Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/2/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/2/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny sits with Paul in the club, talking about coming back to Salem. Sonny says he needs to be here for Victor and Maggie. Sonny mentions making a lot of friends in Paris but Salem is his home with his friends and family. Sonny apologizes for talking about himself but Paul wants to hear all about it. Paul says he would only seem quiet because having him back is surreal and he can't quite believe it. Sonny feels bad that he didn't stay in touch while he was gone. Paul understands it was for the best that he take a break from Salem after losing Will. Sonny says there isn't a day he doesn't think about Will as he misses him so much and regrets everything that happened with them before he left town. Paul thinks seeing him again brings up a lot of those regrets.

Victor sits with Maggie at home and tells her that he's sorry as it seems for sure now that Summer did kidnap Tate. Victor explains how Summer left a note that led Brady and Theresa to another room where they found one of Tate's toys. Maggie can't believe it and wonders why she didn't try to stop Summer from leaving town last night. Victor understands she wanted to think the best of her. Maggie regrets not handling things differently. Maggie then says it may be a long shot but she thinks she may know how to help find Tate.

Theresa goes to the Brady Pub where Caroline encourages her to take care of herself. Theresa cries about Tate and talks about not sleeping as she can't figure out how this happened. Caroline offers to get her some tea but Theresa wants her to stay with her so they sit together. Theresa feels she could've forced Summer to tell her who took Tate if she didn't escape. Theresa says they know where the kidnapper stayed but it hasn't brought them any closer to Tate. Theresa cries that it's been so long that she's starting to believe she will never see him again.

Brady and John meet with a Salem Inn employee. They go over a woman named Claire Schuman staying at the room that Summer sent them too but they found out it was a fake name. The man tells them that he recalls her having a British accent, middle-aged, long light brown hair and she left only a few hours after checking in. He confirms that she did leave with a baby.

Maggie asks Victor if they can ask Caroline to trigger some of her visions to possibly give them an idea on where Tate is. Victor says that Caroline hasn't had any visions since his heart attack so he thinks it's worn off. Maggie knows they can't force it but thinks it's possible. Victor calls it out of the question as he doesn't think there's the slightest chance since Caroline is still very fragile. Victor doesn't want Caroline to over exert herself on a gift she no longer has. Victor gets a call from Justin and steps out to answer. Maggie then picks up her phone.

Caroline encourages Theresa to not give up. Theresa swears she hasn't and just had a lapse of judgment. Caroline knows she's a fighter that won't give up until Tate is back. Caroline then gets a call from Maggie, saying she needs to see her as soon as possible about Tate.

Brady shows the employee a photo of Tate and asks if that was the baby but he wasn't paying much attention. Brady talks about how strange it is for a woman to check in without a baby then check out with one. John calms him down. Brady explains how his son's life could be in danger. The worker wishes them luck and exits. John encourages Brady that he can feel they are on the right track.

Marlena is with Gabi and Arianna at the Hernandez house. They talk about remembering Will. Gabi mentions being happy that Sonny is back so Arianna will have one of her dads. Marlena is surprised as she didn't know Sonny was back. Gabi mentions him coming by later to pick up Arianna. Marlena wonders if Paul knows Sonny is back.

Sonny tells Paul that he wasn't to blame for the problems he and Will had. Paul appreciates that but knows him being in Salem complicated things. Sonny assures him that he doesn't resent him. Sonny says he disconnected himself from Salem to grieve but now he's home to stay. Paul admits he's surprised as he never thought he would come back from Paris. Sonny states that Paris wasn't as great as he led people to believe. Sonny repeats that Salem is his home with his family and friends. Sonny asks Paul about getting closer with John. Paul says it's been really cool and mentions the kidnapping case. Sonny encourages with them working together, they will find Tate. Sonny asks if he's working a lot of hours. Paul says it's been pretty intense. Sonny guesses he hasn't had much time for a social life. Paul asks if he is asking if he's dating anyone. Sonny admits he's curious and asks if anything came of him and Derek. Paul says he hasn't had anything serious and asks Sonny about him. Sonny responds that he sometimes thinks he'll never be ready for a relationship again.

