Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/16/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/16/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad gets a call from Kate, insisting that she saw Clyde earlier today. Kate says she called the police but they didn't take her seriously so she has security coming. Kate tells Chad to be safe because she knows Clyde will blame him for what happened to Ben and who knows what he will do. Kate then hears a noise outside and begins to worry.

Steve sits at Kayla's bed side in the hospital and says he's going to head home but will be back. Steve offers to get anything she needs but she insists she's fine. Steve talks about being afraid he was going to lose her when she passed out. Kayla assures him she will be fine and tells him not to worry. Steve says that's like telling him to stop breathing.

John and Marlena talk at the hospital. John brings up how many people he loved were in the room and worries about if Orpheus took her from him again. They hug as John gets a call from Roman. John answers, hoping it's news that Orpheus is behind bars.

Kate makes sure the doors are closed and locked then gets startled by a sound again. Kate declares she isn't staying here alone and goes to get her keys when Clyde appears inside with her keys and asks if she's looking for them.

Brady and Theresa look over the suspect board in the interrogation room as Theresa worries about Xander. Nicole brings Tate in which makes them happy. Nicole is glad everyone is okay and checks on Theresa. Theresa says she's okay but worries about Xander still being out there. Brady assures them that they will be protected.

Kate tells Clyde to get out before she calls the cops. Clyde says that's no way to greet an old friend as it's been so long. Kate says not long enough. Clyde pulls out a gun and threatens that she's a dead woman if she moves as Chad slowly enters the building. Kate questions why Clyde is there and what he wants from her. Chad sneaks through the door and listens in from behind the wall. Clyde tells Kate that he thought a lot about her while he was away. Kate questions him further. Clyde explains that he's not here to get her back as he only thought about how she broke things off. Chad pulls his phone out but the battery shuts down. Clyde tells Kate that he really wanted them to run this town but she wasn't the woman he thought she was. Kate responds that he wasn't the man she thought he was and brings up how she didn't believe he beat Jordan and Ben when they were kids. Kate questions how it makes him feel to use a belt on a kid who can't fight back. Clyde raises his gun and says that's enough.

Kayla doesn't know what to say. Steve apologizes if he's being overprotective but Kayla understands. Kayla encourages that she's surrounded by professionals in the hospital but Steve remains worried. Steve brings up her being happy to see he and Joey when she awoke from surgery and asks if that's a good sign for them.

John finishes his call with Roman, saying to let him know if anything changes. Marlena guesses they haven't found Orpheus yet. John responds that he's totally disappeared and they've lost him.

Orpheus hides out in a garage and thinks back to terrorizing John and Marlena in the 80s. Orpheus then asks who says you can't go home again.

Brady, Nicole, and Theresa sit together at the club with Tate in his crib. Theresa continues to be worried that Xander could walk in. Brady suggests they take the food to go. Theresa doesn't want to let Xander get to her. Nicole assures that Xander took off before the cops catch him. Deimos arrives and says he wouldn't count on that. Deimos greets Nicole and asks if they would mind if he joined them. Brady tells him to go ahead so he takes a seat. Deimos says he heard what happened from Victor. Brady says it wasn't the wedding they hoped for. Brady brings up Deimos visiting Xander in prison one time and questions if they are close. Deimos assures that he did not help him escape and was convinced that he was where he belonged. Theresa mentions that she's not the only one he is after. Deimos vows to protect Nicole, Theresa, Brady, and Tate. Deimos declares he will keep his family safe no matter what he has to do and they are family.

Kayla doesn't think now is the time to make big decisions about their future together. Steve says he's not trying to worm out of seeing a psychiatrist. Steve knows Kayla wants to take it one step at a time but he worries they don't have that kind of time anymore. Steve talks about carrying her in to the hospital and praying for her to make it. Steve tells her that he loves her and their kids. Kayla responds that she loves him too. Steve asks what she needs from him. Kayla needs to be sure it's going to work before she commits. Steve understands she needs him to back off until she's sure. Steve agrees to respect her wishes but vows to prove to her that there is nothing he loves more in the world than to be with her.

