Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/20/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/20/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Dario walks through the town square where he gets a call from Deimos who asks if he has anything to report yet. Dario says he will send over what he found as Eduardo appears behind him.

Chloe sits in her hotel room and thinks back to Deimos confronting her about her pregnancy at the club and then to Philip informing her about Deimos inviting them to live in the mansion. Nicole then arrives at her door. Nicole sees bags and questions where she's going. Chloe informs her that she is moving in to the Kiriakis Mansion since Deimos suggested they would all be safer and Philip agreed. Nicole questions Chloe moving in when she doesn't want Deimos to know the baby is his. Chloe says Philip wants to and she feels like she owes him. Nicole argues that Deimos wants everyone to move in so he can watch them. Nicole complains about Deimos' big idea when the prisoners are on the loose. Nicole suggests Chloe leaving town would be safer as she thinks this could just be one big trap.

Dario sends Deimos what he has on the phone and Deimos thanks him, saying it could be just what he needs. Dario hangs up as Eduardo approaches, asking what the hell he's doing working for Deimos.

Deimos goes in to the living room with Victor, Sonny, Justin, and Brady. Victor complains about the police not being able to find the prisoners. Deimos talks about having four generations of Kiriakis under the same roof. Victor complains about Xander and Clyde. Victor states that he doesn't care what happens to him but they are coming after people he cares about.

At the bed and breakfast, Kate loads her gun and quickly turns around with it aimed as Andre appears.

Dario questions Eduardo thinking he's working for Deimos. Eduardo says he heard him say so on the phone and questions him. Eduardo warns him that Deimos is a dangerous man and he's not in his league. Dario doesn't think he's concerned for him but that he's just mad that Deimos stole Kate from him. Dario remarks that Eduardo isn't in his league either.

Kate questions Andre sneaking up on her when she could've shot him. Andre says he heard about Clyde. Kate says she wasn't scared but mad. Kate says she was such a fool to ever get involved with Clyde. Kate brings up Clyde admitting to switching the paternity test so it would say Thomas was Ben's son. Kate says Clyde made Ben crazy and she worries about Chad. Andre doesn't think anything can happen to Thomas in the DiMera mansion. Kate wishes Chad killed Clyde when he had the chance. Kate decides to go out for lunch which Andre questions her going out with the prisoners at large. Andre offers to join her. Kate asks if he thinks she needs him to protect her. Andre responds that he needs her to protect him as they exit together.

Chloe mocks Nicole saying she's walking in to a trap and not supporting her. Nicole goes over Deimos already thinking they are lying about the baby so she asks why else he would want them to move in. Chloe says that Philip wants to make peace with Victor. Nicole questions what Chloe gets out of it and how this helps Philip. Nicole warns Chloe that moving in to the mansion under these circumstances sounds like something she herself would do. Chloe complains about Deimos being good at reading people. Nicole begs her not to do this. Chloe argues that if Philip moves in without her then their whole story will blow up. Chloe doesn't want to do this but thinks she needs to and admits she is scared. Nicole decides that a promise is a promise and she will back her any way she can. Chloe then declares she wants Nicole to move in too.

Brady mentions Maggie thinking it would be easier for them all to talk together in private. Brady admits thinking it's a good idea since he and his family have moved in. Deimos notes there is plenty of room for Sonny and Justin. Sonny says he just moved so he doesn't want to move again. Victor calls that a lame excuse. Sonny doesn't want everyone breathing down his neck and admits that he doesn't like or trust Deimos. Victor argues that if he can do it, Sonny can too and he has to do it for his family but Sonny insists. Victor then reveals that Clyde tried to kill Sonny once as he's the one who had him stabbed last year which shocks him. Victor states that he can't lose Sonny.

Eduardo tells Dario that this isn't about Kate but about him as he doesn't want him to be an errand boy. Dario doesn't care what he thinks, feeling he can learn working for Deimos and move on to something better. Eduardo argues that Deimos is not the way and suggests he come work for him instead. Dario questions him but Eduardo says he can't get in to it now. Eduardo tells him to be smart and he'll be in touch as he walks away.

