Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/25/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/25/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Belle brings Kayla to the hotel room where Jennifer is passed out in bed. Kayla talks about how rough of a year it's been for Jennifer. Kayla wakes her up and says she's so sorry. Jennifer questions what they are doing there.

Theo tells Claire that he should go now so his dad doesn't worry. Claire tells him that she had a lot of fun. Theo says he did too. Claire stops him from going and asks if they can talk about the kiss. Theo agrees. Claire then suggests he can text his dad that they are hanging out so he won't worry. Claire adds that no one will be home for awhile so they can watch a movie. Theo agrees to stay.

Ciara checks on Thomas at the DiMera Mansion as Chad joins her with his Thomas's favorite toy. Chad guesses that Thomas just misses Abigail and probably knows she's never coming back. Ciara points out how Thomas usually calms down with her. Chad feels she's been tense lately and not herself. Ciara says that's only because she can't stop him from crying and there's no other reason. Chad questions if it has nothing to do with her telling him that she loved him a few hours ago.

Jennifer remembers checking in to the hotel and then looks over at the empty bottle on the table. Jennifer tries to tell them it's not what it looks like and she's okay. Jennifer starts to cry about Abigail being gone leading her back here. Kayla tells her they are going to help her as it's just a minor setback. Jennifer questions if Belle is going to help her too or is she going to tell Chad to use it against her.

Theo and Claire sit together to watch a movie. Theo mentions seeing the movie before with Ciara. Theo talks about how much Ciara liked the movie which annoys Claire so she suggests a different movie. Theo keeps bringing up Ciara so Claire suggests they do something else.

Ciara tells Chad that isn't it at all. Chad holds Thomas and he stops crying. Ciara apologizes for being unable to help comfort Thomas. Ciara tells Chad that she knows he probably thinks she's a naive girl with a crush but she insists that she loves him with all her heart. Ciara asks him to say something. Chad says he thinks she's great and not naive but he can't return her feelings as he doesn't love her.

Belle tells Jennifer that she has to believe she is not there for Chad but as Jennifer's family. Belle says her heart is breaking for her as nothing could be more painful than this. Jennifer questions how Belle found her and if she had someone follow her. Kayla asks what difference it makes and points out that Belle called her. Belle admits that she did have her followed and that she came to take photos of her passed out. Jennifer asks why she didn't. Belle responds that she's a mother too and can't begin to understand how unbearable it must be for her so she would never exploit that. Jennifer thanks her and says she just wants to go home. Jennifer exits so Kayla and Belle follow her out.

Theo notes Claire is upset and realizes it's because he won't shut up about Ciara. Theo promises to stop mentioning it. Claire tells Theo that she isn't mad but points out they are alone and they like each other. Claire suggests making out like they did before. Theo says they kissed once after feeling sad about Abigail. Claire feels it's different this time and asks if Theo regrets it since he seems hesitant to do it again.

Chad tells Ciara that he knows it's hard to understand but she argues that she knows he loves her. Ciara says he can deny it but she won't believe him. Ciara talks about Chad opening up to her. Chad feels she's confused and needs to calm down. Ciara talks about being there for him when Abigail left and through all of his pain. Ciara adds that she is still here because Chad needed her and they formed a bond. Chad calls it not the time. Ciara questions him denying it. Chad says he opened up to her when he wasn't himself because of what he was going through. Chad apologizes and says what she is feeling is his fault. Chad talks about having his son, his company, and that he's married. Ciara argues that she's been through a lot too with losing her dad and then what happened with Chase. Ciara cries that he can't tell her that he doesn't have feelings for her because she can see it in his eyes. Ciara knows it's bad timing but thinks they can work through it. Ciara says she's fine keeping it between them for now. Chad calls it crazy but Ciara thinks that can be good when it's about love. Chad insists that he doesn't love her which upsets her.

Theo tells Claire that he liked their kiss. Claire tells Theo that she likes him a lot and has for awhile but hadn't realized how much until now. Claire thinks he's smart, sensitive, and sexy. Theo doesn't know what to say. Claire asks what he likes about her. Theo mentions only kissing Ciara before her. Claire reminds him that it's over between them. Theo says he knows but Claire asks if he does.

Kayla and Belle bring Jennifer home where Julie greets her and says she was so worried about her. Jennifer apologizes for walking out like that. Julie says the important thing is that she's okay. Julie mentions Doug will be home soon. Julie offers to make her tea and invites Belle to join them. Belle says she should leave but Jennifer wants to keep an eye on her so that she doesn't tell Chad. Julie says Jennifer is out of line. Jennifer argues that Belle could tell Chad then she won't get Thomas and she will lose everything. Julie takes Jennifer to the living room. Kayla asks Belle to stay, thinking it would really help so they go in to the living room. Jennifer questions if Belle called Chad. Belle puts her phone down and promises there are no photos on it. Belle insists she isn't going anywhere.

