Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/29/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/29/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Paul and John sit together at the Pub and talk about being private investigators. Paul is curious how he can be a PI when everyone knows him as the baseball player. John tells him that no one will ever suspect him because of that but he feels it's not Paul's only problem with the job. Paul informs John about his tracking of Jennifer for Belle's case and how he felt like scum for digging in to someone's pain like that. Paul doesn't know if he's cut out for this line of work. John admits it can take it's toll.

Gabi comes home where Adriana, Eduardo, Rafe, and Dario are gathered. Gabi questions what's going on. Eduardo tells Gabi that he has told the others and he wanted to be the one to tell her that it's time for him to leave Salem.

Joey walks through the town square where Jade catches up to him and says it's been a while. Jade tells Joey that she is living with her parents again and her dad cooled down which Joey is glad to hear. Jade thanks him for standing up for her with her dad before. Jade then asks if Joey is avoiding her.

Kayla goes to Steve's hotel room and tells him that Joey gave her permission to talk to Marlena about his sessions and she said he's doing so good. Kayla tells Steve that Joey thinks they should go to couples therapy and asks what he thinks.

John tells Paul not to sell himself short as he's doing a great job and they couldn't have found Tate without him. John encourages him to take the good with the bad. Sonny then approaches.

Joey tells Jade that he's not avoiding her but is just dealing with stuff. Jade notes him being vague. Joey doesn't feel she needs to hear it. Jade hates when he acts secretive as it makes her imagine the worst. Jade questions what is going on. Joey tells her that he's been going to therapy and he hates it. Joey says when he goes, all this stuff comes up about why he's so angry. Jade says she knows everything about him and everything he's done so he can talk to her. Joey doesn't want to make her mad because Marlena says a lot of the reason he's so angry and confused is because of hanging out with Jade so much.

Kayla asks Steve again what he thinks of couples therapy. Steve thinks therapy can work for some people and he's glad it's helping Joey but it's not his thing. Steve says she knows what he went through as a kid and doesn't see the point in dredging all of that up again. Steve doesn't want to complain about his life to some therapist. Kayla encourages that they can work with Marlena but Steve insists it's not for him. Kayla goes to leave then but Steve stops her. Steve apologizes and gets that therapy can work for some people one on one which is why he wanted Joey to try it. Steve feels the idea of Marlena advising them about their relationship won't help. Kayla says it's not about getting advice but about them getting a chance to actually talk and see what the divisions are in their relationship. Kayla suggests Marlena could help them find their way to stop them from falling in to the same old traps. Steve questions how Marlena is going to do that. Kayla says she can't predict it but it may be worth a try to work their way back to each other. Steve responds that he doesn't need a therapist to find his way back to her when it's her that says they can't make it work.

Gabi questions why Eduardo would leave and if the others knew about this without telling her. Rafe tells Gabi that Eduardo asked them not to tell her so that he could. Dario insists it's the right thing. Gabi calls it not the right thing for him to leave when they just got him back. Eduardo agrees with Dario that it is the right thing to do. Gabi questions Eduardo not seeing Arianna grow up. Adriana agrees that it's a mistake. Eduardo worries about the threats. Gabi thinks it's letting them win. Gabi wants Rafe to convince him but he says it's Eduardo's decision. Eduardo declares he can't stay and pretend his past doesn't exist or let them get hurt. Eduardo states that the only thing to do is to say goodbye.

Jade tells Joey that she doesn't want to be with someone who doesn't want to be with her. Joey argues that he does want to be with her. Jade says he has a funny way of showing it and questions him believing Marlena saying stuff about her. Joey says it's not about her but about him and the things he's done since meeting her. Jade reminds him that he almost got killed trying to save her. Jade asks if Joey told Marlena about Ava because she wasn't around for that. Joey agrees that it's not all about her. Jade asks if he thinks she's evil. Joey says no and calls her exciting which is what he loves about her. Joey adds that just might mean that he's turning in to his dad.

