Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/3/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/3/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe goes to the club where Dario is working. Dario thought he would be at the hospital with Hope. Rafe informs him that she is at home now which Dario calls good news. Dario asks Rafe if he's thrown Aiden in jail yet for almost killing him. Rafe reminds him there is no proof. Dario points out that there are other ways to get justice. Rafe tells him that he promised Hope he wouldn't touch Aiden. Dario realizes it wouldn't be good to mess with a lawyer like Aiden. Dario says to forget about Aiden and toasts to Rafe's future with Hope.

Roman finishes a call as Adriana arrives at the police station, hoping his call was about her son's case. Roman realizes she is Rafe's mother and says it's nice to meet her. She responds that it won't be so nice if he doesn't find the bastards who almost killed her son and put them behind bars.

Aiden sneaks in to Andre's hotel room and searches through his drawers with a flashlight until he finds the deed of sale on the building he had bought. Aiden then sneaks back out of the room.

Andre sits in Aiden's hotel room looking at his computer and comes across something that makes him smile.

Philip joins Chloe at the Pub. He notes she still isn't feeling very well and that she looks upset so he asks what's wrong. She claims it's nothing but he says he needs to know if it's about the business. She tells him it's not that exactly. Chloe informs him that this could ruin everything as she reveals that she's pregnant.

Deimos joins Nicole in the town square and apologizes for what happened earlier. Deimos clarifies that he doesn't regret kissing her but is sorry to have upset her and he hopes he can make it up to her.

Gabi walks out of the town square where she is grabbed by a man.

Rafe jokes with Dario about drinking on the job. Dario calls it brotherly bonding and says Rafe will owe him. Dario then informs Rafe that he's moving out.

Andre thinks back to telling Aiden that Hope and Rafe were killed in the explosion. Aiden then enters his room and questions what Andre is doing there. Andre jokes about not seeing him in the hall and reveals he was looking through his search history on his computer and found he was looking up an article on Justin as the DA.

Gabi tries to scream for help but the man warns her that this is what happens to the family of a murderer.

Rafe suggests Dario should save up some money to move out. Dario jokes about Rafe missing him. Rafe admits it has been nice having everyone under one roof. Dario hopes Rafe isn't going to let Eduardo move in after he moves out. Dario doesn't believe Eduardo's danger is over since Arianna got kidnapped. Rafe realizes Dario is never going to even try to forgive him. Dario questions why they should. Rafe wants to keep the peace but Dario says that won't be worth anything if they are all dead.

Gabi is able to reach in to her purse and spray the man in the eyes as she then runs away.

Philip is shocked to hear Chloe is pregnant and guesses it wasn't planned which she confirms. Philip asks if she was seeing someone in Chicago then stops and realizes the father is Deimos. Philip asks if she's sure which offends her but she is sure that she hasn't seen anyone else. Philip tells her that it's not his business but she says it is because of the record deal. Philip hates the idea of Deimos being in her life. She wishes she never met Deimos. Philip talks about being used by him. Chloe worries that she is carrying a monster's child.

Nicole tells Deimos that she doesn't want him kissing her again as she wants him to stay away from her since she is not interested in getting involved with him. Deimos questions if that's how she really feels since she was definitely willing in their kiss. Nicole says it would be a horrible mistake. Nicole calls him a criminal and a liar who hurts people. Nicole adds that he's only helping Maggie now to impress her to get what he wants. Nicole suggests he go back to Kate because they are perfect for each other. Deimos says he can't. Nicole mocks Kate trying to kill him. Deimos declares it's because he's in love with Nicole and only her.

Aiden claims he was looking for clients which Andre mocks and guesses he's looking at the job of DA. Andre talks about Justin being hired to instill fear in criminals when he couldn't even charge them. Andre believes Aiden has a real shot. Aiden says he never said he wanted one. Andre thinks it's a good idea and says he has his support but Aiden doesn't want it. Andre warns that he may not want it but he will need it. Andre adds that getting the job could be quite beneficial for both of them.

