Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/30/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/30/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Dario approaches Rafe in the town square and asks if he wants to get coffee but Rafe tells him that he has to check on Hope. Rafe reveals to Dario about Aiden becoming the new DA which surprises him. Rafe worries about Hope not picking up her phone and that she could try and take matters in to her own hands so he goes to try and find her.

Roman and Aiden talk at the police station. Aiden goes in to the interrogation room where he left his phone. Hope then enters the room to confront him.

Brady comes home to Theresa and Tate. Theresa asks him what's wrong. Brady states that when they get married, his grandfather Victor will be in prison.

Justin brings Victor home after getting him out on bail. Victor worries about Maggie. Justin tells Victor to get settled and then they will talk trial strategy. Victor just wants to squash Deimos. Maggie comes out in her wheelchair and greets him. Victor wishes he was there to see her come home. Maggie says Caroline brought her home. Victor asks if he can get her some tea.

Nicole goes to the Kiriakis Mansion where Deimos greets her with a kiss. They talk about missing each other. Deimos suggests she move in because he's in love as they hug.

Julie is on the phone with Kate about selling the bed and breakfast since they need to be home with Jennifer full time now. Julie thanks Kate for moving so quickly. Kate says she needed a home so it was a win-win situation. Kate says she will text her when she's ready and hangs up. Philip and Chloe enter the club to see Kate. Kate asks about him wanting to see her. Philip informs Kate that Chloe is pregnant and is having his baby. Kate questions why Philip would assume the baby is his. Philip knew she would react badly. Kate brings up Chloe's history with paternity tests and insists on taking one. Philip tells her the kid is his and that's it as they are happy. Kate decides she has nothing left to say. Kate continues questioning him. Philip just wanted to let her know and hopes some day she will find a way to be happy for them. Kate exits. Philip tells Chloe that Kate bought it which is the important thing.

Kate stops outside the club and thinks back to talking to Deimos about him knowing Chloe. Kate then calls Deimos and pretends to be a doctor, asking for Chloe so they can talk about her prenatal regimen. Kate claims this was the number on file and then hangs up. Deimos questions it and is confused. Nicole asks if everything is okay. Deimos claims he has errands to run so he has to go. Deimos tells Nicole to make herself at home and he'll be back to talk about why she should move in. Nicole reminds him that she needs to take things slow and get to know him again. Deimos takes that as a challenge and kisses her. They walk out together as Deimos kisses her and exits.

Hope wants Aiden to resign but Aiden thinks this could work for them. Aiden says they both have a job to do. Hope questions Aiden being in charge of putting criminals behind bars. Aiden says he has work to do but Hope stops him and says it won't work. Hope asks if he's crazy enough to think she will ever forget what he did to her. Hope asks if he thinks being a good guy would change everything. Hope demands an answer as Rafe walks in.

Justin walks through the town square where he comes across Adrienne. Adrienne talks to him about Jennifer having to have a memorial service for Abigail. Justin can't believe Abigail is gone. Adrienne asks about Victor. Justin says he got him released from jail. Justin informs Adrienne that he resigned as the DA but he can't get into it. Adrienne hopes he didn't lose his job because of Victor.

Victor asks if Maggie has any more feelings in her legs. Maggie says there is tingling all the time now and asks about Victor. Victor tells her not to worry about him and insists he didn't kidnap Tate. Victor says Deimos is behind it and he should've known something was behind it the moment he asked for a truce. Maggie points out that Deimos has been very convincing and she will be able to walk again because of him. Maggie asks if he's sure it's Deimos. Victor responds that he will know when he looks him in the eyes. Victor states that he can stand everyone else doubting him as long as she believes in him.

Brady and Theresa joke about wedding plans and then kiss. Theresa tells Brady about Maggie coming home today so she thought they could go see her today to cheer her up. Theresa mentions being pretty sure Victor is still in prison but if not then they won't go in. Brady goes to get the stroller to take Tate.

