Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/31/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/31/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny joins Gabi at the Pub and asks if everything is okay. Gabi tells him about Eduardo leaving town and being unsure if he's ever coming back. Gabi talks about Arianna asking for Will all the time and now her godmother being gone too. Sonny says that he hasn't given up on Abigail yet. Gabi informs him that JJ called her last night with some really bad news.

Chad finishes a call at home as Jennifer arrives. Chad thought he would come to grips with all of this but he's still holding on to some sort of hope for Abigail. Jennifer knows the grief and shock that he feels. Jennifer asks if they can have one more conversation about Thomas. Chad questions her still taking Thomas away from him after everything that happened.

Belle and Claire walk out of the town square from shopping. Claire is excited about outfits for her career and thanks Belle for supporting her even though she's putting off college. Belle hopes it all works out. Claire insists it will and notes Chloe loving a song that she's writing. Belle is surprised since Chloe isn't usually generous with compliments. Claire says she has high standards and remarks that it's surprising that Belle is friends with Chloe. Claire talks about how glamorous Chloe is. They talk about Belle's friend Mimi having a rivalry with Chloe in high school and how Mimi was with Shawn while Belle was with Philip then. Claire relates it to her liking a guy but the guy not being over another girl.

Theo runs in to Ciara in the town square. Ciara is sending flowers to Jennifer and has Theo sign her card so it can be from both of them. Theo asks Ciara why she hasn't talked to Chad.

Jennifer tells Chad that she doesn't want a custody battle but she thinks he knows deep down that he can't give Thomas the care that he needs. Jennifer asks where Thomas is now. Chad says he's sleeping. Jennifer asks about Ciara. Chad says she's gone as he had to let her go. Jennifer argues that Chad can't do this on his own. Chad says he would be a terrible father if he let her take Thomas after she overdosed last night. Jennifer argues that they have this conversation. Chad asks what a court would do if they found out about Jennifer passing out in a motel. Chad shouts that he will have no choice but to bring it up if she keeps pushing him. Jennifer claims she isn't trying to take Thomas but just have a calm, rational conversation. Jennifer feels she didn't protect Abigail so she refuses to fail Thomas. Chad asks if she means protect Abigail from him.

Belle asks Claire if she knows the guy she is talking about but she won't say. Belle asks about the guy being interested in someone else. Claire says he said that he is but also that he needs to move on. Belle encourages her to be patient. Claire hopes she is right.

Theo sits with Ciara in the town square. Ciara claims she just hasn't talked to Chad since she moved back home and he's looking for a full time babysitter. Ciara decides she should get the flowers to Jennifer. Theo agrees to go with her as Claire and Belle walk in to the town square. They approach and Belle hugs Ciara. Belle calls it thoughtful of her to send flowers to Jennifer. Claire asks to go with them so she walks off holding hands with Theo. Ciara rolls her eyes and follows as Belle watches Claire with a smile.

Jennifer blames Chad for sending Abigail to the mental institution. Chad questions what he was supposed to do when Marlena said she was sick and needed help. Chad asks if Jennifer blames Marlena. Chad shouts that he could blames Jennifer's terrible genes with a history of mental illness. Jennifer brings up Chad being a DiMera and how she wishes Abigail never got involved with him. Chad asks if she's not grateful for Thomas. Jennifer says she loves Thomas but doesn't know what will become of him. Jennifer threatens Chad that if he doesn't put Thomas first then she will do it for him as she walks out.

Gabi apologizes to Sonny as she thought he already knew about Abigail. Sonny says Adrienne had left him a message and he was going to call her back later. Gabi feels really bad for JJ and always thinks about her sister Arianna who passed away.

Ciara, Theo, and Claire go to the Horton house with the flowers for Jennifer. They are greeted by Lucas, Doug, and Julie, who tell them that Jennifer is not there right now. Doug says he hasn't seen Theo in a while and asks how everything is going since graduation. Theo says he's just working. Doug and Julie ask about Claire's music. Claire talks about being an assistant for now but hopes to be a backup singer for Chloe. Claire asks Doug for performance tips. Theo tells Claire that he loves watching her. Claire calls him her biggest fan. Doug jokes that they will tussle over that title. Ciara walks away into the living room. Julie follows her to ask if she's alright. Ciara is tired of being sad. Julie thinks it's wonderful that she is here to support Jennifer as she won't get through this without the love of her family. Ciara worries about Chad hardly having family and asks who is going to help him.

Chad stands alone in the living room with a drink and looks over at a photo of Abigail. Chad talks to the photo and says that's how he will remember her. Chad recalls thinking she was the most beautiful he'd ever seen the first time he saw her. Chad cries that he thought they were finally going to make it this time after he married the love of his life. Chad cries that they were going to build a life together in this house. Chad mentions his promise to renovate as he breaks down crying. Chad decides to renovate as he knocks over the chess table and begins throwing the furniture around the room.

