Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/8/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/8/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Steve meets Joey at the Brady Pub and asks why he said they had to meet as soon as possible. Kayla arrives so Steve guesses it's an ambush. Kayla tells Joey that he should've told her that Steve would be there. Joey was afraid she wouldn't come. Kayla tells him that they are always there for him no matter what's going on between them but Joey calls that bull. Joey argues that what's going on between them matters a lot. Joey calls it a central issue of his life.

Theresa jokes with Brady about dressing Tate up for their wedding. Brady tells her that if she changes her mind about a city hall wedding, they can have a big church wedding but Theresa insists that she just wants the private moment to be between them. Brady comments that she's not the same woman he married in Vegas. Theresa agrees that they grew up. Theresa feels like she's finally starting her happily ever after as they kiss.

Nicole sets up a table at the club as Eve Donovan returns. Nicole greets her and tells her it's been a long time but she knows Theresa will appreciate having her sister there. Eve calls it nice of Nicole to do this. Nicole mentions that Anne did it but had to go out of town so it will just be the three of them if she can get Theresa to come since she wants a nice, quiet night at home with Brady. Eve is surprised to hear Theresa wants to stay home and says she will order champagne and be right back.

Clyde joins Milo and comments on their dinner. Clyde asks him about Milo being a nickname for Orpheus. Milo says that they can both possibly profit from their association but warns him not to get in his way. Clyde asks if he believes in destiny. Milo responds that he believes in payback. Milo adds that destiny seems to be on their side.

Kate tells Victor to let go of her now. Victor says he can hear the wheels spinning in her brain, wondering how much they know. Deimos tells Kate that they know everything. Victor adds that this time she's crossed the line. Kate remarks about lowering her standards to dealing with them. Deimos tells Kate that they know she was behind Tate's kidnapping. Victor tells her it's time to pay the piper.

Joey complains about Steve and Kayla always wanting to do this another time and not knowing if Steve is ever coming home. Steve assures him that he wants to. Joey asks Kayla if Steve has passed the test. Kayla argues that she doesn't like how things are and who she's become. Kayla complains that she feels powerless and helpless. Kayla talks about them doing things without giving her a heads up so she feels blindsided all the time. Joey knows they screwed up but points out that the most important thing is that they love each other. Joey guesses that it's not enough and they're never going to work things out but don't have the guts to tell him.

Kate calls it not true and doesn't know why they would think it unless they are trying to get the heat off themselves. Deimos says he and Victor each know the other didn't do it. Victor agrees they are on the same page. Deimos brings up Kate wanting to live in the Kiriakis mansion with the Kiriakis money like she had before he came back. Victor figures Kate kidnapped Tate to turn them against each other. Deimos adds that she instead made them a united front. Victor says Kate takes big risks while Deimos says it's all about to blow up in her face. Victor asks Kate if she's scared and says she should be.

Clyde says he's never hated so many people in his life before coming to Salem. Clyde calls the people there animals. Clyde says he went there to be with his kids but right off the bat Victor thought he was a stupid hick. Clyde argues that they all think they are better than everyone else but he bested Victor. Clyde states that he's not as dumb as he looks. Clyde brings up the DiMeras and says he'd like to see Chad end up six feet under like his father and brother. Clyde then declares he hates the Hortons the most. Clyde calls Abigail a slut who slept her way through the entire DiMera family and drove his son crazy. Clyde shouts damn them all.

Theresa tells Brady that he almost never reminds her of Victor but notes that he got fierce when it came to who kidnapped Tate which made her feel safe. Theresa hopes it wasn't Victor who kidnapped their son. Brady says they will find out one way or another. Theresa worries that it will kill him if it was Victor since he loves him so much. Brady doesn't know about that. Theresa wants to be part of his family. Brady tells her that she already is since Marlena, John, and Maggie see what he has seen for so long. Brady adds that Victor will never change. Brady encourages her to keep pissing Victor off because he's has it coming. They talk about it being the night before the wedding and they kiss. They start to head for the bedroom when there's a knock at the door. Brady wants to ignore it but they hear it's Eve calling from outside. Theresa excitedly answers surprised to see her. Eve tells her that she wouldn't miss her little sister's wedding. Brady hugs Eve and tells her he loves that she is there. Eve praises them getting married and asks about Tate. Theresa can't believe she is there. Eve wants to take Theresa out for the night. Theresa says they were going to have a queit night in but invites Eve to stay. Eve insists on going out and Brady decides Theresa deserves to go have some fun so she agrees. Eve declares tonight is all about Theresa.

