Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/14/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/14/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abe confirms on a phone call at the police station that Milo Harp is Orpheus and hopes the prisoners are not headed this way.

Eve decides she will go check on Theresa so she exits. Brady waits nervously as Paul checks on him. Eve's screams are heard from outside the door. Victor goes to open it as Milo/Orpheus is revealed to be holding Eve at gunpoint. He remarks that they all look so surprised and asks if they were expecting someone else. Marlena acknowledges him as Orpheus. John thought he was dead but he says not quite. Paul questions knowing him. Orpheus warns that if anyone takes a step, he will put a bullet in Eve's head. Brady questions what he's done with Theresa.

Theresa is shocked to see Xander. Xander warns that he will get back at her. Theresa tries to claim that Brady is in the back but Xander knows Brady is at the mansion with the rest of the family. Theresa tries to run but Xander grabs her.

Brady continues to ask about Theresa but Orpheus says he hasn't done a thing to her. Brady demands to know where she is. He reveals that Theresa is with a friend of his that knows Theresa. Brady questions who the guy is. Orpheus reveals it's Xander. Brady shouts that Xander will kill Theresa. He warns them to back off or Eve will be the first to die.

Xander shoves Theresa down on the couch and talks about clearing the air. Theresa argues that this is crazy and he could get caught again. Theresa warns that someone will come to find her. Xander assures her that no one is coming to save her. Theresa questions what he's done to them.

John tells Orpheus to let them all go because his issues are with him. Orpheus questions John and Marlena staying married. He says every detail of their lives still came through while he was in prison. John says they all thought he was dead so he questions how they didn't know he was in prison. Orpheus mentions his name change to Milo Harp. John tells him to just let Eve go. Orpheus orders Maggie to get out but she refuses to leave Victor alone. Paul offers himself instead of Eve. Orpheus questions why so Paul reveals that he is John's son.

Abe instructs the cops to pass around the wanted posters and explains that Orpheus is a former ISA agent who is to be considered armed and dangerous with unfinished business in Salem. Abe declares that if he has teamed up with Clyde then it's critical that they stop them before they strike.

Orpheus questions Paul being John's son as he doesn't see the resemblance but Paul insists. Orpheus comments on John being busier than he thought. John suggests they go get a beer and talk about it. Orpheus orders everyone to get out except for John, Marlena, Victor, and Paul. Orpheus lets Eve go and takes Paul hostage instead. John orders Sonny to go while Brady has Nicole take Tate. Brady says he's going after Theresa as they exit. Orpheus holds Paul and stares down John.

Theresa questions if Xander hurt Brady or Tate. Xander responds that he wouldn't use a child to get what he wanted and he hasn't hurt Brady yet but he is next after her. Xander says she put him in prison. Theresa argues that he deserved it for attacking her. Xander points out how she asked him out and jumped on him until crying assault when Brady showed up. Xander shouts about him going to prison for something he didn't do. Theresa brings up that he almost killed Nicole and Eric. Theresa admits what she did was selfish and apologizes. Theresa adds that she didn't think he would have gone to prison. Xander says he shouldn't have but Victor pushed the charges through to get him out of the way. Theresa calls him the real reason he went to prison. Xander declares that Victor will pay but not until he's done with her.

Abe gets a call from Nicole, who is walking through the town square with Eve and Tate. Nicole tells Abe about the hostage situation. Abe orders two SWAT teams ready to go. Nicole tells Abe that they are coming to the station, adding that Paul, Victor, John, Maggie, and Marlena are the ones still in the mansion.

Maggie refuses to leave as Victor questions what Orpheus wants. He calls Victor the same rude and impatient thug, arguing that they have plenty of time. Marlena warns that those who left will call the police. Orpheus says he only needs one of them to get out alive and it won't be John or Marlena. He calls Marlena as pompous and defiant as ever. He accuses John of stealing his family. Marlena brings up landing in the hands of Stefano back when he kidnapped her. Orpheus states that John shot him and left him for dead. Marlena questions how he survived. He calls it sheer force of will and started over as Milo Harp. Marlena notes that he still ended up in prison. John asks where he went and thinks he should gloat about surviving. He doesn't care if they know his story. Orpheus declares the one thing he wants is John to watch as he did when the people he loves die one by one, starting with Paul.

Xander approaches Theresa and steps on the photo of Brady and Theresa that she dropped, smashing it. Xander tells Theresa that she almost got away with convincing everyone that she's a changed woman, arguing with the Kiriakis money was always the real goal. Theresa warns that he's only going to get more prison time so he should run and they will never catch him. Theresa offers him money. Xander questions her then grabs her by the throat. Xander declares that the only thing he wants is to watch her die. Xander remarks that Brady will find another dumb slut to raise her little brat. Theresa hits him and tries to run as Brady bursts in and chases Xander to the back.

Philip joins, Nicole, Eve, Tate, and Abe at the police station as Abe finishes a call. Sonny arrives as well. Philip can't believe that he left the wedding and says he never would have left if he known. Philip tells Sonny that he's sorry about Paul since he knows they used to be together and are friends. Sonny hopes everyone will be okay.

John tells Orpheus that he could go free instead. Victor warns that he will be hunted for the rest of his life if he leaves a pile of corpses. Orpheus refuses to leave without something. Victor offers money for the rest of his life. John tells him to take the deal. Orpheus argues there has to be a catch. Victor says he can transfer the money himself. Victor argues that he would've come through firing if he wanted them dead and accuses him of bluffing. Orpheus lets Paul go and aims the gun at Victor but Maggie jumps in the way and cries that if he wants him, he will have to kill her first.

