Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/22/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/22/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope goes to the Pub where Aiden enters and says he's glad he ran in to her as they need to talk.

Theo joins Adrienne in the living room at the DiMera Mansion. She tells him that she's glad he is staying. Adrienne asks Theo to watch Arianna and Thomas while she warms up the bottle for Thomas. Adrienne goes to check on security as well while Theo sits with Arianna.

Hope says they have nothing to discuss but Aiden stops her from leaving and says it's important. The electricity in the Pub then goes out.

Gabi joins Chad in the panic room to ask about the bags she brought with his outfits. Chad says he will show her upstairs. The electricity goes out causing Gabi to worry and Chad reveals the power is out so they are trapped in the panic room.

Theo sits with Arianna as the power goes out and he tells her everything will be okay.

Orpheus and Clyde sneak in to Kayla's house as she is asleep on the couch and they stand over her with flashlights.

Aiden comments on the power going out. Hope wants to go check on Caroline and tells Aiden to go. Aiden says he can wait here but Hope asks him to just go as she walks to the back. Aiden slams his hand on the table in frustration, smashing a glass in the process and hurting himself.

Rafe walks through the town square, on the phone about the power going out while the prisoners are on the loose. Rafe mentions that he tried to call Hope but got no answer.

Gabi questions what Chad means that they are trapped. Chad explains that the door is electronic and there's no power so there is no way out. Gabi begins pounding on the door, screaming for help as she worries about Arianna.

Theo remains with Arianna and says he doesn't know why the lights are out.

Orpheus sits next to Kayla and pulls out a knife. Kayla wakes up and tries to get away but Clyde grabs her from behind. Joey comes back in and realizes the lights are out then finds Kayla tied up with Orpheus. Xander appears and grabs Joey from behind as Orpheus warns him to stay very quiet. Xander asks what now. Orpheus declares now they have some fun.

Steve walks down the alley where he had been following Orpheus in disguise and bumps into a trash can, knocking it over in the dark. Steve stops and thinks back to talking to Kayla about keeping her safe from Orpheus then to when he walked by him. Steve realizes it was Orpheus and hurries to get his phone out to make call but there's no answer so he rushes off.

Chad tries to calm Gabi down by assuring her that Adrienne and Lucas will take care of Arianna and Thomas.

Theo hears Thomas crying so he leaves the living room and calls out for Adrienne and Lucas. Theo worries about it being dark and then hears a noise so he hurries back in to the living room and locks the door. Theo tells Arianna that it's okay and they are safe now.

Claire walks through the town square trying to get cell phone service but can't with the power out. Someone grabs her and she screams.

Hope comes back down and finds Aiden wrapping his hand. Hope thought he'd be gone. Aiden apologizes and asks how Caroline is. Hope says she's fine and questions Aiden bleeding. Aiden explains he broke a glass and it's nothing, insisting he's okay. Hope pulls out a first aid kit. Hope mentions the whole city being out of power. Aiden guesses the prisoners were behind the explosion. Hope notes Aiden has a deep cut and will need stitches. Aiden blames it on being clumsy. Hope wipes his hand. Aiden tells her that he's sorry for before. Hope repeats there is nothing for them to talk about and she will get him patched up then he's on his own.

Claire was grabbed by JJ who she yells at for scaring her. JJ doesn't care and questions what the hell she's doing out here alone when he told her to stay put. Claire argues that she's not a kid. JJ says she's acting like one and brings up the killers on the loose. Claire mocks him as a cop and questions the power outage. Rafe comes over and asks about hearing a scream. Claire blames it on JJ grabbing her. JJ says he was trying to prevent her from getting killed. Rafe asks JJ if he's heard from Gabi. JJ says he hasn't since the explosion as her phone went to voicemail. Rafe instructs Claire to do what JJ says as whatever is going on is not a joke. Rafe walks away while JJ gets a text from Gabi that she's trapped in the DiMera panic room. Claire questions him having service while she doesn't. JJ says they have to go. Claire tries to go back home but JJ decides she's coming with him.