Caroline and Theresa go to Victor and Maggie's. Victor hates the idea but Caroline wants to help if she can. Caroline mentions that her visions haven't come in months but Theresa thinks it's worth a shot and asks how they can trigger anything. Caroline notes that sometimes they happen when she has an object belonging to the person. Theresa gives her one of Tate's pacifiers but nothing happens. Maggie suggests going to the spot where Tate was kidnapped or the hotel room where he was being held.

Paul asks Sonny what he plans on doing for work with the club sold. Sonny says he's just focused on helping his family right now as everything is in turmoil. Sonny mentions Deimos making Victor's life a living Hell. Sonny doesn't trust or like Deimos and declares he will do anything to protect Victor. Paul gets a text from John, wanting him back at the office. Paul is sorry to cut this short but suggests lunch another time. Paul is glad Sonny is back and he says he will see him around as Paul exits.

Marlena loves spending time with Gabi and Arianna but has to get back to work. Gabi understands and they are happy she was able to come by. Marlena remembers to ask Gabi for a favor. Marlena informs her that she and John are getting married again. Gabi hugs her. Marlena says they haven't made a lot of plans yet but they would love to have Arianna as their flower girl. Gabi says they would love that and asks when the date is. Marlena says they haven't made actual plans yet as they want to get Tate home first but soon after that.

Theresa, Caroline, Victor, and Maggie go outside of the town square where Tate was kidnapped. They wait to see if Caroline will have a vision. They then join Brady in the hotel room at the Salem Inn but nothing happens. Caroline is sorry. Victor worries that she's exhausted herself and needs some rest. Theresa agrees. Caroline stops and feels a little light headed, noting that happens sometimes before she has a vision. Caroline points out that it's something to do with the phone in the room. Caroline picks up the phone and has a blurry vision of Victor speaking on the phone. Brady asks if she had one of her visions and asks her to tell them what she saw.

Sonny joins Gabi and Arianna. Gabi tells him how happy she is that he's home. Sonny feels so good to be home and missed Arianna. Sonny says there is nothing like holding her. Sonny tells Gabi that she looks great. Gabi admits things have been going great for her lately and she's feeling pretty lucky. Sonny asks who the guy is. Gabi informs him that she has been seeing his cousin JJ. Sonny laughs at that being weird. Gabi says it took her by surprise but he's a really great guy. Sonny is happy that she's happy. Sonny mentions hearing JJ has really stepped up and joined the police department. Gabi says he's really committed to what he does but she worries about him being obsessed with trying to find Abigail so she hasn't seen him as much. Gabi just doesn't understand how Abigail could leave Chad and Thomas like that. Sonny can't wrap his brain around everything that happened to her while he was gone. Gabi mentions them being close and asks if she reached out. Sonny confirms she hasn't and says would've told someone. Gabi is sorry she asked. Gabi says she spilled about her life so she asks about Sonny's. Sonny responds that it's non existent as he didn't even date in Paris. Gabi says now he's back in Salem with a fresh start and points out that he does have a lot of history with Paul. Gabi asks if maybe he will rekindle that.

Paul joins John in the office and asks if there's any news. John fills him in on a potential lead from the hotel worker. John says he might have to go out of town for a few days. Paul offers to go with him but John wants him to stay and run the agency. Paul is surprised he trusts him with that and says it means a lot. John then gets a message on the computer.

Caroline states that she didn't see anything to help find Tate and she's sorry she wasted their time. Brady says they are grateful and tells her that she needs to get home. Victor agrees. John comes in with a lead, saying he's got a list of all the single women who checked in to the hotel and he narrowed it down to three with one named Lauren Cartwright who matched the description. Brady and Theresa thank John and rush out to follow the lead while Caroline looks at Victor.

