Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/2/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/2/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer slowly walks into her living room and approaches a box on the coffee table. She opens it and inside is a music box with Abigail's baby photos which make her cry.

Chad goes to the chapel and sits down. He goes to leave but then goes back to pray in hopes it will bring him closer to Abigail. Chad talks about Abigail having strong faith in God, family, and their love. Chad says he's here looking for answers because he wants to do what's best for Thomas.

Chloe finishes a call with Parker in her hotel room as Claire arrives. Claire goes over the errands she took care of. Claire gives Chloe animal crackers because they helped Belle with morning sickness when she was pregnant.

Philip goes to see Belle with the check to buy her out. Belle is surprised he's serious about this. Philip tells her it's the exact amount she started the label with. Belle questions him cutting her out and asks why he came just for this. Philip admits he came because he had news that she might want to hear from him before it gets out. Philip informs Belle that Chloe is pregnant and he's the father.

Chloe thanks Claire for the animal crackers. Claire tells her she will go pick up her dry cleaning but Chloe says there's no rush as they can hang out and talk. Chloe praises Claire's song as impressive. Claire thinks she has a long way to go. Chloe encourages her and says there is a possibility she would record her song but it's Philip's call. Chloe adds that she will tell him how much she loves her song.

Philip tells Belle that he and Chloe were off and on before he came back to Salem. Belle tells him that he will be a great father. Belle questions if he was with Chloe the whole time they were together. Philip doesn't want hard feelings and says the past is the past. Philip thinks cutting ties would be in their best interest which Belle agrees with. Philip tells her that he hopes she figures out what she wants in life. Belle responds that she has in a life with Shawn. Philip says if she says so as he exits.

Chad continues praying and says his number one priority is keeping Thomas and he thinks Belle found a way to help him do that. Chad says they will restore DiMera Enterprises to make it legit in a way that would make Abigail proud. Chad doesn't know how to do that while mourning and also being a good father. Chad says all he ever wanted was to spend the rest of his life with Abigail as he was good at that. Chad talks about their happy moments. Chad states that in the end, he failed her and he's sorry but he won't fail her memory because he's going to do what's best for Thomas. Chad adds that it will be a struggle to go on but he will for her.

Jennifer continues crying until there's a knock at the door. She gets up to answer it and it's Lucas and Adrienne. Jennifer asks what brings them by. Lucas says they just came to ask her a little favor. Jennifer doesn't believe them and thinks they came to make sure she was clean and sober. Jennifer appreciates that they love her but she assures her that she already went to a meeting this morning and plans to go every single day. Jennifer says she was going through Abigail's things and some of her baby pictures. Jennifer thanks them for stopping by. Lucas says they are there for whatever she needs. Lucas invites her to brunch with them so she can get some fresh air and then they'll come back and help her with whatever she needs. Jennifer agrees to go and says she'll just get her stuff together. Lucas and Adrienne exit to wait in the car. Jennifer goes back to Abigail's baby pictures and puts them back in the music box. Jennifer then grabs her things and exits.

Chad meets Belle at the club and asks what convinced her to accept his offer. Belle says restoring the DiMera name did it for her. Chad shows her his new business plan to focus more on scientific and technological departments. Belle is impressed but notes it will be an expensive company overhaul and brings up the DiMera funds being depleted. Chad says he will need Belle to be honest as he points out that they are depleted because her sister Sami stole all the money.

Lucas, Adrienne, and Jennifer sit in the town square to eat. Lucas and Adrienne talk while Jennifer is distracted by a girl who resembles Abigail from behind. Jennifer gets up and approaches the girl to ask if it's Abigail.

Chad and Belle exit the club. Chad asks Belle if there is any chance she knows where Sami is. Belle questions why she would tell him or anyone if she did. Chad appreciates her loyalty and hopes she will show the same to him. Chad adds that he considers that money dirty and doesn't care where it ended up as he wants to start fresh when they build their new company.

The girl turns around and asks Jennifer if she can help her. Jennifer apologizes for thinking she was someone else. Lucas and Adrienne get up to comfort her. Jennifer cries about seeing Abigail everywhere. Adrienne hugs her as she breaks down. Lucas tells Jennifer that it's part of the grief as he did the same with Will. Adrienne encourages that Jennifer will eventually be able to focus on the joy Abigail brought to their lives. Jennifer brings up that she has JJ and that Abigail lives on in Thomas. Jennifer says she can keep Abigail in her heart by giving Thomas all the love and care he deserves. Chad and Belle interrupt as Chad says that's something they can agree on.

Philip sits in the Pub and thinks back to having sex with Belle in the past. Philip then calls Chloe and says he needs to see her right now.

