Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/4/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/4/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chloe has a nightmare about Deimos appearing to her and saying she can't keep secrets from him as she then wakes up in a panic. Chloe tells herself it's not possible for Deimos to know.

Nicole tells Deimos to drop the smile and not talk. She says she can't get him out of her head but that's not a good thing as she feels like she's in a nightmare. Nicole tells him that they are not alike. Deimos decides to make her a drink of brandy. Deimos tells her how happy he is that she showed up and he thinks it's wonderful that she can't get him out of her head because all he does is think of her. Nicole tells him not to get his hopes up. Nicole repeats that they are not alike anymore. Nicole says she used to go after what she wanted as things are easier when you're selfish but then she met Daniel who changed her. Nicole says Daniel taught her how to care and that seeing other people happy is the best. Nicole adds that she will never go back to the way she was like Deimos is. Nicole tells Deimos that she is not who he thinks she is so they have to get out of each others heads. Deimos tells her that he understands and has no desire to change her at all. Deimos wants her to change him.

Chad has a nightmare about Jennifer showing up pretending to be Abigail and then blaming him for giving up on them. They argue about her taking Thomas until Chad wakes up as Belle arrives. Chad tells her about his nightmare of losing Thomas. Belle tells him that she's here to make sure that never happens.

Nicole talks about Deimos saying he had changed which he credits to her. Deimos sees her as having the power to influence him however she desires. Nicole doesn't want him to look at her but he says he can't stop. Deimos states that she has already changed him. Nicole continues to argue that he's only attracted to her because she looks like Helena. Nicole doesn't want to save him. Deimos argues that he's had 30 years to accept that Helena is dead and he doesn't want Nicole to be her. Deimos admits at first he wanted someone just like him. Deimos talks about how she can't get him out of her head. Deimos says he got to know her and realized she's not like him anymore as she has obviously changed. Deimos hopes she will let him travel on her path with her as they could have a better life together. Deimos asks if that's not what she really wants.

Chad asks Belle if it's not too late to making house calls on a case. Belle tells him that she likes to stay on top so he doesn't lose his son. Chad asks what they need to do. Belle tells him that he has to get himself together and show he's a fit parent. Chad tells her that he's working on that as he's quit drinking. Belle says they need to show the judge they are building a real life for his son and then tear Jennifer down. Belle brings up Jennifer's pill addiction.

Jennifer cleans at home in Abigail's nursery for Thomas while on the phone with Maggie. Jennifer says there is no word on Abigail but she wants to keep the nursery nice for Thomas. Jennifer asks if she's heard anything on Tate but she hasn't. Jennifer says to call if she hears anything and to tell Brady they are thinking about him. Jennifer hangs up and tries to move a dresser in the nursery but hurts her back. She goes through the drawers when she finds a pill bottle.

Chloe walks through the town square finishing a call with Parker. Chloe hangs up and sees a couple with their baby then thinks back to being with Deimos. Chloe gets emotional and walks away.

Nicole tells Deimos that if he wants to change, that's great. Deimos says it would be with her by his side. Nicole doesn't think she's qualified to be his inspiration. Deimos wants her to be his partner. Nicole decides she has to go and wishes him luck as he's on his own. Deimos brings up that she ran out last time so he asks her to stay a few minutes longer. Deimos asks what else she has going on in her life right now, bringing up that her career is in limbo while he could open up any door for her. Deimos promises to never lie to her about anything and he will never let anyone hurt her. Deimos says nobody stands between them anymore. Deimos takes her hand and says he knows he could make her happy if she gives him the chance as every day they have will be magnificent. Nicole points out that it sounds like a proposal which Deimos confirms that it is as he asks her to marry him.

Jennifer clutches the pill bottle then throws it in the trash can and leaves the room.

Chad tells Belle that he wants custody of Thomas but he's changed his mind about ripping in to Jennifer. Belle points out that Jennifer's lawyer will be ripping his life apart. Chad feels Jennifer is in recovery and hanging on for dear life so he doesn't think Abigail would want him to do that. Belle explains that they aren't lying, just helping the judge see it their way. Belle says there is no playing nice in court as the only thing that counts is who gets to raise his son.

Chloe goes to the club where Dario greets her at the bar. They are surprised to see each other back in Salem. Dario says he's been back for 6 or 7 months and just took over running this place. Dario offers her a welcome back drink on the house and she decides on just a ginger ale.

Nicole reminds Deimos that last time he proposed, he almost died. Deimos says he would brave the river a thousand times if she said yes. Deimos asks if she will take a chance with him as he then kisses her. They stop briefly and then continue kissing each other as they move on to the couch.