Gabi hopes her text went through to JJ as she struggles to get cell service. They wonder about what caused the power outage as Gabi begins to worry about it getting hot. Chad tells her to pretend it's a sauna and hope JJ got her text.

Theo tries to get Thomas to stop crying as he worries that something is wrong. Theo says he will take care of Thomas like Adrienne said. Outside the living room, Lucas and Adrienne wonder about the explosion they heard. They try to get in to the living room to Thomas but the door is locked.

Steve comes home and calls out to Kayla. Steve goes to the drawer but Orpheus comes out with his gun and asks if he's looking for it. Steve questions where the hell his family is.

Gabi mentions that JJ still has not texted her back so her text probably didn't get through. Chad comments that Adrienne and Lucas know where they are and they are probably taking care of the kids. They talk about it being hot like a sauna. Gabi jokes that nothing good comes from being around a DiMera then apologizes for being insensitive but Chad says it's fine. Gabi blames it on being nervous. Chad insists it's fine and he's not tense as he unbuttons his shirt due to the heat. Gabi admits the DiMeras have a reputation but praises Chad as nothing like them. Chad talks about fighting the DiMera tendencies. Chad says his love for Abigail motivated him to be a better person and now he has to do that for Thomas so he can be proud of his father. Gabi praises Chad as a father and thinks Thomas will be proud of his name. Chad knows Gabi was joking before but says it's unfortunately very true.

Theo tries to get Thomas to stop crying and wishes Ciara was there to know what to do. Adrienne and Lucas call for Theo from outside the door as he locked it but Theo starts to panic inside.

Hope wraps Aiden's bleeding hand from the glass. Aiden tells Hope that he sent Chase back to Portland so he thought maybe Ciara would like to know he's gone. Hope agrees to make sure she knows. Hope questions if Aiden's not going himself. Aiden says eventually but he has loose ends to tie up here. Hope finishes wrapping up his hand. Aiden thinks back to talking to Chase on the phone where he said he was certain Hope would join them in Portland. Aiden tells Hope that he's made some horrible judgment calls but he's changed and he wants her to know that he really wants to do the right thing.

Steve approaches Orpheus. Orpheus mocks him as he drinks coffee. Orpheus takes credit for the power outage and reveals he used C4 explosives. Orpheus asks where Steve was when the lights went out. Steve demands to know where his family is so Xander and Clyde bring out Kayla and Joey tied up as Orpheus remarks that it seems like old times.

Gabi says she can't take it being too hot. Gabi apologizes for earlier and they talk about thinking of Abigail all the time. Chad says in the end, Abigail got hurt like everyone else who fell for a DiMera. Gabi blames Ben for everything that happened to Abigail. Gabi gets that he still feels responsible and says it's a shame because he shouldn't. Gabi encourages him that the tragedy wasn't his fault. Chad thanks her for trying to alleviate his guilt so he will do his best to take her advice. Gabi jokes that he is to blame for their current predicament. Chad jokes back with her about not kicking her out of the panic room. Gabi thinks someone should have found them by now but Chad says it hasn't been that long. Gabi thinks they should notice they are missing.

Lucas and Adrienne continue trying to convince Theo to unlock the door. Lucas worries about Chad not being back as they say it's all up to Theo, who remains panicked inside as Thomas cries and Arianna looks around.

Rafe goes to the Pub where he finds Hope and asks if she's okay. Rafe then questions what Aiden is doing there, feeling the Pub should be off limits to him. Rafe and Hope go over the power outage as Hope remarks that it seems Orpheus hasn't changed a bit.

Orpheus tells Steve that 30 years ago he had him bound and gagged, now he has his son. Steve tells him to let them go as he has him now. Orpheus brings up his grudge over Steve letting John and Marlena go free back then. Joey tries to get up and go after him but is held back. Steve tells Joey to let him handle it. Orpheus brings up how Steve handled it so long ago on his yacht.

