Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/21/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/21/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad joins Lucas and Adrienne with Thomas in the DiMera Mansion to check on them. Adrienne worries about what Clyde said to Kate. Chad tells them they are all safe now but Adrienne worries about the prisoners being out for revenge. Chad encourages them about his security team but Adrienne feels nothing will stop them.

Aiden sits outside the Brady Pub and calls Chase to check on him. Aiden mentions having some interesting reading material as he holds Stefano's case file. Aiden tells Chase about moving to Portland and being certain that Hope will join them.

Hope talks to Ciara at Jennifer's about keeping the place on lockdown while the prisoners are out there. Julie and Jennifer encourage Ciara and Claire about staying there. Hope steps out with Jennifer where Jennifer expresses her concerns about Clyde when it comes to JJ.

JJ joins Gabi in the town square and encourages her to go home with Arianna to be safe but Gabi says she has to get to Chad's for work. JJ hates to see her go somewhere that dangerous. Gabi responds that she hates JJ being on patrol while Clyde could be out there looking for him. Gabi talks about doing her job. JJ suggests a police escort in him. JJ tells her they will do something fun when all of this is over. Gabi hopes the prisoners are caught before anyone else gets hurt.

Steve brings Kayla home and gets her situated on the couch. Steve thinks she should be back in bed and says he won't be far away from her until she's better. Steve adds that only at night, he'll be on the couch unless she invites him to bed with her. Steve wants to call the pharmacy to have them deliver her medicine but Kayla asks him not to. Steve says he can text Joey to have him pick it up but Kayla doesn't want him to and suggests telling Joey to stay with a friend to be safe as well. Steve assures her that Joey knows Orpheus is dangerous and that they know he will never forgive them.

Orpheus, Clyde, and Xander prepare in the garage. Xander is ready to go with their disguises, weapons, and targets. Orpheus questions how it worked out when Xander went after Theresa without a plan. Orpheus and Clyde say they did the same thing so they learned a lesson. Clyde says the disguises should help them get by the cops without problem. Xander wants to go after Theresa and Nicole tonight. Orpheus encourages him to be patient as they will all get to do everything on their list. Orpheus declares the only question is who is first.

Steve tells Kayla not to worry as he won't let anything happen to her or Joey. Kayla is terrified of Orpheus and brings up what he did to Marlena in the past and how he's already shot John. Hope arrives with flowers for Kayla. Hope asks if she's interrupting. Steve asks Hope to stay so he can go get Kayla's prescription. Kayla asks Steve to stop and get some chowder from the Pub while he's out. Steve agrees and exits.

Xander, Orpheus, and Clyde put on their disguises and talk about sticking to their plan as they leave their garage hideout.

Chad talks with Lucas about business. Lucas asks how Belle is doing in Hong Kong. Chad says she got Mr. Shin to see things their way but the rest are not yet. Chad adds that he won't back down on getting DiMera Enterprises respected. Chad gets a message that he forgot Gabi was coming. Gabi comes in with Arianna and a power suit for Chad. Chad tells Gabi that he meant to text her but he forgot to as his business partner cancelled. Gabi questions that she risked her life for fashion all day for nothing.

Hope talks to Kayla about the police force working hard but there being no sighting of the prisoners since the first attacks. Kayla says they know Orpheus is planning something. Hope asks about Steve staying with her and Joey. Hope adds that it's great seeing them together. Kayla tells her that they don't know where it is headed and are trying to take it step by step. Hope knows Kayla still loves Steve. They hear a sound outside so Hope grabs her gun and goes to check the window.

Joey joins Ciara and Claire at Jennifer's. Claire tries to use Joey's phone but can't get a signal. Julie encourages them playing games. Claire panics about not being able to get on youtube or twitter to promote her video. Claire wants to get out but Ciara says there is no way. Joey mentions he can't stay for dinner but could get out for a while.

Chad apologizes to Gabi as she details having to go to all these different stores to take back what he didn't like and find him all new outfits while having Arianna with her the whole day. Chad tells her that she did a great job and asks if he can be forgiven. Gabi is just happy to be paid. Chad wants to bounce an idea off of her that he's been thinking about.

Hope checks outside the house with her gun but finds a plant on the doorstep. Hope brings them in as there is a note they are from Kim for Kayla to get well. Hope apologizes for overreacting with her gun but Kayla understands everyone is on edge with the convicts loose. Kayla brings up being unable to believe that Aiden is DA. Hope says Aiden always has an agenda.

Aiden remains outside the Pub, talking in to his phone about going over Stefano's case. Steve walks by and questions Aiden wasting time going over closed cases. Aiden responds that he will be making sure murderers aren't on the streets. Steve states that he knows why he's doing this.

Julie and Jennifer play charades while the kids are not as interested. Claire starts talking about being a breakout singer. The taxi arrives for Joey to go home so he hurries out. Jennifer and Julie step out while Ciara suggests Claire take a step back from her music and keep it in perspective so she doesn't get hurt if it doesn't work out right away. Claire takes it as Ciara saying she's not good enough. Ciara tells her that she has a lot of talent but only a few make it to the top. Claire argues that is why she is working so hard at it and setting up her youtube channel. Claire adds that being stuck here all night is ruining everything.

Steve tells Aiden that he knows he only took the DA job to get close to Hope again. Aiden says he took it because of corruption. Steve tells Aiden that he is delusional if he thinks he has a chance with Hope so he should back off. Aiden calls him out of line and says he should back off. Steve tells him to leave Salem because he has no future especially with Hope. Aiden responds that he's the DA in town so his future is bright. Steve says they will see about that as he heads in to the Pub.