Kayla questions if Steve is saying this is all her fault. Steve says he's not saying that. Steve tells her that he loves her and he's not the one who has a problem with their relationship. Kayla thinks he could at least meet her halfway. Steve feels he met her more than halfway since he gave up his job to stop looking for danger and quit that life. Kayla questions him thinking he's done his bit. Kayla argues that it will never work out if he's not willing to do the work. Steve repeats that he gave up his career and moved into this hotel to give her space. Steve asks if that doesn't count for anything and what more he has to do to prove to her that he's trying.

John leaves to go see Marlena allowing Paul to talk with Sonny. Paul tells Sonny that he was asking John for career advice and now maybe Sonny can help. Sonny agrees to stay and suggests they have lunch.

Jade understands Joey wants to be like his dad because he loves him. Joey says that's what he used to think but now he's starting to think that all this bad stuff is happening because he's trying to be like Steve. Jade questions him. Joey accidentally compares her to Ava. Jade doesn't know if they are going to be together anymore.

Kayla questions Steve being afraid of therapy and keeping his past buried. Kayla talks about how Steve will face any challenge or danger but not this. Steve just doesn't get how it will do any good and he doesn't think they would enjoy it. Kayla says people don't enjoy therapy but she wants to figure out why he's sabotaging himself and making bad choices. Kayla thinks it will be worth it if his behavior changes. Steve sees that it means a lot to her and agrees to go to therapy. Steve tells her to tell him when and he will be there. Kayla suggests later this afternoon to get started right away.

Steve and Kayla walk through the town square where they come across Joey and Jade arguing. Jade tells Joey to go to Hell and storms off. Kayla and Steve approach to ask what's going on. Joey says he and Jade got into a fight and she left. Joey yells at them that he doesn't want to go to therapy anymore because it's making things worse. Kayla encourages that it will take time. Kayla informs Joey that she and Steve are taking his suggestion to go to couples therapy which surprises him. Steve states that he's willing to try anything to get their family back together. Kayla encourages Joey so he agrees to stick with it. Kayla hugs him and tells him to hang in. Kayla tells Steve she will see him later as she leaves for the hospital. Joey asks Steve if he's sure about therapy since Steve will probably hate it worse than he does.

Sonny asks Paul about being in to the private investigator job. Paul isn't sure he has what it takes because you have to do things that hurt people which gets to him. Paul worries that it will hurt his relationships with other people, noting that he doesn't have any other relationship going on. Sonny suggests keeping it that way so he doesn't get hurt.

Gabi hugs Eduardo and cries that she will miss him a lot. He tells her the same and she agrees to post lots of pictures of Arianna. Rafe questions social media being how he keeps in touch. Eduardo feels it may be dangerous to be in direct contact but he will do what he can. Rafe adds that it's his call but he's with Gabi in that it feels like he just got back. Rafe offers to help find the people behind the threats if he needs. Eduardo thanks him and says whoever it is, is probably someone he did something really bad too. Adrianna rushes to the back in tears. Eduardo goes after her. Gabi questions what is wrong with Dario. Dario declares that he's glad and relieved. Dario blames Eduardo for Gabi being attacked. Gabi argues that they all have made mistakes and she did time in prison for hers. Gabi says her family stood by her so they should be doing the same for their dad. Dario argues that he's doing the right thing for the first time. Dario gets a call and steps outside. Gabi asks Rafe why Dario is saying those things. Rafe hugs her and tells her that Dario can be selfish. Gabi feels something is wrong with him. Outside, Dario answers the call from the man he hired that grabbed Gabi. Dario reminds him that he told him to get out of Salem and never come back so he questions what he's doing.

Steve tells Joey that Kayla said couples therapy was his idea. Joey says it was before talking to Marlena starting screwing everything up for him. Joey tells Steve that he loves Jade but Marlena keeps putting stuff in his head like he shouldn't be with her. Steve thinks therapy is just a way of looking for answers. Steve tells Joey that he and Kayla are always there for him. Steve tells Joey to be true to himself because it's up to him. Joey thanks him and decides to go find Jade. Joey wishes Steve luck as he walks off. Steve then gets a text from Kayla that their first session starts in 20 minutes and she will see him there.

