Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/25/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/25/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Aiden goes to the mental hospital to visit Chase. Chase asks if everything is okay with Hope. Aiden claims things are fine and great as they sit down together. Chase guesses he isn't telling him the truth. Aiden tries to deny it then says he and Hope have a lot to work out. Chase assumes something really bad happened.

Ciara visits Hope in the hospital. Hope assures her that she's okay. Ciara worries that she could've died. Hope points out that she didn't. Ciara asks why this happened. Hope tells her that everything is going to be alright. Ciara responds that she knows that's because of Rafe.

Adriana, Rafe, and Eduardo have lunch at home. Rafe thinks Adriana is overreacting but Eduardo agrees with her. Adriana argues against Rafe risking his life for a woman who went off with another man. Rafe tells her that she's being too hard on Hope and points out that Hope is the one who rescued him. Eduardo points out Rafe not telling anyone where he went. Rafe explains how Hope saved him from the bomb and refused to leave him. Adriana complains that Rafe goes on and on about Hope. Rafe argues that Adriana made up her mind without knowing Hope. Adriana blames Hope for Rafe being in that building. Eduardo thinks Rafe didn't have to do it alone. Rafe says there was no time. Adriana continues to argue until Gabi rushes in, relieved to see Rafe and hugs him. Gabi asks why Adriana keeps yelling when all that matters is that Rafe and Hope are alive.

Ciara asks Hope how she could go away with Aiden when Rafe is crazy about her. Hope responds that it will never happen again. Hope mentions telling Aiden that she wants him to leave Salem as he is out of their lives. Ciara agrees that is all that matters.

Aiden doesn't want Chase to worry about he and Hope. Chase points out that he was really happy like everything was going to work out with them but now he's back early. Chase knows Aiden is keeping something from him. Aiden tells him that they had a very nice time at the lodge but that time made them see their situation more clearly. Aiden claims he decided it would be best for him to back off but Chase doesn't believe him. Chase asks if it's Hope that doesn't want him.

Gabi compliments Adriana's cooking and starts to clean up but Eduardo says he and Rafe will clean up so Gabi takes Adriana outside. Eduardo wants to know if what he heard is true that Rafe is still planning to go after Aiden because he would like to help. Rafe appreciates it but says no thanks. Eduardo assures that he can handle himself. Rafe thinks he has enough problems but Eduardo doesn't want him going in to another situation like that by himself. Rafe insists that he won't. Eduardo tells him that his offer stands if he changes his mind. Rafe thanks him.

Outside, Gabi apologizes for being hard on Adriana but wants her to lay off of Hope. Adriana complains that Hope has caused Rafe so much pain. Gabi assures that Hope is a good person and better than the other women Rafe had been with in Salem. Adriana points out that Hope didn't want Rafe and she just wants her family to enjoy each other like normal people. Gabi doesn't think they will ever be normal since Eduardo was an assassin, Rafe is a cop, while she did time in prison. Adriana still thinks Hope is trouble for getting involved with Aiden. Adriana declares that if Rafe knows what's good for him, he will turn his back on Hope and everyone involved with her.

Hope tells Ciara that she is fine so she can go to her volunteer job at the mental hospital. Hope praises her but wishes she didn't have to run in to Chase. Ciara admits seeing him there is weird. Hope asks if he said or did something. Ciara mentions that Chase is on meds and always talks about how much he hates himself for what he did to her. Hope warns her to be careful around him.

Aiden tells Chase that he came to check on him not to talk about he and Hope. Chase doesn't think it matters as he doesn't feel like he exists anymore. Chase complains that everyone here looks the other way when they see him. Aiden offers to talk to his doctor but Chase doesn't think she cares. Chase argues that everyone knows he pulled strings to get his rapist son out of prison and in to the nuthouse. Chase worries about word getting out that Ciara is the one he raped. Aiden blames that happening on him not being around. Aiden begs Chase to give the place a chance. Chase brings up Abigail taking off. Aiden says he only cares about him. Aiden encourages that this is better than prison but Chase says it's the same except in prison they might not look at him like the scum of the earth. Aiden threatens to talk to the doctors but Chase says he will never be forgiven. Chase adds that Ciara is the only person who treats him differently. A cop enters to take Chase to therapy. Chase thanks Aiden for coming and says maybe it will all work out with Hope as he exits the room. Chase goes on to see Ciara and asks her what is wrong.

Aiden returns to his hotel room and sits down in frustration as he thinks back to being with Hope and then how things ended. Aiden then imagines himself appearing in front of him.

Rafe thanks Eduardo again for his offer to help as Gabi and Adriana come back in. Gabi asks about the offer. Rafe explains that Eduardo offered to use his connections to help prove Aiden was behind the explosion. Gabi questions his connections. Eduardo says he didn't say exactly that. Rafe asks how else he would help. Eduardo says Rafe would rather turn elsewhere for help anyways. Eduardo trusts Rafe to not do it alone. Adriana says she knows no one cares what she thinks but she still wants Rafe to let this go. Rafe brings up that Aiden owns the house where the explosion went off. Rafe insists that Aiden told André to get rid of him while he was with Hope. Adriana worries that Aiden could come after him again. Rafe says Hope knows who Aiden is now. Adriana questions if Hope changed her feelings about Rafe. She wants Rafe to walk away from Hope and Aiden. Rafe questions if she wants him to start over with Blanca then declares he wants nothing to do with Blanca since there is nothing between them right as Blanca walks into the room. Blanca apologizes for not letting it be known that she was there. Rafe says he should be sorry. Eduardo suddenly decides he's going to take Adriana to the club so they quickly exit. Gabi decides to go as well to call Arianna's school and check on her rash, leaving Rafe and Blanca alone. Rafe apologizes for Blanca hearing that and didn't want to hurt her feelings. She knows he didn't mean to hurt her but was just saying the truth. Blanca adds that she's told Adriana to stop trying to push them together. She has no expectations and is just grateful that she gets to stay here. Blanca decides she can now afford her own place with her job at the hospital. Rafe encourages her to take her time and not rush out. Rafe decides he's going to go to the hospital to see Hope. Blanca says she's glad she is doing better as Rafe exits.

