Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/19/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/19/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Philip goes to the hospital, making a phone call saying he's going to see how things went with Maggie's appointment. Maggie then comes out on crutches and tells him they went very well. Philip is excited to see she is walking. Maggie talks about building her strength. She mentions that Victor went to get the car so he just missed him. Philip thinks it's probably better that way but Maggie invites him to come by so they can work on ways to change Victor's mind.

Chloe talks to her mom on the phone from her hotel room. Chloe tells her about pretending her baby is Philip's because the real father is not a good man. Chloe says there is no way she will let him find out the baby is his.

Deimos meets with Dario outside the town square. Deimos tells Dario that he's increasing his payment. Dario says he's already keeping an eye on Chloe. Deimos wants more information so he tells him to be more proactive. Deimos explains that he has reason to believe Chloe is carrying his baby, not Philip's. Deimos says he only wants what is best for all of them. Dario tells him that he will take care of that for him.

Rafe and Gabi sit together to eat at the Pub while Rafe worries about not being at the station. Gabi mentions Dario joining them. Rafe admits it's nice to hang out and says he will try to chill out. Gabi asks about the prison escape. Rafe says they think they are still in Salem but questions JJ not keeping her up to speed. Gabi says JJ doesn't want to talk about it as to not worry her but she is worried. Gabi worries that JJ could end up dead because Clyde went to prison when JJ first went undercover.

Marlena brings breakfast to John at home and asks how his arm is after being shot. John says it's fine as he tries to find information about the prisoners on his tablet. Marlena has him sit down so he can eat. They are startled by a knock at the door. Marlena hides while John prepares his gun but it's Eduardo, who tells John that he made a hell of a mistake and he needs John's help. Eduardo apologizes for interrupting. Marlena leaves the room to wake Claire up and to let them talk. John thought Eduardo left town because of the threat to his family. Eduardo says he did but he got a lead on the guy sending the e-mails so he thought it could be the same guy who had Gabi attacked. Eduardo explains he was the father of a guy that he was hired to take out years ago and he was in the prison. John realizes he was the prisoner who died in the van crash. Eduardo declares that this means he is the reason the three convicts got loose. Marlena comes back in to ask John if he has seen Claire.

Xander does pushups in the abandoned garage as Orpheus enters and wants him to go out and pick up a package. Xander doesn't like surprises. Orpheus adds that certain people in Salem will be in for a world of pain so Xander leaves to go get the package.

Gabi asks Rafe to keep an eye on JJ for her. Rafe assures her that JJ is a good cop that can take care of himself. Gabi worries about JJ taking chances and not being as experienced. Gabi adds that JJ has been impulsive since Abigail died so she is scared that he will risk his life with the prisoners out. Gabi begs Rafe not to let that happen.

John informs Eduardo that they had told Claire it was too dangerous to leave the house due to the situation. Marlena panics about being unable to find her. John reveals that he put a tracker on Claire's phone and finds out that she is at the Salem Inn with Chloe so Marlena gets ready to go get her.

Claire brings Chloe coffee and says she will pick up her dry cleaning later. Claire adds that she downloaded the latest music on her tablet. Claire leaves her youtube channel open so that Chloe will see it. Claire pretends to try to hide it but Chloe wants to watch as Claire mentions her singing at prom getting a lot of hits. Chloe sees another news alert about the prison escape and mentions Philip telling her what happened at the wedding. Claire talks about John being okay and how she had to keep Belle and Shawn from flying back from Hong Kong. Chloe asks if John and Marlena know she is here which Claire claims they do.

Philip joins Maggie at the Kiriakis Mansion. Philip finds it hard to believe she and Victor moved back in. Maggie explains that Deimos invited them to move in before the prisoners escaped and notes that she's still not entirely sure he's being truthful but she admits she feels safer here. Philip comments on all the security. Philip states that he will never trust Deimos since he's the reason that Victor kicked him out of his life. Deimos enters and says that he's right, admitting he took advantage of him and used him to hurt Victor. Deimos declares he would now like to help him make things right. Philip questions how. Deimos invites Philip to move in to the mansion.