Jennifer comes home and joins her family in the living room. She hugs Lucas and Adrienne, thanking them for being there. Doug and Julie tell her about Ciara, Claire, and Theo bringing flowers. Lucas asks if everything is okay and asks what they can do. Jennifer wishes she knew. Julie suggests planning a memorial service for Abigail but Jennifer doesn't want to do that. Lucas brings up planning Will's service being the hardest thing he ever had to do in his life so it's important. Jennifer cries that she's not ready to do that and needs time. Julie suggests they be together and use this time to talk about Abigail. Jennifer agrees that will give her some comfort and thanks her. Adrienne speaks about Jack telling her about Abigail's favorite stuffed cow toy when she was first born. Jennifer talks about feeling she had no idea what she was doing at first. Doug and Julie praise her as doing a wonderful job. Jennifer talks about hiring Abigail to work for her at the hospital. Jennifer cries about how Abigail took care of them. Jennifer recalls praying that she would see Abigail grow up so it almost seems cruel to see her gone now. Jennifer says at least she's not struggling as she's at peace with her dad. Jennifer prays for Jack to take care of Abigail.

Claire goes home with Theo and Ciara. Ciara is sorry they didn't wait for Jennifer to come back but she was afraid she would lose it and make it worse. Theo remembers Abigail taking him sledding and calls her one of the nicest people he ever met. Theo suggests Claire sing a song and brings up how Abigail used to take him to music therapy because music makes people feel better. Claire sits with her guitar and begins to sing "Amazing Grace."

Lucas hugs Jennifer as she cries while Adrienne, Doug. and Julie watch on.

Chad continues throwing all the books off the shelf at home.

Adrienne hugs Jennifer as she cries.

Chad picks up a chair and prepares to throw it but breaks down crying and drops it.

Doug hugs Jennifer.

Chad clutches a photo of Abigail and drops down crying as he's trashed the room. Belle enters and checks on him.

Lucas asks Jennifer if she is going to tell them where she was earlier. Jennifer admits she saw Chad and found out Ciara is not working there anymore so she doesn't believe Thomas is safe. Lucas brings up he and Sami fighting over Will for years. Jennifer calls that completely different. Lucas says he's not defending the DiMeras but Chad was always good to Will and loved Abigail so maybe he deserves another chance. Jennifer disagrees then says maybe it's unfair to put all the blame on Chad but she trusted him with her daughter's life and will never make that same mistake again. Jennifer knows she would never get full custody of Thomas after last night but she just wants him to be safe.

Belle brings Chad some coffee and asks what happened. Chad says he was saying goodbye to Abigail and she hated everything in the room. Belle worries that if he gets rid of everything that reminded him of her then he won't have anything left. Chad jokes that it was cathartic. Chad says in a weird way, he started thinking about his life while clearing everything out. Chad informs Belle that he's made a decision about his future and that he would like her to be a part of it.

Sonny and Gabi visit Will's grave with flowers. Gabi asks if he's okay and if it's the first time he's been here since coming back. Sonny calls it something he needed to do and he couldn't do it alone. Gabi assures him that she's there for him like he's always been for her. Sonny says this past year taught him to protect the people you love because you never know when you're going to lose them.

Adrienne tells Jennifer that she and Lucas are going to postpone the wedding. Jennifer asks them not to do that, believing Abigail wouldn't want that and it would be something happy to look forward to. Lucas agrees if she's sure. Lucas tells her not to pretend she's tough until they leave. Lucas tells her to call if she even thinks about using again. Jennifer promises she will. Lucas says they will do anything they can to help with Thomas as she can count on them. Jennifer thanks them and hugs Lucas, saying how much that means.

Belle asks Chad what he means. Chad tells her that the DiMera Mansion is full of ghosts so he needs an exorcism. Belle jokes that she can't help with that. Chad knows what everyone says about the mansion so he wants to change all that. Chad says Belle gave him great advice so he wants to make DiMera Enterprises successful again and totally legit, not for the custody battle but because it needs to be done. Chad says Abigail would want it and he wants to do it for Thomas's future. Belle thinks that would be wonderful. Chad declares now is the time that changes need to be made and he's going to do it in Abigail's honor. Belle thinks it's great but doesn't know what it has to do with her. Chad says it will be a change from the ground up and a huge undertaking so he will need some major legal help. Chad asks Belle if she would consider coming to work for him.

With Theo out, Claire brings up Ciara walking in on them last night. Claire says things are going well for her and Theo but she hopes it won't make things weird for them. Theo comes back in with food. Ciara decides she has to get out and leaves.

Belle helps Chad up. Chad tells her that the pay will be extremely competitive and he won't make her work crazy hours. Chad adds that she will have benefits and vacation. Belle asks if he just came up with this. Belle adds that she hasn't been a lawyer for long and mostly does defense work. Chad assures that she won't have to do anything she doesn't want to do and she can keep her practice on the side. Belle asks what she did to deserve these perks. Chad calls her a great lawyer and he trusts her with his and Thomas's lives. Belle thanks him but jokes that he's still drunk. Chad asks how satisfying it would be for Belle to be able to say she legitimized the DiMera name. Chad says it's time to do it for Abigail and he thinks she would approve. Belle agrees to think about it but says they first need to clean up this mess so they start to pick everything up.

Julie tells Jennifer about the bed and breakfast being sold so they are there for her as long as she needs them. Jennifer is grateful to have them and says she has the most wonderful family. Julie brings up when Jennifer is ready to plan Abigail's memorial and reads a poem that she read at Alice's funeral as Jennifer cries.

As the poem reads "Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there I did not die", a woman is seen crying in a bed, presumably Abigail as the wedding ring is seen.

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