool too. They joke with each other about baseball and names for the baby. Chloe suggests Philip Jr. and says that would serve Deimos right. There's a knock at the door which Chloe assumes is the doctor but instead, Deimos enters the room surprising them.

Kate finishes another call, saying they won't regret making this decision. André notes that she looks pleased. Kate says she was doing battle for DiMera Enterprises. André asks about it. Kate explains that she just convinced the last remaining investor of DJ Wear to pull all of his money which she calls another victory for the DiMeras. André thanks her. Kate tells him that she hasn't made up her mind about talking to Chad for him yet and she doesn't want him to bring it up again. André thinks her act is a facade in the face of death. Kate warns him about being grim. André toasts his drink and says rules don't apply to them.

Theresa checks the lock on the front door after putting Tate down for his nap. Brady joins her. Theresa notes that he seems distracted and asks if something else happened. Brady confirms that it did.

Philip questions what Deimos is doing here. Chloe accuses him of having them followed. Deimos says he was worried about them and questions them leaving town for a doctor's appointment. Philip explains that Chloe likes the doctor here and has a high risk pregnancy. Deimos questions what is high risk about it but Philip says they told him enough and wants him to get out. Deimos brings in Justin. Chloe questions Justin coming with Deimos. Justin reveals a court order that says Deimos has the legal right to demand a paternity test which shocks Chloe. Deimos declares he is exercising that right today. Philip thought Justin was above doing Deimos' bidding. Deimos says he just wants the truth. Philip tells Deimos that he won't get away with this as they have nothing to hide. Philip says Deimos will not cause further stress for Chloe and risk for the baby. Deimos says he wouldn't think of adding stress to the mother of his child. Chloe calls him unbelievable. Deimos says it's very simple as they will all give blood and the test will be no big deal. Justin adds that he asked the judge to expedite the order. Deimos says it's good that they are all in the doctor's office so they can get it done today. The doctor comes in and asks what's going on so Justin shows him the court order. Deimos informs him that he will have to run a paternity test.

Brady informs Theresa that he just got off the phone with the last investor Charlie Bartlett, who is pulling his investment in DJ Wear. Theresa is relieved that it wasn't that something happened to Joey. Theresa then realizes it's the end of DJ Wear. Brady is sorry as he knows how much the company meant to her. Theresa blames herself for not coming up with a better plan. Brady assures it's not her fault. Brady thinks Kate is to blame. Theresa agrees and says she doesn't have the energy to fight. Brady offers to but Theresa tells him not to. Theresa wants Brady to invest his energy in to Titan with he and Victor getting along again. Brady admits part of him would like to be back there but he could save her company. Theresa argues that she could be a designer any time while Tate will only be a baby once. Theresa assures him that he's all that matters to her. Theresa says they will shut DJ Wear down.

Deimos asks the doctor to draw the blood. He says he needs to examine his patient and wants Deimos and Justin to leave. Deimos says he is the father of the child. The doctor informs him that until the test results come in, Philip is the father, so he can call him when they are done. Deimos asks when the test results will be in. He responds they should be in later today. Deimos and Justin exit. The doctor leaves to order additional blood work. Chloe tells Philip that this is a nightmare as Deimos is going to find out the baby is his. Philip tells her that the test will say he is the father as he will do whatever it takes.

Eve walks through the town square with her bag packed where she runs in to Justin. Eve is surprised to see him out of the mansion. Justin tells her he had to go out of town but notes it was nice to see her. Eve tells him that she is heading to the airport. Justin is sorry they didn't get to have a drink. Eve plans to come back for Theresa's next wedding. Justin gets why she wanted to move but he wishes she hadn't because they had some good times together. Eve remarks that Justin is in love with his ex wife. Justin informs her that Adrienne is about to marry Lucas. Eve jokes about how long that marriage will last. Justin is sorry he and Eve didn't get the chance to find out what could have been.

