Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/23/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/23/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Claire sits at home where she continues to write and sing along to her song.

Ciara walks through the town square where she runs in to Theo. Theo comments that she looks to be in a hurry and he thinks he knows exactly where she is going.

Belle goes to see Chad at the DiMera Mansion. Chad mentions not sleeping as he spent the night watching Thomas, trying to figure out how to tell him when he's older that his mom is never coming home. Belle encourages that he will find a way. Chad says he's been trying to think of the exact moment when everything went to Hell because he and Abigail were happy but he can't seem to remember what that felt like. Chad asks when he lost control and the woman he loved. Chad wonders how he's supposed to live without the hope of her ever coming home.

Jennifer enters a hotel room and digs through her purse for pills.

Belle tells Chad not to blame himself for this as she's learned the hard way that sometimes love isn't enough. Chad doesn't know what that means. Belle explains that Abigail had an illness that was hidden before they ever got together. Chad complains about Ben and hopes he rots for the rest of his life. Belle tells Chad that he has to let go of the idea that he could have saved Abigail from herself. Chad responds that she doesn't understand because Abigail trusted him to take care of her and he failed her. Chad blames himself for letting her stay in the mental institution where she felt trapped, depressed, and alone. Belle asks how he failed her. Chad says he let it go on. Belle reminds him that it wasn't up to him. Chad feels he could have found a better doctor or hospital. Chad states that he should've done something more before she felt like she had to escape. Belle can't imagine how difficult the loss is for him but she gets it that he put everything he had in to it. Belle tells Chad that he can't let this destroy the family he has left with Thomas. Belle warns that he will lose Thomas too if he stops fighting for him. Chad responds that maybe it's for the best if Thomas goes to live with Jennifer.

Jennifer pulls out a bottle from a paper bag and begins to mix it with the pills when her imagination of Jack appears to her and tells her not to do this.

Ciara finishes a call with work and tells Theo that she was in Chicago last night and forgot her phone. Theo realizes she hasn't heard then.

Belle encourages Chad that Thomas belongs with him and she doesn't believe he is willing to give him up. Belle blames his grief and says he just needs rest. Belle says losing one parent makes it more important than ever that Thomas doesn't lose him too. Chad questions how he can take care of Thomas when he can't even take care of himself.

Jennifer cries about Abigail being gone and missing Jack. Jack says he's still a part of her heart so he's there to help her and remind her that she still has so much to live for. Jennifer talks about how Abigail was with Thomas. Jack tells Jennifer that giving up would crush Abigail. Jennifer agrees that she won't do this.

Belle tells Chad that he can't go through tough times alone so he needs friends and family. Chad responds that he doesn't have friends or family since JJ blames him for everything and Jennifer wants to take Thomas away from him. Belle tells him that she won't let that happen. Chad suggests letting Jennifer take Thomas would be best to honor Abigail's memory before he does any worse with him. Belle repeats that she won't let that happen as his attorney and friend.

Theo tells Ciara that he was at the station and overheard JJ and Abe talking about Abigail's flight going down and there were no survivors. Ciara realizes why Chad was so torn up when she saw him.

Belle knows Chad is in terrible pain but says he can't let this defeat him because Thomas deserves better. Belle assures Chad that giving up on Thomas would torture him for the rest of his life. Chad agrees that he can't let go. Belle reminds Chad that he swore Thomas comes first so he can't let grief paralyze him. Belle asks what she can do to help him get himself together because she's going to fight for him but he has to stand up for himself too. Belle reminds him that he will never forgive himself if he stops fighting and loses Thomas. Chad thanks her for her support and her services but declares he will no longer be needing her. Chad decides it's over as he is tired of fighting so he's going to call Jennifer to tell her that he won't be fighting for custody of Thomas, leaving Belle disappointed.

Jennifer suddenly starts complaining that it's so easy for Jack since he wasn't here to feel the pain of losing Abigail. Jennifer shouts that she wants to feel nothing so she pours the bottle. Jack continues to encourage her to be strong. Jennifer then gets a call from Chad but she ignores it. Jack says she will raise Thomas because that is what is best for him.

Ciara finishes a call with Hope and tells Theo they are devastated. She asks if he can tell her anything else. Theo says he doesn't know much more details other than the fake license linked to Abigail so it seems certain she is gone. Theo asks if there is anything he can do for her. Ciara says she could ask him the same since he and Abigail were close. Theo recalls Abigail always treating him like anyone else and never talking down to him. Ciara says Abigail was a great person and goes over what she went through with Ben. Ciara cries that Thomas needs his mom then apologizes for being insensitive since Theo lost his mom. Theo says he at least has memories about his mom. Ciara relates to losing her dad. Ciara worries about Thomas and Chad then says she has to go and will text him later as she walks off. Claire approaches Theo, realizing Ciara knows about Abigail. Theo responds that she is off to be with Chad.