Philip and Chloe talk about who to tell next. Chloe says Brady will be tough to convince because he knows her so well. Philip brings up Victor. Chloe asks if anyone will be happy for them. Philip says Parker will be happy to have a brother or sister. Chloe worries about lying to everyone. Philip asks if she would rather have Deimos as the father. Philip gets a call about a conference call with a streaming service and has to go. Chloe tells him that she is beyond grateful for everything he is doing and thanks him. Philip exits the club. Deimos then approaches Chloe.

Rafe asks if everything is okay. Hope says she's waiting for an answer to her question. Aiden claims they all want the same thing here which means putting criminals behind bars. Aiden then exits the room. Rafe tells Hope not to do this. Hope asks why not. Rafe reminds her that Aiden is the DA now which means he is a threat to them now.

Kate joins Doug and Julie at the Bed and Breakfast to take over. Doug says running it was more work than expected. Kate tells them not to worry as this is perfect for her. Doug says it's officially hers. Julie informs Kate that some of their guests are permanent residents so this is their home. Kate tells her not to worry about a thing as Julie and Doug exit. Kate then makes a call to tell a resident that he will have to find a new place to live.

Nicole walks out of the town square and sits on the bench alone. She looks at her ring, removes it then puts it back on. Dario approaches and greets her. Dario says he came as soon as she got her message. Nicole tells him this is good and right. Dario asks what's going on. Nicole informs him that she's made a decision and thinks he deserves an explanation.

Deimos tells Chloe that he just heard the most incredible rumor that she is pregnant. Chloe calls it surprising. Deimos asks if it's true. Chloe calls it none of his business. Deimos questions if she's carrying his baby. Chloe says no and that Philip is the father. Deimos calls it impossible. Chloe says he wasn't in her life so he doesn't know anything about her. Deimos doesn't believe her. Philip returns and says that's his problem. Philip asks if they are done here.

Brady and Theresa bring Tate to see Maggie which makes her happy. Maggie tells them that Victor is out on bail. Brady says maybe they shouldn't stay long then. Maggie would like to hold Tate but decides not to because of her physical therapy. Theresa goes to get her some tea. Brady sits with Maggie and says he can't talk about Victor. Maggie questions him really believing that Victor is guilty. Tate starts to cry so Brady goes to pick up the toy he dropped but there is also a pill next to it. Maggie questions what that is but Brady says it's a breath mint.

Deimos mocks Philip and Chloe as a happy couple. Philip says they have always been close. Deimos calls it a long time ago and questions not seeing Philip when he stayed with her. Chloe says he was working. Deimos questions them not worrying that the baby could be his. Philip says no and tells him to take a hike. Deimos declares they are not done here as he exits. Chloe wonders how he found out.

Dario tells Nicole that she didn't owe him anything. Nicole asks if he didn't want to know. Dario says she can do what she wants. Nicole calls him a friend who has listened endlessly about Deimos. Dario hopes she is happy. Nicole thanks him and says she is relieved because she didn't want a lecture. Nicole respects his opinion but insists Deimos has changed so she will take her time. Nicole hugs him and thanks him.

Justin sits with Adrienne and tells her it wasn't Victor's fault as he made the mistake and it wasn't his first. Adrienne still hates to see him like this. Justin asks about the wedding. Adrienne questions him wanting to hear about that. Justin asks if she's happy. She says she is which Justin says she deserves. Adrienne wants that for him too. Justin responds that he's not looking this time. Adrienne hopes he's not as lost as it feels. Justin says he's taking a step back to try and figure out why it's been so easy for him to make bad choices.

Roman tries to calm Hope down as she questions why Aiden would do this. Roman calls it the best option available. Hope asks if she has to spend long nights here with Aiden. Roman says they can prevent that. Hope says it's the job unless it isn't. Rafe asks what that means. Roman tells Hope not to as she storms out. Rafe tells Roman not to worry as he goes after Hope.

Kate comments to herself on renovations as Andre shows up at the bed and breakfast. Andre says the rumors are true that she's the new innkeeper. Kate questions if he's been spying on her. Andre reminds her they had plans and asks if she's forgotten or forgiven Deimos. Kate tells him that vengeance is still on the table. Andre says that could be pointless unless it's revenge as a means to an end. Kate invites him in for a drink.

