Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/7/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/7/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny and Gabi are with Arianna outside the town square. Sonny talks about missing so much and tells Arianna that he's home for good. Sonny tells Gabi that he will babysit whenever she is with JJ but Gabi cuts him off and says she doesn't know where JJ is. Gabi complains that she's gotten one call since JJ took off to Miami. Sonny explains that he's looking for Abigail. Gabi doesn't know why JJ doesn't call someone who cares.

JJ comes home which surprises Julie. She hugs him and tells him that everyone will be so glad he's back. JJ doesn't know about everybody since Gabi's last text seemed really ticked that he didn't stay in touch like he should have. Julie responds that if Gabi doesn't understand what he's been going through, he should drop her.

Victor tells Maggie about Deimos wanting them to move in with him at the Kiriakis Mansion. Victor talks about the positives. Maggie hoped they could find common ground but is unsure about this gesture. Victor knows it's over the top and that Deimos does too. Victor gets a call from Deimos, who says he needs to see him immediately.

Kate goes to the DiMera Mansion to see Chad. Chad thanks her for coming. Kate asks about seeing Lucas and Adrienne with Thomas. Chad explains that he and Jennifer thought Thomas should have as much family around as possible until they get their lives back on track. Kate encourages that Lucas will do a great job with Thomas. Chad is glad since he can trust Lucas. Chad adds that he will also need another kind of help from her.

Maggie asks what Deimos wanted. Victor says he wants to meet and sounded serious. Maggie guesses he wants to go back on his offer but Victor insists that offer was sincere. Maggie is glad he's trying to work things out and says maybe they will be able to put the past where it belongs. Victor says all he cares about is her and whatever she needs to get back on her feet again. Maggie tells him that she won't need a warm and fuzzy scene with Deimos or rooms in their old house. Maggie says all she needs is him.

Kate asks Chad what he wants her help with. Chad tells her that DiMera Enterprises is in shambles and their companies around the world are borderline legal. Chad wants them all better and to make big changes that won't be easy. Kate agrees because of Stefano. Chad goes over shell companies, unregistered companies, and some that are solid but they all have different book keeping systems. Kate says Stefano felt confusion kept the government guessing. Chad says that's over as he wants to make them great again so he needs someone with expertise like her. Kate questions if rebuilding DiMera Enterprises is his way of somehow honoring Stefano's legacy. Chad responds that it has nothing to do with him. Chad says he promised Abigail that he would build a life for Thomas built on trust and honesty. Chad wants to be the father that Thomas needs not the father he never had. Chad says Stefano wasn't one of the good guys but he was good at teaching him how to love family which he will do for Thomas. Kate says alright so Chad asks if that means she is going to help. Laura then appears in the doorway and remarks that it's a big mistake to ask Kate for anything.

JJ gets that Julie isn't sold on Gabi. Julie brings up how Gabi killed Nick and is now causing him trouble. JJ blames himself for going to Miami and getting caught up in his own world trying to find out what happened. Julie tells him to call Jennifer to let her know he's back. JJ agrees to text her. Julie hugs him and says she's so glad he's home. JJ says he is too as he exits. Julie remains annoyed at Gabi.

Gabi and Sonny walk through the town square and sit on the bench. Gabi apologizes for coming off harsh earlier. Sonny understands she was upset. Gabi adds that she still is but knows he was trying to make her feel better. Gabi knows JJ is Sonny's cousin and he likes him but it's not his job to fix things as that's all on JJ. Gabi decides to go to the store before Arianna's class ends. Sonny stops her and says he thinks the reason she was so upset is because JJ means so much to her. Gabi remarks that she just doesn't know how much she means to him as she walks away.

Laura tells Chad that the butler told her to come in but she didn't know he would be with Kate. Laura states that Kate is not someone to turn to for help and brings up her marriage to Stefano. Laura says Kate is not someone to trust. Chad asks if Laura needs something since Lucas and Adrienne have Thomas. Laura tells Chad to think long and hard before he allows Kate to be involved in Thomas's life. Chad points out that Kate loves Thomas and doesn't know what's going on here but suggests taking a step back. Laura argues that someone's past says a lot about their future. Chad explains that he hoped Kate would help him rebuild DiMera Enterprises for Thomas. Laura brings up Kate once stealing the corporation from under Stefano so she's not someone to trust. Chad does not appreciate Laura coming in to his home to get in to it with Kate so maybe they should talk later. Laura brings up Kate's past and tells Chad to make this about Thomas and the kind of people that Abigail would want around him. Chad thinks he knows what Abigail would want but Laura says he does not at all.