Chad asks if there's any more thoughts on a memorial service for Abigail. Jennifer says no. Chad tells her that she looks better. Jennifer comments that he looks stronger than the last time she saw him. Chad says he found a new purpose and that's everything he can do for Thomas. Lucas questions what kind of game he's playing. Chad responds that he's not playing any games. Lucas asks if he's trying to intimidate Jennifer. Jennifer stops him and says everything is okay. Jennifer asks if she can talk to Chad alone for a moment. Belle suggests he shouldn't do that but Chad agrees to so they step aside. Jennifer tells Chad that she's glad he's feeling a little better but she's still concerned about Thomas's well being as she still doesn't feel he's in a position to take care of his needs. Chad says he could say the same thing about her since she was passed out the other day. Jennifer says she's ashamed of that and admits she isn't able to take care of Thomas's needs either but she thinks she may have a solution.

Philip goes to Chloe's hotel room with an idea for a photo shoot. He tells her they will collaborate with DJ Wear as Brady agreed and calls it a great spread for a future album. Philip adds that he's been on the phone today with big names in the industry. Philip then realizes Chloe isn't feeling well but she says it's fine. Philip says this can wait as she gets some rest. Chloe promises to get some rest and adds that it's fun to see him so inspired. Philip says he will never be too distracted for her and her baby. Philip assures her that helping keep the secret from Deimos is his number one priority.

Jennifer tells Chad that she thinks Lucas and Adrienne should take Thomas for as long as possible. Jennifer says she hasn't asked them yet and encourages the idea but Chad refuses and calls it pathetic. Chad questions if there's anything she won't do to try and take his son away from him. Chad says he was not going to use her slip ups against her because of Abigail but she's leaving him no choice. Jennifer brings up Chad bringing Thomas to her door because he was so grief stricken. Chad says that's changed as he's better now. Jennifer admits her grief over losing Abigail could easily lead her to another relapse. She thinks he needs to realize that about his own loss affecting his ability to be a good father. Jennifer talks about knowing Chad for years. Jennifer acknowledges that he has grown in to a man she respects and she knows he made Abigail so happy. Chad calls Abigail the best thing to ever happen to him. Jennifer asks him to please consider this because they can't give Thomas the love and care that he needs. Jennifer wants him to think about it for Abigail's sake. Chad walks away and Belle follows.

Chloe praises Claire's song to Philip. Philip says they have been over this and he thinks Claire has potential but they need to move more slowly because Claire is still too raw. Chloe questions using that as an excuse. Philip says Claire is young and needs to pay her dues before someone just hands her a big break, questioning hy Chloe can't see that.

Belle sits with Chad on a bench and asks what he and Jennifer were talking about. Chad tells her that Jennifer wants him to give custody of Thomas to Lucas and Adrienne until they can pull themselves together. Belle admits that she thinks it's the best option for everyone involved. Belle adds that she would make sure Chad could see Thomas any time he wanted while he could focus on building the DiMera Empire as a future for Thomas. Belle suggests Chad drop the custody battle before it gets uglier than it already has. Chad questions just giving Thomas up like that. Belle tells him to take time to think about it. Ciara walks by then stops and runs the other way when she sees Chad.

Chloe thinks Claire deserves a chance but Philip says they can't make it too easy for her. Chloe sees his point and agrees to tell her that they talked. Philip shows Chloe some new material from established, credible songwriters and tells her to give it a go if she's up for it. Chloe agrees to try and begins to sing. Philip calls it absolutely amazing. Chloe thanks him and says she was pretty happy with it. Philip tells her to imagine what they can do in the studio and that she will be a huge star in no time. Chloe questions how she will do all this while raising Parker and being pregnant. Philip says most of what they have discussed won't happen until after the baby comes and she's had plenty of time to recover. Chloe thanks him. Philip reminds her that her and the baby's health are his number one concern and he can't wait to give her the life she's always dreamed of. Chloe then continues to sing the song from the new material. Chloe stops and asks if it's okay. Philip responds that it's perfect and kisses her.

Ciara goes to the club then turns around and goes back out. She pulls out her phone and looks at Theo's number when JJ's old friend Rory walks by and greets her. Rory mentions hearing what happened to Abigail. Ciara says there's been more bad days than good. Rory suggests they forget the bad days and invites her to a party later tonight. Ciara says she promised her mom that she would spend time with her. Ciara thanks him for the invite and says she'll see him around. Rory says maybe another time as he heads in to the club.

Chad goes home and sits with Thomas. Chad tells him that he will always do what's best for him no matter what. Chad pulls out his phone and calls Jennifer. Chad informs her that he's made his decision that Lucas and Adrienne can take Thomas temporarily. Jennifer thanks him. Chad says he will have Belle draw up the paper work but he will get to see Thomas whenever he wants no questions asked. Jennifer agrees to that and thanks him, knowing it wasn't an easy decision for him. Jennifer says she will call Lucas and Adrienne to let them know. Chad thanks her and hangs up. Chad holds Thomas and says it will be okay.

Jennifer puts her phone down and picks up another of Abigail's baby photos. Jennifer says she's so sorry they didn't have more time together and that she wasn't with her in her last moments here. Jennifer promises to be there for Thomas. Jennifer winds up the music box and has it play as she lays on the couch holding back tears until the doorbell rings. Jennifer gets back up and answers the door to see her mom, Laura. Jennifer hugs her and asks what she's doing here. She responds that she has to talk to her about Abigail.

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