Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/26/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/26/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Philip joins Chloe in the town square with papers about the music business. Philip assures her that they are going to make it big and have a number one song. Philip tells her that she can have the last laugh at their next high school reunion. Chloe asks if that's why he made the label cause she doesn't need that. Philip says he didn't put that right but they are going to show everyone. Chloe asks if he means including Victor.

Shawn and Belle talk with Claire at the Brady Pub about orientation for school but Claire responds that she's not going to the school.

Dario brings Nicole to a shooting range so she can blow off some steam and let off physical tension. They talk about using guns. Dario gets behind her to show her how to breathe properly.

Victor and Deimos go outside the town square. Victor tells Deimos to never pull anything like that again as Maggie shouldn't see the man who paralyzed her standing in the living room. Deimos insists that he wants things to change between them. Victor doesn't trust him since he has lied to him since he's been here and accuses him of lying now. Deimos says almost dying has changed him. Deimos doesn't know if he's capable of living without his hatred of him but it's time he finally learns if he can. Victor says he knows who Deimos is and what he did. Deimos insists that he changed after facing death but Victor doesn't believe him since he ruined Maggie's life to get what he wanted. Deimos knows it will take more where Maggie is concerned. Victor calls him a vindictive monster and says no one in this town would believe him.

Dario fires the gun in the shooting range so Nicole can know what to expect and goes over how she should shoot. Nicole then takes over shooting at the target.

Belle questions Claire not going to college. She says she doesn't need to since it won't help her be a singer. They try to convince her but Belle is not interested. Belle declares she's going to be a singer and that's final as she then walks out of the Pub.

Philip talks to Chloe about finding what suits her. Claire walks through the town square and runs in to Theo. Theo asks what's wrong. She talks about having it out with her parents about not going to college. She looks over at Philip with Chloe. Theo asks if something is wrong. Claire responds that it could be as she watches Philip encourage Chloe about studio time. Claire complains to Theo that Philip is going to hire Chloe instead of helping her career.

Victor tells Deimos to focus on prayer if he wants to change because he knows his every move is self serving and calls him scum. Deimos calls Victor the man who killed Helena. Victor knows Deimos hates him and just wants to grind him further in to the ground. Deimos admits he still can push his buttons and get him angry as he meant every word he said. Deimos tells Victor to try and be patient as he will prove that he meant what he said. Victor tells him to go to Hell and walks off.

Philip continues talking with Chloe while Theo encourages Claire that she just needs to get some experience. Claire questions how she does that when she doesn't have the chance to sing. Claire argues that Chloe has everything while she has nothing. Theo brings up that Claire has material since she writes her own songs. Claire mentions that Chloe could record one of her songs so she could at least have a songwriting credit. Theo tells her to go tell them so Claire interrupts Philip and Chloe. Philip tells her that they are busy in the middle of something. Claire says she knows as she heard them talking about material so she came to tell them that she has exactly what they need.

Victor returns home on the phone, saying of course he is up to something. Victor is surprised to see Maggie when he walks in as he thought she was resting. Maggie says she was making tea and he can let her know when he's done with his call. Victor goes back to his call with Justin and talks about finding out what Deimos is up to. Victor tells Justin to offer his services and find out what's going on. Justin says he isn't exactly in a risk taking position right now as Roman is breathing down his neck since starting an investigation about the missing evidence. Victor remarks that he has nothing to worry about. Justin encourages Victor to forget about Deimos but Victor says he must find out what he's up to and Justin is going to help him do it.

Deimos goes to the club and looks at Nicole's number on his phone.

Dario continues to encourage Nicole as she gets excited at the shooting range. Nicole thanks Dario for helping her get stuff off of her mind. Dario jokes with her just to not try this at home. Nicole tells him that he's been really great to her but she doesn't want to lead him on and hurt him. Dario says he gets it as Nicole misses a call from Deimos. Dario asks if that was him. Nicole says it doesn't matter as she's going to ignore it. Nicole thanks Dario again as she needed this distraction from problems. Dario is glad and invites her to the club for a friendly drink so they exit together.

