Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/22/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/22/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Maggie sits at home with her and Victor's wedding photo. Victor enters the room and she comments that it seems like so long ago. Victor responds that time flies when you're having fun. Maggie calls their wedding a perfect day. Maggie talks about the past year, losing Bo, Daniel, and their home. Maggie says they have survived the very worst so whether or not she can walk after her surgery today, she will be okay.

Shawn and Belle talk at the club about Claire not going to college and working for Chloe. Belle worries about Claire's future. Shawn thinks Claire will rethink her decision as he's afraid of pushing her too hard. Belle blames herself for buying Claire the nightclub, feeling she set her up to fail.

Chloe has a nightmare about Deimos refusing to let her terminate her pregnancy as she then wakes up in a panic. Claire comes in and brings her bagels but Chloe rushes in to the bathroom to throw up. Claire then finds Chloe's brochure about terminating a pregnancy.

Victor encourages Maggie about her surgery. Maggie wishes it wasn't today when they are all preoccupied with Tate. Victor says they have done as much as they can do and he's sure Brady will contact if he gets a lead in Indianapolis. Victor hopes he can give Brady good news about Maggie. Maggie reminds him that Brady blames them. Victor says Summer's involvement has nothing to do with her. Maggie can't stop feeling guilty. Victor wants her to worry about herself for once. There's a knock at the door and Nicole arrives. Nicole hopes it's not a bad time but she heard about Maggie's surgery from Brady. Nicole comes in and tells Maggie that she's so happy for her. Nicole gives Maggie Daniel's hospital ID. Maggie thanks her and explains to Nicole that it was Deimos who convinced a surgeon to help her.

Shawn assures Belle that she didn't set Claire up to fail and thought she would learn to sing in front of a crowd there. Belle feels it backfired. Shawn says Claire will make it or not but they can't make her dream come true or take it away. Belle remarks that Shawn sounds so much like Philip which he does not seem to like.

Philip sits in the town square alone and thinks back to Chloe telling him about her pregnancy.

Chloe comes back from the bathroom so Claire puts the brochure down. Claire asks about Chloe still not feeling well but Chloe sees the brochure and realizes Claire knows. Chloe assures her that she's not having an abortion and this stays between them. Claire asks if Philip knows which Chloe confirms. Claire asks about the father. Chloe reminds her not to say anything to anyone. Chloe appreciates her concern but she's her assistant, not her best friend so she doesn't want to share any more. Claire apologizes for bringing up food. Chloe tells her that she will be meeting with Philip later to discuss their plan moving forward which might affect Claire's employment. Claire hopes Chloe isn't thinking about not recording her album because of the pregnancy. Claire compares Chloe to Beyonce which she likes. Chloe asks Claire to run her some errands as she goes to get dressed.

Shawn tells Belle that he doesn't want to sound like Philip. Belle says they are both right but she just doesn't want to lose her daughter. Shawn brings up Philip enjoying being in her and Claire's life. Shawn says he knows she loves him but he's not 100% sure how she feels about Philip. She questions him not believing they are through. Shawn points out that they can't have a conversation without Philip's name coming up. Belle apologizes. Shawn wants to know that Philip is completely out of her head for good.

Nicole is surprised to learn Deimos convinced the doctor. Victor confirms that he did. Nicole goes over Deimos doing this and giving Victor half of his fortune back. Maggie notes that he accepted responsibility for what happened to her and said he regrets his actions. Victor is still not convinced but Maggie chooses to believe the best in people. Victor is wary of trusting Deimos when he almost cost them everything. Nicole gets that but really thinks he's doing this for the right reasons. Victor suggests Deimos is doing this to impress Nicole. Nicole says of course not. Victor hopes she isn't falling under Deimos. Nicole just wants to be grateful for Maggie's surgery and hopes they can all go back to how they were. Victor admits he should be thankful that something or someone caused Deimos to change like Maggie changed him.

Chloe calls Philip and tells him that she knows what she wants to do. Chloe says plenty of singers have babies and keep working so why can't she. Philip is excited and asks what changed her mind. Chloe tells him it was hearing it from Claire. Chloe says it will give them time to work on the album. Chloe confirms she will keep the baby as there was no other decision for her. Philip asks how she's going to keep it from Deimos. Chloe hasn't figured that out yet but says he can never find out the baby is his. Philip offers whatever he can do. Philip invites her for coffee to go over some artwork. Chloe doesn't want coffee so Philip decides he will come to her.

Belle promises Shawn that she won't bring up Philip ever again if he doesn't. Belle states that she wants him out of her life and he has to believe that. Philip then enters the club. Shawn sees him so he quickly kisses Belle. Philip goes to sit at a booth and glares over at them.