Rafe questions Dario working for Eduardo and brings up that Adriana may still love him. Dario feels he doesn't need Eduardo in his life. Gabi rushes in crying and hugs Rafe. She tells them about getting grabbed by a guy in the park and then running away. Rafe makes sure she isn't hurt. Rafe asks if she saw the guy but she said it was dark so she didn't see anything. Gabi relays the message the man said about how this is what happens to the family of a murderer. JJ rushes in and hugs Gabi. Dario tells Rafe that he told him it would never be over as he storms out of the club.

Roman takes Adriana in to the interrogation room. She tells him that she is only interested in Rafe's case and says he owes it to Rafe to bring justice on what he went through. Roman comments on her being so feisty. Roman guarantees he's doing everything he can to catch who put Rafe's life in danger. Adriana blames Hope for putting Rafe's life in danger just as much. Roman reminds her that Hope saved his life which she laughs off. Adriana tells him that she doesn't like Rafe working with Hope so she thinks he should find him another partner. Roman responds that isn't going to happen. She tells Roman to watch Rafe's back then and make sure no more harm comes to him or else he will answer to her as she then walks out of the room.

Chloe tells Philip that she's barely had time to process this and doesn't know what she's going to do. Philip tells her that whatever she decides will be okay because she has options and she has him for whatever she needs. Chloe thanks him. Chloe talks about being a single mom but Parker had a dad who loved him but now she's alone and doesn't know if she can have another baby. Philip encourages that she can do anything. Philip says they can put work on hold for as long as she needs while she figures out where she wants to go from here.

Nicole tells Deimos that he barely knows her and he means Helena. Deimos argues that he has spent more than enough time with her. Deimos believes something changed for both of them as he became attracted to her for her, not Helena. Nicole declares they are done here. Deimos remarks that if they were, she would have walked away 10 minutes ago. Deimos argues that she can't stay away from him and tells her to accept the inevitable because he's not giving up.

Aiden tells Andre that they are not on the same side so nothing would be beneficial to them. Andre brings up Aiden coming to him recently to take care of Rafe so he's not innocent. Andre points out that the Rafe situation is still not resolved. Andre comments on how they both broke in to each others hotel rooms at the same time because they have things in common. Aiden argues it's because they don't trust each other. Andre says they have plans and can help each other. Andre asks if Aiden wants to go to prison and jokes that he is his keeper. Aiden shows him the deed of sale for the building and says not anymore. Andre laughs at him. Aiden calls it proof that he sold him the house. Andre argues that it's not the original and would implicate himself. Andre says he knew Aiden would break in, find that deed and stop looking. Andre tells Aiden that he won't beat him so he should concede and join him. Aiden states that his family ruined his life. Andre thinks he needs a friend and says he would get what he wants. Aiden asks what Andre wants. Andre wants revenge on anyone in the town who humiliated, maimed, or killed his family. Andre wants Aiden to go along with his plan. Aiden points out that he would still have to get Justin out of office and then deal with Abe. Andre tells him not to worry and take it one step at a time. Aiden then agrees to work with him under the condition that Andre stays away from Hope. Andre asks why he still carries the torch when she can't stand him. Aiden wants to hear him promise. Andre agrees to think about it and says he will be in touch as he exits the room. Aiden thinks back to Andre warning him that he made sure the explosion would fall back on him.

JJ and Rafe search outside of the town square where Gabi was grabbed but they don't find anything. They go over how Gabi didn't have anything they could use either. JJ is glad she had pepper spray with her. JJ tells Rafe that he will be right back and walks away. Rafe thinks back to Dario's words that it will never be over.

Dario resumes working at the club and brings Gabi a coffee. Gabi is just happy that Arianna was with Sonny. Dario reminds her to watch her back where ever she goes. Gabi thought everything would be fine now. Dario tells her that is what Eduardo wants to believe. Dario declares that the only way they will be safe is if Eduardo leaves Salem and does not come back.