Ciara sits at home reading an article about Rafe and Hope surviving the explosion. She then clicks to the next article about Abigail still missing. Ciara thinks back to playing chess with Chad and telling him he's a great guy when she kissed him on the cheek.

Shawn tells Belle that he didn't see that coming. Belle comments that he's the one Claire confides in and she's lucky to get a hello most days. Shawn says he was surprised too. They talk about missing their little girl. Shawn thinks her rebellion was because of them splitting up and now that they are back together the healing can start. Shawn wants to come up with a plan together to be on the same page. Belle thinks they need to be careful because forcing her against her will could make things worse. Shawn says they can't let Claire call the shots here. Belle worries that Claire could flunk out if she doesn't want to go. Shawn doesn't understand making excuses and worries that Claire could sense weakness. Belle tells him not to call her weak and warns him against being a bully with them. Shawn questions if she's trying to start a fight and feels she is going out of her way to do so.

Philip questions Claire wanting to write songs for Chloe. Claire says she already has them and encourages that she could write for Chloe. Philip tells Claire that she needs to focus on training her own voice while they will focus on established song writers for Chloe. Claire offers to work for Chloe as an assistant then. Chloe says it would be nice but asks how her parents feel. Claire claims they would be behind it 100%.

Justin goes to the club and meets Deimos, commenting on him being back from the dead. Deimos is sure people wished he stayed that way. Justin thanks him for seeing him, reminding him that he had sent him a request before he disappeared. Justin tells Deimos that he handled it before he heard about his accident. Deimos notes that he wants him to know he can be trusted. Justin asks what he thinks. Deimos asks if he spoke to Victor today since he went to see him, asking for a truce. Justin claims it's the first time he's heard about it but Victor has a lot on his mind. Deimos guesses he's plotting revenge against him but Justin informs Deimos about Tate's kidnapping which shocks him. Justin comments on Deimos sounding like he really cares. Deimos says Tate must be terrified and anyone who would do that to a child deserves to burn in Hell as Nicole and Dario walk in to the club and see him.

Belle tells Shawn that she's not trying to pick a fight with her as Claire just threw her for a loop and she isn't at her best right now. Shawn agrees that she blew them away. Belle asks what they do. Shawn says Claire is convinced to not go to college but they know she isn't ready to be a professional singer. Shawn adds that Claire isn't as tough as she thinks she is so he agrees with Belle. Shawn says they can't make her feel like they are forcing her to go to college but get her to believe it's her idea. Shawn asks how they do that but Belle has no idea.

Philip tells Chloe that she just made Claire very happy and they'll see how she feels about it. Chloe says as long as her parents are okay with it as she doesn't want them unhappy.

Claire returns to Theo and tells him that Chloe is going to sing her songs but she doesn't know it yet. Claire says working for Chloe, she can make sure that she hears her songs. Theo asks about her deal. Claire says for now she's going to focus on impressing Chloe. Theo is very happy for her. Claire thanks him for encouraging her to go talk to them. Theo suggests she call Ciara to tell her what happened. Claire responds that they are kind of not talking. Theo asks if Ciara is alright. Claire says she just knows that Ciara is out of the DiMera Mansion and is living back with Hope. Claire thinks Ciara got in her over head as she really liked Chad but realized he's never going to stop loving Abigail. Theo didn't realize it was that serious. Claire says it isn't and she just needs time to get over it. Claire adds that she wasn't supposed to talk about it. Theo goes to leave but Claire thought they could hang out and celebrate her new job. Theo says he has to go but hopes it works out well for her as he walks away.