Deimos comes over and tells Maggie that it's great seeing her in great spirits. Maggie is happy to be getting stronger. Deimos asks about his offer. Maggie appreciates him being so generous but says they still need to think about it. Deimos tells her to take as much time as they need. Deimos asks Victor if they can go to the town square to talk. Victor says it's up to Maggie. Maggie tells him he can go as Julie is coming over lately so Victor and Deimos exit.

Chad tells Laura that Abigail would want him to make sure his company survives so he can provide a future for Thomas. Laura brings up him checking Abigail in to Shady Hills mental institution and says she would be alive with them if he didn't do that. Kate questions how she can be so insensitive. Laura says Chad was obviously misled about where Abigail would get the best care. Laura cries that there is no sense dwelling on it now since she promised Jennifer that she would step back. Laura tells Chad that when Abigail told her how much she loved him, she gave her quite an earful about what Stefano did to her and what his brother Peter did to Jennifer and Jack but Abigail stood right up to her and flat out said Chad wasn't like that. Kate agrees that he's not. Laura says not yet. Laura accuses him of resurrecting Stefano's legacy and allowing his ex-wife in to his head. Laura remarks that Chad has become Stefano and he would be so proud, not the man that Abigail fell in love with. Chad says it's not true. Laura warns him to proceed with caution with whatever choices he makes or she'll be afraid for the future. Chad decides he needs some air. Chad tells Kate that he'll be in touch as he exits. Kate tells Laura that Chad is grieving with his life shattered and he's trying to find a way to move on. Laura claims she's here to help. Kate tells her that if she thinks that's what she did then she's crazy. Kate calls Laura crazy and remarks on Abigail, saying the apple doesn't fall far from the tree as she exits.

Chad goes to the club and stops outside, remembering Laura's words blaming him for putting Abigail in the mental hospital and not being the man she fell in love with. Chad heads inside where JJ is and greets him. JJ says he needs to say something real quick. JJ apologizes for the way he left things before he went to Miami. Chad says neither of them made the right moves. JJ confirms there was no trace in Miami. JJ says he was just on his way out. Chad stops him and asks if they could start over because Abigail wouldn't want them going at each other so they should try for Thomas. JJ agrees it sounds good and they shake hands, saying he will come by tomorrow to see Thomas. JJ exits to go see Gabi as Chad says he will let her know to call him if he sees her.

Julie goes to see Maggie and tells her that moving in to the Kiriakis Mansion is a big step but could bring the family closer together. Maggie talks about Deimos being generous and asks if Julie thinks it's a good idea. Julie says only Maggie's opinion matters but comments on the mansion having room for everybody. Julie adds that it's great to be with family like she and Doug are living with Jennifer and JJ. Maggie says it's just that there's no other family living there other than Deimos. Julie points out that it could give Victor and Deimos a chance to bond and heal all that pain. Julie says they know it will take a lot of good will to heal the crack in that relationship. Julie calls Maggie the glue in that situation.

Victor and Deimos sit in the town square. Victor asks how Deimos got on to this. Deimos says he had a very reliable source. Victor says they will have to make it stick. Deimos says they found out who Titus Drew sells to. Victor says it was staring him in the face all this time. Deimos says this is the only person who it could be, wanting them to point fingers at each other. Victor and Deimos decide it's time to confront Tate's kidnapper as Victor says he knows just how to go about it.

Clyde joins Milo in his prison cell.

Gabi runs in to JJ outside the town square. She is surprised to see him back. JJ says he just landed a while ago and didn't text her because he figured he screwed up with the phone so he wanted to see her in person. JJ wants to explain how he only called to say goodbye. Gabi wants him to also explain why he sounded like he would rather do anything than talk to her. JJ talks about his head being screwed up with Abigail. Gabi gets that he was upset but she was too and asks if she counts for anything. JJ tells her that she counts for everything and wants to try to fix this.