Chad says he doesn't want to hurt Ciara but she says it's too late. Chad asks how to make her understand that his heart is broken. Chad talks about he and Abigail finally being together after everything they went through and being in love. Chad says he can't even accept that she's gone so he's definitely not able to move on but if he were, it can't be with her. Ciara suggests he could after time has passed. Chad calls her an amazing woman and says she saved his life in many ways but she deserves someone who will love her with all their heart which is not him. Chad thinks Ciara should leave as he doesn't think it would be okay for her to work here anymore. Ciara can't believe it and cries that she doesn't want anything from him as she storms out. Thomas starts to cry so Chad holds him and talks about missing Abigail. Chad states that he screwed everything up when all he ever wanted to do was be a good husband and father. Chad regrets ever sending Abigail to the institution when she should've been with them at home getting better. Chad declares he will never screw up again because Thomas deserves an amazing life.

Ciara goes home and calls out for Hope wanting to talk but finds a note that she went to bed early. Ciara texts Claire, asking if she can talk.

Theo asks Claire if she's going to check her phone but she says their conversation is more important. Claire thinks Theo regrets kissing her. Theo denies it but Claire says she regrets it now too because she thought they could've been good together but she's sorry for seeing something that wasn't there since he's obviously still hung up on Ciara. Claire suggests he should go. Theo stops her and says she's right about Ciara as he's sad how things ended. Theo says things change and people change so he has to let her go. Theo says it will take awhile for him to get over Ciara. Claire says she will help him. Theo repeats that he's not sorry they kissed at all as they then kiss again.

Ciara checks her phone and is annoyed at no response. She sits down and turns on the TV but quickly turns it off and goes back to her phone. She looks through her contacts but says no to various names she passes through. Ciara then gets up and leaves the house.

Kayla steps out with Belle and asks if she was serious when she said she wouldn't report Jennifer's relapse to Chad. Belle assures her that she wouldn't hurt Shawn or his family. Kayla is relieved as that's all she wanted to know. Chad then shows up at the door with Thomas.

Jennifer talks to Julie and Kayla about being ashamed of herself. Kayla understands she has a disease and regrets what happened. Jennifer thanks her and is grateful to have them in her life. Kayla reminds her about an AA meeting at the hospital. Julie offers to take Jennifer which she agrees she would like.

Belle tells Chad that he needs to leave as it's not a good time and they can talk in the morning. Chad wants to talk now and asks what's going on. Belle tells Chad that Jennifer is feeling sick and is not physically able to take care of Thomas right now. Chad brings up Belle having an investigator looking in to Jennifer and asks what she found. Chad guesses that Jennifer relapsed. Belle tells him to go home and heads back inside.

Theo and Claire continue kissing on the couch when Ciara shows up and walks in on them, catching them by surprise.

Belle goes in to the living room and tells them about Chad coming by. Belle swears that she didn't tell Chad but worries that he figured it out. Jennifer understands Chad has his resources with or without Belle so she knows she will have to deal with the consequences.

Ciara says she didn't mean to interrupt but the door was open and goes to leave but Claire stops her and asks why she came by. Ciara realizes she didn't get her text. Claire apologizes and checks her phone. Ciara says she didn't hear back so she decided to come over. Theo decides he should leave. Claire says something must be going on since Ciara came over and asks what's up. Ciara says it's nothing and she just overreacted. Ciara then rushes back out. Theo asks if they should go after her. Claire says no as she will be alright. Theo decides to go anyways since it's getting late. Theo asks if she's mad. Claire says she's fine. Theo tells her that he will call her tomorrow as he exits.

Julie brings Jennifer to the AA meeting at the hospital. Julie asks if she's okay. Jennifer is not sure she can do this. Julie encourages that she can. Jennifer agrees that she can do it.

Chad returns home with Thomas. Belle arrives and says they need to talk. Chad guesses Jennifer relapsed and tells her not to lie to him. Belle admits that Jennifer relapsed which assures him custody of Thomas as long as he doesn't screw it up for himself. Chad responds that it's too late as he's screwed up everything and he can't take care of his own son. Belle declares she will handle this right now then and pulls out her phone.

Claire sits at home and starts to play her guitar but gets frustrated.

Theo finds Ciara outside of the town square. She questions if he followed her but he says he was just going home. She tells him to go home or back to Claire's then. Ciara questions if they are a couple. Theo says they aren't. Ciara says it looked like it to her. Theo says they were just talking and then they kissed so it just happened. Ciara says she's over it as it's none of her business and she wants to be alone. Theo tells her to call any time if she needs anything or wants to talk. Theo then walks away as Ciara holds back tears.

Jennifer speaks at the AA meeting, admitting that she bought pills and a bottle of vodka after finding out her daughter died. Julie sits in and watches her. Jennifer states that she realizes getting high was the wrong thing to do and the only way to get through pain is just to get through it. Jennifer adds that she has so much to be thankful for like her son and incredible family and friends. Jennifer says she still has her daughter Abigail who would want her to be strong to handle this with dignity and courage. Jennifer decides that is what she is going to do. She thanks everyone as she finishes and they clap. Jennifer hugs Julie.

Chad questions who Belle is calling. She is calling social services which Chad questions. Belle tells them that she is with a client who said he can't take care of his child. Chad takes the phone from her but she didn't call anyone. Belle tells him that she has no patience for self pity and Thomas deserves better. Belle says since neither Chad or Jennifer seem to be able to take care of Thomas then she would have no choice but to have social services find him a foster home. Belle questions if that's what Abigail would have wanted. Belle thinks Chad is getting it. Belle instructs Chad to call Ciara to have her take care of Thomas while he figures out how to get himself together. Chad responds that Ciara is not available. Belle decides she will stay the night then.

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