Nicole questions Chloe trying to convince her to move in with Victor, who she doesn't like or trust. Chloe brings up that she would get to spend time with Parker which Nicole calls below the belt. Chloe complains that she needs Nicole's help to stop Deimos from finding out that her baby is his. Nicole says she would do anything for her but move in to the mansion. Nicole hugs her and encourages that Chloe and Philip can do this but she doesn't know what she's doing with Deimos.

Sonny questions never being told that Clyde had him stabbed. Justin questions Victor never telling them. Victor explains that he didn't see how it helped to tell him after he had been through so much and he figured that was it when Clyde went to prison. Victor wants to know that they are all safe. Sonny hates that Victor always gets what he wants. Victor thanks him and Deimos. Justin brings up Deimos extorting the mansion from them. Victor encourages Justin to come to terms like he did. Victor says they have to get the whole family under one roof. Philip walks in and asks if that includes him.

Andre and Kate go to the Brady Pub to eat lunch. Andre goes over her being fine after her near death experience. Kate reminds him of her gun in her purse but she doesn't think even Clyde would bust in to the Brady Pub in broad daylight. Kate gets a text from Chad that he and Thomas are fine. Andre notes that they are close. Kate calls Chad family. Andre is happy that Kate takes Chad under her wing. Andre asks if she could coordinate for him. Kate questions Andre wanting to be part of Chad's family and be there for him. Kate says she would've had no problem saying yes if it were his brother Tony.

Chloe knows she's being selfish but says she's looking at it from her own point of view. Nicole feels she just needs to keep a certain distance from Deimos. Chloe brings up Xander being out there making Nicole unsafe. Nicole says she will be careful and doesn't want Chloe to worry about her. Chloe asks if she's really afraid of Deimos. Nicole says she's afraid of making another terrible mistake, his intensity, and her frightening track record. Chloe asks if she thinks Deimos is really in love with her. Nicole responds that even if he is, she still can't trust him.

Victor questions what Philip is doing here. Deimos greets him and asks where Chloe is. Philip says she will be here later which Victor questions. Deimos informs Victor that he invited Philip to move in with Chloe and Parker. Victor says he won't have it. Deimos asks why Victor can't forgive Philip. Victor complains that he is his son and he betrayed him. Justin argues that Philip is family so if Philip can't stay then neither will he. Deimos calls it a family decision and tells Victor to do it for Maggie. Victor asks if Maggie knows this includes Chloe. Philip gets in Victor's face about treating Chloe with respect. Victor wants Philip gone. Justin tries to calm them down. Deimos tells them to remember this is his house. Victor shouts back that it's his house that he stole from him. Everyone's voices get raised until Brady shouts for them to shut up.

Eduardo walks past the Pub on the phone with John, saying he is doing everything he can to find the prisoners.

Kate encourages Andre to tap in to something inside of him to be more like Tony then maybe she could believe him. Kate says that Chad is very important to her and she's very protective after everything he's been through. Kate brings up that Andre hasn't treated Chad very well in the past. Andre says he doesn't want to hurt Chad but for him to be part of the family like Tony was. Kate agrees to think about it. Andre says that's all he can ask. Eduardo enters and introduces himself to Andre. Eduardo mentions hearing about what happened last night with Clyde so he wanted to tell Kate that he's really sorry. Kate questions what he should be sorry for.

Nicole offers to drive Chloe to the mansion. Chloe says she is going to run some errands first. Nicole offers to go with her since she has nothing to do which Chloe admits would be nice. Chloe goes to pick up her bags when she feels a kick from the baby. Nicole calls it a miracle. Chloe is happy she's there as they hug.

Brady remarks that Victor has talked enough. Brady states that Victor loves them which is why he wants them in the mansion. Philip says not all of them. Brady thinks not having Philip move in tells the prisoners that they are not a united front. Brady says if they kill Philip, they will wait for the next Kiriakis to leave. Brady brings up if they go after Parker because he will be out there if Chloe isn't here. Brady argues that Xander, Clyde, and Orpheus would kill Parker too. Brady questions Victor's reasoning being because Chloe ticked him off. Brady admits he despises Deimos but he made peace with him to move in for the sake of his son. Brady says they need to think about their family and safety. Brady declares that if he can put up with Deimos then Victor can put up with Philip and Chloe. Brady states that they need to be men for the sake of their children and family. Sonny agrees that Brady is right.

