Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/26/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/26/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chloe sits in bed looking at pregnancy brochures as she thinks back to taking the pregnancy test.

Philip has dinner with Kate at the club. Philip mocks Kate not asking how he's doing or anything. Kate doesn't feel like talking. Philip thinks she'll feel better if she talks about screwing up with Deimos. Philip says he told her not to get involved because Deimos is an endless supply of bad news.

Deimos pours champagne for him and Nicole as they take a drink. He notes she is awfully quiet. She says she's sorry but has a lot going on in her head like Victor kidnapping Tate. Deimos knows it's hard to believe. Deimos brings up his answer to her question if he had anything to do with it and asks if that's hard to believe as well.

Maggie remains in her hospital bed and turns on the TV where she sees a news report about Victor being arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit a kidnapping. Maggie gets sad and shuts off the TV.

Justin and Sonny arrive at the police station and ask Brady where Victor is. Brady says he's in with Roman and thinks it would be best if he just confesses now. Sonny questions why Victor would confess to something he didn't do. Brady insists that he did do it. Brady tells Justin that he can't go in there but Justin ignores him and goes on to the interrogation room. Justin questions Roman interrogating Victor without his lawyer present. Justin tells Roman that he will follow the law. Victor tells Justin to convince Roman that he had nothing to do with Tate's kidnapping. Roman responds that Victor doesn't have to convince him but he has to convince the jury.

Sonny asks why Brady is so convinced Victor is guilty. Brady tells him that the facts add up like no one else having access to $100,000. Brady goes over the evidence and tells Sonny about Lauren Cartwright's phone number having Victor's number programmed in it. Brady says he's been behind Victor and doesn't want him to be guilty but facts are facts. Sonny responds that Brady doesn't have facts but has opinions.

Nicole tells Deimos that she doesn't think he had anything to do with Tate's kidnapping and she absolutely believed him. Deimos thanks her as it means a great deal to him. Nicole does have a hard time believing how Victor could be so cruel since he loves Brady and Tate. Deimos points out that Victor denies having anything to do with it so he's having his own professionals investigate it. Deimos adds that there is a real chance that Victor is being set up. Nicole questions who would do that. Deimos says that is the question.

Theresa brings Tate to visit Maggie in the hospital. Maggie is happy to see Tate back and says she's glad to see Theresa as well. Theresa comments on how much Tate has grown. Maggie asks if he's okay. Theresa confirms that everything checked out fine so Victor must have made sure he was taken care of. Theresa knows it must be hard for Maggie knowing Victor did this. Maggie responds that Victor didn't do it.

Justin tells Victor there's no need to defend himself since Roman has stopped thinking. Victor blames Deimos for arranging to have Tate kidnapped. Victor brings up the dummy corp Chopin Group and links Deimos to playing the piano. Victor argues that they are being played by Deimos and letting him go down for it.

Sonny questions Brady thinking that Victor risking Tate's life to make Theresa look bad. Brady points out that he also implicated Summer who he hated with a vengeance. Brady insists that Victor did this and needs to pay for it. Sonny argues that Brady built a case against Victor in his head. Sonny suggests someone else did it and he thinks Brady should be out looking for who set Victor up rather than measuring the rope to hang him with.

Kate mocks Philip saying he told her so. Philip knows it's not fun for her to bring it up. Philip is sorry she went through Hell even if it was her own fault. Philip adds that he gets no pleasure in seeing her unemployed and kicked out of her home. Kate argues that Philip is loving every minute of it and she won't forget it. Philip jokes with her and says he knows her very well. Philip knows she's miserable so she's going for revenge.

Deimos tells Nicole that he's not launching his own investigation just to help Victor as he has his own interest since he knows people will point fingers at him. Deimos compares it to Nicole being framed for murder. Deimos hopes his investigators can clear Victor so maybe he'll appreciate it. Deimos says helping Maggie is one thing but he has to believe Victor will always have him in his cross hairs no matter how much he just wants to be his brother. Nicole and Deimos then begin kissing.

Kate tells Philip that she has given no indication that she was considering revenge. Philip says anyone who knows her knows how this plays out. Kate wants to leave but Philip says he is worried that this will end very badly for her like it always does. Kate advises Philip to worry about himself since he's sleeping with Chloe. Philip tells her not to change the subject. Kate mocks Chloe and calls her predictable. Kate says Chloe will make things insane for Philip again as Chloe then shows up at their table.

Deimos and Nicole continue kissing on the couch. Deimos wants her to move in and never be away from her. Deimos tells her to just say yes as they continue kissing.

Brady tells Sonny that he has to know how many times Victor has broken the law. Sonny argues that Victor has changed since Maggie came in to his life. Justin, Roman, and Victor come out of the interrogation room with Victor in handcuffs. Roman guarantees it won't take long. Sonny questions what's going on. Roman responds that Victor is being booked which Sonny calls insane. Justin says not to worry as he is on this and the bail hearing will be first thing in the morning so there is no way they can hold him.

Deimos and Nicole are now undressed and remain kissing on the couch.

Sonny tells Victor they won't give up on him. Victor thanks him and says it's good to know some members of his family still care. Brady questions what is wrong with Justin when he knows what Victor is capable of. Brady reminds Justin that he lost his job because of something Victor had him do. Justin gets that Brady has been stressed but maybe that could cloud his judgment. Justin tells Brady to have a little family loyalty since Victor hurt as much as Brady over the kidnapping. Brady informs Justin that he investigated Deimos and linked him to an old mobster in the Chopin Group but it was years ago and he has nothing on him since. Justin questions how long he looked. Brady insists that he wants it to be Deimos but Victor did it so he won't let family loyalty blind him from what really happened. Brady then exits the station.