Ciara tells Chase that nothing is wrong and asks why he would say that. Chase feels that she seemed so sad and scared so he hoped it wasn't because she saw him. Ciara says she has a job to do. Chase asks if she knows what happened between Aiden and Hope since he was just there acting like everything was fine. Chase argues that he knows how much Aiden loves Hope. Ciara mocks that comment. Chase says whatever happens is eating Aiden up and he knows he's miserable so he wants to know why because Aiden is all he has. Ciara decides they should talk.

Aiden begins to argue with himself as his conscience. Aiden's vision of himself calls him spineless and questions thinking Hope would ever be with him. Aiden complains that he's nothing without her and just needs to find a way to get her to forgive him. Aiden's vision tells himself to wake up to the fact that he will never have Hope again.

Eduardo and Adriana sit together at the club. Eduardo points out her not eating her cake and not saying a word. She says he forced her out so he can do the talking. Eduardo asks her to let Rafe make his own decisions about women since he's a grown man. Adriana complains that Rafe keeps picking women that break his heart. Eduardo calls Hope a fine person. Eduardo asks Adriana to give Hope a chance for him.

Gabi returns home where Blanca is looking at apartment listings which Gabi questions. Blanca feels she has overstayed her welcome and now that she has a job, she needs her own place. Gabi just wants to be sure that's the real reason. Blanca asks what other reason there would be. Gabi asks if it's because she doesn't think she stands a chance with Rafe.

The guard tells Ciara that she doesn't have to talk to Chase if she doesn't want to but she tells him it's okay. Ciara tells Chase that she's decent to him because it's her job but nothing has gotten better between them. Ciara says part of her will never get over him raping her as they were friends and she trusted him until he threw that in the garbage so he can never get that back. Chase apologizes. Ciara remarks that it almost sounded like he meant it and asks if Aiden taught him how to do that.

Aiden continues arguing with himself about having a chance with Hope, pointing out that she had chosen him. Aiden insists that he can fix this while his conscience warns that he could end up in prison for a very long time.

Blanca tells Gabi that moving out has nothing to do with Rafe or Adriana trying to play match maker. Blanca calls Rafe a nice, good looking guy but he's not the reason she agreed to come to Salem. Blanca thought she could have a nice life here. Gabi asks what if Rafe was available. Blanca says he isn't so there's no point in talking about. Blanca says she will be happy with a new apartment.

Adriana asks if Eduardo wants her to give Rafe and Hope her blessing. Eduardo says that would be nice or she could at least stay out of their way. Adriana doesn't think it makes a difference. Adriana brings up Hope's past marriages which Eduardo points out are not her fault as she's been a victim of terrible circumstances. Eduardo states that Rafe is in love with Hope. Adriana wishes Rafe wasn't so trusting as she doesn't want him to get hurt by the person he loves.

Aiden's vision tells him that he has to find a way to earn peoples' respect again but right now he's nobody. He needs a position of power to have control over André or anyone that wants to hurt him. Aiden's vision declares they are in this together and then disappears.

Blanca tells Gabi that she has to get ready for work and offers to buy her a drink on a possible double date with her and JJ. Blanca mentions keeping her options open so Gabi says she'll see what she can do.

Chase asks why Ciara said that about Aiden. Ciara says he will find out any way that Hope hates Aiden now because she found out everything he said when he got back was a lie. Ciara explains that Aiden didn't get kidnapped until the night of the wedding and lied to all of them. Chase doesn't believe her. Ciara continues but Chase shouts that she's wrong. Ciara informs him about the matching blood samples. Chase argues that it can't be true but Ciara tells him that it is which means Aiden was planning on killing Hope right from the beginning.

Aiden sits in his room reading an article on his tablet about Justin as DA obtaining an indictment in a case. Aiden seems to get an idea and smiles.

Rafe brings Hope flowers in the hospital and says he couldn't stay away. Rafe mentions Kayla saying Hope should be out in a couple of days. Rafe tells her he will do anything he can to make it go smoothly for her. Hope holds his hand and thanks him.

Eduardo knows he caused a world of grief and tried to explain why he had to leave all those years ago since their family would've been in constant danger. Eduardo is grateful that threat has passed and that he and Adriana have a second chance to be happy. Eduardo thinks Rafe deserves that chance too. Adriana jokes that no one listens to her anyways. Eduardo responds that he does. Adriana tells Eduardo that she is very impressed with how he has conducted himself including risking his life for Rafe and trying to make it up to the families he hurt. Adriana calls it an honorable thing to do. Eduardo says hearing that from her means more than he can say as he touches her hand. Adriana pulls back and starts asking where Dario is. Eduardo starts to say he should go but Adriana decides to go look for Dario. Eduardo then finds a note in his pocket that says "Do you honestly think you can buy our silence? This is only the beginning. MURDERER!"

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