Xander returns to the garage with the package and questioned what Orpheus did. They open the bag which includes clothes. Orpheus tells him there is a surprise at the bottom. Orpheus explains that they will need disguises with their mugshots all over town. Xander questions where Clyde is. Orpheus says he is meeting old contacts and scouting guns then asks what Xander has done so far today. Xander tells him he has plenty going on. Xander reveals a bag of untraceable burner phones so they can keep in contact. Xander adds that he's getting tired of waiting for them to decide on who to go after first. Xander says he's gunning for his family and whoever is with them, starting with Theresa. Orpheus tells him to slow down as he will get to have his fun but Xander questions when.

Philip is shocked to learn that Brady and Theresa have moved in to the Kiriakis Mansion. Deimos says he can't tell him how dangerous the escaped prisoners are. Deimos mentions seeing Xander in prison. Philip guesses they bonded. Deimos explains that Xander is a complete psychopath who dreams about killing every member of his family. Deimos encourages Philip to move in today. Philip says he would like to spend more time with Maggie but he'll pass on the offer. Philip tells Maggie to call him when she talks to Victor. Deimos stops him from leaving and says he's sure he thinks he has an agenda. Deimos admits he does as he insists on Chloe moving in too. Deimos states that he has deep concerns about her pregnancy.

Chloe compliments Claire on her video and her stage presence. Chloe says she's here for her as support. They are interrupted by a knock at the door as Marlena arrives. Claire tries to tell Marlena that she is working but Marlena says she is coming with her without argument. Chloe says it's okay while Claire gets upset as she leaves.

Eduardo tells John that the prisoners escaping is all on him as he blacked out in the van crash. Eduardo adds that he had no idea who they were. John says they were trained to control situations like this.

Rafe knows how much Gabi cares about JJ. Gabi worries because he's been through a lot losing his dad, Paige, and now Abigail. Rafe relates to wanting that pain to go away like when they lost their sister. Gabi understands Rafe took risks when she went to prison. Gabi encourages that Rafe will never have to cover for something like that again. Rafe remarks that you do what you have to do and what feels right.

Chloe walks through the town square where Dario sees her and walks the other way. Dario sneaks in to Chloe's hotel room and begins to search.

Eduardo worries about being careless but John encourages him against that. John tells him to go home with his family while he makes some phone calls. Eduardo says he appreciates it as he exits. John then makes a call.

Rafe tells Gabi that he will make sure to talk to JJ. Gabi wishes he could be with him at all times. Rafe says he can make sure he's with an experienced cop. Rafe asks Gabi if JJ knows how serious she is about him. Gabi says he does and that they have said I love you but both have been so busy at work to talk about where things are going. Rafe asks if Gabi is okay with that.

Philip blows off Deimos concern for Chloe. Deimos acknowledges not believing Chloe's baby is his and says the truth will come out. Deimos says he just wants to repair the damage he did to him and have Philip return to the family. Deimos talks about knowing what it's like to want your father's love. Deimos says he became obsessed with revenge which is why he hurt Philip, Victor, and Maggie. Philip mocks Deimos. Deimos says he's not asking him to forgive him but feels there's no reason Philip and Victor can't forgive since he and Victor did. Deimos remarks that anger can be so destructive so they all need to make sure Victor sees that. Deimos states that a father should never be separated from his child. Philip repeats that he and Chloe will not be moving in.

Dario searches Chloe's hotel room and finds her tablet, finding out when she has a doctor's appointment. Dario then puts it down as he hears someone at the door.

Marlena follows Claire outside of the town square. Claire yells that she will never forgive her for humiliating her in front of Chloe. Marlena warns that she wasn't supposed to be there. Claire complains that she was just going to work. Marlena reminds her that she promised not to leave the house without telling them. Claire remarks that was last night and this is this morning. Marlena warns her about Orpheus swearing to hurt them and the one way to do it is hurting their family which means Claire.

