Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/1/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/1/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Deimos comes home to the Kiriakis Mansion with Nicole where he has champagne prepared in the living room. Nicole questions it at this hour but Deimos says it's never too early for champagne when there is something to celebrate.

Chloe meets Philip at the club, apologizing for being late. Philip says they have a lot to cover and asks if she's okay. Chloe responds that she's feeling lousy and can't think straight for some reason. Chloe asks if there is somewhere more private they can go. Philip suggests they can go back to his place or hers.

Belle meets Chad in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Chad informs her that Jennifer is suing him for custody so he would like her help. Belle responds that he will have to help himself first or she will have a strong case as she looks around the room. Chad asks if she will represent him.

Jennifer brings Hope home from the hospital. Hope is finishing a call with Doug, promising that she is fine and just needs to rest. Jennifer asks if she needs tea or soup or anything. Hope assures she's okay but can tell Jennifer is not. Hope asks her what's wrong. Jennifer says they can discuss it when Hope is stronger but Hope insists that she wants to talk about anything other than herself. Jennifer reveals that she is suing Chad for custody of Thomas and she wants to hire Aiden to do it.

Ciara walks through the town square where she bumps in to Claire. Ciara tells Claire about Hope coming home. Claire informs Ciara about being Chloe's assistant so she's going to meet with her and Philip. Claire adds that she will play them her tracks too eventually. Claire says they'll talk later as she walks off.

Belle tells Chad that he needs to clean himself up and lose the booze. She knows he's out of his mind worried and trying to figure out how to take care of a baby. Chad assures that he has taken care of him. Belle tells him to prove it and look the part. Chad tells her that he's never endangered Thomas. Belle questions drinking while he's home alone with him or hiring a teenager with no experience as a nanny. Chad questions Jennifer being the better option when she was addicted to painkillers. Belle points out that she was but is now going to rehab unless he has evidence that Jennifer has fallen off the wagon since Abigail left so she is looking like the good one. Chad asks if he's screwed then. Belle tells him that he will have to prove himself. Chad agrees to do whatever it takes and whatever she says. Belle tells him that he has a lawyer then.

Hope cannot believe Jennifer wants to hire Aiden and questions why him. Jennifer argues that she would be taking a DiMera to court. Hope can't digest her wanting to hire someone who was going to kill her and someone who was in debt to the DiMeras that she can't trust. Jennifer argues that has to be ruthless because Thomas isn't safe with Chad right now since Chad has completely lost it over Abigail disappearing. Jennifer brings up Chad drinking and being worse than she ever feared. Hope asks if she's sure she's worried about Thomas or if she's trying to punish Chad for Abigail running away. Jennifer suggests she's thinking of both. Hope tells her that she will not get what she wants with Aiden as her attorney.

Nicole tells Deimos that they aren't celebrating. Deimos states that everything changed yesterday as he made a deal with Victor to give him back Titan. Nicole asks what's in it for him. Deimos says peace since he and Victor no longer have to live in anger. Nicole questions what he got. Deimos says he got the house and money which is all he wanted from him. Nicole questions this show being for her. Deimos asks what makes her think it's a show and then admits it is for her. Deimos says what he did with Victor was for them yet she still doubts.

Chloe tells Philip that she wants to go back to her room alone to lay down. Philip notes that she is really sick. Chloe asks if they can do this tomorrow. Claire arrives apologizing for being late but they tell her that the meeting is not happening since Chloe isn't feeling well. Claire offers to get her tea or soup but Chloe says she just wants to be alone. Chloe then invites Claire to walk with her so they can go over what she will need her to do. Claire agrees and exits with Chloe.

Hope offers to give Jennifer a list of great attorneys. Jennifer says she has already been through them all but they aren't ruthless enough. Hope argues that ruthless isn't always the best in family court. Jennifer states that she cannot lose this case. Hope doesn't know what to say. Jennifer wants her to understand so they will be okay but Hope can't do that. Jennifer knows it's because of what Aiden did to her but insists he is what she needs. Rafe then arrives and asks if he's interrupting. Jennifer says she was just leaving. She tells Hope to call her and exits. Rafe asks Hope what that was as he sits with her.

Belle goes to the club where she sees Philip seated alone. She asks if he has seen Claire. Philip tells her that she left with Chloe which upsets Belle. Philip tells her to take it up with Chloe but Belle says it's his label so he has to deal with her. Philip says it's between her and Claire. Philip repeats that she can talk to Chloe and adds that he didn't tell Chloe that Belle funded the label. Belle questions if he's protecting her or just wanting to be the man in charge. Philip reminds her of their deal and asks if she is having second thoughts about that.

Chloe tells Claire that she doesn't need anything but still wants her to work as a distraction. Chloe goes over making her a calendar for her and says Parker will always come first. Claire compares it to her not wanting to go to college because she doesn't want to split her focus. Chloe brings up a list of things she needs done on her desk. Chloe thanks Claire as she exits. Chloe then gets out of bed and leaves the room as well.

Jennifer goes to see Aiden in his office. Aiden guesses she's there to give him hell about Hope and he knows he deserves every bit of it. Jennifer says this can't wait so Aiden invites her in.

Rafe can't believe Jennifer wants Aiden to represent her and thinks it's crazy. Hope tells him that getting custody of Thomas is all she cares about. Rafe declares he will find a way to prove that Aiden tried to blow them up. Hope asks what that means. Rafe tells her to focus on getting better. Hope tells him to promise not to do anything to get himself in to trouble.

Deimos knew Nicole wouldn't believe his words so he took action, insisting he has changed. Nicole says he did a couple of things right. Nicole talks about the part of her wanting vengeance on Kate. Deimos claims he's a better man because of her. Nicole points out that he didn't give Victor everything back. Deimos wants to be the kind of man that she can be proud of and the man that can love, protect, and take care of her. Deimos declares that he will give her everything as nothing else matters to him but her. Deimos and Nicole then begin kissing.