Deimos returns home to the Kiriakis Mansion, on the phone questioning Dario not telling him about Chloe's doctor's appointment changing dates. Deimos warns Dario that if he does that again, he's fired. Brady comes in and asks who is fired now. Deimos claims he was talking to the head of security as he is getting tired of waiting for the police to catch Orpheus. Brady warns him that putting his own team on it could screw up what the police are doing. Deimos feels you have to be as ruthless as the prisoners and he doesn't care if Brady doesn't approve. Brady understands his frustration. Nicole enters so Deimos excitedly asks if she changed her mind about moving in. Nicole says she came to visit Theresa. Deimos asks if she waited around until he got back but she tells him not to flatter himself. Brady decides he will leave them alone and exits. Deimos kisses Nicole. She asks him where he went. Deimos informs her that he joined Chloe at her doctor's appointment. Nicole asks how it went for him. Deimos claims it went great.

Philip and Chloe go to see Kate. Philip admits that Kate was right as Chloe reveals Philip is not her baby's father and Deimos is. Philip explains that Deimos followed them to the doctor and demanded a paternity test. Kate tells them that the truth always comes out and now will but Philip says it won't if Kate cooperates since she hates Deimos and this is her chance to stick it to him. Philip states that Deimos has everything he wants except a kid and she has the power to keep it that way. Kate questions how she would do that. Philip says he did research on Chloe's doctor and found out that Kate helped raise money for his clinic. Philip asks Kate to get the doctor to say he's the dad. Kate says he's a very ethical man and won't do it. Philip tells her to get to the lab he uses then. Kate admits she loves the idea of sticking it to Deimos. Philip asks if she's in. Kate feels that means sticking Philip with Chloe for the rest of his life and passing off Chloe's child as her grandchild. Kate decides she can't do that.

Justin offers to drive Eve to the airport with a security guard following them. Eve tells him he doesn't have to but he says he wants to. Eve tells him that Adrienne is a fool to choose anyone over him. Eve kisses him and they walk off together.

Philip brings Chloe back to her hotel room and tells her that she can't stay here tonight. Chloe argues that she can't stay at the Kiriakis Mansion when Deimos finds out the baby is his. Chloe worries that her baby's life is already over. Philip is sorry for how Kate treated her. Chloe just wanted her to help. Philip decides Kate is not their only option and says he'll find a way to get in to the lab himself which Chloe questions.

Deimos and Nicole sit at the Pub and eat together. Deimos spots Kate at the counter so he asks Nicole to step away so he can talk with Kate. Nicole heads to the restroom while Deimos approaches Kate. Deimos mentions hearing about her run in with Clyde. Kate says she survived. Deimos tells her that she always does and it's the men she gets with that end up dead. Kate remarks that he'll be so much happier with someone sedated like Nicole. Deimos talks about he and Nicole going after Kate and DiMera Enterprises. Kate reminds him that she has the goods on his black market dealings. Deimos warns her that if she tries to take him down for what he did then she will go down for kidnapping Tate. They sarcastically tell each other to be safe as Kate exits the Pub. Nicole returns and asks Deimos how it went with Kate. Deimos responds that it went great. Nicole notes that he seems pretty happy considering the situation. Deimos feels like things are finally starting to go his way. Kate remains outside the Pub with her phone in hand.

Brady and Theresa sit together on the couch in the living room. Theresa says it almost feels normal. Brady is sorry about DJ Wear shutting down. Theresa says she's a little sad but it's alright and she'll get over it. Theresa doesn't know what is ahead but she knows they will have a great life. Brady says she can count on that as they kiss.

Philip encourages Chloe to think positively as she got a clean bill of health. Chloe complains that he can't cheer her up and declares that Deimos wins so it's over. Philip argues that they will figure it out together as they are family now.

Nicole questions sitting here like any other day. Deimos wants her to feel safe and brings up sending her off on a business trip but Nicole refuses to run away and leave Salem. Nicole changes the subject and asks about why he said the visit to the doctor with Chloe went great. Deimos talks about not believing Philip is the father of the baby. Nicole thought he was going to drop all of this but Deimos says he can't until he knows for sure. Deimos explains that they will have the paternity test results today.

Philip encourages Chloe not to give up. Philip gets a call from Kate so he questions what she wants. Kate informs him that she has had a change of heart and she's totally looking forward to being a grandmother. Philip tells Chloe that Kate will do it which surprises her.

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