Gabi tells Rafe that she doesn't know how she feels about what is or isn't going on with JJ but she guesses they are fine. Rafe relates to why talk about it if you don't have to. Gabi is glad Rafe joined her for breakfast and says it's nice when they talk. Gabi knows he doesn't have all the answers but says it's nice to have somebody to listen. Rafe tells her that he's here any time she wants to talk as she thanks him.

Chloe returns to her hotel room and rushes to the bathroom while Dario was hiding and he sneaks back out.

Philip brings Maggie some green tea. Philip notes that Deimos is gone. Maggie says he had things to do. Philip mocks his speech. Maggie realizes he is angry and says she knows how stubborn Kiriakis men can be. Maggie thinks Deimos' heart is in the right place. Philip questions her buying it. Maggie says Victor won't admit it but he wants the family back together. Maggie encourages Philip to reconcile with Victor. Philip asks why it's so important to her. Maggie responds that she loves Victor and his only living son. Maggie adds that she would love for Chloe to move in with Parker. Philip argues that Deimos isn't interested in Parker but in Chloe's unborn child. Maggie argues that they would be safer here. Maggie asks him to at least try to talk about it.

Rafe tells Gabi that he will look out for JJ and warns Gabi to be careful with the prisoners out. They hug as Eduardo arrives, exciting Gabi who says she missed him so much. Rafe hugs him as well and says he didn't expect to see him. Eduardo informs them that the threats are over but he heard about the convicts escaping. Gabi asks if he's staying for good. Eduardo says he is for the foreseeable future. Gabi is so happy he's here but Dario enters and says he sure as hell is not.

Paul joins John with breakfast and sits with him to go over the search for the prisoners. Paul asks about John's arm which he says is alright. John tells Paul that he's proud of him then jokes with him to never risk his life like he did again.

Claire mocks Marlena and says nobody told her she had to sign in and out every time she leaves. Marlena tells her it's temporary as they will find the prisoners. Marlena reminds her that she promised her parents to keep her safe any way she could but she's not sure she can do that now. Marlena thinks she should be with her parents in Hong Kong but Claire refuses, saying this is her home and there is no way she's leaving.

Philip goes to Chloe's. Chloe talks about wanting him to hear part of her new song. Philip tells her that he just got an offer that kind of threw him. Philip informs Chloe that Deimos invited them to come live in the mansion until the convicts are caught and he thinks they should say yes.

Dario questions nobody being out to kill Eduardo anymore. Rafe questions Dario not showing up for breakfast. Dario doesn't care about the threat against Eduardo not existing and argues that Eduardo is the real threat against the family. Dario says they are lying to themselves if they can't see that as he storms out of the Pub. Eduardo follows out after him.

Dario walks through the town square where he gets a call from Deimos who asks if he has anything to report yet. Dario says he will send over what he found and hangs up as Eduardo appears behind him.

Chloe questions if Philip is out of his mind. Philip explains that Deimos thinks they are lying about the baby and openly admitted that's why he wants them to move in. Philip says they need to accept that Deimos is watching them and suggests moving in to keep an eye on him. Philip brings up the escaped prisoners being nuts and her baby being a Kiriakis so they could decide she is the perfect target. Philip brings up the security. Chloe appreciates his concern but feels like the real reason he wants to move in is for his relationship with Victor. Philip admits it could be his last chance. Philip remarks that he turned his life upside down to help her and asks if he can get some payback.

Marlena warns Claire outside about the dangers of the prisoners. Claire says she gets it but questions living in fear. Marlena encourages her to be smart. Marlena tells her that she is going to have to follow the rules if she's going to live with them. Marlena tells her to trust that they know what is best for her. Marlena gets upset when bringing up Orpheus.

Paul and John go over locating the prisoners. John states that they won't stop hurting people unless they are back in their cages or in coffins.

Xander tells Orpheus that he is out of his mind if he wants to dress up. Xander wants to get guns. Orpheus says they all have scores to settle but they have to plan then make a move and watch people beg for mercy.

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