Theresa tells Maggie that she looks terrific and asks when she can get back on her feet. Maggie says it will be awhile since she has to start therapy then they will see. Theresa calls it something to look forward to. Theresa apologizes for the bad timing of everything coming down on her. Theresa knows Maggie wants to believe that Victor's innocent and that Summer wasn't involved. Maggie asks if there has been any word on Summer. Theresa tells her they will find her and it will hurt her all over again. Maggie calls it an insane, unbelievable story. Theresa wishes it was enough to have Tate back but says it's not enough as kidnapping a child is unforgivable. Maggie tells her that whoever did it should be punished. Theresa says they might not ever agree on Victor but she wants to be there for her to help her in any way she can. Maggie thanks her. Theresa tells her that she will be in the court room when they convict Victor.

Chloe asks if she was interrupting Kate scolding or warning Philip. Kate calls Chloe a witch who will make Philip miserable again. Philip tries to stop her. Kate wishes Philip would wake up. Kate declares that she is finished. Chloe mocks her attempts at poisoning and framing for murder. Kate then exits. Chloe jokes that it went well.

Deimos and Nicole walk through the town square together. Deimos says he realized she never answered him about moving in. Nicole says she was involved in something. Nicole tells him to admit he hoped she wanted him that badly that she would say yes. Nicole tells him that moving in with him is huge so she needs to think about it. Nicole says sometimes everything is perfect then sometimes she feels they are moving really fast. Deimos says time is different for him after spending so many years in prison. Deimos tells Nicole to take all the time she needs as long as she finally says yes. They kiss as Kate walks by and sees them.

Theresa returns home with Tate and talks about how happy she is to have him home. Brady joins her as she starts to cry. Brady tells her that everything is good and will stay that way. Theresa asks if Victor is behind bars yet.

Victor stands in his cell.

Philip tells Chloe that it's just them now so she can talk. Chloe tells him the offer that he made is insane but Philip disagrees. Philip says if she's going to keep the baby which he thinks she should, then she will need someone who Deimos will believe is the father. Chloe worries about putting Philip in that position. Philip says he's the most believable guy for the job because of their history and being together a lot. Chloe calls it another reason for Kate to hate her. Philip tells her to forget her. Philip wants to help her with her problem as he wants her on his label for the next three decades. Philip adds that he cares about her and asks if it's yes or no.

After kissing Nicole, Deimos looks over and sees Kate. Kate approaches them and mocks them as a couple. Deimos compares her to a wicked witch while Nicole suggests something that rhymes with witch. Kate jokes that would mean she could cast a spell on them. Deimos says she is already failing miserably at that. Nicole and Deimos thought Kate would have gone out of her way to avoid running in to them. Deimos comments that some people lack self awareness as he and Nicole walk away together.

Chloe tells Philip that maybe she should just leave Salem and move to LA, Nashville, or New York. Philip gets that she wouldn't run in to Deimos there but they are just getting going on her career here so she shouldn't be hiding. Chloe decides she has to think about it some more. Philip understands it's complicated and messy but says she can't keep running or telling herself that she needs more time. Philip tells her to let him help her situation. Chloe hugs him and thanks him.

Maggie makes a call from the hospital for an update on Victor and asks if there's no way he can be put on the phone. Maggie says it's very difficult for her to not be able to contact Victor. Maggie asks for Victor to be allowed out of his jail cell for a few minutes but she is denied. Maggie tells them to tell Victor that she loves him, misses him, and can't wait to be together again as she hangs up and cries. Maggie looks at her and Victor's wedding photo on her cell phone and smiles as she thinks back to times with Victor. Maggie tells herself that Victor couldn't have done it because she knows his heart as well as her own and she knows it's full of love for Brady and Tate.

Justin and Sonny arrive at the hospital. Justin tells Sonny that he doesn't have to avoid talking about Victor but to try and keep the conversation about Maggie's recovery. Sonny stops him and asks what the plan is to help Victor. Justin says it's one step at a time and first they must get him out on bail. Sonny asks if that's possible. Justin says it depends on the judge. Sonny insists that Victor was set up. Justin agrees but says proving it will be something else.

Theresa sits Brady down and asks about the station. Brady tells her how Sonny and Justin were going off on him for going after Victor with a lack of evidence. Theresa can't believe it. Brady tells her that they will be called traitors. Theresa asks Brady if part of him thinks maybe Victor is innocent. Brady admits he feels guilty going after Victor because it's hard to hate him. Theresa argues that Victor betrayed his entire family. Brady doesn't want to believe Victor is capable of it. Brady adds that it doesn't help to have everyone yelling at him for not backing his family. Brady says all he knows is that he loves Theresa and Tate but sometimes that feels like all he's got. Theresa says that will have to be enough as she hugs him. Theresa assures they will be fine and get through this together as they kiss.

Sonny asks Justin about the mobster that Brady traced back to Deimos. Justin says that was decades ago. Sonny thinks it's a shot. Justin says they will have to give this everything they've got. Sonny agrees since whoever did this broke a lot of laws to put Victor in jail. Sonny wants to return the favor by doing whatever it takes to make this right - legal or illegal.

Maggie gets a call from Victor which excites her. She asks if he made bail. Victor says he's still in his cell so she questions how he could call. Victor says there are still a few people on the force that are loyal so he's using a guard's phone and can't talk long but wanted to see how she was doing. Maggie says she's still healing but she's worried. Victor assures her that he won't let this beat him and he will come home to her.

Chloe tells Philip that this means everything to her and thanks him. Philip jokes that he's just protecting his investment. Chloe responds that he's saving her life. They hug as Deimos and Nicole enter the club and see them together.

Kate remains in the town square and rips apart a rose then tosses it down.

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