Kate remarks that she should be afraid of being in the park with two lunatics. Deimos brings up Kate trying to set up Nicole and explains how Nicole interviewed Titus Drew who sells the drug used on Theresa. Deimos informs Kate that he remembered who bought the drug. They go over the person being someone who hates them and has it out for Theresa. Kate calls Theresa just an annoyance. Kate tells Victor that he's way too smart to be manipulated by Deimos. Kate argues that Deimos just got Nicole to tell Victor what he wants to hear. Kate tells Victor to worry about Deimos, not her and she doesn't have time for this. Kate goes to leave but Deimos declares they have proof which stops her.

Brady finishes a call about getting a suite. Brady then goes through his mail and finds an envelope from Eric in prison.

Eve brings Theresa to Nicole at the club where they have a cake and champagne. Theresa thanks them for doing all of this. Nicole toasts to her as the best partner she ever had. Eve remembers when they hated each other and asks if this is all an act. They assure her that they get along great now against all odds. Nicole brings up how Brady and Theresa were against odds as well. Theresa hopes she doesn't screw this whole thing up. Nicole calls Brady her oldest and dearest friend. Nicole says none of the women in Brady's past have been good enough for him but Theresa is. Theresa says that means a lot to her as they toast their champagne. Eve jokes about having a stripper come in as she pours them more champagne. Theresa comments that she had forgotten what it's like to have fun the last few months. Theresa drinks a glass of champagne so Eve pours her another and they toast their drinks.

Victor tells Kate that she can't think he just took Deimos's word for it. Victor says he talked to Titus himself and people seem to remember Kate. Victor adds that Titus has agreed to testify in court. Kate questions a drug dealer's testimony being their evidence. Deimos reveals they have video of the transaction. Victor didn't think she could do something so low but seeing is believing.

Kayla gets more coffee which she says helps with her headaches. Steve asks if she has one now. Kayla decides to go but gets dizzy. Steve checks on her but Kayla insists that she's fine. Steve and Joey worry about her. Kayla says she doesn't need them ganging up on her and goes to leave but gets dizzy again and stops. Steve holds her and tells Joey to call the hospital.

Eve gives Theresa a gift of a spa day for two. Theresa tells her that Nicole can go with Eve as she's not sure she can leave Tate for a day. Eve assures her they can work it out. Nicole gives her another gift of a date book of times where she can babysit so Theresa can have her spa day. Nicole mentions being good with kids like Parker so Theresa notes Parker being lucky to have her. Nicole says it's hard for her to think of Parker as lucky so Theresa apologizes. Nicole tries to say it's okay but then decides to go outside to get some air. Theresa worries about Nicole and wants to go after her but Eve tells her that sometimes people grieving need to be alone. Nicole stands outside the club as Brady walks by and greets her. Brady hugs her as she cries.

Steve and Joey have Kayla stretchered in to the hospital with a nurse.

Nicole tells Brady that she wants him to get married and be happy. Brady understands if she can't come to the wedding. Nicole insists that she wants to because of Daniel. Nicole hates feeling sorry for herself. Brady knows she's feeling pain. Nicole tells Brady that Daniel would be happy for he and Theresa. Brady gets that it's hard for her. Nicole decides she should go back in to Theresa but Brady stops her and says he has to talk to her about something else. Brady mentions getting a letter from Eric and he knows Eric sent her one as well. Brady tells Nicole that Eric is trying to make amends so he asks if maybe she could try to forgive him. Nicole asks if Brady could.

Clyde guesses Marlena is the person from Salem that Milo hates most. Milo remarks that he will wipe the smile off Marlena's face with John watching. Clyde asks if he has plans for them or anyone else. Milo has flashback to a shootout with Steve years ago and responds that there are many more.

