Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/1/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/1/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Anne takes photos of Theresa in her wedding dress. Theresa talks about being so excited to be Mrs. Brady Black in a week and there is nothing Victor can do about it. Theresa is glad Brady sees Victor for the monster he is. Anne encourages things going her way as they take a picture together.

Justin talks with Victor at home about his case. Justin plans to make Aiden look like an idiot in front of the jury. Victor talks about having a hard time to convince his own family that he did not kidnap Tate. Victor says they need to find concrete proof that he is not the mastermind. Justin suggests Victor talk to Brady to try and keep things from escalating further.

Brady brings the pill he found at Victor's to the police station and talks to Shawn about having it analyzed to possibly track down who sold it. Shawn questions if Brady truly believes Victor would kidnap his own grandchild.

Philip goes to see Kate at the bed and breakfast which surprises her. Philip questions Doug and Julie selling the place to her. Philip guesses she kicked everyone out as soon as she got it. Philip hates to admit it but says he needs her help.

Nicole and Chloe go outside the town square where Nicole asks if Deimos is the father of her baby. Chloe says no and that Philip is the father but Nicole does not believe it.

Victor asks why Justin thinks Brady would even give him the time of day. Justin says they both know part of Brady doesn't believe Victor would kidnap his son. Justin encourages Victor to make Brady see that blaming him is leaving the real culprit out there. Justin exits.

Brady tells Shawn that he knows Victor better than anyone so he thinks his need to control his family has clouded his judgment. Brady talks about Victor hating Summer and trying to make her look bad along with Theresa. Shawn is sorry it all came to this. Brady asks if there's any lead on where Summer went but Shawn says there's not one as she vanished.

Nicole questions Chloe expecting her to believe she is pregnant with Philip's child. Nicole brings up Philip hating her after finding out Parker was Daniel's child. Chloe talks about Philip spending a lot of time with her and Parker recently so he's been like a second father to Parker and she appreciates having him around. Chloe says Philip has helped Parker through his grief and has been really generous. Chloe brings up their long history from high school and being good friends now. Chloe argues that she certainly wasn't looking to get pregnant. Nicole says she's out of her mind if she expects her to believe that, insisting the baby belongs to Deimos.

Anne talks about how Theresa always said she would marry Brady and now it's happening. Anne says she's changed in to a totally different person. Theresa admits she made a lot of mistakes but Tate is the best thing to ever happen to her which is why she never gave up hope that she and Brady could be happy together. Theresa declares they will be happy together now that Summer is out of the picture. Anne warns Theresa to get out of her wedding dress before Brady comes home. Theresa calls that superstitious but Anne convinces her to take it off anyways.

Brady visits Daniel's grave and thanks him for saving his life. Brady questions all the dreams that came along with the heart because finding Summer didn't do much for his or Maggie's lives. Brady adds that if not for Daniel, he'd probably be in a grave himself. Brady never thought he'd have to express his gratitude by trying to rehab the woman who almost cost him his son.

Chloe questions the point of this conversation if Nicole is not going to believe her. Chloe says she told her everything because they are friends. Nicole questions her not telling the truth but Chloe insists that she is. Nicole argues that she would feel better if she's just honest with her. Chloe breaks down and admits that she and Philip have not been together so Deimos is the father of her baby. Nicole thanks her. Chloe cries that she didn't want this to happen and even thought about terminating her pregnancy because it's the last thing she needs right now but she couldn't do it so she told Philip and he agreed to pretend to be the father to keep Deimos away. Nicole asks if Deimos believed that. Chloe doesn't know but tells Nicole that she can't tell him so he can never know the baby is his as she wants him as far away as possible. Nicole knows she's through with Deimos but thinks he has a right to know. Nicole compares it to her not thinking EJ had the right to know when she was pregnant. Chloe argues that Deimos just used her as a means to an end to get to Philip. Nicole argues that Deimos is a changed man starting over. Chloe feels Nicole has been brainwashed if she really believes that. Chloe says Nicole has been around long enough to know men like Deimos don't change. Nicole calls her wrong and insists Deimos is not the same guy. Chloe remarks that she's seeing what she wants to see because she's fallen in love with him.