Chad tells Belle that he will sleep on it while he continues getting himself together. Belle gets that Abigail wouldn't want Jennifer to be torn down but reminds him that Jennifer is the one coming after him. Chad gets that Jennifer loves Thomas but she's also dealing with Abigail never coming back. Belle asks about him. Chad says he hopes every day. Belle tells Chad that the judge can't sense that he's not strong enough to raise Thomas on his own so Abigail abandoning him won't even come up. Chad doesn't want to use that word and insists Abigail will be brought home. Belle says it's nice to be optimistic. Chad says it would also stop the custody suit. Belle hopes it works out that way. Belle says she will work on their case that fatherhood trumps a grandmother with known issues. Belle states that nobody is perfect. Chad stops her and asks what's going on if she wants to talk about something.

Nicole wakes up on the couch to Deimos playing the piano. Nicole gets up wrapped in a blanket and sits next to him at the piano. Nicole calls his playing beautiful and says she rarely sees that side of him. Deimos is surprised he shared it with her but wants to share everything with her. Deimos apologizes if he pressured her. Nicole asks where this is going to end up. Deimos tells her it's entirely up to her. Nicole says she can't say yes right now. Deimos gets that she needs time to think and tells her to take all the time she needs. Deimos feels he's made her feelings clear and then states that he wants to be the father of her children which startles her. Deimos asks if something is wrong but Nicole says no and that she should go. Deimos questions why she can't stay the night. Nicole then quickly exits.

Chloe tells Dario about Philip thinking her career will take off. Dario encourages that she will be awesome with her album but Chloe isn't sure. Chloe says she always dreamed of being a singer but everything always seems to crash and burn.

Chad sits with Belle as she tells him about Claire not going to college and having no idea what life has in store for her. Chad suggests Claire could change her mind in a heartbeat as a teenager. Belle encourages him about raising a child. Belle says it can be a challenge with people saying what to do. Belle tells him that his love for his son will always show him what's right. Chad thinks she's telling herself that as well. Chad asks if Claire is making her getting back with Shawn more difficult. Belle says that's not his business. Chad agrees but he wants to make sure as his lawyer that she is focused without any distractions. Belle repeats that she's a professional who never lets her personal life interfere with her work. Chad didn't mean to insult her and wants her to know what he has on the line here. Chad feels he may have let Abigail down but he won't with Thomas. Belle tells him to do what needs to be done. Belle tells him goodnight. Chad thanks him and says he will see her soon as she exits. Chad walks over to a photo of Stefano and asks if he really has to tear someone else down to get what he wants.

Dario tells Chloe that he saw her sing once and she was ridiculously great. Dario encourages her to not be so down on her chances as people will want her to be a star. Chloe suggests maybe things could work out well. Nicole then enters the club. Chloe goes to sits with her and asks what's happening. Nicole doesn't think she wants to hear about it. Chloe assumes it's about Deimos. Chloe reminds her they are friends so she can talk to her as she's there for her no matter what. Nicole informs Chloe that Deimos asked her to marry him.

Chad says he can hear Stefano saying he tried to run his whole life from who he is but if he wants to keep his son, do what's necessary and be a DiMera. Chad thinks back to Belle telling him that there's no room for nice in court as all that matters is who gets to raise his son. Chad declares he will do whatever it takes.

Jennifer returns to the nursery and says Thomas will be there very soon.

Dario watches as Chloe and Nicole talk. Chloe asks if Nicole gave him an answer but she says no. Dario gets a call and steps away. Chloe asks if Nicole is not sure. Nicole responds that she's sure she should run as fast and as far away as she can. Chloe notes that she doesn't want to though. Nicole admits she can't stop thinking about him. Chloe relates to the feeling, knowing Deimos can be quite enticing. Nicole says he's so secure and strong but can be so vulnerable and open. Nicole notes that Deimos has changed so much and he wants to change even more. Chloe encourages her to be careful because he could be playing her. Nicole says she knows. Nicole adds that Deimos wants her to run Basic Black no matter what she decides. Chloe says he wants to keep her close. Nicole feels there are so many reasons to say yes including how she feels but there are definitely downsides with the biggest one being that Deimos wants a family with children which she can't give him. Chloe thinks she should take some time to really think about this. Chloe tells her that no matter how convincing he is, Deimos can't be trusted. Nicole argues that she's been where he is and knows what it's like to change but have no one believe it. Chloe tells Nicole that she's there for her any time she wants to talk. Nicole decides she needs to take a walk and will talk later so she exits. Dario seems annoyed on the phone seeing her exit while Chloe feels her stomach.

Deimos pulls out an old photo of Helena then puts it back in a box.

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