Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/12/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/12/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn questions Belle and Claire about hearing Hong Kong. Claire says she has to meet grandma so she'll be back. She tells Shawn to listen and not blow up as she exits. Shawn asks if Belle is going on a trip. Belle informs him that it's a job offer and a big opportunity. Belle explains that Chad wants her to relocate for awhile to fix problems with Mr. Shin for DiMera Enterprises. Shawn asks how long it will be. Belle doesn't know but suggests a year. Shawn tells her bon voyage and questions her making this huge decision without thinking about discussing it with him first.

Milo talks to Clyde in their prison cell about the whole town of Salem being smug. Milo brings up Roman shooting and killing his wife but acting like he owed him an apology. Clyde notes that he hasn't changed. Milo says he's waited 20 years to wipe the grin off his face and now he's just down the road. Milo declares he would take out Roman first for Rebecca and then he would take out Marlena and John.

Paul and John finish a run outside the town square. John jokes about being out of breath while Paul praises him keeping up. John calls him a hell of a private investigator and encourages him to never doubt his ability. John adds that he doesn't have to stay on just because of him. Paul informs him that he did some thinking about the good things like finding Tate so he's in.

Brady enters the hospital and approaches Victor. Victor thanks him for coming. Brady asks if he's ready to confess. Victor informs Brady that he did not kidnap Tate and he can prove it so he asked him here because he has something to show him.

Theresa walks through the town square with Tate and comes across Kate. Theresa remarks that she heard what Kate did and there's no way in hell she will let her get away with it. Kate claims to have no idea what she's talking about. Theresa calls it a new low. Kate calls it nothing personal and says she didn't want to hurt her. Theresa then explains that she is talking about Kate speaking negatively about her in the fashion industry. Kate tells Theresa that she's glad she and Brady got Tate back. Theresa gets a call about work and with her back turned, Kate whispers to Tate asking if he remembers her.

Shawn tells Belle that he's proud of her. Belle tells him that she tried to call him and went to the station looking for him because she wants his blessing. Belle says her family does come first and asks if they can talk about it now. Shawn agrees to talk about it. Shawn asks how soon she leaves. Belle says soon but she didn't expect he and Claire to jump that fast. Shawn questions if Claire is going too. Belle says no since she's too concerned with her career. Belle informs Shawn that she convinced Claire to go to Salem U which Shawn praises. Shawn says he can spend more time with his daughter so this is good. Belle tells Shawn that Claire thinks he's coming with her. Shawn thinks Claire just wants to be turned loose. Belle reminds him that she will have her grandparents and that Claire just wants her parents together. Belle knows Shawn would have to leave the police department. Shawn thought they were moving back here to start over in Salem with their family and daughter. Belle asks if that's a no.

Brady questions how Victor proves he did not kidnap Tate. Victor informs him that he found the real kidnapper, Titus Drew who supplied the drug used on Theresa. Brady asks why he would kidnap his son. Victor says he has a long standing grudge against the Kiriakis Family so he pit he and Deimos against each other. Victor claims he confronted Titus and he admitted everything. Brady wants to see Titus and asks if he's here. Victor agrees to take Brady to him right now.

While Theresa remains on the phone, Kate looks closer at Tate and thinks back to when she held him in the hotel room. Kate had said that Lauren would take really good care of him and that she hated doing this but she hated Victor and Deimos more. Theresa finishes her call and notes Tate not screaming when he's not comfortable with strangers so she questions why he's alright with Kate.

Belle knows this is bad timing and really fast and really hard to move just to support her. Shawn brings up how she came to Maine for him. Belle says she made a lot of bad decisions when she got there. Shawn doesn't want to do that again. Shawn says he learned that he needs to pay better attention to what she wants. Belle doesn't want him to feel like a hostage. Shawn is proud of her. Belle says she loves him. Belle cries that this feels like the first time they could finally neutralize the DiMeras and make them harmless and good. Belle feels like this moment is why she went to law school. Shawn calls it big. Belle gets a call from Chad and says she thought they would talk tomorrow or the next day. Belle says she doesn't know and will call him back. Belle informs Shawn that Chad says there is a deal to be brokered in Hong Kong right now so she needs to leave tonight. Belle tells Shawn to just say the word and it's off so she asks what she should tell Chad.

