Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/22/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/22/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate comes downstairs at the Kiriakis Mansion with her bags packed. Deimos tells her that better be the last of her things. Kate asks what he can do to her since there's nothing left to leverage over her. Deimos asks if that confuses or frightens her. Kate responds that it bores her. Deimos warns her that she will see what else he can do if she tries to cross him again. Kate laughs at him thinking he's still untouchable. Deimos says goodbye to Kate and shuts the door to the living room as Kate then exits.

Belle and Shawn walk through the town square. Belle mentions going to see Hope later while Shawn mentions that he will be working double shifts until they find Tate. They discuss Brady and Theresa bringing Summer back and Summer thinking Victor is behind it. Belle hopes Brady and Theresa can get through this.

Brady is with John and Paul at John's office. John steps out on a call. Brady talks with Paul about Summer thinking Victor is behind this. Brady admits he thought so too until he talked with Maggie and now he doesn't know what to think. John rejoins them as Steve arrives. Steve brings up the list of names in the dummy corporation. Brady questions if they are supposed to lean on Victor or Summer. Steve responds that he doesn't know. Victor arrives and asks if there's any word on the kidnapper or if they got anything out of Summer.

Theresa goes to see Marlena at her house and questions meeting here instead of at her office. Marlena thought she'd be more comfortable here and encourages her to focus as she plans to hypnotize her in hopes of restoring her memories. Theresa worries about not finding Tate soon and asks Marlena to just do this now.

Nicole meets with Dario at the club and goes over designers to redesign the club. Deimos arrives and asks to speak with Nicole alone.

Kate begins unpacking her things in her new hotel room. She stops and thinks back to Deimos returning at the piano then gets upset.

Belle and Shawn talk about when Claire was kidnapped years ago. Belle asks Shawn if he wants her to take Hope home when she's out of the hospital. Shawn says they haven't got there yet. Belle offers to bring something to her but Shawn tells her that Rafe is all over it. André shows up and remarks on Rafe and Hope then brings up going to see Hope. Shawn warns him to stay away.

John tells Victor they are going over everything. Brady asks if there's anything Victor wants to tell him. Victor responds that he would never torture him this way and would never use his great grandson to do it. Brady points out that he hates Theresa and Summer. Victor argues that he doesn't need to steal a child to deal with them. Steve asks if he has anything to help. Victor is glad Steve is there and warns them against Summer being a con artist. Brady points out that Summer has agreed to help in any way she can. Victor declares they will get her to crack.

Marlena hypnotizes Theresa to remember when she had her protein shake. Theresa recalls Brady coming in and not wanting her to work so hard then she went off to the town square with Tate. Theresa remembers being on the bench with Tate in the stroller. Theresa talks about being so tired when Anne came then she left and she couldn't stay awake. Marlena encourages to focus on Tate in his stroller. Theresa envisions seeing a shadow so someone was definitely there. Marlena asks what she sees in the person.

Dario tells Deimos no but Nicole asks what he wants. Deimos asks if they can talk somewhere private. Nicole says yes and agrees to take a walk with him, telling Dario that she will be back soon. Nicole exits with Deimos. Chloe and Philip walk up and see them leave then head in to the club.

Nicole tells Deimos to make this fast as she was in the middle of something. Deimos informs her that Kate is out of the mansion, his business, and his life in every single way. Nicole questions him dragging her out for that and asks why she should care. Deimos insists that she does care. Nicole can't believe him and tries to leave but Deimos tells her not to run. Deimos says there has to be a way for them to wipe the slate clean. Deimos wants to start over.

Kate remains sitting in her hotel room in frustration then goes back to unpacking her bags. Kate stops and pulls out her phone. She calls someone and leaves a message to call her back when they get this as she would like to talk.

Marlena asks Theresa if she can see the person. Theresa is sure there is a person but can only make out that they are wearing dark clothes and a hat. Marlena encourages her to try and see their face. Theresa recalls the person moving towards them but she can't see like there is a black fog. Marlena tells her to focus on the person with every step they take to see the face more clearly. Theresa complains about it moving slowly. Theresa then breaks out of it saying no.

