Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/13/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/13/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa gets dressed in her wedding dress at home where Eve praises her as stunning. Theresa thanks her, saying she couldn't have pulled it off without her. Eve says that's what sisters are for. Theresa can't believe the day has finally come.

Brady is prepared with Victor and Maggie at the Kiriakis Mansion for the wedding. Brady doesn't know what to say and calls it perfect. Brady says he's so happy that Deimos offered the mansion and that he will make himself scarce. Brady adds that he's grateful for this day as in a couple of hours he will marry the love of his life.

Roman and Abe talk at the police station about the prison van crash. Roman says there was only one fatality and they are waiting on reports but they know two of the prisoners that escaped were Clyde and Xander. Abe wants everyone on high alert. Roman says there is nothing on the third prisoner but they should know more soon.

Nicole joins Deimos in the town square and asks about the prisoners escape last night. Deimos mentions his nephew Xander being involved. Nicole hopes that he's gone for good.

Theresa makes sure her dress is on right as Eve starts to panic about forgetting that Caroline told her to tell her she couldn't make it due to feeling sick so she doesn't have something old and something blue. Theresa calms her down and says she doesn't need any more luck as she can't get any luckier than being the next Mrs. Brady Black.

Sonny goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and stops outside as Paul arrives behind him. Paul knows it has to be rough for him as the last wedding at the mansion was he and Will's.

John goes to the hospital to pick up Marlena. Marlena thinks he has father of the groom jitters. John says he doesn't get nervous. Marlena jokes with him about having to stand up and talk in front of the family. John never thought this moment would be possible a year ago as they kiss. Marlena tells him not to worry as she will get him there on time so they exit while the hospital computer displays an article about the escaped prisoners.

Nicole tells Deimos that she would rather talk about the wedding than Xander. Nicole hopes Salem is the last place Xander would show up after what he pulled but she will still be double bolting her door tonight.

Theresa tells Eve to stop driving herself crazy. Eve knows there's no reason but she worries about everything. Eve jokes that she will be her something old while letting her borrow something blue and giving her a new lipstick. Theresa tells her that she loves her so much and is happy to be sharing the day with her. Theresa adds that she has no idea how much her being there means to her as they hug.

Brady is glad Maggie and Victor accepted Deimos' offer to move back in to the mansion as he hopes it will speed up Maggie's recovery. Maggie admits it lifted her spirits as did Brady and Victor finding their way back to each other. Brady feels terrible about how he treated Victor. Victor understands that the whole scheme was designed to make him think he did it. Victor says they can put it all behind them and focus on the wedding. Maggie tells Brady that they love him and are so grateful they can all be together to celebrate this day. Brady thanks her and goes to check his messages on his phone. Victor guesses he's checking text alerts on the prison break which Brady confirms. Victor hopes they continue going west. Victor assures that if Xander shows up, he will have to deal with him.

Philip joins Chloe at the club with coffee. Philip mentions that he should get going if he wants to see Brady before the wedding and plans to get in and out before having to deal with Victor. Chloe brings up having to talk about their kiss. Philip mentions enjoying it a lot but guesses Chloe was offended. Chloe says no and calls him a good kisser so they kiss again. Chloe then tells him this is crazy and that they can't be considering a relationship. Philip points out they are already faking one and doesn't get the logic. Chloe calls it confusing but Philip kisses her again. Chloe appreciates him helping her hide the truth from Deimos about the baby but sometimes she wonders why. Chloe feels it's too fast since Philip was just crazy about Belle. Chloe admits she's really afraid for her baby that Deimos will find out the truth. Philip tells her not to worry since as far as anyone will ever know, they are about to become proud parents. Philip tells Chloe that she can always count on him. Chloe says that means so much to her as they hug. Chloe tells him to give Brady her best as he exits the club.

Deimos asks Nicole if she should be leaving to get to the wedding on time. Nicole says she loses track of time with him. Nicole adds that it was good of him to let Brady and Theresa have their wedding at the mansion. Deimos credits her for finding the clue that cleared he and Victor of Tate's kidnapping. Deimos talks about never thinking he would have family connections in Salem. Chloe walks by and sees them.

Eve talks to Theresa about seeing her so happy and how she has turned her life around. Theresa wishes other people would know how much she changed. Theresa thinks that's why none of her family in California came out. Eve tells her it was just too last minute for them to arrange. Eve assures her that her family knows how far she's come and they love her so much for it. Theresa thanks her for making her feel better. Theresa agrees that as long as she has her and Caroline's love and support, that's all she needs as they hug.

Brady tells Victor that he's very grateful for how forgiving and supporting he's been. Victor feels the same. Brady is reluctant to hope for more but wants the forgiveness to go in to accepting Theresa more. Victor doesn't want any more tension in the family but his opinion of Theresa is through hard experience. Brady understands but wants him to move that to the side and understands she's a different woman. Brady wants Victor to have an open mind about her. Victor agrees to do his best to tolerate her and keep an open mind as they hug which makes Maggie happy.

Roman prints out wanted posters of Clyde and Xander at the police station then gets a call that the governor is going to get a press conference on the escaped convicts. Roman walks away with Abe as the printer prints out the third mug shot wanted poster with Milo on it.

Sonny tells Paul he heard he would be in the wedding and he thinks that's great. Paul is happy for Brady but mentions thinking about Sonny all day and how this would be for him. Sonny says he'll be fine even though it brings back memories of his wedding. Sonny adds that he thinks about Will every day so today won't be any different. Sonny tells Paul that he's really glad he's here as they head in to the mansion.