Lucas and Adrienne continue trying to get in and yelling out for Theo. Theo thinks back to when he first entered the room and Adrienne asked him to watch the kids. Theo then snaps out of it and unlocks the door. Lucas and Adrienne hurry in to the room relieved and check on the kids. Theo insists that he took care of them.

Gabi tries to get cell service but can't. Gabi is thankful that Adrienne and Lucas are with the kids. Gabi talks about how good they are with Arianna. Chad talks about how fast they have had to grow up.

Clyde tells Orpheus that blowing up the power plant was a bit like leaving a calling card so he doesn't think they have time for this trip down memory lane. Clyde tells him to kill them now. Orpheus says he is the brains of the operation and tells Clyde to concentrate on being a silent partner. Xander agrees with Clyde that this is taking too long. Steve mocks them getting on each others' nerves. Orpheus argues that Steve is not in a position to make jokes. Steve calls them the three stooges. Steve asks Xander if he's starting to wonder if partnering up with Orpheus was the dumbest thing he's ever done. Steve says thanks to Orpheus, they will be facing the death penalty. Orpheus warns Steve to shut up and hits him with his gun, knocking him back in to Xander's grasp. Steve asks Xander what he's gonna do. Orpheus tells Steve to shut up as he holds him at gunpoint.

Adrienne asks Theo if he's okay. Theo apologizes for getting scared. They understand as JJ rushes in with Claire. JJ asks if everything is okay as he got a text from Gabi. Lucas is surprised to learn Gabi is still in the mansion as JJ reveals she is trapped in the panic room. Lucas rushes out to show JJ where it is as JJ instructs Adrienne to watch Claire and make sure she doesn't leave since she can't be trusted. Claire starts to talk to Theo but notes he is distracted and that he looks really upset so she asks him what's wrong.

Chad takes his pants off due to the heat so he and Gabi end up in their undergarments together in the panic room. They laugh together about old times in high school. Chad recalls the first time he asked her out and calls it the last time he felt like a kid. Chad feels he was a jerk then but Gabi says he was cool. They talk about it seeming like such a long time ago. Chad is thankful for Thomas as a reminder that he hasn't lost everything. They hear banging on the door and laugh that they are about to be saved.

Rafe questions Aiden as to why he was following Hope. Aiden claims he wasn't. Rafe questions Aiden coming in to the Pub with Clyde on the loose. Aiden says he happened to be walking by. Rafe tells him he should've kept walking. Aiden says he wanted to let Hope know that he sent Chase to Portland. Hope tries to keep Rafe calm. Rafe argues that Aiden shouldn't be here. Aiden warns him to watch it. Rafe tells Aiden that he's on to him and doesn't buy his fake concern. Rafe calls Aiden a bag of crap in an expensive suit.

Orpheus instructs Xander to gag Steve. Steve stops them to ask why they met Orpheus in prison and laughs at him as a lousy master criminal. Steve fights Xander off and then rushes Orpheus and they struggle over the gun until shots are fired as Kayla screams while tied up.

Theo steps out of the living room with Claire and tells her how he felt stupid for locking the door but Claire encourages that he did the right thing in protecting the kids. Claire tells him he did great. Theo thanks her and they hug.

JJ and Lucas rescue Chad and Gabi from the panic room. Chad exits with Lucas as Gabi puts her clothes back on. JJ checks on Gabi as she says she needs to get some air and exits the room.

Hope pulls Rafe away from Aiden and tells him to believe she can handle this and not make it worse. Rafe says he won't but he just really hates him. Hope tells Rafe there is nothing to worry about and they'll be fine. Hope thanks Aiden for telling her about Chase. Hope suggests he go now. Aiden thanks her for wrapping his hand. Hope tells him to have a doctor look at which Aiden takes to mean she does care but Rafe says she doesn't. Aiden then exits the Pub, stops outside and pulls Stefano's case file out of his briefcase.

Kayla cries over Steve's body after being shot when Steve suddenly regains consciousness and reveals he was wearing a bulletproof vest. Kayla is relieved he is alive as they kiss. Steve unties Kayla and checks on her. Steve then looks around and questions where Joey is as Kayla cries out that they took him.

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