Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/24/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/24/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe goes to the police station and questions Abe as to how Aiden became the new DA.

Justin walks through the town square where he runs in to Aiden. Justin mentions hearing that Aiden has been appointed the new DA. Justin knows Aiden overheard his conversation with Roman at the club and that's how he forced him out. Aiden remarks about stealing evidence being a crime.

Deimos and Nicole wait at the hospital to hear about Maggie's surgery. Deimos states that if Maggie still can't walk after this then Victor will never forgive him.

Caroline goes to the hospital and asks Sonny for an update. Sonny tells her that they should hear something soon.

The doctor checks with Maggie and Victor in her hospital room. He checks Maggie to see if she feels anything. Maggie feels something in her foot and ankle then her leg. He declares she passed with flying colors and says he has every reason to believe she will walk again with the right physical therapy. Maggie cries in happiness and thanks him.

John, Brady, and Theresa go to a hotel room on the lead for Tate and knock on the door. Theresa tries pretending to be housekeeping but there is no answer. Brady goes to find the manager because they need to get in.

Rafe tells Abe that it makes no sense as Roman couldn't even explain it to him. Abe says it's not for him to question. Rafe asks how Justin is out. Abe says that Justin was acting DA but not an elected official. Rafe questions replacing him with a criminal and how that makes sense. Roman states that Justin resigned for personal reasons.

Justin says Aiden must have really wanted his job but asks why when the pay is nothing compared to private practice. Aiden claims he wants to give back to the community. Justin tells him that no one will ever forget what he did to Hope and who he is. Aiden says in any other town, Justin would be going to jail so he should be thanking him for not bringing the evidence public. Aiden says in Salem, friends cover for friends, family protect family and with the right connections can get away with murder. Justin asks if he wanted his job to get away with murder.

Sonny and Caroline join Maggie and Victor where Maggie and Victor tell them the good news that she is about to be on her feet. Victor asks when they can take her home. The doctor says she needs to stay and be checked for physical therapy with no rush. Deimos and Nicole enter the room as the doctor declares they will have her up on her feet tomorrow. Nicole hugs Maggie and calls it the best news of the year. Victor adds that it will only get better from here. Sonny calls it a miracle. Victor invites Deimos to join them. Deimos doesn't want to intrude but Victor states that he's the reason they are here so they are all grateful.

Theresa and John wait around as Brady comes back with the card key from the manager. John uses it and they enter the room. Theresa rushes in and finds a crib but Tate is not inside. They search the room and find no one there, no suitcase and no Tate. John guesses she skipped out on the room with Tate. Theresa cries that this can't be happening and blames herself, saying they'll never see him again. They then hear crying as John finds another crib behind a door and they find Tate. Brady and Theresa rush over for a tearful reunion with their son.

The doctor says physical therapy will be in soon to evaluate Maggie. He tells her to rest and tomorrow she will get to work. Maggie thanks him. Victor says he owes him his life. He was happy to help and exits the room. Maggie calls Deimos over and thanks him. Maggie says in spite of the fact that he caused her paralysis, she's very grateful that he convinced the doctor to do her surgery. Caroline questions Maggie being grateful to Deimos. Victor explains that Deimos persuaded the doctor. Caroline and Sonny question how. Deimos says he was on a mission for a peace offering. Deimos wants to wipe the slate clean with Victor and his family to start new. Victor agrees that they now can.

Brady, John, and Theresa exit the hotel room with Tate while the cops check the room for prints. Theresa talks about Tate sleeping peacefully now and being back with his family. Theresa declares that no one will ever be able to take him from them again. Theresa talks about never giving up on looking for him and how much Tate means to them. Theresa states that Tate taught her how to really love someone and she's thankful they found him. They go back in to the hotel room. Brady and Theresa sit together with Tate while John searches the room. They talk about wondering what happened here and how Lauren Cartwright knew to leave. John then finds a cell phone under the couch with only one number listed on it. Brady says to let him call it because he has to know who is behind this. Brady calls the number and Victor answers, leaving Brady furious.

