Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/5/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/5/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe goes to see Hope. Rafe is worried about her but she insists that she's fine. Rafe suggests watching action movies together which she likes. They joke about Rafe not knowing the meaning of netflix and chill as they then kiss.

Aiden is outside the club on the phone with Andre, telling him that Justin and Roman are inside looking grim. Aiden asks what this is about and why they aren't at the police station. Andre explains what he heard from his contact at the station as he knows Aiden has his eyes on Justin's job but he doesn't know what the meeting is about. Andre encourages AIden to find out as he says he'll get back to him and hangs up. Aiden heads in to the club and sits nearby where Roman and Justin are seated. Roman reminds Justin of the case they had where evidence went missing. Roman says a former officer says he has information on what happened and wants back on the force in return. Roman adds that the man swears he saw the whole thing and knows exactly who did it.

JJ and Jennifer sit with Lucas and Adrienne in the town square. Lucas asks about Abigail. JJ and Jennifer explain how Chad got a tip that a woman matching Abigail's description was on a plane that went down. Lucas and Adrienne assure that it couldn't have been Abigail and will come home. Jennifer worries about how Abigail is now and feels she may never hear from her again.

Chad is on the phone at home, talking to Mr. Shin about DiMera Enterprises business. Chad instructs him to sell off holdings and hangs up. Harold enters and delivers mail to Chad. Chad opens the envelope and looks through the papers inside. Chad sits down and says Abigail's name.

Adrienne asks if anything else can be done. Lucas suggests hiring a private detective. Jennifer wants to change the subject. Jennifer asks when their wedding is. Lucas thought they would put things on hold for awhile with everything going on with Abigail. Jennifer tells them that they can't do that. JJ adds that they wouldn't mind having something to look forward to. Jennifer encourages that Abigail will be back home by the time of the wedding. Adrienne agrees that the wedding is on then. Jennifer brings up having the card of a florist and digs through her purse for it. Lucas sees a card for a lawyer come out and questions what she's doing with that. Jennifer reveals to them that she is suing for custody of Thomas. Adrienne questions her not wanting Chad to have him. Jennifer knows Chad loves Thomas but thinks he's neglecting him right now. Lucas questions her but Jennifer says Chad doesn't want her help so she needs someone to be ruthless because she thinks Chad will fight with everything he has. Jennifer wants to have Thomas until Abigail is home and well again.

Chad talks on the phone about the mail he received, saying there must be a mistake. Chad states that the name says Jen Thomas with Abigail's picture, which is the name Andre planted, and confirms if it is the woman who got on the flight that went down in Miami. Chad asks what the next step is and asks if he's being told that his wife is dead as he holds back tears.

Rafe and Hope prepare for their movie night. Hope says it doesn't get better than this. Hope asks if forensics found anything to link Aiden and Andre to the explosion yet. Rafe says not yet and he's itching to take matters into his own hands but he knows he promised her that he won't. Rafe suggests not talking about them and sticking to fun so they begin their movie. Hope thanks him for doing this as she can't think of a better way to spend the evening. They begin to watch the movie but then the power goes out.

Aiden remains trying to listen in on Roman and Justin's discussion. Justin asks Roman if he trusts this former officer to not be making this up. Roman thinks it's worth checking out. Justin suggests he take the meeting so he can threaten to prosecute if there is phony information to see how he reacts. Roman likes the idea but decides he will go with him. Justin thinks he can get more out of him if he goes alone so he says he will call Roman if he refuses to talk. Roman then agrees. Aiden walks out of the club.

Chad tells himself it wasn't Abigail and starts to take a drink but instead smashes the glass against the wall. Jennifer rushes in asking what's wrong. Jennifer says she's sorry as she knows how much he misses Abigail and how frustrating it is that they can't find her. Jennifer tells him that he can't go on like this. Chad reminds her about the woman matching Abigail's description on the flight that went down in Miami. Jennifer brings up there not being any proof and Chad not believing it was her. Jennifer asks if it something has changed and then breaks down crying when she sees Chad start to cry.

Aiden sits in the town square where he meets with the former officer that Roman and Justin were talking about. Aiden claims he's representing the Salem PD and that Roman wanted him to meet with him about the information he has. Aiden suggests somewhere more private so they walk off together.

Hope lights candles while Rafe finds out that the power is out on the whole block as a generator blew and they are working on it. Hope is sure it will be back on soon. Hope asks what he wants to do until then. Rafe says they can't watch movies and it's hard to play cards in candle light. Rafe suggests they could dance as he plays music from his phone and they begin to dance together then they kiss.

The former officer confirms to Aiden that he saw what went down so Aiden asks him to tell him what he saw.