Philip asks Belle if she wants to pull out of the label and leave him high and dry. Belle wanted him to have his shot. Philip brings up her buying the nightclub for Claire to sing at. Belle calls that a mistake as she was trying to buy her forgiveness. Belle argues that this is not a career path for Claire. Belle points out that Philip didn't sign Claire after hearing her demos. Philip argues that Claire listened and is learning. Philip says Claire is determined and asks why Belle wants to kill her dream. Belle argues that Claire can learn and grow in college. Philip thinks Belle should support Claire. Belle responds that fetching coffee for Chloe is not a career path. Philip tells her to support her career path. Belle is sick of him trying to tell her how to raise her daughter. Philip gets upset and shouts back that she used to be his daughter too.

Chloe returns to her hotel room with a pregnancy test.

Rafe tells Hope not to worry as he's not going anywhere. Hope wants him to leave Aiden alone and let the department work the case. Rafe agrees but Hope isn't buying it. Rafe doesn't think that's what she really wants. Hope wants a time out to see their future. Hope asks him to promise to let the department go after Aiden or Andre while he sticks to their relationship. Rafe promises and they kiss.

Jennifer informs Aiden that she needs a lawyer. Aiden is surprised she is coming to him. Jennifer tells him that she needs to sue Chad DiMera for custody of her grandson. Aiden asks if Hope knows she is here. Jennifer declares they are not going to talk about Hope at all ever. Aiden says he's only asking because he knows she won't be happy. Jennifer says she can't think of that right now because Thomas is in a dangerous place. Aiden questions if she means temporarily but Jennifer insists on wanting Thomas with her permanently. Jennifer offers a retainer but Aiden declines her as a client, saying he does not want this case. Jennifer remarks that she thought he had something to prove to the town and the DiMeras. Aiden doesn't want to do that at the expense of her relationship with Hope. Aiden knows he's hurt her and doesn't want to hurt her anymore. Aiden says he would love to help her but she will have to find herself another lawyer.

Rafe and Hope kiss until Shawn and Ciara come in. They welcome Hope home and Ciara greets Rafe. Rafe decides he will get to the station. Rafe tells Hope that he will see her later. Shawn and Ciara thank Rafe for saving Hope and they hug, calling Rafe a hero. Rafe calls Hope a hero and says they saved each other. Rafe then exits.

Chloe comes out of the bathroom after taking her pregnancy test and waits for results.

Deimos and Nicole continue kissing on the couch until she stops and gets up, saying she can't right now. Nicole then rushes out of the mansion, leaving Deimos frustrated.

Roman finishes a call trying to find out about the explosion as Rafe arrives at the station. Roman tells him about his hopes to trace the bomb. Roman adds that there's been nothing but dead ends on Tate. Roman reminds Rafe that he can't work the explosion case. Rafe knows which is why he asked to work the kidnap case. Rafe adds that he promised Hope too. Roman notes that he really does love her.

Shawn and Ciara take care of Hope. Shawn asks Ciara about moving back home but Ciara tells him that she already did. Hope asks about Chad. Ciara says it's rough not knowing where Abigail is and Chad's worried. Ciara adds that Chad is holding it together the best he can. Shawn notes that Hope looks exhausted so she says she will take a nap. Shawn decides he will check in at the station. Shawn says to call if they need him as he exits. Ciara tells Hope that she needs to go pick up groceries if Hope is going to sleep. Ciara tells Hope to stop worrying as everything will be fine now that Aiden is out of their lives. Hope agrees and Ciara exits.

Shawn goes to the club where Belle is still with Philip. Belle tells Philip that was a low blow. Philip recalls thinking Claire was his daughter when she was first born and says he still cares. Belle argues. Philip doesn't want to fight with her and tells her to deal with Claire her own way. Shawn sees them together and tells Philip to mind his own business.

Ciara goes to the DiMera Mansion to see Chad. Ciara tells Chad that she will be staying at home to take care of Hope. Ciara asks if everything is okay, noting that he does look better. Chad says that's good in case he ends up in court. Chad informs Ciara that Jennifer is suing him for custody so he needs to appear as a fit dad. Ciara encourages that the judge will see that he is and she offers to testify for him but Chad says she can't since she worked for him. Ciara tells him to call and she will be there to take care of Thomas whenever he needs her. Chad thanks her.

Deimos finds Chloe sitting outside the town square and asks if she's alright. Chloe claims she's never been better and tells him that her life is none of his business as she rushes off.

Nicole sits in the town square and calls Dario, leaving a message asking where he is as she would like to see him. Nicole then thinks back to Deimos promising to give her everything and then kissing him.

Jennifer walks through the town square, talking on the phone trying to get in contact with a lawyer. Chad walks up as she finishes and greets her. Chad asks if she's shopping for Thomas. Jennifer says he just needs some things but Chad responds that he has everything he needs. Chad asks how her meeting with Aiden was since he heard through the grapevine. Chad questions her really trying to take his son. Jennifer asks him to just let her take him for a little while since he has so much thinking to do. Chad questions if she's going to take Thomas and then say he gave up on his son. Chad tells her that Thomas is safe and that Abigail would be ashamed of her but Jennifer doubts that. Jennifer tells him to think about it. Chad says if she wants to take his son, he will see her in court.

Aiden remains in his office and searches Justin as DA on the internet but comes across an article on Hope being released from the hospital.

Rafe finishes a call with John at the station. Roman tells Rafe that he's going to forensics on the explosion. Rafe tells Roman that he can keep him out of it unless Aiden tries something again then all bets are off.

Hope wakes up from having a nightmare about Aiden.

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