Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/27/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/27/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Blanca joins Adriana at home and offers her tea. Adriana points out that she's the only one who would offer. Blanca asks about Rafe so Adriana starts talking about all the beautiful women out there for him other than Hope including Blanca. Adriana questions Blanca being in a rush to move out. Blanca mentions moving closer to her job at the hospital and says she's doing it for her sake.

Steve sits alone in the club. He looks at Kayla's number on his phone then puts it down and finishes a drink. Eduardo brings him another drink on the house, commenting that he looks like he can use it.

Fynn checks on Kayla in the hospital. Kayla says there have just been long days. Fynn asks her to go somewhere where they can be alone.

Eduardo tells Steve that he heard about Tate and asks if there are any new leads. Steve responds that none have panned out. Eduardo tells him that he reached out to some of his former colleagues so John knows he's working an angle. Steve tries to pay for his drink but Eduardo insists it's on the house. Steve mentions being surprised when Eduardo bought the club as he didn't think he would be sticking around town. Eduardo says he didn't either and then says Eve moved across town to get away from him. Eduardo can't forgive himself for leaving her and Paige. Steve relates to losing time with his family. Eduardo feels he's been lucky as his kids are coming around and get that he's genuinely grateful for the chance to be a decent father they deserve.

Adriana questions Blanca moving out for her sake when she wants her to stay. Blanca suggests Eduardo showing up at her door and says he looks at her like Rafe looks at Hope. Adriana doesn't want to hear that. Blanca tells her that everyone sees it and that she loves him too.

Fynn and Kayla go to a private room in the hospital. Kayla thought they were clear. Fynn understands she chose to be with Steve and didn't want weirdness with them but he brought her to talk about her medical condition in private. Fynn tells her that he's very worried about her as her pupils are dilated, she's downplaying headaches and he wants to examine her. Fynn checks her eyes and her pulse. Kayla asks if this is really necessary. Fynn questions her about dizziness. She admits she gets a little dizzy occasionally. Fynn suggests just getting a surgery for her hematoma but Kayla feels her family has enough to worry about. Kayla says she needs to be involved in Joey's life and she can't do that from a hospital bed. They talk about Joey's recovery. Kayla says he's recovering physically but he refuses to see a therapist. Kayla feels Joey isn't acting like an adult and she doesn't know what he sees in Jade.

Joey and Jade kiss at home. Jade stops and worries about if Kayla comes home. Joey says she's working late but Jade worries about it being Kayla's house and her not wanting her there. Joey doesn't care and kisses her. Jade brings up Kayla already thinking she's a bad influence as they continue kissing.

Steve finishes a call and talks to Eduardo about another dead end in the Tate case. Steve wishes he was home with his wife. Eduardo says he will be soon. Steve asks what his secret is. Eduardo encourages him to never give up as they toast their drinks.

Joey wants to take Jade to his room. She asks why and worries that they could fall asleep after so she doesn't want him to have to sneak her out in the morning. Joey insists that he doesn't care but Jade doesn't want Kayla to hate her any more than she already does. Joey responds that he doesn't think that's possible. Jade thought he was optimistic. Joey says he was just joking but she doesn't believe him. Jade doesn't like thinking anyone hates her and is hurt by it. Joey tells her that Kayla doesn't hate her or think she's a bad person. Joey feels that Kayla wouldn't like any girl he was with. They joke with each other and then kiss. Joey tells her that he likes her just the way she is. Jade knows that she's perfect for him with all her many faults. Joey agrees as they continue kissing. Joey mentions that he thinks Kayla will like her when she gets to know her.

Kayla tells Fynn about Joey wanting her to let Jade move in with them. Kayla says she wouldn't normally toss out a homeless girl but thinks she could have another friend or find a job. Fynn says she doesn't have to justify it but Kayla feels bad. Kayla mentions Joey being home now and that Jade could be there too. Kayla feels letting her move in would make it a free for all. Kayla complains about Jade getting Joey to run to California and getting him involved in the cult. Fynn argues that Joey loves Jade but Kayla wishes he would come to his senses. Fynn suggests it could be for real.

Steve tells Eduardo that he's never giving up ever but Kayla is so stubborn which he loves about her but she doesn't love about him. Eduardo brings up Kayla waiting for him to fly off to his next adventure. Steve doesn't know how to make her believe he's done with all of that especially since he's not sure he believes it himself. Steve mentions taking off halfway across the world to rescue Bo. Steve says these situations keep finding him. Eduardo asks if he wants to keep distance between he and his family but Steve says he doesn't. Eduardo encourages him to actually do something about it. Eduardo says he apologized, pleaded, and promised then when all of that failed, he did the only thing left to do to show Adriana he really meant it.

Blanca brings Adriana a piece of cake but she talks about her diet. Blanca jokes about her losing weight for Eduardo. Adriana insists that Eduardo is not moving in to Rafe's house, adding that Arianna wouldn't need to listen to Dario and Eduardo fighting. Blanca suggests they could get along if they spend more time together. Adriana thinks it would be harder for Rafe and Eduardo to work on their relationship under the same roof. Blanca asks if she has considered moving in with Eduardo then.

