Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/15/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/15/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate sits in the town square, reading an article about the prison escape.

Hope and Rafe talk with Abe and JJ at the police station about the prison escape. Hope worries about Orpheus' history. Abe brings up Clyde and they hope he stays away because he knows how hard they all worked to put him away. Abe warns them to watch their backs.

Gabi joins Chad at the DiMera Mansion with new dress clothes as his image consultant to help him look like the DiMera Enterprises CEO. Chad questions having to try all the clothes on. Gabi tells him he can look them over. Gabi encourages him to try on the shirts she picked out so he agrees to do so.

Claire, Theo, Joey, and Ciara sit together at the club. They talk about class. Ciara complains about the news alerts on their phones. Claire calls college overrated and declares she's not going back which the others laugh at.

Aiden and Chase meet with a doctor about Chase's progress. Chase mentions how today was supposed to be the first day of classes. Aiden encourages that he will just start a little later and to stay positive. Aiden tells him to focus on getting his life back on track as he's getting out of here today right now. The doctor is not sure that is the best course of action but Aiden insists that it is. Aiden argues that it's time to transfer him to another facility. Aiden says he's already cleared with the judge to move Chase back to Portland. Aiden warns the doctor not to fight him on this or he will take legal action.

Abe tells Hope that Theo said all is well with the kids. Rafe hopes they aren't watching the news. Abe is unsure of what to tell the public during this manhunt. JJ wouldn't put anything past the prisoners. Abe talks about Xander and Orpheus having old scores to settle. Abe says they need to protect those with targets on their backs first.

Kate looks up from her table at the town square and appears to see Clyde walk by.

Rafe gets a call from Kate. Rafe tells her to stay calm, stay put and they will be right there.

The doctor questions Aiden as to how Chase feels about the move. Aiden asks for a moment alone with Chase so he exits. Chase tells Aiden that he does want to get out and would be more comfortable with his old therapist. Chase points out that Aiden would be staying Salem though. Aiden says this is about Chase, not him. Chase can't help but think that Aiden is trying to get rid of him and questions if he thinks sending him away will help him get Hope back.

Joey agrees that none of them have to go back to college since they don't take attendance. Ciara thinks passing classes is mandatory. Claire questions what her parents can do. Claire knows she promised but doesn't know why she's taking biology when she wants to be a singer. Theo encourages that Claire can be whatever she wants. Claire kisses Theo on the cheek which causes Ciara to think back to when she broke up with Theo.

JJ sits at his desk at the police station and looks at a photo of he and Gabi on his phone. JJ thinks back to being with Gabi. Abe calls him over and tells him that he wants him to talk to Chad. Abe is sure Chad knows about the prison escape but thinks he needs to be warned about Clyde since he and Thomas are especially vulnerable. Abe says there is no way to know for sure where Clyde is so JJ exits.

Chad finishes a phone call while trying on shirts for Gabi. Gabi jokes about Chad having a gym membership. Chad brings up their modeling past. Gabi wants to clear up how that went down since they are working together again. Gabi says she still feels awful how she acted when they went their separate ways. Chad tells her they moved past it. Gabi thanks him for covering for her when he did otherwise she wouldn't have Arianna. Gabi is glad he has Thomas so Abigail will always be with him and he'll never be alone.

Rafe and Hope meet Kate in the town square where Kate insists that she knows she saw Clyde. Rafe tells her they are getting unfounded sightings from everyone since the news alert. Rafe tells Kate that the security said it's all clear. Kate questions if he thinks she deserves Clyde coming after her since she brought him to Salem. Rafe thinks going out with him was punishment enough. Hope offers to take her home while Rafe tells Kate not to hesitate to call them. Kate mocks the idea, saying she will call if she's still alive.

Gabi encourages Chad about a shirt he tried on but Chad remains not enthused. Gabi then wants him to pick out a tie and they decide on a purple tie as Chad says Abigail always said he looked good in purple. Gabi helps him with his tie so they get close when JJ walks in and questions what Gabi is doing here.

Claire and Ciara joke about Ciara's eating habits. Joey brings up Ciara babysitting Thomas but she reveals she doesn't have that job anymore which surprises them. Claire asks Joey about Jade. Joey says Jade's grandmother is sick so she has to be there. Joey complains about his college work. Theo is glad they are all on the same page and has hopes for this year. Claire wishes she could feel the same. Ciara suggests instead of feeling miserable for themselves, they fix it right now.

Aiden tells Chase that it's not about getting rid of him and that he will be joining him in Oregon in a month or so. Chase asks about Hope. Aiden argues that he wants her back and knows they were in love and that they can have that happiness again. Aiden declares that when they do, they will move up to Oregon to be with him. Chase questions if Aiden really thinks Hope will forgive him for lying to her over and over. Aiden responds that she won't have a choice.

Rafe and Hope bring Kate home to the bed and breakfast. Kate questions if she is supposed to call when she's about to be murdered. Rafe assures they are taking it very seriously. Hope brings up Andre living here as well. Kate points out that he's not home. Rafe says they will have a squad car outside to keep an eye on things in case she sees Clyde. Kate decides she will get her own security instead. Hope tells her to be safe. Kate responds that she will no thanks to them. Rafe and Hope exit.