Abigail refuses to believe it and tells Chad that she's not giving up. JJ comes in and asks what's going on. Jennifer shows him the mail that Chad got, showing the ID that a passenger used with Abigail's photo. JJ suggests someone else could have used the ID as there could be plenty of explanations. JJ questions how they know Chad isn't making this up. Chad shouts back that Abigail wouldn't have had to run if they didn't put her in the institution. Jennifer stops them. JJ steps out to call the airline. Jennifer asks if Chad really thinks she's gone. Chad says he doesn't want to think that but he sees her picture. Jennifer keeps thinking of how scared and alone she must have felt leaving her family. Jennifer cries about never holding Abigail again and never getting to say goodbye.

Rafe and Hope move to the bedroom and continue kissing. Rafe asks if she's sure. Hope says she is as they have waited so long for this. Rafe tells her it doesn't have to be tonight. Hope tells him to make love to her as they kiss on to the bed. Rafe and Hope then make love in bed.

Aiden meets Andre outside of the town square and fills him in on the former officer seeing Justin leaving with the missing evidence and that he has a picture. Andre questions Justin stealing evidence against someone he didn't know. Aiden says he doesn't know why but he has what he needs to take Justin down. Andre tells him to move quickly and go straight to the top.

JJ comes back from talking to the airline and they said security has to be really careful about matching faces and descriptions. JJ says the woman made sure the woman looked exactly like the picture of Abigail. JJ mentions no bodies being recovered. JJ then screams at Chad for destroying Abigail's life, blaming him for Abigail running away. Chad says he loved her but JJ screams that he killed her. Jennifer cries for JJ not to do this.

Hope and Rafe joke further about netflix and chill. Rafe assures her that he was only coming over to enjoy her company but then what happened was amazing. Rafe tells Hope that he loves her and they kiss. Hope laughs about not watching the movie. Rafe says it can wait as they continue kissing.

Justin waits around the town square, expecting to meet the former officer Mr. Dozer.

Aiden meets with Abe at the Pub and thanks him for meeting. Abe says he only showed because he claimed it was an urgent police matter. Aiden informs him that it's the truth. Aiden thought he should know that the Salem police force has a major scandal on it's hands. Aiden says depending on this meeting, he can make it better or much worse.

Jennifer tells JJ not to make this worse. JJ cries that he can't stand this. Jennifer assures him that Chad loves Abigail like they do and Abigail loves Chad so it's not his fault. JJ doesn't buy it and refuses to believe Abigail isn't coming back until someone shows him proof. JJ then storms out of the mansion.

Justin meets Roman at the police station and tells him that Mr. Dozer never showed up. Roman informs him that somebody else talked to him. Abe interrupts to say he will take over. Justin asks what's going on. Abe says he will explain in private and takes Justin to the interrogation room.

Jennifer walks out of the town square, crying that she can't do this. She sits on the bench and breaks down crying that she can't do this alone. She imagines Jack appearing in front of her and tells him that she needs him so much as this is the worst. Jennifer didn't think it could get as bad as losing him. Jack states that no one expects to lose their child but she's tough so she will get through this too. Jennifer asks him to tell her how. Jack wishes he could. Jennifer cries that Jack gave his life to save Abigail and now if this is true, she's gone. Jennifer asks Jack to find Abigail and keep her with him and her grandparents. Jennifer cries that this just isn't right.

Andre talks on the phone, confirming that the letter was delivered to Chad and that his contact spoke to Chad and JJ to give confirmation from the airline. Andre makes sure they were told exactly what he told them to say. Andre states that it's only a matter of time before they are all convinced that Abigail DiMera tragically died in the plane crash.

Chad sits with Thomas and talks about him being the most important thing in the world to him. Belle comes in to talk about his case but realizes something has happened and asks him what's wrong.

Jennifer cries to her vision of Jack that she feels so alone right now and she will have to deal with this on her own. He encourages that she has Maggie, the rest of the family, JJ, and Thomas. Jennifer argues that only Jack would understand this. Jennifer wants to escape her pain. Jack argues against using her pain pills. Jennifer insists that she needs something to make her feel numb. Jack declares he won't stick around to watch her self-destruct so Jennifer tells him to just go. Her vision of Jack then disappears and Jennifer walks away crying.

Chad shows Belle the papers he received in the mail that proves Abigail was on the flight that went down. Chad holds Thomas and cries as Belle sits with him.

Lucas and Adrienne walk through the town square together when they come across Justin. Adrienne asks him what's wrong.

Aiden goes to see Andre, who asks how it went with Abe. Aiden smiles so Andre laughs.

Rafe and Hope sit together to watch their movie until Hope tells him to pause it. Hope tells Rafe that she just wanted to say that tonight was really perfect and she can't remember the last time she felt this happy as they kiss until there's a knock at the door. Hope sees that it's Roman and answers the door. Hope asks what's going on and what's happened. Roman reveals that something has happened and he's glad Rafe is there as it affects him too. Rafe asks what it is. Roman announces that he has some very unpleasant news. Roman reveals that as of today Justin is no longer the DA and he's been replaced by Aiden Jennings, leaving Hope and Rafe shocked.

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