Victor brings Brady to the morgue where Brady questions if Victor killed Titus Drew. Victor claims that Titus attacked him and pulled a gun so Stavros had to take him down. Brady wants to see the body so Victor uncovers the body.

Xander joins Clyde at the prison. Clyde questions where he's been. Xander talks about needing time to himself to think. Clyde asks what he's going to do when he gets out. Xander responds that he was thinking how satisfying it would be to get back at those little bitches. Clyde asks which ones that would be. Xander responds that he means Nicole and Theresa as they are going to get what they deserve.

Kate remarks to Theresa that babies and puppies love her. Kate repeats that she's glad she got her son back and she hopes they will be happy together. Kate walks away as Theresa assures Tate they will be very happy together.

Shawn tells Belle to take the job. She hugs him and thanks him, insisting he won't regret it and it will be an amazing new start for them. Shawn then clarifies that he's not coming with her. Belle argues that she's not going without him but Shawn doesn't want to hold her back again. Belle says she could be fine in Salem but Shawn wants her to be great. Shawn encourages her. Belle cries that she won't let them end over this. Shawn says they won't end as it's just a year and they've been through worse. Shawn says when she gets back, they will see where they are at. Belle cries as she hugs him and they kiss. Shawn gets emotional as well and then exits.

Clyde tells Xander that nothing will happen while he's hanging around the prison. Xander argues they can't keep him forever but Clyde points out that he's a psychopathic murderer. Xander jokes that is alleged. Milo enters and informs them that the transport van is there so they exit the room.

Roman joins Victor and Brady at the hospital where Victor tells him about Titus Drew. Roman informs them that they did a search of Titus's last room and found a payment to Lauren Cartwright and a trail so they can tie his computer to the Shopin group. Roman wants Victor come to the station for a formal statement which he agrees to do as Roman exits. Brady doesn't know what to say to Victor. Brady then apologizes for accusing him of something so heinous as he had no right to think that. Brady says he should've believed him. Victor understands he wasn't in his right mind. Victor declares they've suffered enough so they can move on. Victor suggests visiting Tate as they hug. Theresa arrives and asks if she missed something as she smiles seeing them together.

Gabi walks through the town square and comes across Paul. Paul mentions John having someone tailed but that person ended up dead. Gabi decides to join Paul for a drink. Gabi mentions Sonny being with Arianna and talks about how great it is to have him back.

Shawn sits outside the town square looking sad as he thinks back to kissing Belle. Claire joins him and tells him to go to Hong Kong. Shawn says he can't but Claire questions him. Shawn doesn't want to leave her alone. Claire jokes that she's related to half the town. Claire asks why he wouldn't go to Hong Kong. Shawn thinks Belle needs to take this job and he's not sure he can follow her out there without a plan of his own. Shawn says they had just started putting things back together and then concludes that maybe things just aren't meant to be.

Belle meets John and Marlena at the club to tell them the news. Belle reveals that she is taking the job in Hong Kong. Marlena asks if Shawn is going but Belle says no. John questions how long Belle is going to be gone. Belle says maybe a year but she's going to help Chad clean out DiMera Enterprises. John jokes that will take longer than a year. John asks when Belle is leaving. Belle reveals it's tonight which shocks them. John asks about Claire. Belle tells him that Claire is staying in Salem and is hopeful about her going to Salem U. They assure Belle that they will look out for Claire. John is sorry about her and Shawn. Belle toasts to new beginnings. John hugs her and tells her that he loves her. Marlena does the same as they hug.

Theresa tells Victor that she's so sorry and is really grateful for him finding the real kidnapper. Victor says he would do anything for Brady and Tate. Theresa mentions taking Tate home. Victor mentions that he would love to see him. Theresa suggests Victor see him tomorrow at the wedding. Victor is surprised and questions if she's inviting him to the wedding. Theresa points out that he is family while Brady adds that it would mean a lot to him. Victor declares he will come to the wedding on one condition.