Rafe brings Hope home and tells her that she can't just quit. Hope asks why not. Rafe says if she walks, Aiden wins. Hope feels he already has. Rafe says she has to be inside if she wants any chance to send Aiden to prison. Hope wants Aiden out of their lives. Rafe says this is the way to do it otherwise he's pushing her out of a job she loves and away from him. Rafe encourages her to stand her ground. Justin shows up at the door as Hope wants answers.

Brady goes through his phone as Theresa comes back in and asks about having to leave so soon. Brady shows her the pill he found and is looking up what it is. Brady confirms it's the same drug that was used to knock Theresa out. Brady says every time he thinks Victor could be innocent, evidence piles up. Brady questions what this is. Theresa suggests wrapping it up and taking it to the police station.

Deimos sits frustrated at his piano until Victor arrives at the door. Deimos is happy to see he's out and asks how Maggie is doing. Victor tells him that Maggie better recover or this surgery was part of the setup too. Deimos questions Victor believing he set him up. Victor asks why he should believe anything Deimos says. Deimos asks if he doesn't think he would be gloating if he did. Deimos says he's been looking in to it and how it perfectly makes it look like he set him up. Deimos asks if it ever occurred to him that someone is after both of them.

Justin tells Rafe and Hope that there's only so much he can say. Justin says Aiden agreed to not press charges if he stepped down. Justin says he didn't put anyone in danger but it was a bad judgment call. Justin says Aiden brought evidence to Abe and Roman. Justin adds that if he could fight it, he would.

Chloe and Philip talk in her hotel room about nobody else knowing except Kate so they realize Kate told Deimos.

Andre and Kate toast to world domination. Andre asks where she wants to start. Kate says she has a few irritants to take care of first. Andre offers to help. Kate thanks him but says she can handle it.

Nicole returns to the Kiriakis Mansion where Deimos greets her with a kiss again. Deimos thanks her for coming. Deimos tells her that he has an apology to make. Deimos tells her the errand he ran earlier had more to it than that. Deimos tells her about the phone call earlier being about Chloe so he had to confront her. Deimos informs Nicole that Chloe is pregnant and he's the father. Deimos says Chloe denies it but it's his child. Deimos says he can't prove it right now without a test so he doesn't know what to do about that yet but he just wanted her to know so he's completely honest with her. Nicole says she gets that. Deimos invites her out to lunch to talk about this. Nicole says no and decides she needs to think about this before saying anything. Nicole says she will call him and exits.

Hope tells Rafe that they can't get Aiden without blowing up Justin. Rafe says it's still a mistake for her to quit. Rafe brings up that Aiden will look in to all of her old cases including Stefano's murder. Hope says that can't happen. Rafe insists they need her. Hope decides he's right and they exit together.

Brady and Theresa sit at home as Brady stares at the pill he found. Theresa says she will go check on Tate. Brady can't help but think about all the times he pushed her to make nice with Victor when the whole time he could've been planning to do this to her. Theresa says they are all okay which is what's important. Theresa tells him that she loves him. Brady says he loves her too and kisses her. Theresa says it's going to be fine as she goes to check on Tate. Brady puts the pill into a bag.

Maggie tells Victor that she was able to wiggle her toes as Victor stares out the window. Maggie notes he's distracted. Victor informs her that he went to see Deimos. She asks what he saw when he looked him in the eye. Victor says he was sure it had to be him but he was right that it's too neat. Maggie calls that good news that Deimos isn't out to get him. Victor questions if Deimos is not doing this then who is?

Dario goes to the Kiriakis Mansion where Deimos answers the door. Dario warns him not to hurt Nicole as she just got back on her feet when he showed up. Dario says if he hurts her, he'll hear from him. Deimos questions Dario having the nerve to say this to his face. Dario tells him to treat her right. Deimos shuts the door and Dario exits.

Nicole goes to Chloe's hotel room to demand she tell the truth and says she will know in two seconds if she's lying. Nicole asks if Deimos is the father of her baby.

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