Nicole tells Deimos no but he argues with her. Nicole tells him to stop telling her what she does and doesn't want. Deimos asks if she wants to see him as a man that she can trust. Nicole calls that not possible. Deimos questions why. Nicole asks what he's done to be trustworthy when he played her. Nicole says he came so close to letting her go to jail for his murder but Deimos disagrees. Nicole asks where he would be if she didn't find him then says she doesn't want to know. Nicole questions why anyone should believe him. Deimos tells her that she's right that she needs actions so he will prove it to her starting now.

Theresa tells Marlena that she can't believe that she couldn't see who the kidnapper was. Marlena feels there is more information they can get but not now as she needs to relax so they have to wait until the next session. Theresa wants to identify the kidnapper. Marlena thinks they will get there but wants to wait a couple of hours for her to calm down. Marlena reminds her not to pressure herself. Theresa decides she will call her in a few hours. Marlena asks how Brady is. Theresa says he's on edge and out of his mind like her. Theresa adds that all that matters is finding Tate so they will figure it out. Marlena thinks it might be easier if she talks about her feelings instead of bottling them up, encouraging her to talk to Brady. Theresa responds that she loves Brady so much but if they don't find their son then she doesn't know if they can live through that. Theresa questions if their love can survive.

Victor knows rewards aren't a good idea but offers money if they need anything. John points out that Theresa already offered a reward but Victor feels it would have a bigger impact coming from him. Victor tells them to keep him posted as he exits. Brady thinks it's still possible that Victor's behind this. John asks what Steve was going to say before Victor came in. Steve notes that Victor and Summer are obvious suspects but he thinks they are too obvious. Steve goes over the dummy corporation being real and says this isn't a simple abduction.

Philip and Chloe walk through the town square. Philip tells Chloe that it will get easier seeing Deimos with Nicole. Chloe says it's not Nicole but just seeing Deimos at all. Philip calls it the hazard of a small town to run in to people they would rather not as they turn around to see Shawn and Belle.

Kate meets Marlena at the Brady Pub, noting that she sounded surprised by her call. Marlena points out that they haven't talked much since Will's funeral. Kate responds that she's been occupied and out of her mind but will get right to it. Kate asks what makes her always go to the wrong man. Marlena asks if she's asking her as a friend or a therapist because she can give her sympathy or advice. Kate just wants an answer. Marlena takes that she wants the cold hard truth so she tells Kate that she doesn't have good relationships because she doesn't think she deserves them. Kate argues that she knows she's hurt people but she did it for reasons. Marlena suggests the reasons are not what she thinks.

Nicole tells Deimos not to make some grand gesture as it won't change anything. Deimos stops her and argues that she knows he cares about her. Nicole disagrees and argues that Deimos can't care about anyone. Nicole says nothing Deimos said or did was about her at all. Deimos says that may have been true before he saw the real her. Deimos insists that he's a different man and he will prove it to her as he kisses her hand. Dario then approaches as Deimos walks away.

Marlena brings up Kate always wanting to protect her sons but she ends up with them having to turn away from her. Kate argues that she is attracted to complicated men. Marlena thinks she doesn't like men that are simply complicated or simply criminals. Marlena suggests she might think they can protect her or that it's a bigger win for her. Marlena tells Kate that she doesn't have to live like this as she can break the cycle and change. Kate thinks she would be happy just to make real amends with her children. Marlena jokes with her that she can come to her any time. Marlena gets paged to the hospital on an appointment so she has to go. Kate says she'll be fine. Marlena tells her to call her anytime as she exits the Pub. André then joins Kate and asks how she's doing. Kate asks what he wants. André questions what Marlena was doing there. Kate responds that they were having a good chat. André argues that he could give her better advice for free.

