Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/29/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/29/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Steve begins his new job as a bartender at the club. Kayla arrives and can't believe he is really doing it. Steve talks about it being in a quiet neighborhood with no danger. Kayla reminds Steve that bartenders take orders which he hates. Kayla thinks it will drive him crazy but Steve says that's in his past. Steve asks her to take a seat at the bar so she does. Steve holds her hands and declares it the first day of his new life so he can prove to here there is nothing more important to him in the world than getting her back.

Joey walks out of the town square with Jade, saying he didn't get why she left as he wanted her to spend the whole night. Jade says there will be more nights. Joey tells Jade that his mom will be going out of town on a medical conference so they can spend the whole weekend together. They start kissing until Jade's father Hal interrupts, warning Joey to get his hands off of his daughter.

Nicole eats at the Brady Pub with Parker, who tells her about his time at camp. Parker mentions Chloe not being as sad as she was. Dario then shows up at the Pub.

John says they would like to talk to Deimos about the dummy corporation called the Chopin Group. Deimos claims to have never heard of them. John asks about the name Georgios Papadopoulos which Deimos calls a very common name in Greece. John says this one runs an import-export business in Athens. Deimos says there are dozens of those businesses. Brady questions if Deimos doesn't know one. John shows Deimos the old photo of he and Georgios right outside of the business in Athens so he obviously knows him and did business with him many years ago. Brady tells Deimos to start explaining things.

Summer tries to grab Theresa as she backs away resulting in Theresa falling and hitting her head on a table. Summer checks on the now unconscious Theresa, worrying about what she has done.

Kayla insists that Steve cannot do the bartender job and she thinks he will self destruct but Steve says he won't. Kayla knows he's upset about the thing with Fynn but says this isn't the answer. Steve says the hell with Fynn. Steve knows Fynn wants her but she still loves him. Steve says she will be ready to admit it when he shows her he can change. Kayla says it isn't about changing jobs but him as a person which isn't possible. Steve tells her to watch him. Kayla asks what happens when John calls and wants him to go undercover. Kayla thinks he would eventually resent her for not letting him be himself. Steve responds that he's not himself without her as he can't lose her again.

Joey introduces himself to Jade's father and tells him that he cares a lot about Jade. Hal argues that he doesn't give a damn about her and ruined her. He blames Joey for Jade getting in trouble. Jade interrupts to say it was her idea to run away. Her dad says she has never been in trouble with the law until she met Joey. Hal grabs Jade but Joey pushes him and tells him to take his hands off of her.

Deimos acknowledges himself in the picture but says he did business with a lot of people and honestly does not remember Georgios. John brings up his ties to the Greek mob. Deimos says it was 30 years ago. Deimos reminds him that going to prison had nothing to do with the law. Deimos says he knows nothing if Georgios has something to do with this kidnapping. John doesn't buy his word and wants to find a connection. Deimos questions every crime being attributed to him. Brady points out him poisoning Maggie. Deimos insists that he would never have anything to do with kidnapping an innocent child.

Summer is relieved to realize Theresa is still alive so she tries to wake her up but she doesn't respond. Summer then grabs her bags, writes a note and leaves the room with Theresa unconscious inside.

Nicole introduces Dario to Parker. Dario apologizes for interrupting but Nicole says it's okay. Nicole tells Parker that she would love for he and Chloe to come over for dinner sometime. Parker asks if Dario will come too. He says he will if Nicole wants.

Deimos knows it will take time before they trust him after what he did which Brady confirms. Deimos says he would tell him if he knew something but he doesn't so they are wasting their time. Deimos hopes Brady finds his son soon. Brady warns Deimos that if he's lying to him, he will come back and kill him. Brady and John then exit the mansion.

Theresa wakes up on the floor of Summer's hotel room and grabs her phone to call Brady. Brady asks where she is. Theresa responds that she's in Summer's room as Summer attacked her and is gone. Brady responds that they are on their way and hurries off.