The nurse tells Steve and Joey that Kayla is going into emergency surgery because of the hematoma so she needs Steve to sign off. She assures him that the doctor has done this surgery many times so Steve signs off on it. She says she will keep him posted and that he can see her as soon as she comes through. She tells them to try not to worry as she walks away. Joey starts to blame himself but Steve assures him that it's not his fault. Steve tells him that she could've been alone when this happened if not for him so he's the reason she got help. Steve hugs Joey and tells him that Kayla will be fine.

Kate tells Victor and Deimos that Tate was never in danger as she would never let anything happen to him. Deimos calls that an admission of guilt. Kate responds that neither of them are in a position to take a higher moral tone with her. Kate brings up Deimos putting Maggie in a wheelchair to get what he wants. Deimos argues that he would never kidnap a child. Kate says everyone that knows him knows he could do it. Kate argues that Theresa is hardly mother of the year. Victor complains about Brady being put through that. Deimos questions Kate doing this just to get back at them. Kate tells them that she's tired of being used by Kiriakis men and their arrogance. Deimos declares they are done here and starts to call Roman but Kate warns them to think about that. Kate tells Deimos that she had access to every bit of the Kiriakis Mansion while Deimos was thought to be dead so she went through every book and found out that they have links to antiquities stolen from the old country sold on the black market. Deimos argues that they were never in the same room. Kate says she didn't say it was a partnership as they were competing against each other but that doesn't make them any less guilty. Kate says if he calls Roman, she will call Interpol. Kate mocks their brotherly reunion and hopes they get adjoining cells in prison. Victor warns Kate not to be too smug as Brady won't rest until he finds out who was responsible for what he went through. Victor says he can't live with Brady thinking he was behind it. Deimos adds that Kate can blackmail them but not Brady. Victor asks Kate what she thinks Brady is going to say when he finds out. Deimos brings up that Brady already threatened him if he had anything to do with it. Victor warns Kate that Brady is a Kiriakis and will extract revenge.

Brady sits with Nicole and tells her that he's not just thinking about Eric but he's worried about her as he doesn't think hating Eric is good for her. Nicole doesn't think being unable to forgive is the same as hatred. Nicole asks Brady if he could forgive whoever kidnapped Tate. Nicole tells Brady that he is her friend for life and she knows he's just trying to help do something good but she doesn't know if he can get what is inside of her. Nicole doesn't want Brady to know what it's like to know the person you love is never coming back. Nicole asks Brady not to ask her to forgive because even if she wanted to, she could not do it.

Brady and Nicole rejoin Theresa and Eve inside the club as Theresa is finishing a call with the nanny, being overprotective of Tate. Theresa hugs Nicole and thanks her for the night. Theresa says she's so glad they are friends. Theresa hugs Eve and thanks her as well. Eve tells her she will be over first thing in the morning to get her ready. Brady jokes about not knowing what's going on tomorrow. Brady and Theresa happily exit together. Nicole comments on them being so in love. Eve calls Theresa a very lucky girl. Nicole and Eve finish their champagne.

Kayla wakes up from surgery with Steve and Joey at her side. Steve asks how she's feeling. Kayla says she's so tired. Steve tells her that the doctor said everything went perfectly and she will bounce back to her old self. Kayla jokingly asks if he's sure that's what he wants. Steve says he does more than anything. Kayla is glad they are the two faces she saw when she woke up. Steve and Joey tell her to go back to sleep and that they will still be there when she wakes up.

Kate thinks it's in Deimos and Victor's best interest that Brady doesn't find out about her involvement. Kate warns them about the Greek courts having Deimos back in prison and Victor without Maggie. Victor tells her that Brady and Theresa won't rest until they find out who did it. Kate agrees then suggests why it has to be one of them. Kate proposes they find a fall guy fast.

Brady and Theresa return home. Theresa realizes the next time she sees him will be at the wedding. Brady adds that he will be carrying her in next time. Theresa says tomorrow will be the best day of her life. Brady tells her it will just keep getting better. They kiss as Brady then exits.

Victor's nephew Xander joins Clyde and Milo in prison. Clyde introduces Xander to Milo as someone who hates Salem as much as them with Victor being his uncle. Milo asks if Victor is the reason he's in here. Xander responds that is because of a bitch named Theresa.

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