Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/9/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/9/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe meets Gabi outside the town square. Gabi cries that her mom left town as she hugs him leaving Rafe surprised.

Hope finishes a call at the police station as Shawn and JJ join her. Hope informs them that Kayla is out of surgery which they are relieved to hear. Hope admits she was really scared and tells JJ to make sure Jennifer gets the good news. JJ says he will call her on his break since his lieutenant doesn't like making calls on department time. Shawn questions him not understanding what JJ is going through and is surprised JJ even came to work today. JJ gives Hope an old case file that he says Aiden wants her to take a look at. JJ exits while Shawn asks Hope about the case. Shawn questions why Aiden isn't in his office and why he's going through all of Justin's cases. Hope explains that Aiden is trying to build his reputation by trashing Justin's. Shawn feels he's also using it as an excuse to hang out where Hope works. Shawn tells Hope that Aiden is obsessed with her. Hope says he's wasting his time. Shawn asks if Aiden is the reason Hope wanted to quit.

Belle joins Chad at the DiMera Mansion and thanks him for seeing her so late. Chad says she said it was important. Belle tells him that she gave a lot of thought to what they talked about and came to a decision. Belle says if she's going to work for him then she wants to restore the DiMera Enterprises name but it will be impossible if she doesn't tell him what her sister Sami did with the funds she stole from Stefano. Chad says she already told him she didn't know. Belle admits she was covering for Sami as she does know where half the money is. Belle informs Chad that she had half of the money and she has wired it to Chad's account for DiMera Enterprises. Chad questions her having the money this whole time. Belle tells him that she will sell the nightclub and turn over the proceeds but Chad says that's not necessary. Chad asks what made her came clean. Belle explains that Sami didn't tell her what she wanted to do with the money but thinks she wanted to take care of her if she and Shawn broke up but now she has a really great job with him. Belle doesn't want that big of a secret between them. Belle asks if they are okay. Chad says she has proven he can trust her which he is in desperate need of. Chad tells her that he has reached out to foreign partners and all will comply except Mr. Shin in Hong Kong. Chad tells Belle that he needs a lawyer to be his pin person as soon as possible and he'd like that to be her.

Shawn complains about Hope having to work so closely with Aiden. Hope refuses to give up a job she loves because of him. Shawn hates coming to work and seeing Aiden. Shawn brings up Chase raping Ciara. Hope tells Shawn to keep his voice down. Shawn argues that he's not afraid of Aiden. Hope responds that Aiden has taken enough from their family so they can't allow him to ruin their lives anymore than he already has.

Chad talks to Belle about Mr. Shin having a different attitude towards him and he has no idea why. Belle says it will take some time with Hong Kong so far away. Chad brings up wanting Belle to relocate. Belle says there was no mention of her moving when she accepted the job. Chad shows her the contract but says he'll tear it up if it's not something she wants to do. Belle says no as she already tore up one contract today. Chad asks if that means she will go to Hong Kong. Belle says she will have to talk to Shawn and Claire about it. Chad understands he's asking a lot of her and promises to make it worth her while. Sonny then arrives and apologizes for interrupting. Belle says she was just leaving and tells Chad that she will be in touch as she exits. Sonny questions Chad having a business meeting this late at night. Chad says it's what moguls do. Sonny invites him to the town square to eat but Chad declines. Sonny argues that Chad has plenty of time to save the company and take care of business but first he needs to take care of himself like Abigail would want. Chad then agrees to go with him. Sonny advises Chad not to have Adrienne living there forever as they exit the mansion.

Gabi explains to Rafe that their aunt called and has to have her hip replaced so Adriana left to be with her. Gabi cries that it felt like an excuse for Adriana to get away from them so she feels rejected. Gabi cries about already having to explain to Arianna that her father and godmother are dead. Gabi now feels that Arianna's grandmother doesn't love her enough to stay here. Rafe tells her that she's not alone as he and Dario are still there. Gabi tells Rafe that he is her rock and she doesn't know what she would do without him.

Lieutenant Raines questions Shawn about the pill he had tested. Shawn explains how he thought it would help in Tate's kidnapping. Raines argues with Shawn and accuses him of only getting his job because of his name. Hope interrupts and calls Shawn a damn good cop so he can take it up with the commissioner. Shawn tells Hope that she doesn't have to fight his battles. Hope assures him what he said isn't true. Shawn says it's not the first time he's heard it. Shawn relates to how Bo worked as one of the best. Hope encourages that he would be very proud of him. They hug as Aiden comes out and asks Hope about the case file he put on her desk. Aiden asks if she has a minute so they go in to the interrogation room.