Steve asks Kayla what's going on with Joey as he hasn't talked to him in awhile. Kayla informs him that things haven't been good as they fight all the time about Jade. Kayla mentions saying no to Joey wanting Jade to move in. Steve encourages her to cool it about Jade and be careful what she says about her to Joey. Steve decides he will keep calling so she doesn't have to handle it on her own. Kayla thinks it's bigger than that as she heard Joey crying in his sleep as he still has nightmares about Ava. They agree that he needs to see someone. Kayla informs Steve that she made an appointment for him with Marlena tonight.

Jade tells Hal that he can't just decide when to be a dad. He wants to get her away from Joey. Joey argues about him trying to drag her away. Joey calls Hal a terrible father who made Jade's life miserable. Joey tells him that he can't keep them apart. Hal grabs Joey but Fynn arrives and breaks it up.

Brady and John join Theresa in Summer's room. Brady asks what happened but Theresa tells him not to worry and just to find Summer.

Maggie finds Summer in the town square and questions if she's running away. Summer tells her that she is leaving now. Maggie questions what this is really about.

Victor goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Deimos. Deimos invites him in but Victor says they can talk in the doorway as he has come to accept his offer.

Joey and Hal continue to argue as Fynn breaks it up and Jade tries to calm them down. Jade tells Hal they can find somewhere to talk. Hal says not around Joey. Jade tells Joey to calm down while she handles her dad. Hal shouts that she isn't going to handle him. Joey argues against it but Jade walks away with Hal. Fynn asks Joey what happened. Joey complains about Hal showing up. Fynn tries to tell him it will be alright but Joey argues. Fynn reminds him that he's still on charges for vandalism and jumping bail as he asks if he really needs any more trouble. Fynn takes Joey to go talk.

Brady asks Theresa what happened after she left. Theresa explains that she came to talk to Summer privately and she told her about what she remembered. Theresa claims Summer freaked out because she knew she was right. Theresa says Summer said she didn't deserve Brady and Tate then she fell and hit her head. Brady notes the cut on her head and wants to get her checked out but Theresa only wants to find Summer, pointing out that she took all of her things. John finds the note that Summer left which gives a Salem Inn room number. They decide they need to get to that room and rush out.

After Parker leaves the Pub, Nicole returns to Dario. Nicole talks about seeing Daniel in Parker. Nicole is glad that part of Daniel can live on in Parker and Melanie. Nicole brings up how a year ago today she handled things differently than she would have before as she told Daniel the truth and thought she would lose him forever but it brought them closer together. Dario knows how much she misses Daniel. Nicole cries about how it feels so wrong that he's not there with her. Dario says it must be so hard. Nicole responds that he has no idea. Nicole talks about reading books to recover from grief. Nicole states that time is the only thing that can help heal the pain. Dario suggests maybe falling in love again. Dario brings up how she talked about being honest with Daniel bringing them closer together. Dario says he was impressed by that. Nicole feels they aren't talking about Daniel anymore.

Deimos asks Victor what changed his mind. Victor asks if it matters. Deimos is curious and asks if it was Maggie. Victor says everybody thought it was a good idea. Victor states that he's tired of the fighting so he wants it behind them and to enjoy his life again with his wife without anger and anxiety over him. Victor goes over Deimos giving him back half of his fortune and Titan while Deimos keeps Basic Black and the mansion. Victor calls the offer a good step in putting the past behind them. Victor adds that if he is to move on in life, he needs to do the same thing. Victor declares that he accepts his guilt as he was responsible for the argument that cost Helena her life. Victor admits he was angry that Deimos stole her from him so he let Deimos spend 30 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. Victor says he convinced himself he did nothing wrong but now knows that he did. Victor then asks Deimos if they can truly move on.

Joey and Fynn show up at the club. Joey is surprised to see Steve and questions what he's doing. Steve informs him that he's bartending now. Kayla questions what they are doing together. Fynn says they just ran in to each other and orders a coffee. Fynn steps away on a call. Kayla tells Joey that she needs something but Joey starts saying he had a bad day. Steve tells Joey that they need to talk to him as there are things he needs to face. Steve is afraid the more Joey avoids talking about it, the deeper the scars will get. Steve informs Joey about his appointment with Marlena and says they are insisting he has to go. Joey gets annoyed and walks out of the club. Steve then calls Fynn over.