Rafe complains to Abe and Roman about Aiden being a criminal but they say he's not. Rafe asks how close he has to get to a crime. Abe knows Rafe is upset. Rafe asks if he's thought about this and realized now that Aiden will be bringing in cases. Abe says that no one took this move lightly so he needs to back off from this. Rafe calls Aiden a degenerate gambler who was going to kill Hope. Abe tells Rafe to bring proof if he has any then he will re-evaluate otherwise he suggests he go back to work. Abe exits the room. Rafe tells Roman that he doesn't know what's going on but it reeks. Roman responds that unfortunately for now that's the way it has to be.

Aiden tells Justin that he was caught red handed on camera with the crime that got him booted out of his job but he acts like he's the criminal. Justin responds that Aiden just hasn't been caught yet. Aiden asks if that's a threat or a promise. Justin calls it a comment and wishes him luck as he walks away.

Maggie tells Victor that he didn't have to rush everyone out but Victor wanted a little time for them. Victor then gives her a present which is a pair of red heels for when she walks again since he promised to take her dancing. Maggie tells him that she is so lucky. Victor decides he will let her get some rest since the therapist will be there soon. Maggie asks about the phone call that looked to rattle him. Victor calls it nothing and a wrong number as he then exits the room.

Roman asks Rafe how Hope is. Rafe comments on her really looking forward to working with Aiden. Roman offers to limit the amount they have to deal with him but Rafe asks how when they have to work with cases. Rafe says Hope just wanted to forget what happened to her but now this. Aiden arrives at the station and asks Roman for any files he needs as the new DA.

Theresa comes home with Tate and talks to him about being home. Theresa says Brady is on his way and they will take him to the hospital to make sure he's okay. Theresa says she will make sure nothing ever happens to him again and promises to have the life they always wanted.

Deimos, Nicole, Sonny, Caroline, and Victor rejoin Maggie in her hospital room. Nicole asks if it's what she expected. Maggie is unsure about six days a week of physical therapy. Victor talks about making sure she's ready to get home and having a gym set up at home. Maggie will be happy to travel especially if she can walk. Victor remains unsure but Nicole insists that Maggie won't do anything unsafe. Maggie says she will be fine as she is just thrilled with baby steps. Victor orders everyone out so Maggie can rest. Brady and John then enter the room. Nicole asks what Brady is doing there. Brady announces they are here to arrest Victor for conspiracy to kidnap his son which shocks Maggie. Maggie shouts no. Victor calls it nonsense and questions them coming in on Maggie's surgery. John says they have proof. Brady adds that they are so happy for Maggie as Kayla called them. Sonny questions them busting in. Victor asks about the proof. John reveals they found Tate which everyone is happy to hear. Victor asks what it has to do with him. Brady explains that the woman who took Tate disappeared but left two things behind, including the cell phone with Victor's number programmed in to it. Victor complains that he's being set up as the fall guy. Brady insists that everything will lead to him. Victor tries to blame Summer but Brady stops him and says he took his chance to torture Theresa and get rid of Summer. Victor can't believe Brady thinks he would stoop that low. Brady says he has done it all year. Brady insists that Victor did it. A cop enters and arrests Victor to take him down to the station. Victor remarks that he will prove them all wrong. Maggie argues that it's possible he's being framed. Brady is sorry it happened here and now but he's glad she is well. Maggie is happy that Tate is home and safe. Brady thanks her and exits. John says he will follow up with the station. Sonny confronts Deimos and accuses him of setting up Victor. Deimos asks why he would think that when all he wants now is peace between them and to make amends. Sonny calls it a perfect cover for screwing over Victor as he exits the room. Deimos decides he should go. Deimos thanks Maggie for letting him share the day with her as it means so much to him that she's able to walk again. Deimos exits as Maggie cries.

Aiden enters his office and sits at his desk with files. Rafe walks by and enters. Aiden asks what he can do for him. Rafe doesn't know how he did this. Aiden claims he just answered the call when asked. Rafe tells him that he's still not going to have a chance with Hope. Rafe adds that he will find out how he got rid of Justin.