Eve sits with Tate and Nicole in the interrogation room as they try to stay calm. Eve talks about Theresa becoming a great mom. Nicole asks how Eve is doing. Eve admits she's struggling. Eve talks about losing her daughter Paige and moving to New York City after she left Salem. Eve talks about waking up thinking for a second that it was a dream but knows her daughter is gone which Nicole relates to. Eve knows Nicole understands that losing someone you love changes you forever. Nicole hopes Eve can find comfort in knowing Paige would want her to find joy in life again. Eve agrees and wants to help young people find their talents. Eve wants to lead a life that Paige would be proud of. Nicole adds that Theresa is so happy she's there. Eve praises Theresa but jokes about her being a trainwreck growing up. Eve says Theresa grew up and was so good to her when she lost Paige which made her feel like she had family again. Nicole assures her that she won't lose Theresa and she will be okay.

Theresa picks up the smashed photo as a cop arrives to question if Xander was armed. Theresa says he never pulled a gun. Brady comes back in and explains that Xander escaped through the bedroom window. The cop orders Brady to stay as he exits to continue the search. Theresa asks Brady what happened. Brady explains that the man who broke out with Xander showed up and held Eve hostage then exchanged her for Paul due to his vendetta against John. Theresa hopes he is no match for John. Brady hugs her and tells her everything will be okay.

Abe confirms to Sonny, Philip, Eve, and Nicole that Theresa is okay. He reveals that Xander was strangling her when Brady showed up. Abe says they don't want to scare Orpheus in to shooting anyone so he's going to over there to hopefully calm the situation. Philip wants to go with him but Abe refuses and exits.

Victor tells Maggie not to do that. John warns him that the cops are on their way as the sirens are heard. John tells him to take him instead but Marlena says no. Orpheus mocks them. Marlena tells him to take the money and go but he refuses. Orpheus declares they all need to die slowly and suffer. Marlena tells him that if he kills anybody, he will never be free and will go right to death row. Marlena says if he takes the money, he will have won. Paul then jumps Orpheus and they struggle. John rushes forward as a shot is fired and Marlena screams. Orpheus runs out of the room as John is shot in the arm. Marlena checks on John as Paul goes after Orpheus. John makes sure Maggie and Victor are okay.

Theresa calls Nicole and tells her that she's just glad that Brady showed up when he did. Nicole can't believe Xander is back. Theresa advises her to watch out because Xander is still mad at what she and Eric did. Theresa thanks her for taking care of Tate. Eve takes the phone and checks on Theresa. Theresa says she's okay and asks how she is after being held gunpoint. Eve is grateful to be let go and tells Theresa that she doesn't want to be anywhere near the Kiriakis family and thinks Theresa should rethink it. Eve argues that there is always trouble around Victor. Theresa explains that Xander is her fault. Nicole takes the phone back and assures Theresa that the cops will catch Xander and Brady will take care of them.

Brady goes over with a cop what happened to Theresa. He explains that they are setting up road blocks and need Theresa's statement. Sonny calls Brady to confirm Theresa is okay. Sonny informs Brady that shots were fired at the mansion and Orpheus got away. Brady asks if anyone was hurt. Sonny confirms that John was hit.

Paul comes back and tells John and Marlena that Orpheus got away. Marlena hopes the cops will get him. Marlena brings up that Orpheus could have killed them but didn't. John knows he wanted a slow torture. Paul says they need to stop him. Paul and John check on each other while Marlena knows Paul is John's son. Victor checks on Maggie. Abe arrives to check on them. Victor calls it a win since there are no dead bodies. Philip shows up and hugs Victor as Maggie is emotional seeing them together. Philip makes sure they are alright. Victor mentions that Maggie briefly stood up on her own. Victor thanks him for checking on them and asks how Brady and Theresa are doing. Philip confirms that Brady got there before Xander could kill her but he got away too.

Brady finishes a call trying to find out an update on John. Brady tells Theresa that John was checked out at the scene and should be at the hospital soon. Theresa assures that Marlena will take care of him. Brady says they are all lucky. Theresa worries about Xander and Orpheus still being out there. Brady insists they will be caught. Brady tells Theresa that she looks beautiful. Theresa worries about Brady seeing her wedding dress. Brady tells her that they are still getting married and nothing is going to stop them. Brady says he loves her as they hug.

Eve and Nicole remain in the interrogation room with Tate. Eve apologizes for going off before. Nicole asks if she really feels that way about the Kiriakis family. Eve says she does and asks if Victor has ever treated her decently. Nicole admits shady stuff follows Victor around but they can't blame the whole family since Justin and Brady are great men while Deimos is a work in progress. Eve is shocked to learn that Nicole once married Victor. Nicole jokes that she wishes she could delete that part of her life. Eve questions why they didn't hang out more when she lived here. Eve says they will have to keep in touch. Nicole suggests visiting her in New York some time. Nicole wants a martini. Eve is sure Theresa is dying to have Tate back so Eve exits with Tate. Nicole stops and looks back at the suspect board at Xander's mug shot. Nicole thinks back to when Xander attacked her for leading him on. Nicole then follows out of the station.

Marlena has John's wound wrapped as Sonny returns to the mansion. Sonny praises Paul for what he did. Paul says it worked out except for Orpheus getting away. Abe says they have an APB out for Xander and Orpheus. John tells him they won't find Orpheus anywhere around here. Marlena says John needs to get checked out at the hospital so Abe goes to arrange a ride for him. John tells Marlena that it's going to be okay but Marlena worries that Orpheus won't stop until he gets what he wants which is them.

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