Justin meets Deimos at the Pub and thanks him for making him steal that evidence as he reveals he lost his job. Deimos questions him thanking him. Justin says without that job, there's nothing more he can hold over him. Deimos apologizes. Justin asks if this is the new and improved Deimos. Deimos offers to do anything he can to help him. Justin says thanks but no thanks. Deimos says if Victor can't accept that he wants to make peace, why can't he. Justin says he can't speak for Victor but he doesn't believe a word from him. Justin doesn't believe he will ever change. Deimos brings up Sonny being determined to have revenge on him and he wants him to stay away. Deimos warns that he has changed but won't just roll over so if anyone comes after him, he will strike back. Deimos suggests Justin tell Sonny to back off as he exits the Pub.

Brady knows this isn't Daniel's fault as he was trying to do something good. Brady suggests if Daniel was still alive, they could have helped Summer and saved her from herself but it's a lost cause. Victor appears and says Summer may be a lost cause but they are not.

Kate asks Philip about needing her help. Philip informs her that he needs a loan to buy out his silent partner. She didn't know he had a silent partner. Philip says the partner isn't staying silent so he thinks it's best to dissolve the relationship. Kate questions who the partner is but Philip says he can't say due to contracts. Kate would love to help but can't see investing in Chloe's singing. Philip decides it was a mistake and goes to leave but Kate stops and says she's just being honest that she doesn't understand how after everything that Chloe has done, that he could get back in bed with her. Philip tells her that his personal life is not her concern. Kate agrees to keep it business and asks how much he wants. Philip hands her a slip of paper which surprises her but he insists he will pay her back. Kate agrees to make him the loan. Philip thanks her. Kate adds that the one condition is that he admits he is not the father of Chloe's baby. Philip tells her to forget he asked for anything then and storms out.

Nicole tells Chloe that she doesn't know how she feels about Deimos but admits her feelings have changed which may be because she has seen the kind of man he can be. Chloe argues that she's seeing what he wants her to see. Nicole talks about it not being easy as she didn't think she would find anyone after Daniel and then Deimos turned her life upside down. Nicole wants to play this right. Chloe knows she can't tell her what to do with her life but questions how she will keep her secret if she's in a relationship with Deimos. Chloe doesn't care how much she thinks he's changed because if he finds out she knew the baby is his and didn't tell him then there will be hell to pay.

Brady says he has nothing to say to Victor. Victor questions him thinking he had something to do with Tate's kidnapping and doing something that horrible to him. Brady says he didn't used to. Victor argues that if he wanted to take Tate he would've gone to court or something. Victor asks what he has to do to make him believe him. Brady is not sure he could give him the benefit of the doubt because he's the best liar he knows. Brady says he has known him his whole life and still can't be sure if he's being honest with him now.

Nicole agrees with Chloe that she can't enter in to a new relationship with a big secret and they both know it's a bad idea to keep a secret about a baby. Nicole encourages Chloe to tell Deimos the truth. Chloe says she is looking out for her baby and can't gamble on Deimos not treating the baby like another possession. Nicole asks what they do then. Chloe suggests going to ask Maggie what kind of man Deimos is and what he's willing to do to get what he wants. Nicole points out Deimos helping Maggie walk again. Chloe notes that doing that got Victor to trust him again because Deimos always gets what he wants. Nicole agrees to keep her secret. Chloe promises to keep Nicole out of the outcome and that she won't regret it.

Nicole goes to the club where Dario is working. She brings him final plans for the remodel of the club. Dario points out that they didn't sign off on any final plans. Nicole says he hasn't but she has. Dario questions what that means. Nicole informs him that she starts working for Basic Black tomorrow which surprises him. Nicole says the folder has all of her choices for the remodel and he can do what he wants with it. Dario hates this as he was looking forward to working together. Nicole says she will still be around. Dario points out that she will be working for Deimos. Nicole argues that Basic Black needs her and she doesn't want to see it to go under. Nicole talks about wanting to do this as a new chapter. Dario wishes her luck. Nicole promises they will see each other. Dario reminds her that he has her back if she needs anything as she exits.