Rafe tells Gabi that Dario is not the forgiving type. Gabi feels Dario has been rude, nasty, disrespectful and ungrateful. Rafe points out that he didn't welcome Eduardo back at first either. Gabi notes that he saw Eduardo was trying to make amends. Rafe admits he sees that he's sincere and he's leaving now out of love to protect them and keep them safe. Gabi understands they have to accept that but she still feels Dario has been acting so weird so there's something going on that they don't know about.

The man on the phone tells Dario that he needs cash. Dario argues with him and points out that he told him to go after Rafe, not Gabi. Dario tells him to get out of Salem but he reveals that he decided there's more money to bad when he realized Dario didn't want his family to know what he did.

Paul is surprised by what Sonny said about relationships. Paul knows losing Will tore Sonny apart. Paul said not all relationships end up that way and blames himself again for Will and Sonny's problems. Sonny insists to him that it's not his fault and says it's not about Will anyway. Sonny tells Paul that he is just advising him not to set himself up to get hurt. Sonny encourages Paul to just do what is right for him. Paul calls this a new Sonny. Sonny admits he may have changed a little as he's his own man now and isn't out to please people all the time. Sonny declares right now he's focused on knocking down the bogus kidnapping charges against Victor and then he might join the family business but he will do it on his own terms like Victor did. Paul declares Sonny definitely has changed. Sonny states that Will's dead and he's alone so everything has changed.

Dario comes back inside and tells Gabi and Rafe that there is something he has to take care of so he rushes back out. Gabi points that out as Rafe agrees it was weird. Adriana and Eduardo come back to the room. Gabi tells them that Dario just left without even saying goodbye. Eduardo says it's okay as they have issues. Eduardo hugs Gabi as she cries. Eduardo shakes Rafe's hand and thanks him for everything. Rafe hugs him. Eduardo tells Rafe to take care of the family. Rafe gets a little emotional and then says he has to check in at the station. Eduardo tells them he loves them and it will be okay. Rafe exits. Gabi hugs Eduardo and cries that she loves him as she then follows Rafe out. Eduardo calls it hard to believe that he has to say goodbye one more time. Adriana can't believe it's happening all over again and she's losing him a second time. Eduardo hugs her and assures that it will be different. Eduardo promises to make it right and come back for good so they will be together and safe.

John goes to see Marlena but finds Kayla inside. John notes that Marlena is running over time with another patient. Kayla mentions that working out since Steve is not here yet. Kayla informs John that they have decided to go to marriage counseling together to see if they can work things out. John is surprised but calls it great and wishes her luck. John admits he's missing Steve at work but he gets why he decided to leave to prove to her that he's changed. Kayla worries about Steve being late for the session and not texting her back.

Steve goes to the club and prepares to work the bar. Steve looks at his phone and thinks back to Kayla questioning him being afraid of his past. Steve then calls Kayla and leaves a message that something came up at work so he won't be able to make therapy.

Dario meets with the man he hired and pays him off, telling him it's the last time. He wants Dario to continue paying him if he doesn't want his family to know the truth. Dario says he isn't made of money so he can't keep doing this but the man says he will and walks away.

Gabi finishes a call in the town square and goes to walk off when she sees the man who had attacked her. She tries to scream for help as he rushes up to her, grabs her and tells her to shut her mouth. He declares he has had it with her stupid family and walks off.

Paul tells Sonny that he's obviously still grieving so he suggests talking to someone. Sonny says he's fine and has just changed a little bit so people are going to have to get used to it. Sonny tells him lunch was fun and they should do it again some time. Sonny tells Paul to take care as he exits the Pub.

Joey finds Jade outside the town square and apologizes for what he said, blaming Marlena putting everything in his head about not being with her. Joey tells Jade that he loves her and wants to be with her so he won't listen to anyone who says it isn't right. Jade asks what if she is a bad influence. Joey refuses to let her go.

Steve sits at the bar with a drink when a woman walks in and sits next to him. She introduces herself as Robin, saying she's looking for a new friend. Steve apologizes and says he's involved with someone. Robin asks if that's why he looks so miserable as John enters the club and sees him.

Kayla calls Marlena to cancel their appointment. Kayla chooses not to reschedule because she thinks Steve no showing speaks volumes. Kayla declares this means there is no hope so she thinks they will have to call it quits.

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