Chad complains to Belle that Jennifer is not picking up. Belle thinks that's good but Chad wants this done. Chad argues that he's trying to do what is best for his son. Belle feels he isn't thinking clearly because of how he's feeling and he just needs time. Belle offers to take him to dinner. Chad appreciates it but wants to handle this his own way. Belle insists on wanting him to get some fresh air but Chad asks her to leave him alone. Belle is afraid he will do something he regrets. Ciara arrives and tells Belle not to worry because she is here and will stay to take care of Chad and Thomas.

Jennifer prepares to mix the pills and alcohol but her vision of Jack reminds her about Thomas. She pushes the pills away and cries about never holding Abigail again as her vision of Jack disappears. Jennifer then grabs the pills and takes them with her drink.

Belle tells it's Ciara that it's okay and she will stay with Chad but Ciara tells her she doesn't have to and asks if she has something better to do. Belle says she doesn't. Ciara insists that here is no where else she wants to be than with Chad and Thomas. Belle understands she wants to help. Ciara questions if she thinks she isn't mature enough. Ciara brings up losing her dad and says she knows how to be around when someone is grieving. Belle didn't mean to offend her but Ciara believes she's obviously trying to get rid of her. Chad interrupts and explains to Belle that Ciara was with Thomas and helped them through a rough patch. Chad appreciates Belle but doesn't want her to get sucked in to his life right now when she has her own life and child to care about. Chad thanks her and says he will pay for her services but he's sorry for wasting her time. Belle says he isn't wasting her time as she is there as a friend. Belle tells Ciara to try and talk some sense in to him as she exits. Ciara questions if Chad is serious about giving up on Thomas.

Claire can't imagine what Jennifer must be going through. Theo mentions the same for JJ and points out that Abigail wasn't much older than them. Claire talks about Abigail's maturity and always knowing what she wanted then it all going terribly wrong. Belle interrupts and assumes they were talking about Abigail which Claire confirms. Belle says she just came from seeing Chad and he's struggling to make sense of all of it. Belle adds that all they can do is work through the grief and not take anything for granted. Belle asks for a moment alone with Claire so Theo tells her to text him and walks away. Claire doesn't want a lecture but Belle tells her that she and Shawn have decided to let her defer college for a year to pursue her dream. Claire is excited. Belle says the one condition is that if nothing major happens in a year then she must enroll in school. Claire assures that she will be on the charts by then and promises to be a successful recording artist as she hugs her. Claire tells her she loves her and goes to tell Theo the good news. Belle then gets a call from Paul, who is at the Pub. Paul tells her that John told him to tail Jennifer for her for the case. Belle asks if he had any luck. Paul reveals to her that Jennifer has fallen off the wagon.

Belle goes to the Pub to meet Paul. Paul informs her that he witnessed Jennifer buying a bottle of alcohol then followed her to the park where she got some illegal pills from a known drug dealer. Paul says it's exactly what Belle needed to blow Jennifer's case. Paul thought she would be happier but Belle says Jennifer just lost her daughter so he doesn't feel like gloating over her suffering as she exits the Pub.

Claire tells Theo that she feels guilty about being happy over her music career because of what happened to Abigail. Claire talks about taking comfort in music. Theo praises her music and asks her to sing for him.

Chad tells Ciara that he isn't dealing with things very well right now so he thinks it's better if Jennifer just takes Thomas. Ciara refuses to let him say or think that. Ciara talks about seeing him take care of Thomas. Chad stops her and appreciates what she's trying to do but he's already been through it all with Belle. Chad declares he is not fit to be a father since Thomas deserves more than he can give right now. Chad says he's letting him go because of that but Ciara refuses to let him give up.

Belle sneaks in to Jennifer's hotel room where she is asleep in the bed. Belle pulls out her phone to take a picture but stops and puts it away.

Claire sings her song for Theo. He applauds and wishes Ciara was there to hear it too since it would make her feel better. Claire reminds him that she went running to Chad and there is nothing they can do about it so they both have to let it go. Theo says he can't. Claire takes his hand and says to let her help him as she then kisses Theo.

Chad tells Ciara to stop wasting her time but she says it's not wasting. Ciara says spending time with he and Thomas is the most important thing to her. Ciara says she's here for him like always and is going to help him through this to make him strong again. Ciara refuses to let him give up on life. Chad asks why she cares so much. Ciara then shouts it's because she loves him.

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