Chloe and Philip walk through the town square. Chloe is glad she ran in to him because something happened but she thinks she handled it. Chloe informs Philip that Nicole found out that Deimos is the baby's father. Philip questions her not lying her way out of it. Chloe says she tried but Nicole knows her so well. Philip thinks she's screwed then but Chloe tells him that Nicole promised not to say anything. Kate interrupts and apologizes. Kate tells Philip that she loves him and wants to be part of his life even if she doesn't approve of his choices. Kate gives him the check for the loan and hugs him then walks away. Chloe asks what that was about. Philip explains that he needed a loan to get his company off the ground. Chloe accuses him of letting Kate buy her way in to his life.

Shawn finishes a call at the station, saying they are absolutely certain.

Brady talks to Victor about being in control of his own life and says he will need more than his word but proof that he is telling the truth. Brady gets a call and says this just might be it. Brady answers the call from Shawn, who confirms the pill is what was found in Theresa's drink. Brady wants him to find out who is dealing those pills to lead them to who drugged Theresa. Shawn informs him that one particular street gang has the market who has ties to a mob guy named Titus Drew. Brady says it sounds familiar and asks what else he knows. Shawn reveals that Titus Drew has done business with Deimos since being back in town. Shawn adds that Deimos is not the only Kiriakis that Titus has had dealings with as it turns out Titus and Victor go way back. Brady thanks Shawn and says he will be in touch as he hangs up. Brady turns to Victor and says if he wanted him to believe him, he can start by telling all about his relationship with Titus Drew. Victor informs Brady that he's known Titus Drew for a long time as it's in his best interest to know men like him but he does not do business with him other than buying a coffee from time to time for information on the streets. Brady reveals that he and Theresa took Tate to see Maggie at their place earlier and when he went to pick up one of Tate's toys, he found a pill which was the same pill used to drug Theresa. Brady questions what he's supposed to think. Brady says the only gang that sells those pills are with Titus Drew. Brady brings up that Deimos also knows Titus Drew so it's keeping in the family. Victor asks him not to go. Brady questions Victor and accuses he and Deimos of being in this to their necks. Brady says he won't accept it if Victor says he did this out of love for him. Brady declares that he's glad his mother is not around to see the man Victor has become. Victor tries to talk to him but Brady shouts that he's done with him and tells him to stay away from him, Theresa, and Tate.

Dario goes to the Kiriakis Mansion. Deimos asks if he's here to put him on notice again. Dario states that he needs to pick up some extra work so Deimos invites him in. Deimos guesses that he wants a job watching Nicole. Dario asks who said anything about her. Deimos says he made it clear how protective he is of her which he respects so the answer is yes. Dario is surprised it went just like that. Dario is happy to do whatever he needs done, adding that he can get things done and keep quiet about it. Deimos decides he might have a job for him right away. Deimos tells Dario that he needs someone to keep tabs on Chloe and report back to him. Dario agrees and they shake hands. Nicole enters and asks what they are shaking hands about. Deimos states that Dario was just leaving but Nicole says he's not until he tells her why he's there. Dario says there were things to get straight with Deimos. Nicole tells him that she can take care of herself. Dario says he looks out for his friends. Dario gets paged back to the club so he exits. Deimos notes to Nicole that Dario is very loyal so he will have to watch his step with her. Nicole hopes Dario didn't upset him. Deimos notes that Dario has a major thing for her but Nicole says they are just friends and asks if Deimos believes her.

Dario goes back to work at the club where Blanca shows up. She comments that it looks like he needs to talk to somebody about his problems. Dario admits he does and decides to make her a drink first. Philip and Chloe then enter the club. Chloe tells Philip how grateful she is that he offered to pretend to be the baby's father. Philip says he will as long as Deimos is in the picture. Chloe worries about Kate hating her and doing anything to get her out of his life. Chloe thinks Kate's loan is a bribe but Philip insists it's just business. Philip promises to handle Kate as Dario watches from the bar.

Deimos tells Nicole that he believes her and would hate to have competition of any kind. Nicole jokes that she's not his to be jealous over. Deimos hopes that changes soon as he hugs her and declares he is falling madly in love with her.

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