Marlena asks John how Roman could lose Orpheus. John blames himself for leaving Orpheus for dead all those years ago when he wasn't. John recalls losing so many years together. John swears to find Orpheus to finish making him pay for the Hell he put them through. Steve comes out from Kayla's room and greets them. Steve tells them that Kayla is doing good and awake. Marlena wants to see her so she heads inside. Steve asks John what happened. John blows it off as a fresh wound from a 45. Steve asks who it came from. John reveals to Steve that Orpheus is back. Steve calls it impossible but John explains that he broke out of prison and came straight to Salem. Steve can't believe Orpheus is on the run. John adds that he made it clear he's after Marlena and Kayla.

Clyde warns Kate about talking to him like that. Kate tells him not to risk getting caught when there is nothing here for him in Salem. Clyde brings up Thomas being Ben's son but Kate explains the paternity test proving he is Chad's son. Clyde reveals that he was the one who switched the paternity tests which Chad overhears. Kate questions what Clyde wants with Thomas. Clyde says Ben still thinks of him as his son but Chad stole all that away from him. Clyde says after he's finished with Kate, he's going to take Thomas out of Salem for good.

Steve questions how they weren't informed that Orpheus was alive and in prison. John explains that he was using an alias. Steve worries that Kayla won't be able to handle it in her condition if Orpheus gets near her.

Marlena fills Kayla in about the prison break. Kayla begins to panic and wants to get to Joey. Kayla wants to prepare the hospital for a hostage situation but Marlena assures her that she will take care of it. Kayla wants to get out of bed but Marlena refuses to let her.

Theresa is startled by someone dropping a glass. Brady wants to take her home. Theresa worries that Xander could be there. Brady encourages her about his security team but Deimos is concerned that Xander could slip by Brady's security team. Deimos then reveals he wants them to move in with him at the Kiriakis Mansion.

Steve finishes talking to Joey on the phone. Steve asks John if he should call his daughter Stephanie but John tells him that the prisoners are in Salem. Marlena helps Kayla out of her room. Steve states that he's going to have Kayla guarded 24/7 and wants to call the doctor to keep Kayla longer than planned. Kayla hears that and tells Marlena to take her back to bed. John warns Steve that he should make sure to talk to Kayla before making all these decisions for her.

Marlena gets Kayla back in bed. Kayla complains about Steve making decisions for her while Marlena explains that he's just worried. Steve comes in to the room and says John just filled him in. Marlena exits to leave them alone. Steve says it looks like they need to talk which Kayla agrees with.

Brady tells Deimos he's not moving in to the Kiriakis Mansion. Theresa suggests thinking about it. Brady points out Xander knowing the mansion. Deimos says he has upped security and talked to Victor about it as he wants it too. Brady brings up Victor always wanting him to move back in and questions if he means Theresa too. Deimos adds that it would only be temporary until Xander and the others are caught. Brady decides that it's Theresa's call since Xander attacked her. Theresa admits she doesn't hate the idea since she can deal with Victor. Theresa just wants to keep Tate safe and thinks they are safer with Deimos. Brady agrees to move in tonight then. Deimos calls it the right decision. Brady and Theresa take Tate to change his diaper. Deimos turns to Nicole and says it looks like she's the last person that needs convincing to move in. Deimos says if Theresa can live with Victor, she can too plus he will be there as well but Nicole sternly says no.

Kate tells Clyde to think about what he's saying as there is no turning around. Clyde blames Chad for what Ben did. Kate shouts that Clyde made Ben do it and calls him a crazy son of a bitch. Clyde grabs Kate and pins her against the wall with the gun, declaring he's done with her. Chad then rushes in and grabs Clyde. They struggle over the gun until a shot is fired.

Steve admits to Kayla that he started making plans to try to convince her doctor to keep her longer since he thought she needs to be protected. Steve adds that he didn't call the doctor since he realized she should have a say in how they protect her. Kayla seems impressed which makes Steve happy.

Deimos thinks Nicole is afraid of becoming dependent on him and asks if she's more afraid of that than Xander. Nicole responds that she's not afraid of him. Nicole wants to take whatever this is slowly. Deimos asks how slow they are talking. Nicole suggests a snail's pace and moving in with him is not her definition of slow.