Sonny walks through the town square and runs in to Justin, who asks how Maggie is doing. Sonny says she's fine and the surgery was a success. Justin calls it fantastic news. Sonny informs Justin about Victor being arrested for Tate's kidnapping. Justin calls it crazy. Sonny insists that Victor is being framed by Deimos.

Deimos goes home, on the phone wanting to know everything about Victor's arrest and the charges. Nicole comes in behind him.

Maggie cries to Caroline that this is all so unreal when it's supposed to be one of the happiest days of her life. Caroline encourages that it still is since she is going to walk again. Maggie remarks that she will be walking to see her husband in jail. Maggie says Brady can't believe that Victor did this. Caroline looks away. Maggie wants her to say whatever it is. Caroline says she's sorry but she's afraid it was Victor so Maggie breaks down crying.

Sonny and Justin sit at the Pub. Sonny tells Justin about not prosecuting Victor but Justin reveals to him that he is no longer the DA as he resigned last night. Sonny is shocked and asks why. Justin says he did something really stupid trying to help Victor and it blew up in his face. Justin explains that he tried to get information on Deimos from Victor so to prove himself, Deimos gave him a test. Justin says he made evidence against a crook disappear but someone caught him doing the whole thing so he's out. Justin says he's lucky that he only lost his job. Sonny asks how he didn't get arrested. Justin says it was a low level guy and Abe understood that Deimos was a threat to his family but he broke the law so he had to resign. Sonny asks if it will go public. Justin says no publicity and no trial as it would be worse for the police department. Justin adds that he kept Victor out of it and Abe let him resign for personal reasons. Sonny blames it all on Deimos. Justin says too bad the truce didn't start sooner. Sonny believes there is no truce and that this was all a smoke screen so Deimos could set Victor up for the kidnapping. Justin notes that he sounds sure. Sonny states that Victor wouldn't kidnap Tate.

Brady joins Theresa at home with Tate and talk about things being perfect. Theresa asks how it went. Brady says it wasn't pretty and Victor is under arrest. Theresa still can't believe it or understand how Victor would stoop that low. Brady says Victor has been harsh ever since Bo died so it wasn't just about getting back at her but implicating Summer too. Theresa admits Summer did help them in the end but she's so glad she is gone. Theresa says maybe they can get back to normal now. Brady asks what is normal for them anyways. Brady doesn't want to take his eyes off her or Tate. Brady declares they are together again and kisses her.

Deimos notes that Nicole looks upset. Nicole reminds him of what he said to her yesterday that he wouldn't lie to her. Nicole asks if he will answer a question honestly. Deimos tells her to go ahead and ask him anything.

Aiden tells Rafe that he knows it's not easy for him but they all need to find a way to work together as he's here to do a job. Abe and Roman enter. Aiden says he will be reviewing all of Justin's cases, open and closed. Abe thinks the open cases will keep him busy. Aiden wants to make sure he doesn't inherit any problems. Roman assures that Justin was a good prosecutor. Aiden thinks it's best to get fresh eyes on everything then exits the office.

Justin tells Sonny that he will represent Victor. Sonny adds that he will find a way to prove Deimos is behind this. Justin tells him not to worry as he's on it.

Maggie asks Caroline how she can think Victor is guilty. Caroline explains that when they were in the first hotel room, she envisioned Victor on the other end of the phone. Caroline says Victor avoided it, got very upset and told her to keep it to herself. Caroline felt Victor wasn't being straight with her then.

Victor is brought in to the police station. Victor asks for a word with John before he is booked. Victor asks if he came to make sure the door gets locked. John says he also has to give a statement to Roman. Victor argues that John has known him for decades and knows what he's capable of when someone comes after his family. Victor adds that he would never do anything to hurt his family. John points out that Tate was well taken care of. Victor responds that he loves Brady and Tate. Victor swears on his life that he's got the wrong person.

Brady tells Theresa to get used to normal as they continue kissing.

Deimos tells Nicole that he meant his promise that he cannot lie to her so he tells her to ask him anything. Nicole asks if it's true that he had nothing to do with Tate's kidnapping or did he kidnap Tate and frame Victor for it?

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