Nicole goes to the Kiriakis Mansion where Deimos is playing piano inside. Deimos greets her. Nicole says she is feeling cheerful thanks to him. Nicole informs him that she has made a decision that she's ready to come back to Basic Black. Deimos calls that great but asks why stop there. Deimos knows she is all in. Nicole reminds him that her fiance died earlier this year while Deimos just got out of prison after 30 years and was engaged to Kate a few months ago. Deimos says her losing Daniel was tragic but should teach her that waiting is pointless. Deimos repeats that he would love to start a family. Nicole stops him and says there is something he needs to know about her that might affect how he feels about a future with her. Deimos can't imagine anything having that kind of effect on him. Nicole brings up that he keeps talking about wanting children so he needs to know that she can't have any which shocks him. Nicole reveals that she was shot several years ago. Nicole informs Deimos that she did get pregnant twice but couldn't carry to term. Deimos is sorry as he had no idea. Deimos tells her that she doesn't have to say anymore. Nicole talks about being out of her mind until she had to accept that she couldn't have any kids of her own. Nicole says Daniel knew but he had Parker and Melanie so he was okay with it. Nicole feels it's different with Deimos as he has so many years to make up for and he wants children which is not possible for her. Nicole understands if it changes the way he feels but Deimos says of course not. Deimos tells her they have options like adoption or a surrogate. Deimos agrees that they should take it one step at a time so for now he's just grateful that she decided to come back to Basic Black. Deimos asks what changed her mind. Nicole responds that it was what he did for Maggie.

Victor and Maggie wait in the hospital room. The doctor comes in to ask Maggie if she's ready to go. Maggie says she is so the nurse wheels her out. Victor tells the doctor that he's grateful that he came to do this surgery. He assures Victor that he is confident in his abilities though there are risks and no guarantees. Victor declares that Maggie is his whole world as she changed his life for the better so he needs this surgery to change her life too.

Shawn tells Belle that he needs to get back the police station so he kisses her goodbye and exits the club. Philip then approaches Belle and comments on things going well for her and Shawn. Philip says he's glad but there is something he needs to talk to her about. Philip tells her that he appreciates her help with his record label but he's starting to think her being a silent partner is a mistake. Belle admits she doesn't know about the music business. Philip mentions Belle complaining about Claire working for Chloe. Philip tells her that Claire is feeling smothered. Belle warns him not to tell her how her daughter feels. Belle decides she will bite her tongue and be the silent partner he wants. Philip says they both should've known working together would end badly. Philip informs her that he will try to find someone to buy her out of the label.

Deimos reminds Nicole there is still no guarantee that Maggie will walk again but the surgeon is the only one who could do this procedure. Nicole is sure Maggie and Victor are just happy he tried. Deimos points out Victor not wanting to accept his offer until realizing it was Maggie's only chance. Deimos wonders how it's going and wants to call the doctor's office to find out. Nicole mentions planning to go to the hospital to be there for Maggie when she wakes up and she invites Deimos to come with her.

Sonny joins Victor at the hospital. He thanks him for coming. Sonny asks how Maggie is. Victor says he hasn't heard a thing. The doctor comes out and tells them that Maggie is in recovery and he believes it went as well as possible but they have to wait and see how much function she regains when the swelling subsides. Victor argues that isn't an answer. The doctor is optimistic but says time will tell and he can see her soon. Sonny tells Victor to keep the faith.

Belle gets upset with Philip, feeling he is throwing her investment in her face for picking Shawn over him. Philip argues that it's not personal as he wants to keep business separate from their old baggage. Belle questions him signing Chloe then and calls that baggage. Belle remarks that investors shy away from guys who don't know what they want or how to get it. Belle wishes him luck and walks out of the club.

Deimos tells Nicole that he doesn't think Victor would welcome his presence at the hospital. Nicole encourages that he's the one who made the surgery happen and being there would show he cares. Deimos asks why she wants him to go. Nicole wants everyone to get along and to bring less stress to Maggie. Deimos agrees to go then. Nicole thanks him and they kiss.

Claire returns to Chloe's hotel room and sits down with her tablet and music she is writing. Chloe comes out of the bathroom as Claire begins singing. Claire stops when she notices Chloe. Chloe compliments her song being beautiful. Claire says that means a lot and says she was actually writing it for her. Philip arrives. Chloe tells him that Claire knows about her pregnancy. Philip asks for a moment alone with Chloe so Claire exits. Philip tells Chloe that he just had an idea about what to do about the baby.

Claire walks out of the town square and sits on the bench where she continues writing her song and singing when Shawn walks by. Shawn stops behind her to listen.

Philip tells Chloe that he will pretend to be the father of her baby so Deimos won't find out. Philip feels that everyone would buy it due to their history. Chloe asks why he would. Philip talks about how much he cares about her. Philip says it's her child and she will have every say as a parent but he thinks it's what is best for everyone. Philip says it's up to her and asks if she wants Deimos out of her life or not.

Nicole and Deimos go to the hospital. Deimos asks a nurse to get him an update. Nicole decides she will go check on Maggie and invites Deimos to come with her.

Victor sits at Maggie's bed side with Sonny as she wakes up. Victor encourages her that the doctor is hopeful she will regain full function. Maggie thanks God and Deimos as Nicole and Deimos enter the room.

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