Claire comes home and talks to Belle about her day as Belle is going through an old photo album. Belle informs Claire that Chad just offered her a job in Hong Kong so she might need to relocate. Claire asks if she's kidding. Belle explains that she told Chad that she would have to talk to her and Shawn first and that she won't go unless they go with her. Claire gets upset and repeats that Chloe might record one of her songs. Claire shouts hell no to moving.

Sonny and Chad eat in the town square. Chad mentions not being that hungry. Sonny brings up baseball but Chad says he hasn't watched much lately. Sonny talks about getting interested in football which Chad questions. Sonny explains that it was something he could do without thinking about Will. Sonny admits he felt guilty about going to Paris because he couldn't deal with Will sleeping with Paul. Chad tells him that it would've happened even if he stayed. Chad wishes he could have kept Ben away from Abigail. Sonny says he couldn't any more than he could have stopped Ben from killing Will. Chad thinks he could have helped Abigail through it better but Sonny doesn't think anyone could have helped her through that. Sonny tells Chad that Abigail never stopped loving him so he should stop beating himself up.

Claire complains that Belle doesn't care about her job and refuses to give it up no matter what she says. Belle says that isn't what this is about. Claire accuses her of it always being about her. Claire asks if she's even talked to Shawn. Belle says she's left him messages but assures that she wants him to come with them so they can be a family. Belle understands Claire wants to work in the music business but says there is something she doesn't know. Belle informs Claire that Philip bought her out this morning so she's afraid it will be a little awkward for her there. Belle thinks she can get better Claire a better gig but Claire argues that she doesn't listen to her or believe in her. Belle wants to help her and knows breaking in is hard. Belle tells Claire that it's okay to accept help but Claire responds that she doesn't need help or her. Claire tells Belle to go to Hong Kong and leave her the hell alone.

Hope tells Aiden about the case file and says it wasn't Justin's fault that the guy got off. Aiden asks about the other case. Hope questions why Aiden is doing this. Aiden claims he's just trying to get familiar with the failures of the previous DA but Hope doesn't buy it. Aiden asks Hope what changed her mind from resigning. Hope responds that he did as she isn't giving up a job she loves because of him. Hope declares that Aiden is not winning as she looks over and sees a case file on Stefano.

Gabi goes to the police station to bring JJ some coffee. JJ asks if this means she's not mad at him anymore. Gabi says she doesn't know as she's all over the place right now. JJ apologizes for making her feel so bad. Gabi says it's not just him. JJ asks what it is. Gabi informs him that her dad left town and her mom pretty much did the same thing. JJ asks if she's not coming back. JJ then gets a call and says he's on his way. JJ tells Gabi that his lieutenant wants to see him and he promises to call her. As JJ goes to leave, Belle arrives and asks if he's seen Shawn. JJ says he's on the field and offers to try to get a hold of him but Belle decides to just wait until she hears from him.

Aiden remarks that he's glad Hope saw the Stefano file as he definitely wants to talk to her about. Hope asks why since Justin got a conviction and the case was closed but Aiden is not so sure about that. Aiden questions the convenience of the guy confessing and Andre getting to go free. Aiden brings up Hope being on record in believing Andre was guilty. Hope states that she was wrong and exits the room.

Chad asks if Sonny has been spending a lot of time with Arianna. Sonny says he's tried to see her every day. Chad says that must be good for them both as Sonny tells him stories about Arianna. Gabi interrupts and tells Chad that she just wanted to say how sorry she was about Abigail because she was a great friend to her even after finding out about her cousin Nick being killed. Gabi mentions Abigail writing to her every week when she was in prison and it made her feel like she could have a life again someday which now she does but Abigail isn't here. Gabi cries that it's not fair that they can't raise their kids together. Chad thanks her.