John and Brady return to the office. Brady makes calls while John packs his bags. Paul wishes him luck in Indianapolis. Paul mentions Sonny and tells John that he has moved back to Salem for good. John says that must make his parents feel good. John asks Paul how he feels about it. Paul says he's glad for his family as this is where he belongs. Paul states that he's moved on and Sonny's not ready for a relationship anyways. John suggests that's for the best since their relationship got complicated and he doesn't want to see him get hurt. Paul promises that won't happen again.

Sonny jokes with Gabi about rekindling his romance. Gabi brings up there were unresolved feelings when he left so she thought he might give that relationship another chance. Sonny tells her that he's not over Will which she understands. Gabi adds that Will wouldn't want him to grieve forever but to find happiness. Gabi calls Paul a great guy and says they hit off while they were modeling together. Sonny knows he's great but he's here to focus on helping his family. Gabi is surprised to learn he already saw Paul. Sonny says they caught up and it was nice on a purely friendship level.

John goes back to the hotel room and asks Maggie to come to the office for a few last comments on her last words with Summer so they exit together leaving Victor with Caroline. Victor asks why she's looking at him that way. Caroline reveals that she lied. Caroline informs Victor that her vision showed Victor picking up the phone on an intense call. Victor hopes it doesn't mean bad news about Tate in the future. Caroline calls it a vision of the recent past and questions why she sees Victor using the phone in the kidnapper's room. Victor insists that he had nothing to do with Tate's kidnapping and suggests it was probably him being on the phone when they first found out about Tate's kidnapping. Victor asks why she didn't tell the others if she's so suspicious. Caroline says she didn't want accusations and wanted to give him a chance. Victor insists he's innocent but Caroline believes he's not being honest with her. Victor suggests she keep her flimsy vision to herself so not to discourage the others. Brady then returns to the room and questions what is going on.

John joins Marlena in the town square with flowers. Marlena immediately asks where he's going this time. John asks when giving her flowers became synonymous with him leaving. Marlena admits the flowers are beautiful. John then confirms he has to go out of town for a couple of days only because of a lead on Tate. Marlena tells him to do everything he can to find him but be safe as well. John says he will and kisses her.

Victor and Maggie return home. She notes that he didn't say a word the whole way home. Victor says he was deep in thought. Maggie thinks he's angry with her for calling Caroline but Victor knows her intentions were good. Maggie thought it could work and admits she felt Caroline could have been holding something back. Victor claims he's sure Caroline would have said something if she saw something of use. Maggie just wants this to be over and Tate to be found. Victor says they have to concentrate on the positive like her upcoming surgery. Victor suggests she go lie down so she agrees to go to the bedroom.

Theresa comes in to the office with her bag packed and asks about the flight. Brady says he was just looking up any more information. Theresa talks about being so sure they would find Tate in Las Vegas and she's not sure she can survive another disappointment. Brady knows this has been a terrible nightmare. Brady reminds her of when they had to fight Kristen to get their son back and how strong she was. Brady encourages her to be that way here. Brady says they are a team now and swears they will get Tate back as they hug.

Sonny reads to Arianna and tells Gabi that he just remembered a time when Will made pancakes for Arianna. Gabi tells Sonny that she's really happy he's home. Sonny responds that he is too. Gabi feels Will is watching down on them with a smile. Sonny resumes reading to Arianna.

John tells Marlena that he's meeting Brady and Theresa at the airport. Marlena says she will be praying for them and Tate. John assures he will find Tate and when he gets back, they are going to have the best wedding Salem has ever seen. Marlena notes it will be thirty years since they got married the first time. John tells her he loves her and kisses her goodbye. Marlena tells him to be safe as he exits.

Caroline joins Theresa and Brady in the office and wishes them luck. Theresa assures that they won't come back until they make the kidnapper pay and they have Tate back then everything will be perfect again. They hug Caroline goodbye and exit for the airport.

Victor sits alone at home and finishes a drink. Victor then remembers making the call Caroline envisioned with a woman telling him it is done and then telling her to make sure absolutely nothing goes wrong.

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