The prison van transports Milo, Clyde, Xander and other prisoners.

Claire questions Shawn and Belle not being meant to be. Claire argues that they are like the greatest love song ever. Claire reminds him of a time they were in Munich and they started singing together. Shawn is surprised she remembers since she was so young. Claire says she will spend her whole life looking for that love. Shawn says sometimes that's not all that matters. Claire asks if he's sure and points out that happened not in Salem. Claire says they were great adventurers together and questions why he'd ever want to stop.

Victor asks Brady and Theresa about using the City Hall for their wedding and then suggests they have it at the Kiriakis Mansion. Theresa thought the mansion was gone. Victor explains that it's all in the family as Deimos invited he and Maggie to move in and that Deimos even agreed to disappear for the day. Brady questions when he had the time to clear all that. Victor says he knew Brady would change his mind after hearing about Titus so he pre-planned. Theresa calls it so soon and asks what Brady wants since he lived in the mansion for years. Brady responds that Maggie can start making some bows. Victor states that Maggie will be thrilled. Victor and Brady hug as Theresa smiles.

John and Marlena remain together at the club, sad about Belle leaving town again. Marlena points out that Brady is living his dreams so she toasts to Brady and Theresa. John toasts to Brady and says he's getting there with Theresa as she makes Brady happy and is trying to be a good mom. Marlena accepts that and toasts to their wedding. John says he's working on a few things before they set a date. Marlena asks what's going on but John ponders what would a wedding would be without a little surprise.

Paul tells Gabi that he knows Sonny is happy to have Arianna back in his life. Paul adds that he and Sonny will always be friends which he is happy for. Paul asks Gabi about styling now. Gabi explains how Sonny suggested she help Chad. Gabi says they will see if she's good at it. She asks Paul about working with his dad. Paul says he likes it and that it's great spending time with his dad. Gabi relates the feeling to Eduardo but he's gone again though she understands he's just trying to protect them to make sure it's safe for them.

In the prison transport van, the guard is revealed to be Eduardo who punches one of the prisoners next to Xander and Clyde. Clyde calls for the driver as Eduardo grabs the prisoner and warns that he will never threaten his family again and the van crashes off the road. Eduardo gets up from the crash and wakes up the driver then climbs out of the van.

Belle hugs Claire at home and they talk about calling and visiting each other. They're both sorry about Shawn. Claire takes her bags and goes to get the car so she can drive Belle to the airport. Belle sits down with her old photo album and looks through it. Shawn then enters with his bag packed and questions when she packs lighter than him. Belle is shocked as Shawn asks if she's ready for an adventure. Belle rushes up and hugs him.

Roman joins John and Marlena at the club to go over the Tate kidnapping being wrapped with Titus Drew. Roman says they have no way to challenge things but he can see it with Titus Drew's reputation. Roman gets a call.

Victor goes to meet Kate and confirms that everyone bought their story. Kate questions Victor providing a body and if he killed someone then says she doesn't want to know. Victor explains that he paid off a worker at the morgue to use a body from a bad accident. Victor adds that Titus is on his way overseas which Kate worries is a loose end but Victor assures that Titus knows what will happen if he comes back. Victor tells Kate to relax as it's done. Kate asks about Lauren Cartwright. Victor says she will swear Titus hired her and he will make sure she is taken care of. Kate declares all's well that ends well. Victor says nice try but he won't forgive and forget. Kate warns him that she can do as much damage to he and Deimos as they can do to her. Victor then gets a call that seems to surprise him.

Brady and Theresa walk through the town square together, talking about Belle and Shawn leaving town and missing the wedding. Brady says having Victor there will soften the blow and thanks her for that. Theresa says they are good as long as he doesn't declare war. Brady then gets a call from Victor. Brady angrily asks how the hell that happened.

Roman asks on the phone about the crash as John gets a call as well that shocks him so Marlena looks worried.

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