Nicole greets Chloe. Chloe mentions shopping for baby clothes so Deimos calls it his child then pretends to correct himself. Nicole asks for a few moments alone with Chloe so Deimos tells her to enjoy the wedding and walks away. Nicole apologizes to Chloe. Chloe says she should've ran in the opposite direction when she saw them. Nicole worries that if Chloe stays here, it will be impossible to avoid Deimos. Nicole calls it no way to live to always worry about someone thinking he's the father of her kid. Nicole encourages that Chloe could do her music anywhere. Chloe thought so too but Philip has family and work here so she can't sell him on leaving Salem. Nicole suggests selling a little harder.

Sonny and Paul enter the living room of the mansion. Victor greets Sonny, glad that he could join them. Sonny assures that he's fine. Victor says Brady will be delighted to have him. Sonny mentions Justin still being out of town and asks Victor how he feels about bringing Justin back on as the family attorney which Victor calls a wonderful idea. John and Marlena arrive. Marlena calls it a glorious day, telling John how both his sons are happy and handsome. John adds that she is the most beautiful and extraordinary woman to share it with. Marlena says he makes her so happy as they kiss.

One of the cops tells Roman that the third prisoner is named Milo Harp which Roman does not recognize so he looks it up on the computer.

Brady talks to John and Paul about having them stand up for him when it seemed impossible two years ago. Philip arrives so Brady steps aside to greet him, surprised that he decided to come. Philip says he won't stay for obvious reasons but he wanted to wish he and Theresa the best. Brady thanks him and says that means a lot. Philip asks if things are still tense with Victor but Brady says they are getting along fine. Brady mentions thinking about Belle and realizes that Philip hadn't heard. Brady informs Philip that Belle left town with Shawn to Hong Kong to work for Chad. Philip is surprised but says he wishes them the best. Philip then reveals he's moved on himself with Chloe and they are expecting a baby. Victor approaches and remarks that he's not surprised that he knocked up that slut.

Deimos stops Chloe in the town square and says he would prefer they are not antagonistic with each other. Chloe prefers they be nothing to each other. Deimos says he would too for her but they have a situation between them that's getting bigger by the day.

Nicole joins Theresa and Eve as they go over her makeup. Nicole calls her the most beautiful bride. Eve goes to get another bottle of champagne. Nicole asks Theresa if she heard about Xander. Theresa calls it unnerving but says she won't let it spoil her big day. Nicole tells her not to worry because Roman will nail him if he comes near this town.

The cop brings Roman the copies of the wanted poster as he starts to search Milo Harp in the database but Abe interrupts, to inform him that Clyde and Xander may have been picked up in Missouri. Roman calls that great news but mentions still being concerned about this Milo. Roman mentions calling John as he goes back to search on the computer.

Chloe questions Deimos waiting until Nicole left to lurk around and catch her alone. Deimos reminds her when they used to have civil conversations. Chloe points out that he lied to her about who he was. Deimos says he's trying really hard to change his life and he's more optimistic about his future than he's been in his entire life. Deimos says he's sorry that it's so hard for her that he has strong suspicions about the baby. Deimos can't help but resent that she's been shutting him out. Deimos asks if that's civil enough. Chloe is sorry that he doesn't believe her about her baby. Chloe wishes him the best if he's truly trying to change and she hopes it sticks. Chloe then walks away.

Brady tells Victor and Philip that today is his wedding day so he's ordering them to put their differences aside and be nice to each other just for the day. Philip agrees to try. Brady points out that Victor giving Deimos the benefit of the doubt and that them two worked things out so he can try with Philip. Victor says Philip being his only living child should be enough to forgive him but what he did makes his betrayal even more. Philip blames Deimos but Victor says Deimos isn't his son so what Philip did hurt him more. Philip complains that he's never been good enough for Victor. Philip asks if he's really that big of a disappointment. Philip congratulates Brady and Theresa and says he wishes them happiness as he exits. Brady questions Victor if that was really the best he could do. John gets a text that Clyde and Xander were just arrested so he informs Victor and Brady. Brady goes to text Theresa. John tells Marlena that now they can concentrate on the wedding without worrying about the prisoners.

Theresa gets Brady's text that Xander and Clyde got arrested which she calls the best news ever. Nicole is relieved and admits her heart has been pounding since the news. Eve tells them they need to hit the road. Theresa tells Nicole to get her veil and Eve to get her bag. Theresa takes a drink and spills soda on her wedding dress. Theresa says she will used stain remover and be fine. Nicole and Eve tell her to call if she needs. Theresa insists so Nicole and Eve exit. Theresa tries to tell herself it's not that bad.

The priest arrives for the wedding followed by Nicole and Eve with Tate. Brady asks about Theresa. Eve tells him that Theresa got a little stain but will be okay and is driving herself. Brady is unsure about her driving in her wedding dress and wants to go get her but Nicole tells him that everything will be okay.

Abe informs Roman that the search for the prisoners has been expanded to three new counties. Roman makes a call to question that and says it would've been nice to be informed. Roman finds out that the report was wrong, two bank robbers were picked up in Missouri but not Clyde and Xander.

Theresa uses stain remover on her dress as Xander approaches the door and prepares to break in.

John tells Brady he looks great while Brady worries about Theresa not being her by now. Eve is concerned as well. Nicole hears a car and goes to check if it's her. Brady gets excited and ready to do this.

Roman goes through the mug shot folder to find out Milo Harp is Orpheus which shocks him. Roman informs Abe that he knows the guy and Milo is not his real name.

Eve decides she will go check on Theresa so she exits. Brady waits nervously as Paul checks on him. Eve's screams are heard from outside the door. Victor goes to open it as Milo/Orpheus is revealed to be holding Eve at gunpoint. He remarks that they all look so surprised and asks if they were expecting someone else. Marlena acknowledges him as Orpheus.

Theresa looks at photos of her and Brady on the mantle then turns around and drops the picture in shock as Xander approaches.

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