Hope talks to Kayla about Aiden still not telling her what's going on but she thinks he's going over her old cases just to have something to talk to her about. Hope says she has made it clear where they stand. Hope mentions Rafe making her happy so Kayla encourages her to hold on to him.

Steve walks through the town square where Orpheus in his disguise walks by. Steve notices him as looking unusual and follows after him.

JJ comes home which makes Jennifer happy as she hugs him. Jennifer doesn't want him near Clyde. JJ is glad Ciara and Claire are inside. JJ mentions the DiMera Mansion being tight with security and explains to her that Gabi is working for Chad. Jennifer notes he doesn't seem happy about that. JJ says he's fine but wishes he could spend more time with Gabi. Jennifer asks if they have talked about where things are going. JJ says they haven't. Julie interrupts and suggests JJ walk away now after what Gabi did to Nick. JJ decides he will check around the house as he locks the door.

Chad tells Gabi about starting a charity in Abigail's name. Gabi loves the idea and asks what the foundation will do. Chad says that's where he is stuck as he wants it to be something Abigail would support. Chad hoped Gabi would have some ideas as Abigail's best friend. Gabi suggests something to find matches for bone marrow transplants. Chad calls it brilliant and says they make a hell of a team as they hug.

Joey comes home and hugs Kayla. Hope decides she will get going and stop by the Pub before heading to the station. Kayla thanks her for coming. Hope exits and Joey locks the door behind her. Joey asks Kayla where Steve is. Kayla tells him that he went to pick up her prescriptions and pick up chowder. Joey notes it being nice having him back where he belongs. Kayla calls it temporary with her recovery and the convicts loose. Joey still thinks it's nice for them all to be together again which Kayla agrees with.

Orpheus meets up with Clyde and Xander to tell them that he saw Steve who had no clue it was him. Xander wants to get started but Orpheus tells him to calm down. They walk off together as Steve comes around the corner and loses track of him so he turns back around and walks away.

Chad tells Gabi that he will have legal draw up the paperwork for the foundation. Theo arrives and thanks Chad for letting him stay since Abe is freaking out about the convicts on the loose. Chad says they have plenty of room. Chad suggests Gabi and Arianna stay too since it's safer but Gabi decides not to and mentions her boyfriend being a cop. Gabi goes to get Arianna as Chad hugs Theo and asks how things are going. Theo talks about school and hanging with his friends. Chad asks about Ciara. Theo says she's fine but thinks she misses Chad and Thomas. Chad says it's good for her to be with her friends. Theo mentions that he's been hanging out with Claire and shows Chad her youtube channel but he gets worried when he sees Claire hasn't uploaded anything new.

Julie talks with Ciara and Claire about doing a puzzle while Claire decides to leave the room, saying she will load the dishwasher.

Steve calls Joey from the town square and says he's been trying to call Kayla but she's not picking up. Joey says she's right here and gives the phone to Kayla. Steve asks her about not picking up. Kayla says her phone must be on silent. Steve says he has the chowder and is on his way. Kayla says she will see him soon and hangs up. She then sees a text come in from Jade on Joey's phone, saying she misses Joey and wants to see him soon. Kayla brings up that they haven't talked about her in awhile and admits she thinks Jade is trouble. Joey doesn't want to argue as he tells her to stay relaxed. Kayla agrees about staying relaxed while convicts are on the loose. Joey encourages her to rest while Steve will be back soon. Joey goes back to his phone and thinks back to being with Jade.

Jennifer and Julie work on the puzzle with Ciara. Jennifer remembers they have cookies but Ciara decides to go get them. JJ comes in from downstairs. Ciara rushes back in and exclaims that Claire is gone as she went out the kitchen door.

Adrienne and Lucas return to the living room with Thomas to talk about making sure everyone is safe. Lucas jokes with her about having to go to the panic room. Lucas assures they are safe and it will all be over soon then they can focus on sending out their wedding invitations. Adrienne hopes their wedding just comes off better than Brady and Theresa's did. Adrienne mentions seeing an outfit for Thomas for the wedding so she bought it. Lucas says she will be the most beautiful bride ever as they kiss until Gabi comes back in with Arianna. Gabi asks where the bags went. Lucas suggests asking Chad about that. Gabi asks where he went. Lucas suggests the panic room and says he will show her where that is. Gabi gives Arianna to Adrienne to watch while she goes with Lucas.

Kayla falls asleep on the couch so Joey sneaks out of the house and calls Jade. Joey says he's so glad they can finally talk.

Theo joins Adrienne in the living room. She tells him that she's glad he is staying. Adrienne asks Theo to watch Arianna while she warms up the bottle for Thomas. Adrienne goes to check on security as well while Theo sits with Arianna.

Hope goes to the Pub where Aiden enters and says he's glad he ran in to her as they need to talk. Hope says they have nothing to discuss but Aiden stops her from leaving and says it's important. The electricity in the Pub then goes out.

Jennifer questions what Claire was thinking. Ciara explains that she is on some social media kick. Ciara tries getting a signal on her phone but can't and then the electricity goes out causing them to worry.

Claire walks through the town square when the electricity goes out.

Gabi joins Chad in the panic room to ask about the bags she brought with his outfits. Chad says he will show her upstairs. The electricity goes out causing Gabi to worry and Chad reveals the power is out so they are trapped in the panic room.

Theo sits with Arianna as the power goes out and he tells her everything will be okay.

Orpheus and Clyde sneak in to Kayla's house as she is asleep on the couch and they stand over her with flashlights.

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