Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/28/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/28/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa is asleep in bed, tossing and turning.

Brady is on the phone, telling someone to call again for more answers and hangs up as he gets frustrated. Brady thinks back to when he found Theresa asleep and Tate gone then Theresa arguing with Victor afterwards. John and Paul join Brady in the office. John asks if anything happened while they were gone. Brady mentions a call from the other PI but nobody has seen anything. Brady admits he's starting to panic because it's been three days and they have nothing. Brady worries about where Tate could be. John stops him and encourages him to stay strong and focused. Brady tells John to be honest and not hold back as he asks if they are stupid to believe Victor is innocent, suggesting maybe he did have something to do with Tate's kidnapping.

Victor jokes with Sonny about not telling anyone he was coming back from Paris. Maggie is happy to see him. Justin asks what brought Sonny back as Adrienne then arrives to greet him. Sonny apologizes for being gone so long but says he had to take care of things in Paris. Sonny says as soon as he heard about Victor and Maggie, he wanted to take the first flight out. Victor tells Sonny to save it as he's not the one he's looking for an apology from.

Deimos confirms with Dr. Hochman about doing Maggie's operation. He tells Deimos that Victor is going to question why he changed his mind about the surgery. He questions Deimos using blackmail to help Victor's wife when he and Victor hate each other so he wants to know what Deimos' agenda really is.

Justin asks Sonny what kept him so busy in real estate. Sonny informs them that it was real estate as he hands Victor an envelope. Victor opens it and questions where he got this kind of money. Sonny reveals that he sold the club he gave him in Paris. Victor is shocked as it had been in the family for years. Sonny says he held out for the right price. Maggie points out that was supposed to be his inheritance. Sonny says to let him do this as he wishes he could do more to help them. Victor praises Sonny and hugs him, calling him the best of all of them.

Deimos tells the doctor that he doesn't owe him an explanation. Deimos explains that Maggie would never hurt anyone and now she can't walk which isn't right so he wants her fixed because it's the right thing to do. Deimos threatens him with bringing up his dirty secrets if he doesn't go through with it. Dr. Hochman feels he is expecting a lot from a retired surgeon. Deimos tells him that he's going to need his help to sell this to Maggie so they exit the mansion together.

Theresa wakes up and gets out of bed.

Summer paces in her hotel room, complaining that they are tailing her so she's never going to get out of here.

Brady tells John that this isn't just about setting up Summer but about Victor's hatred for Theresa. Brady recalls their recent major fight. John questions what Victor would get out of taking Tate. Brady suggests holding him long enough could cause he and Theresa to fight and end their engagement. John doesn't think Victor would do it on a chance. Brady points out he can frame Summer too. John doesn't buy that Victor would risk losing him and Maggie. John thinks someone else must be trying to set up Summer and Victor. Brady questions what they are missing.

Deimos goes to Victor and Maggie's, commenting that he had no idea he was walking in to a family reunion as he meets Sonny and Adrienne. Deimos tells Victor that he isn't giving up until he proves to him so he hopes this will do the trick. Deimos brings the doctor in to the room. Victor questions what he's doing there when he wouldn't budge on doing Maggie's surgery. Deimos reveals that he's rethought that and has decided to perform Maggie's surgery. Victor questions him. He claims Deimos made him see the light. Victor asks what the catch is. Deimos tells him that he owes him for what he did to his life so this is his way of making it up to him. Victor continues asking what he wants. Maggie doesn't think it can make her any worse so she doesn't think they can say no. Deimos sees they need a moment so he exits with the doctor. Justin, Adrienne, and Sonny step out to allow Victor and Maggie to talk. Maggie insists on wanting to try it. Maggie reminds Victor that he tried this doctor himself. Deimos listens in from outside the door. Justin, Adrienne, and Sonny come back in. Justin doesn't think Victor can turn this down just because Deimos got the doctor to do it. Victor agrees. Deimos comes back in. Victor tells Deimos that he doesn't want to know how he did this but he just wants Maggie to have everything back. Deimos responds that he won't regret this. Sonny tells him that they all appreciate this but tells Deimos there is a lot more he can do like giving Victor his money and company back. Deimos informs them that is the other reason he came, as he wants to talk about making Victor whole again.