Sonny approaches Chad in the club. Chad is surprised to see him and hugs him as they sit together. They joke about not owning the club anymore. Chad praises his article in the wall street journal. Sonny says he's learning the corporate headquarters. Chad says he could always come work for DiMera Enterprises but Sonny says Victor would have a stroke. Chad talks about taking DiMera Enterprises straight now, joking about Sonny not knowing about that. Sonny thinks they should stay friends and skip the business. Chad says the offer stands. Sonny doesn't believe he's fine and questions how he's doing. Chad admits it's weird to imagine life without Abigail. Chad talks about their good times with Thomas so it's an adjustment. Chad informs him that Lucas and Adrienne are moving in to take care of Thomas. Sonny is surprised but understands since Adrienne loved Abigail like a daughter. Sonny tells Chad that he can call him if he ever needs anything. Chad thanks him and says the same.

Victor finishes a call and tells Deimos the kidnapper awaits. Victor adds that he will really enjoy this. Deimos says that makes two of them as they walk off together.

JJ and Gabi sit together. JJ explains that he has a lot of issues when it comes to death after Jack, Paige and now Abigail. Gabi tells him she understands but wanted to be the person he turns to in order to help him through it but he shut her out. JJ says it wasn't like that. JJ calls it weird how he had to deal with it every day but doing things to not think about it. JJ says he shut down whenever he had to talk about it. JJ apologizes and doesn't know if he's too messed up in the head or it's a guy thing but that's what happened. JJ tells Gabi that he missed her like crazy. Gabi responds that she missed him too. Gabi says this talk doesn't let him off the hook. JJ says he will do anything to make it right. They get close but Gabi gets a text alert that Arianna's class is over so she has to go. JJ offers to walk her there so they hold hands and walk off.

Maggie tells Julie that she's never heard her advocate for Victor. Julie says she's trying to lay out the possibilities for her. Julie tells Maggie to speak up if she's not okay with moving in. Maggie worries that it could make things worse if Victor and Deimos start fighting. Julie says they probably will but compares it to her uncles Bill and Mickey fighting all the time. Julie explains that they pushed each other's buttons but deep down they loved each other. Julie doesn't think Deimos and Victor ever had a chance to learn what brotherly love really means and now they could, suggesting they could make quite a team.

Milo comments on he and Clyde being roommates now and calls it a coincidence. Clyde does he have some pull here and thought they could talk more about their mutual distaste of Salem. Milo thinks he's said enough. Clyde doesn't like living like this and says he's consumed with hate. Clyde talks about having dreams and then waking up and being unable to think of anything but loss, grief, and hate. Clyde tells him to keep his eyes open as there may be a way to do something about it.

Chad calls Kate and leaves a message, apologizing for the mess earlier with Laura but says he's serious about wanting to turn the companies around. Chad says he wants to do it for Thomas but can't do it without her help. Chad declares that it has to work and tells her to let him know. Chad hangs up and looks at a photo of Thomas.

JJ goes home and talks with Laura. JJ offers to drive her to the airport but Laura says her cab will be here any minute. Laura says she left a note for Jennifer and talks about how great it was to see them. Laura mentions not getting to spend much time with him. JJ talks about being in Miami and how it hurts too much to talk about. Laura asks if they were positive. JJ confirms no bodies were recovered. Laura hugs him and talks about the hurt for all of them. JJ gets a call from work. They hug goodbye as JJ steps away to answer the call while Laura waits for the cab. Laura comments to herself about no bodies being recovered and pulls out her phone. Laura makes a call to check in with a doctor at Shady Hills since Abigail's body was not recovered. Laura still thinks it wouldn't make sense to jump to conclusions and they can't take her death at face value. Laura hangs up as the cab arrives and she exits.

Kate sits outside the town square with her phone as Deimos approaches. Kate tells him to keep on moving as she has nothing to say to him and she's meeting someone here in a moment. Deimos suggests this someone is here now. Victor arrives. Kate asks what's going on as Victor texted her. Deimos says actually they both did. Kate doesn't know what game they are playing but they can forget it. Kate goes to leave but Victor stops her and asks if she really thought she could get away with it without them finding out what she did.

Clyde asks Milo about his Orpheus name that he used in his past in Salem. Milo dreams of making it back to Salem and putting a world of hurt on certain people then slitting their throats. Clyde responds that if he ever gets out, the first place he goes is to Salem to settle some scores just like him with no mercy. Milo suggests maybe it will happen.

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