Brady and Theresa go to the room at the Salem Inn. Brady hopes it's not Summer playing games with them again. Brady looks around and declares that nothing is here but Theresa has the feeling that Tate was here. Theresa thinks this is where Summer took him. Brady questions why Summer would bring them to this room when she's been trying so hard to convince them she wasn't behind this.

Summer tells Maggie that she isn't exactly wanted here. Maggie disagrees. Summer tells Maggie how much it meant to her to have met her and gotten to know her as she felt acceptance from her that she never experienced before. Maggie says the time meant so much to her too. Summer apologizes for everything she put her through and for the nightmare Brady and Theresa are facing and that Victor hates her so much. Summer adds that she will never be sorry for having met her. Maggie reaches towards her for a hug but Summer runs away, leaving Maggie crying.

Deimos asks if Victor accepts his apology. Victor says no. Deimos thought he wanted to move on. Victor says he can do that without accepting his apology and he won't think about him. Deimos calls that disappointing. Victor tells him to get over it. Deimos wants to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Deimos asks if they can try to finally put the terrible things behind them after Maggie's surgery. Victor thinks they can try to stay out of each others way as they have agreed to move on and he wants to leave it at that. Victor then exits.

Kayla walks through the town square with Joey, telling him that she has talked to Marlena about all he is going through. Joey questions her hating Jade but Kayla says she doesn't and hopes she will make something of her life. Kayla just doesn't think it's helpful for him to be around people who don't have any direction or goals. Joey questions her wanting him to give up the girl he loves. Kayla says this is about him, his future and getting his life back on track. Kayla adds that she did tell Marlena about Jade so he will be honest with her. Joey feels like he's going to explode and complains that everything is so screwed up from his family and Jade's. Kayla encourages him to see Marlena and get through this. Joey questions when she and Steve will get the counseling they need.

Fynn asks if Steve is going to talk to him about Kayla. Steve says he can't do anything about whatever is going on between he and Kayla but he draws the line with his son. Fynn thinks he misunderstood. Steve tells Fynn that Joey is going through a tough time and doesn't need a guy sucking up to him because he's trying to seduce his mother.

Nicole guesses Dario is really talking about Deimos. Dario says he's bound to come up because of how she feels about him. Nicole feels talking about another guy is betraying Daniel which Dario questions. Dario tells her that the only way to betray someone who passed is by shutting down and giving up on life. Dario encourages that Daniel would want her to find love again. Nicole believes that but sometimes feels like he would be terribly hurt and disappointed if she fell in love with someone else like he wants her to wait for him. Dario points out that she would be waiting her whole life and wasting it. Dario is glad she feels she can open up to him so he wants to be honest with her too about his thoughts and feelings. Nicole tells him to be honest then. Dario admits that he's thinking he wants to kiss her. Nicole tells him that he's so sweet, understanding, and attractive but they are just friends so she doesn't want to encourage him to think there could be anything more. Nicole gets a call from Deimos. Dario guesses she wants to answer and tells her to go ahead so she does. Deimos tells Nicole that his life has taken a turn for the better since they last spoke and he wants to tell her about it. Nicole says it isn't a good time. Deimos wants to see her in person and thinks she will be pleased. Nicole says they'll see as she hangs up.

Steve informs Fynn that he has no intention of giving up on Kayla.

Joey argues that Kayla and Steve are just as messed up as he is. Kayla argues that she's not trying to invite misery into her life and to accept the fact that she and Steve are not compatible on a basic level. Kayla says they still love each other but they won't make each other happy. Joey questions her and calls it unfair to pretend he's the only one with problems. Joey declares their whole family is screwed up and needs help.

Brady questions what Summer bringing them to this room is doing. Theresa says Summer threatened her because she knew she was on to her. Brady hugs her and says he's sorry as she was right about Summer and he should have listened to her. Brady searches the room and finds one of Tate's toys. Theresa repeats that she knew Tate was there. Brady declares that Summer must have delivered Tate from this room to someone else and whoever was in the room on that day has their boy.

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