Nicole apologizes to Dario for keeping him waiting and says they can go back to the club but Dario decides they can stay outside. Nicole thought they had more designs to go over but Dario understands she can't focus right now and tells her to relax. Nicole insists that she's fine. Dario asks what happened with Deimos. Nicole calls it nothing but Dario knows he came to tell her something. Nicole calls it the same old bull and says she doesn't need to talk about Deimos.

Steve comes back in to John's office, finishing a call and tells them to give Brady a call. Steve hangs up and says it was a messenger for the dummy corporation. Steve says he agreed to talk to Brady for a price. Steve says they will try to record it and trace the number. Theresa rushes in saying they won't believe what happened as Brady answers the phone but it's just a telemarketer. Theresa tells Brady about seeing something when Marlena hypnotized her. Brady blows it off but Theresa tells him not to shut her out.

Belle and Shawn greet Chloe, not knowing she was back in town. Philip informs them that Chloe has moved back which she confirms. Philip reveals that he has signed her to his label so she will be his first star. Chloe says they will see how the market is. Philip insists that Chloe's style will break out. Belle didn't know Chloe wanted a recording career. Chloe says she didn't either but Philip convinced her. Philip assures that they will make it work and she will make them a lot of money. Chloe says they will see how it goes while Philip insists she is here to stay.

Kate doesn't want André's advice. André mocks Marlena's advice and argues that people don't change. André tells Kate that she's perfect as she is and says the world needs people like them. Kate doesn't care what people think of her but André insists she feels the judgment. Kate asks what's gotten into him. André says he's just tired of the insects in the town. André brings up Deimos kicking her to the curb. Kate tells him to go away. André questions if she wants Deimos to get away with besting her and not wanting revenge. Kate suggests she reconsidered. André thinks they are perfectly conditioned to teach the people of Salem a lesson they will never forget.

Nicole insists to Dario that she feels nothing for Deimos but Dario doesn't believe her. Dario questions her as to what it is about Deimos that gets to her.

Deimos goes to see Victor. Victor tries to shut the door but Deimos walks in and comments on being back from the dead. Victor tells him to go back to Hell.

Brady tells Theresa that they are just waiting on a call to come through. Theresa argues that she's trying to help. The phone rings and Brady answers while Theresa screams about identifying the person they are trying to catch which the person on the phone overhears and hangs up. They try to figure out how to call him back as Theresa questions what's going on. Paul traces the number and dials it back. Theresa keeps questioning so Brady yells at her to stop talking.

Dario again asks Nicole what it is about Deimos and if she wants him. Nicole says she can't explain as she doesn't know what he does to her or why. Dario comments that whatever it is, she doesn't look happy. Nicole admits she's not so Dario tells her to stop and let Deimos go. Dario tells her to let him help her. Nicole feels she wouldn't be fair to him but Dario argues it would be fun. Nicole says she can't. Dario tells her not to say that until she hears what he has in mind.

Kate tells André that she is sorry to disappoint him but she has decided she no longer has any use for vengeance. André blames it on Marlena tricking her with one session. Kate says she's so tired. André suggests she has an ally in him for a price if she helps him, he helps her. Kate says she doesn't have a fortune to spend on him. Kate asks why he's still here and what he wants. André responds that he wants companionship in a partner in crime.

Chloe says goodbye to Shawn and Belle as she walks off with Philip. Shawn calls it a great sight to see them together again. Belle calls it a business relationship but Shawn argues that he saw sparks. Shawn feels they both wanted Philip to leave her alone and now he has something to focus his attention on.

Victor tells Deimos to get out. Deimos says the brother he knew is dead and he's now a changed man. Victor doesn't want to hear it but Deimos declares it's time for them to truly make peace and he's not giving up until they do.

Paul explains to Theresa how they are trying to get a hold of the messenger from the dummy corporation. Brady says he's not picking up. Theresa starts to cry about costing them a real lead. Theresa explains how she saw a shadow when Marlena hypnotized her. John encourages that it could help later. Brady says this could have been a dead end. Brady hugs Theresa as she breaks down crying.

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