Chloe and Nicole walk through the town square so Dario follows. Nicole gets a call from Roman with an update that they couldn't trace Xander's call. Nicole says she knew Xander wouldn't make it easy. Chloe asks about the others. Nicole says they have no leads but they are somewhere in or around Salem. Chloe says she has to get going. Nicole wishes her luck which Chloe says she will need while living in Deimos's house and seeing Victor at breakfast every morning. Chloe walks off. Dario approaches Nicole and questions if she's safe out here. Nicole insists that she is and has a discreet bodyguard. Dario offers anything he can do to help.

Justin checks in with Sonny outside the living room. Sonny complains that Victor drives him nuts. Justin offers to arrange to make sure he's safe if he can't move in. Sonny decides it is the right thing to do. Sonny talks about finding out that Clyde had him stabbed which made him remember waking up in the hospital to see Will. Sonny brings up that Clyde's son murdered his husband so he will not hide. Sonny declares they can't fight each other as they need to fight them.

Andre steps away to the bar while Kate talks with Eduardo. Kate doesn't understand why he would be sorry for what Clyde did. Eduardo feels responsible for people he cares about. Kate tells him he doesn't need to worry about her. Kate asks him about getting back with his ex wife. Eduardo says it got complicated as he had to leave town and now that he's back, Adriana is gone. Kate says she's sorry about that which Eduardo questions if she really is. Kate says she says what she means. Eduardo says he remembers that. Kate repeats that she's sorry his wife left and asks if that means he is leaving town too. Eduardo says no as she didn't call to say goodbye so he thinks there is a message in that. Eduardo brings up his family being here as well which he feels is most important and all he has. Eduardo tells Kate that he just wanted to check in and make sure she is okay. Kate responds that she's fine. Eduardo says he will be seeing her around then as Andre watches from the bar. Eduardo warns Kate to come to him before she puts trust in to people she shouldn't. Eduardo calls that a standing offer as he exits the Pub. Andre returns to Kate and asks what that was all about.

Philip asks Brady if he thinks Sonny will be okay. Brady goes over him just finding out that Clyde was behind his stabbing. Brady explains that Victor knew all along and told him to convince him to move in. Philip asks Brady if he really thinks they can all live together. Brady thinks they will have to be what they are not. Philip calls that Victor not being himself and asks if he can control himself with Chloe and Theresa in the same house. Brady wants Philip to tone it down a little. Philip hopes to get his father back but says it will take time. Deimos tells Victor that he got what he wanted. Victor responds that Philip moving in is not what he wanted. Deimos calls that a performance but argues that he loves his son and wants him in the house. Victor doesn't want Chloe but Deimos says he wants to keep an eye on her. Deimos warns Victor to be careful what he says about Chloe as she could be carrying his child. Victor questions Deimos voluntarily sleeping with Chloe. Victor remarks that he's glad Sonny is gay since Brady, Philip, Daniel and now Deimos have all slept with Chloe. Deimos asks if he would rather the child be his than Philip's. Victor says may the worst man win. Justin and Sonny come back in to the room. Sonny says he's sorry. Justin informs Philip that Chloe just arrived so he rushes to greet her. Victor declares let the games begin. Chloe hopes they won't have to stay long so she only brought a bag but Philip talks about making this work. Philip starts to tell Chloe that he will ask for his own bedroom but Chloe quickly kisses him as Deimos watches from the doorway. Deimos mocks them as lovebirds that can't keep their hands off each other. Deimos welcomes Chloe and she thanks him. Deimos asks about Parker. Chloe says she will go get him later. Deimos tells them to take any room they want as they enter the living room. Brady welcomes Chloe. Victor states that he hopes Chloe is very comfortable here. Chloe thanks him and mentions being tired so she asks Philip if they can go to their room and they head upstairs.

Kate tells Andre that Eduardo just wanted to make sure she was alright after last night as he seems to think he's responsible somehow. Kate says it seemed very weird to her so she thinks he's hiding something and she's going to find out what it is.

Nicole wishes everyone would stop worrying about her. Dario gets that she's a strong independent woman but with three killers on the loose, he will worry and do what he can to help. Dario says friends help each other which Nicole agrees with. Dario tells her to call if she needs anything. Nicole promises to do so as Dario walks away.

Brady pours champagne and asks if they all agree to do this thing. Brady toasts to the family as everyone raises a glass.

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