Deimos asks Justin how long Tate has been gone then he notices Nicole and says he has to talk to someone so Justin exits while Deimos brings Nicole over and says he needs to talk with her. Deimos asks Nicole what her thinking is of taking over Basic Black. Nicole responds that she has a job as she's going to help Dario redecorate the club. Deimos questions her choosing between the two jobs. Deimos asks what he can give her to take the job. Nicole responds that he doesn't get that it isn't about money but about trust. Nicole isn't sure he's really the changed man he claims to be. Deimos understands it will take time and suggests keeping their personal and professional lives separate. Nicole suggests they not have a business or personal relationship at all. Deimos stops her and says he just found out about Tate so he tells Nicole to ask Victor if there's anything he can do to help. Nicole doubts that there is. Deimos goes back to his table while Dario rejoins Nicole. Dario asks what Deimos wanted. Nicole jokes about it and says she didn't buy it as everything is an act with him.

Ciara starts to go upstairs when Theo arrives knocking at the door. She goes back and answers the door. Theo is sorry if it's a bad time. Theo asks how Hope is. Ciara tells him that she's in the hospital but should be home soon. Theo asks if that's why she moved back home which Ciara confirms. Theo knows he just came over without calling so she probably has a lot to do and he'll just leave. Ciara agrees that he should but then stops him.

Claire sits with Philip and Chloe to give Chloe all of her information and says to call any time. Claire thanks Philip. Philip tells her to thank Chloe as they walk away together. Belle and Shawn catch up to Claire. Belle tells her that she shouldn't have walked away like that as they weren't done talking. Claire tells them that it's already set as she just got a job with Chloe as her personal assistant. Shawn questions Claire not running it by them first. Belle decides she will go talk to Philip to find out what's going on here. Claire warns her not to mess this up for her. Shawn thinks the three of them need to talk together but Belle tells him to talk with Claire while she goes and insists they are on the same page as Belle walks away.

Justin goes to see Victor and tells him about his talk with Deimos. Justin isn't sure that Deimos is up to anything as he had no interest in working with him. Justin adds that he's not sure Deimos had anything to do with Tate's kidnapping. Victor thinks he could be pretending but Justin believes something is different and Deimos has changed. Maggie comes in and asks who has changed.

Deimos meets a Dr. Hoffman from Chicago at the DiMera Mansion. He tells Deimos that he's retired and no longer performs surgery. Deimos can't accept the fact that he can just give it all up as the patient has a one of a kind injury that only he can cure. Dr. Hoffman says he knows about Maggie and that Victor has already made him an offer. He says no amount of money can convince him to do it. Deimos asks if he said anything about using money to convince him.

Theo asks if Ciara wants him to stay. Ciara says if he wants to. Theo regrets telling her how he felt because he misses them being friends and doesn't like it being weird when they are together. Ciara doesn't either and admits she's glad he came over as she missed talking to him about stuff so Theo comes in. Theo tells her he's here now so she can talk.

Shawn tells Belle that she is going to college and not working for Chloe or Philip, end of story.

Chloe tells Philip that she will call him and kisses him goodbye as she exits. Philip heads in to his hotel room where Belle shows up at his door. Belle tells him that she knows about Claire's job but it's not going to happen and she knows what he's doing. Belle accuses him of using Claire to stay close to her. Philip informs her that Claire asked for the job and Chloe said yes while he just watched it happen. Philip finds it interesting that her first reaction was to think of him.

Deimos is sure Victor held back on insisting for Dr. Hoffman's help but he's not Victor. Deimos tells him that he either performs the surgery on Maggie or he will make sure every dirty piece of information he has in a folder will go public. Deimos asks if he would prefer that. He decides he could come out of retirement for one last surgery which makes Deimos happy.

Victor tells Maggie that there is no reason she shouldn't know that Deimos came to him with an olive branch after saying his near death experience changed him but he doesn't buy it. Maggie guesses that Justin thinks it's true. Justin responds that he isn't sure it's not true. Victor thinks Deimos is behind Tate's kidnapping. Justin disagrees. Maggie wants Victor to consider it. Victor questions accepting the man who put her in a wheelchair. Justin insists that Deimos had nothing to do with the kidnapping. Justin then answers the door to see his son Sonny make a surprise return to Salem and they hug.

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