Shawn returns to the station and talks to JJ about wishing he spent more time with Abigail. JJ tells him about how Ben went off the rails and took Abigail with him. JJ says it kills him to have everyone thinking Abigail went nuts while Laura believes it was PTSD. JJ swears to kill Ben if he ever gets out of prison. Lieutenant Raines interrupts and questions JJ about the message that he wanted to see him. JJ says he went to his office but he wasn't there so Raines remarks that he should've kept looking. Shawn warns him to lay off as JJ's sister just died. Raines mocks Shawn thinking he doesn't have to play by the rules because of his family. JJ starts to argue with him but Shawn stops him.

Belle returns home to Claire, who is now looking through the old photo album. Belle joins her and they laugh over an old picture. Belle apologizes for dumping the whole Hong Kong thing on her and making her feel like she doesn't believe in her. Belle tells Claire that she's so proud of her. Claire says she's proud of her too. Belle says that makes her feel better than any job could. Belle tells Claire that if she doesn't want to go to Hong Kong then she will tell Chad that she can't do it but Claire doesn't want her to not go since it could be a great chance for her. Claire adds that she and Shawn really love it there so they can work something out. Claire says she can stay with her grandparents. Belle cries that she'd be so far away. Claire compares it to if she went to a far away college. Belle agrees to think about letting her stay on one condition.

Rafe goes to see Hope and asks what's bothering her. Hope tells him that Aiden is still in the interrogation room going over old case files and Stefano was on top of the stack. Hope says Aiden wants to reopen the case. Rafe argues that he can't prove she killed Stefano. Hope says they can't know that as it's the biggest case of the year and Aiden already feels it's suspicious. Hope tells Rafe that Aiden wants to go over the case with her so she worries that he'll see right through her. Rafe asks what she wants him to do. Hope worries that this could come back on him too but Rafe assures it won't. Hope says Aiden made a mess of her life and she couldn't stand it if he did the same to Rafe's. Rafe promises that he won't and that he can't touch them anymore as they kiss.

Aiden goes over Stefano's case file and looks at Andre's mug shot. Aiden goes over Andre denying having anything to do with it and thinks back to telling Hope how Andre blamed her for Stefano's death.

Gabi praises Chad for restoring DiMera Enterprises in Abigail's memory. Chad complains about the board members who worked for Stefano not agreeing with him. Sonny believes Chad knows what he's doing. Chad brings up how Kate was running things before. Chad talks about meeting with the executives. Gabi encourages that Chad will need to dress up which Sonny agrees with. Chad mocks the idea of his wardrobe being the problem. Gabi insists that if he's going to be the boss, image really matters. Gabi convinces him to go shopping now.

Belle tells Claire that the condition is that she goes to college. Claire argues that they said they would wait a year. Belle doesn't think a college education will hurt her in the music business. Claire argues that she doesn't know about the music business. Belle brings up Mick Jagger taking accounting. Claire isn't feeling school but Belle believes that Claire not going to college was about punishing her for leaving Shawn. Belle begs her to reconsider her decision.

Hope pours wine for her and Rafe as they talk about eating. Hope then gets a pain in her shoulder. Rafe blames it on Aiden. Rafe then massages Hope. Hope says it feels better as they kiss.

Aiden reads over Stefano's case file about his cell phone being used to charter a flight the night he disappeared. Aiden mentions Stefano getting killed before he could leave the country so maybe the killer made that call. Aiden notes that Andre would have had access to his phone. Lieutenant Raines walks by so Aiden calls him in and asks him to find out where a certain cell phone call originated from which he agrees to handle.

Chad and Gabi return to Sonny in the town square with new clothes for Chad. Gabi warns Chad that he will have problems if Kate is on a crazy dress code. Sonny suggests Gabi be an image consultant for DiMera Enterprises which Chad likes. Gabi questions if he's serious. Chad and Gabi shake hands and agree to the deal.

Claire tells Belle that if she can stay in Salem and work for Chloe then she will go to Salem U. Belle is happy and hugs her. Belle tells her she can come visit at Christmas and exclaims that she's going to love Hong Kong as Shawn walks in and asks what the hell.

Rafe and Hope continue kissing on the couch and start to undress until Hope stops and says they can't because Ciara will be back any second. Rafe suggests texting Ciara to tell her not to come for a few hours but Hope says she can't so they just keep kissing.

Lieutenant Raines returns to Aiden to inform him that the call from Stefano's cell phone came from the Argon Hills neighborhood. Aiden notes that is where Hope lives and says he was just trying to place the name of it. Aiden wonders if Andre was right that Hope did kill Stefano.

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