Philip and Chloe walk through the town square together. Philip encourages Chloe that she can do whatever she needs to. Chloe points out that she doesn't even have a real job and would never take a dime from Deimos. Chloe adds that the pregnancy could make her unable to record her album. Philip praises her as a mother but she points out that the baby would have a father like Deimos. He asks if she's going to tell him. Chloe doesn't know and has to think about it. Philip tells her to let him know if she needs anything. Chloe thanks him and hugs him as she cries. Deimos then appears and sees them together.

Adriana and Eduardo arrive at the club. Adriana hugs Gabi as she and Eduardo ask what happened. Dario intervenes to blame Eduardo and shouts at him that he needs to leave town. Rafe and JJ return to inform Gabi that they didn't find anything but JJ says they won't stop looking. Rafe adds that they won't let her be alone until they catch the guy. JJ decides he will walk Gabi home. Gabi thanks them as she exits with JJ. Adriana remembers finding the threatening note that Eduardo received and tells him that she does not like this at all. Dario asks Eduardo what he's going to do. Adriana says he promised this was gone. Eduardo says he was wrong as it's like a nightmare he can't wake up from. Eduardo declares that he will have to remove himself because he doesn't know who did this and can't just wait around. Eduardo says he has to go somewhere and find out who did this. Adriana emotionally questions if she will ever see him again. Dario hopes they never do and remarks that they are better off without him as he walks away. Rafe hugs Adriana.

Deimos watches as Philip and Chloe hug. Chloe tells Philip that she's a lot of work. Philip says he is too. Chloe guesses this is the last thing he wanted to hear. Philip tells her not to worry about him. She thanks him and kisses him goodnight as she walks away. Deimos then approaches Philip and asks what's wrong with Chloe. Deimos questions why she was crying. Philip tells him it's not his business as she isn't part of his life anymore. Deimos argues that he still cares about her. Philip compares it to how he cared about Kate and says he would've saved a lot of grief if he stayed gone. Philip suggests he take Victor's money and leave. Deimos informs him that he has already made amends with Victor. Philip says he must be an idiot then. Deimos insists that he's sincere and asks Philip how he can convince him. Philip says other than getting out of his life, there is nothing as he walks away.

Dario goes back to work when the man who grabbed Gabi appears at the bar and tells Dario that he wants his money. Dario questions what he's doing here and how he could go after Gabi when he was supposed to focus on Rafe. The man notes that Dario didn't tell him his brother was a cop. He complains about Gabi pepper spraying him which Dario says he deserved. The man warns Dario that if he screws him over, he will have to go to Rafe and tell him why Gabi was attacked.

Aiden walks through the town square where he comes across Rafe. Rafe has nothing to say to him. Aiden says he just needs to know if Hope is okay. Rafe tells him he has a lot of nerve. Rafe wants to rip his head off. Aiden understands but insists he had nothing to do with what happened. Rafe stops him and says he promised Hope he wouldn't do anything to him but when he starts talking, it makes it really hard. Aiden questions Hope making him promise that. Rafe tells him not to get his hopes up as she wants him to suffer as badly as he does. Aiden tells Rafe that he's fully aware that he lost Hope and she will never forgive him or love him again but adds that Rafe needs to know that he still loves her so he would appreciate if he would let him know how Hope is doing.

Dario pays off the man and warns him about ever going after Gabi again. He says Dario must be desperate to do that to his own family. Dario warns him that with the amount of money he paid him, it better have worked.

JJ brings Gabi home. Gabi mentions Arianna being better off with Sonny right now. JJ assures her that the guy will never come after her again. JJ asks if there is something else she needs to tell him. Gabi just wants to forget today happened as she hugs him.

Rafe refuses to tell Aiden anything and tells him to just leave. Aiden says he can't. Rafe says Aiden had it all and destroyed it all because it's all about money for him. Aiden disagrees. Rafe adds that if he cared about Hope, he would have never caused her so much pain and if he cared about her, he would be gone. Rafe then walks away.

Chloe has a nightmare about Deimos appearing to her and saying she can't keep secrets from him as she then wakes up in a panic.

Nicole paces in the Kiriakis Mansion and thinks back to kissing Deimos. Deimos then comes home, happy to see her and asks what she's doing there. Nicole questions why she can't get him out of her head.

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