Paul tells Brady about a hitter when he played baseball who got in his head and got his focus off. Brady asks what this has to do with Tate. Paul compares it to the kidnapper trying to throw Brady's focus off. Paul suggests the kidnapper could have purposely made it look like Victor set it up. Brady realizes that would keep him focused on Victor and nothing else. Paul adds that Victor could be the real target and not Brady and Theresa. Brady acknowledges Victor has a lot of enemies but calls it a far out theory. John says maybe not. John explains that he's been trying to figure out why the guy trying to blackmail Summer would give her a number to the dummy corporation but the corporation is real in Greece. John adds that the backers have major ties to the Greek mob. Brady jumps to that tying it to Victor but John says it's not the way he thinks. John brings up an old photo where Brady recognizes Deimos. John suggests Deimos could still be trying to get back at Victor with this. Theresa then bursts in, claiming she knows who took Tate. Brady questions her. Theresa insists that Summer did it, that she's been lying to them and she has proof.

Victor questions Deimos making him whole again. Deimos says it's within reason. Deimos offers to give him back half of his holdings and Titan while he will hold on to Basic Black, the money, and the Kiriakis Mansion. Victor mocks being overwhelmed by his generosity. Deimos hopes he won't reject his offer as it's a way for both of them to move on with their lives. Deimos tells Maggie that it makes him very happy to undo what was done to her as she didn't deserve it. Maggie responds that he would know. Deimos tells Sonny that he looks forward to getting to know him better. Deimos says goodbye and exits the house. Victor guesses they all expect him to accept his offer. Maggie doesn't think it would be so bad to live in peace. Victor questions Deimos letting them live in peace. Adrienne thinks he seems sincere but Justin isn't sure. Victor decides he's only considered with Maggie's surgery for now. Justin decides he will take Adrienne and Sonny out for a drink to celebrate while Victor and Maggie talk. Victor tells Sonny that it's great to have him back. Justin tells them to go ahead and he'll catch up with them so Adrienne and Sonny exit. Victor tells Justin he doesn't know yet as it's a lot to process. Justin admits the offer sounds pretty good if it's on level as it would mean the end of his stress and worry for everyone. Victor sends Justin off to be with Sonny and Adrienne. Victor goes back to Maggie, who tells him that she wasn't listening to their conversation. Maggie reminds Victor that he has a decision to make.

Deimos walks through the town square and runs in to Dr. Hochman, who questions what took him so long. Deimos tells him he's still on the hook and he expects him to deliver, then says he will check in later as he walks on.

Brady questions Theresa about her having proof that it's Summer. Theresa tells him about remembering when Marlena hypnotized her in her dream and she saw Summer. Theresa goes over details of what Summer was wearing. Brady questions her proof being a dream. Theresa insists and wants to go confront her. Brady thinks she wants it to be real but he thinks it would have came out in her session with Marlena. Theresa argues that it doesn't always work but it is just coming out now. John says it's possible but they have no way to know for sure. Theresa wants to track Summer down but Brady thinks it will take time and effort. Theresa questions why he's fighting her on this then apologizes and admits she's just grabbing at anything for answers. Brady wants to take her home but Theresa wants him to focus on his leads and says she will be fine. Brady promises to call if he hears anything. They hug and Theresa then exits.

Summer remains pacing in her room when Theresa enters, saying she wants to have a private chat so she told the PI who is tailing her to take a break so no one can interrupt them. Theresa declares she remembers everything and tells her to admit what she did.

Sonny, Adrienne, and Justin go to the club for a drink. Sonny tells Justin about him selling the club to Eduardo, which Adrienne calls a right decision. Sonny is surprised Justin didn't know and questions if they haven't been talking. Justin says they haven't had a lot of time lately. Justin adds that he knows Sonny wants them to get back together. Adrienne mentions that their lives have gone in different directions. They agree that they will always be friends and parents but that's all. Sonny says he just had to ask. They want to know about Sonny. Sonny says everything in Salem reminded him of Will so he had to go away to think because he couldn't do it here. Adrienne notes that he seems better. Sonny remembers he and Will being a bad place. Sonny says after Will was killed, he couldn't take it so he had to go away and let it hit him which it did. Sonny declares he was finally ready to come home especially after everything with Victor and Maggie. Adrienne asks if Paul knows he's back. Deimos interrupts and wants to ask them for a favor. Deimos knows they love Victor so he hopes they will try to convince him to accept his offer. Sonny responds that Victor makes his own decisions. Deimos states that he knows that better than anyone but he's afraid Victor's stubbornness and hatred of him might keep him from doing what is best for he and Maggie. Deimos thinks they agree with him on this. Justin agrees that he wants what's best for Victor and Maggie. Deimos states that his offer is sincere and asks them to consider his request as he exits. Adrienne questions why Deimos thinks they would agree. Justin says he has no idea why Deimos does anything while Sonny adds that he never trusted Deimos and now trusts him even less.