Steve questions Eduardo proving to Adriana that he cared by buying the club. Eduardo says she knows there's no way he will walk away now. Steve doesn't see how it convinces her. Eduardo adds that she appreciates that he got Dario working there as well. Steve mentions not meeting Dario yet. Eduardo comments on business being slow. Steve tells Eduardo that this place used to be a hang out of his when it was called The Cheating Heart. Steve recalls there used to be pool tables and how he had to drag Kayla there the first time. Eduardo feels there is a reason he came in tonight. Steve thanks him for the advice and agrees that he can't just talk the talk as he has to walk the walk too.

Fynn pours coffee for Kayla and suggests she could go home instead of pulling another late night. Kayla says she can sleep in the call room. Fynn asks her if Steve has always been the one. Kayla says she had other serious relationships but it was just different with him. Kayla says Steve was the one she chose to marry and have kids with. Kayla adds that she would've done anything to get him back when she thought he was lost. Kayla knows it's unfair since Steve has done everything she has asked him to but her mind and heart are telling her different things. Kayla brings up how Steve brought Bo back to her and saved Joey's life so he's her hero in many ways but then she realizes that she can't live with the drama he brings to her life. Fynn talks about being single and a heart breaker. Fynn thinks he's finally ready to settle down because he met someone.

Adriana tells Blanca that Eduardo is living in a hotel and she doesn't know if she could ever live with him again. She understands now why he had to leave but she just can't get past his other family. Adriana says it's not easy to picture the man she loved with another woman. Adriana questions how he could have another child with Eve if it was too dangerous with them. Blanca suggests maybe he thought the agency wouldn't find him. Adriana doesn't know what else Eduardo can do to prove that this time is different but she needs it to be. Blanca encourages her to give him another chance.

Eduardo goes back to the threatening note he found in his pocket the other day that says this is only the beginning and calls him a murderer.

Fynn talks to Kayla about Daniel finally settling down with the woman he loved and then not getting the chance so he doesn't want to let his chance pass up. Fynn asks what scares Kayla more, settling down with Steve or starting over. Fynn says he graciously bowed out because she chose Steve but he doesn't think she is certain. Fynn argues that he's ready and can give Kayla everything she wants while Steve can't. Fynn tells Kayla that he had an ulterior motive when they drove to California and argues that she cannot deny what they have going. Fynn then kisses Kayla as Steve walks in and is shocked to see them kissing.

Joey and Jade lay together on the couch. They talk about being lucky that Kayla never walked in on them. Joey repeats that she's perfect for him. Jade mentions being hungry and suggests ice cream but Joey says Kayla doesn't want unhealthy food in the house. Jade decides she should get out of here anyway. Joey questions where she will go. Jade mentions staying at a friend's and looking for a job. Joey says she should be in college and he hates Kayla not letting her stay here. Jade admits it pisses her off that she doesn't see her as a wonderful person but says she does respect Kayla for how much she loves Joey. Jade wishes her mom felt that way about her. Joey tells her that he loves her. She says she loves him too. Joey asks her to stay here tonight. Jade gives in and they kiss.

Adriana goes to the club where Eduardo greets her. Adriana asks where all the customers are. He calls it a slow night. She mentions Dario saying they've been having many of those. Dario says tonight it's a good thing because she's here. Adriana hoped he had a minute to talk. Eduardo says he's all hers. Adriana mentions talking to Blanca tonight but gets distracted by customers coming in and encourages Eduardo to go take care of them. Eduardo tries to argue but then says he will be right back. After Eduardo walks away, Adriana finds the threatening note he had left on the bar.

Fynn tells Steve not to be upset with Kayla. Steve responds that he's not upset with Kayla. Kayla asks what Steve is doing here. Steve says he came to talk to her but it looks like he came at a bad time. Steve then turns and walks out. Kayla tells Fynn she will talk to him later and rushes out after Steve.

Adriana hides the note back on the bar as Eduardo returns to her and asks where she's going. Adriana claims that she left the stove on. Eduardo says he can call Gabi but Adriana claims she's sleeping. Adriana says she really has to go. Eduardo brings up that she was in the middle of saying something but she says it was nothing important. Adriana then hurries out of the club, leaving Eduardo frustrated.

Joey wakes up on the couch alone and calls out for Jade as he looks around disappointed.

Jade walks outside of the town square and gets a text message from Joey, asking if she's OK as he woke up and she was gone. Jade ignores the text and sits sadly on the bench outside.

Kayla catches up to Steve and apologizes for him walking in on that but thanks him for not losing his temper and assaulting Fynn. Kayla says she's glad he walked in when he did. Steve is too since it showed he can control his temper. Steve knows Kayla said she needed time but he came to tell her that he's making changes and things really are going to be different. Steve informs Kayla that he's leaving his Black Patch business with John as he took a job as a bartender at the club with Eduardo. Kayla brings up Eduardo being a known assassin. Steve points out that he's an ex assassin and that his ex wife has taken him back. Steve encourages that it will be a good job for him without danger or secrets. Steve mentions how the club used to be the Cheating Heart and brings up all the good times they had there. Kayla asks about Tate and if he's going to walk away while he's still missing. Steve says he will give John all the help he needs. Steve tells Kayla that he will do anything to show her his priorities as the only excitement he wants in his life is with her and their kids. Kayla thinks he wants to believe that. Kayla tells him not to put himself in a box and be miserable because he thinks that's what she wants. Steve responds that he's miserable without her. Steve asks her to let him try but she shakes her head. Steve tells Kayla to do what she has to do and he will do what he has to. Steve then exits the room.

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