Ciara tells Claire that she just hacked in to the system and got her in to the music class she had missed enrolling for. Ciara says now she can stop complaining about how college sucks. Claire agrees to try and thanks her. Joey decides school can wait as he's on Claire's youtube channel and it's lit up. Claire is surprised to hear it's doing well. Abe arrives and greets them to ask how college went. Theo says it went good. Abe says they have to get them all home safely before dark and realizes they haven't heard the news yet. Joey then comes across it on his laptop that there was a hostage situation at Brady and Theresa's wedding. Claire asks if anyone was hurt. Abe reveals to them that John was shot.

Gabi informs JJ that Chad got her a job as image consultant for DiMera Enterprises. Chad says he's happy to have her. JJ questions Gabi not telling him about this. Gabi says it's just been crazy busy. Chad asks JJ what's up. JJ tells him about the prison escape. Chad questions if he's saying Clyde is coming back here.

Kate sits on the stairs and thinks back to when she was with Clyde and then when they broke up.

JJ tells Chad that there is no credible information on Clyde being in Salem but it doesn't hurt to be safe. Chad understands Clyde will still think Thomas is Ben's son. Chad says he will beef up security. JJ asks about seeing Thomas but Chad says that Adrienne took him out. Gabi decides to leave and will come back tomorrow so she exits with JJ. Chad calls Adrienne and asks her to bring Thomas back as soon as possible and he'll explain when she gets there as it has to do with Clyde Weston. Chad hangs up then gets a call from Kate, insisting that she saw Clyde earlier today. Kate says she called the police but they didn't take her seriously so she has security coming. Kate tells Chad to be safe because she knows Clyde will blame him for what happened to Ben and who knows what he will do. Kate then hears a noise outside and begins to worry.

Rafe finishes a call as he and Hope walk through the town square. Rafe says Chad has been alerted and suggests they split up. Hope brings up Aiden being instrumental in getting the charges to stick against Clyde so maybe they should check in with him. Rafe says she should not be the one to do that so he'll get another cop on it. Rafe asks if Aiden said any more about opening Stefano's case back up. Hope says no and isn't sure if she should be relieved or worried.

Chase questions what Aiden means that Hope won't have a choice. Aiden informs him that he has a piece of information that Hope will want to keep secret. Chase asks if he's going to blackmail her in to being with him. Aiden claims they will spend some alone time together and remember the good times together when they were in love.

Claire finishes a call with John to find out he's okay. Abe offers to take her to the hospital but Claire says that John told her not to come as he will be okay. Abe says they were all lucky and prays it stays that way.

Chad offers to come over and check things out for Kate but she says it's fine. Chad doesn't want her to be alone. Kate says she will be fine as her security is on the way and if anything happens before then, she will call Rafe. They tell each other to stay safe and hang up.

JJ and Gabi eat together at the Pub. Gabi comments on JJ texting. JJ assures that she will have his full attention. JJ informs Gabi that he's not all that happy about her working for Chad. Gabi says he can go back to texting then. JJ tells her that he loves her and worries that working for a DiMera can be dangerous. Gabi calls it a dream job to be picking out clothes. Gabi questions JJ saying her job is dangerous when he's a cop. JJ argues that Chad leads a complicated life and has a lot of enemies because of his name. JJ says he tried to warn Abigail too. Gabi doesn't understand why it worries him. Gabi says what happened to Abigail had nothing to do with Chad. JJ questions how she can say that. Gabi blames Ben but JJ argues that Chad provoked it. Gabi disagrees, saying Chad always tried to protect Abigail. Gabi is sure Chad did everything he could to protect Abigail. JJ argues that all of the DiMera's women get hurt or worse. JJ brings up what EJ did to Abigail. JJ says Chad may not be directly at fault but he still feels like he lost his sister to the DiMeras so he won't lose Gabi to them too.

Kate makes sure the doors are closed and locked then gets startled by a sound again. Kate declares she isn't staying here alone and goes to get her keys when Clyde appears inside with her keys and asks if she's looking for them.

Abe doesn't want any of the kids out alone in the dark. They talk about sticking together. Claire says she would be alone at home too. Abe tells her that John and Marlena will be home soon. Claire wants to stay at the club for now. Theo suggests she come with them but Claire chooses to stay. Abe insists she only take an hour. Abe exits with Theo, Ciara, and Joey. Claire then uses her phone to take pictures of herself.

Gabi tells JJ that he won't lose her as she survived prison and can take care of herself. Gabi feels it's not fair for JJ to judge Chad. Gabi argues that Chad is JJ's family now too. Gabi brings up JJ putting Clyde behind bars and asks if he ever reconsidered being a cop. JJ says no and points out Gabi not having a problem with Rafe being a cop. Gabi says he's not Rafe. JJ gets a text from the station wanting him back on the search. Gabi asks if they are okay. JJ kisses her and exits.

Rafe and Hope return to the police station. Rafe complains about no credible leads in all of Salem. Hope knows sooner or later they will rear their ugly heads. Rafe gets coffee and declares it's going to be a long night.

Chase questions Aiden thinking Hope will leave Ciara and move to Oregon for him. Aiden bets him that Ciara will want to come too and transfer to a college there. Chase argues that Ciara would never. Aiden tells him not to be negative. Aiden encourages that they will all be in Portland together and be happy. Aiden declares that he knows how to make it happen.

Kate tells Clyde to get out before she calls the cops. Clyde says that's no way to greet an old friend as it's been so long. Kate says not long enough. Clyde pulls out a gun and threatens that she's a dead woman if she moves as Chad slowly enters the building.

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