Chad and Clyde continue to fight over the gun. Clyde punches Chad down as Kate runs out of the way. Clyde warns Kate that they are not done as he rushes out of the building. Kate checks on Chad and asks if he saw where the gun went. Kate thanks Chad for ignoring her request not to come over. Kate says he had a lot of guts rushing in like that. Kate asks how long Chad was listening. Chad says long enough to hear Clyde wants his son. Chad gets Kate's phone to make a call. Chad calls Lucas and tells him to stay there with Adrienne and Thomas to keep safe. Chad says he talked the police and will alert security. Chad thanks Lucas and hangs up. Kate tells Chad that she heard his conversation and thanks him for not telling Lucas that Clyde just tried to kill her. Kate thanks Chad for saving his life again as well. Chad jokes that there's a reason he doesn't do what she tells him to. Kate adds that she won't forget what he did. Chad says she has helped him out plenty of times through the deaths of his parents as well as with the company and Andre. Kate admits she looked out for him in her own way. Chad offers to stay until the police arrive but Kate wants him to go home to keep Thomas safe. Kate agrees not to open the door until the cops come as the sirens are then heard. They hug goodbye as Chad exits.

Kayla calls Joey and is glad to hear he will stay at Roman's. Kayla talks to him about the prison escape so she wants him to be careful and stay safe. Kayla gives the phone to Steve. Steve tells Joey to call him when he gets to Roman's. Steve tells him to stay sharp and hangs up. Steve asks Kayla what's next. Kayla asks him to find Dr. Winters to fill her in on the situation and to ask her to come see her. Steve agrees to do so. Kayla mentions getting released tomorrow and asks Steve to come with her when she goes home. Steve planned to take her home but Kayla asks him to stay with her. Kayla adds that they will be safer together. Steve asks if she's saying she wants him to move back home with her. Kayla says temporarily if it's okay with him which Steve confirms it is. Steve then exits the room.

Nicole notes Brady and Theresa taking a long time. Deimos wonders if Brady is trying to convince Theresa not to move in. Nicole guesses Theresa is trying to convince Brady that Deimos isn't full of it. Deimos asks if she thinks he's full of it. Nicole wants to hear his definition of slow. Deimos says he can take it slow but will still worry about her being alone with lunatics running around town. Deimos suggests a compromise in that she doesn't move in but he hires security to watch her 24 hours a day until they are back in prison. Nicole quickly agrees and admits she is scared of Xander. Brady and Theresa return. Brady says they will go back home and get what they need for Tate then they will call when they are ready. Deimos decides he will just go with them. Brady asks about Nicole. Deimos says he has security ready to take Nicole home and kisses her goodbye. Theresa tells Nicole to take care of herself. Nicole agrees to call tomorrow. Deimos, Brady, and Theresa exit the club as Nicole gets a call from an unknown caller that worries her. Nicole answers and it's Xander, who tells her not to play games as she knows exactly who it is. Xander says he can't wait to see her again and comments on the fries at her table which worries her. Nicole thinks back to when Xander attacked her. Nicole begins looking around the club in fear.

Clyde joins Orpheus and Xander in abandoned garage. Clyde calls it a dump but Orpheus says it's perfect as it hasn't been used in years. Orpheus assures they will be fine here for now. Orpheus asks how things went for them. Clyde says things with Kate didn't go as expected. Orpheus admits showing up at the Kiriakis mansion was a bit hasty but notes he got John. Orpheus says they know they are here now and they're scared but they all agree to not give up. Orpheus suggests they work as a team from now on to make life a living hell for the good people of Salem.

Chad returns to the DiMera Mansion to check on Thomas.

Kate watches the cops leave then shuts and locks her front door.

Deimos comes home to the Kiriakis Mansion with Brady, Theresa, and Tate.

Nicole leaves the club while worried.

Marlena and John lock the doors at home and sit together on the couch.

Steve sits at Kayla's bed side and pulls out his gun to keep nearby.

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