Victor can tell Maggie wants him to accept the offer. Maggie knows his pride is telling him that accepting anything less than 100% is caving. Maggie doesn't give a damn how big of a house they live in as long as she lives with him. Maggie doesn't care about how much money is in the bank so she would rather not find out how much worse life can get if he decides the war will continue.

Summer tells Theresa that she's not doing this with her again as she already told her everything. Theresa says that would include confessing to kidnapping Tate because she remembers now. Theresa goes over passing out in the park. Summer denies it. Theresa tells her that she remembers her plaid shirt and a cap. Summer calls her crazy and asks how she can remember something that never happened. Theresa grabs her, demanding to know where her son is.

Justin gets a text from Roman, wanting to see him as soon as possible. Justin apologizes for having to go and tells Sonny that he will see him tomorrow. Justin says Sonny's return was like a ray of sunshine. Sonny feels he got here just in time, noting that Deimos is intense. Justin wants Sonny to stay out of this between Victor and Deimos. Sonny knows he's trying to protect him but he's a Kiriakis so he's already involved. Justin tells him the discussion isn't over as he exits the club. Adrienne repeats to Sonny for him to stay out of it. Sonny asks how things are with Adrienne and Lucas. She notes the change of subject. Sonny says he's just wondering if they are still a thing. Adrienne responds that they are and then reveals they are engaged. Adrienne says she's happy so she would really like it if he was happy for her too. Sonny responds that at least one of them should be happy in their life.

Paul tells John that he will go to the library to see what he can research on the guy in the old photo with Deimos. Brady thanks Paul as he exits. John asks Brady how he wants to handle Deimos. Brady wants to do it face to face as soon as possible. John asks if he wants to fill in Theresa. Brady says he called and left a message so he doesn't want to lose any more time. John and Brady then exit together.

Summer insists to Theresa that she already told her everything she knows. Summer goes over being blackmailed with money but she didn't do it. Theresa calls her crazy and accuses her of setting her up. Theresa yells at her to admit it. Summer shouts that she's going to find Brady but Theresa pins her against the wall and says she's not going anywhere.

Justin goes to the police station and asks a cop what Roman wants to see him about. He brings up the missing evidence and that Roman caught a break in knowing something about what happened to the evidence, leaving Justin worried.

Adrienne tells Sonny that she found something with Lucas that she never had with Justin and she would appreciate his support. Sonny wants her to be happy. Adrienne responds that she is as happy as she can be. Adrienne asks where Sonny is staying. Sonny mentions getting a room at the Salem Inn. Adrienne tells him that she will see him tomorrow. They hug and then she exits. Sonny goes to pay for the bill when he runs in to Paul, who is surprised to see him and asks what he's doing here. Sonny responds that this is home and where he belongs.

Victor finishes a drink at home then grabs his keys and exits the house.

Deimos returns to the Kiriakis Mansion and heads in to the living room where John and Brady are waiting. Deimos asks what he can do for them. Brady says he knows damn well. John holds him back and says they would like to talk to him about the dummy corporation called the Chopin Group.

Theresa screams at Summer, demanding to know where Tate is. Summer tells her that she's just making things worse for herself. Theresa says she will let her go if she tells the truth. Summer responds that she doesn't know because it wasn't her. Theresa tells her that she has hated her since she first saw her. Theresa accuses her of using Brady's sympathy. Theresa calls her scum and says she's only good at using people. Theresa threatens to kill her if she doesn't tell her where her son is. Summer laughs at her saying she uses people and asks what that makes her. Summer accuses Theresa of having a baby to keep Brady and says she doesn't deserve Brady or Tate. Summer then warns Theresa back to stop blaming her or she will kill her. Theresa tries to back away as Summer tries to grab her resulting in Theresa falling and hitting her head on a table.

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