Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/21/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/21/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

John and Marlena walk out of the town square. John thanks Marlena for getting him out since he's been in his office for so long. Marlena encourages that he can't help Brady and Theresa if he can't think straight. John hoped they would have found Tate with Summer in Las Vegas. They talk about wanting to find out who did this.

Victor and Maggie sit together at home. Victor is glad Brady and Theresa found Summer. Maggie is glad everyone is home and wants to find Tate. Victor wants Summer to admit the truth since she took the money to kidnap Tate. Maggie decides she's exhausted and goes to lay down. Brady then arrives and questions Victor as to where his son is.

Theresa joins Summer in the interrogation room at the police station and tells her that Roman should be there soon. Summer brings up Brady promising not to turn her in to the police. Theresa tells her that no one turned her in. Summer worries about being put on the spot and whoever blackmailed her could know that she's there talking to the cops. Theresa tells her that she hasn't been arrested and no one has mentioned Clark so no one will know. Theresa tells her that Roman just wants to talk about what she knows. Summer insists that Victor is the one behind this. Theresa tells her that Brady is talking to him now but until Tate is safe and home, no one is taking their eyes off of her.

Rafe finally is able to break the door open and begins screaming for help which Chad hears from inside the DiMera Mansion. Chad goes to check the underground tunnels where Rafe comes out, surprising Chad. Rafe tells Chad that they have to get Hope. Chad questions what happened and where he came from. Rafe tells him there is no time as they have to get back to Hope so Chad follows him back in to the tunnels.

Hope dreams about finding out the truth about Aiden and trying to save Rafe from the bomb. Chad and Rafe return to Hope. Chad questions if she's alright and what happened. Rafe says they have to get her out of here so Chad picks Hope up and they carry her out.

Summer tells Theresa that she knows she's lied a whole lot but she wants her to think about what she said again. Summer brings up being given away as a baby changing everything. Summer says if she had Maggie instead of her adoptive parents, she would've been loved and a better person. Theresa questions what this has to do with Tate. Summer explains that she would never take a baby from it's mother after what happened to her.

Victor tells Brady that he had nothing to do with Tate's kidnapping and that Summer is behind it. Brady explains that Summer brought things up like Victor having the resources. Victor argues that Summer is trying to throw him off and that she took the money. Brady points out that Summer gave him his money back and asks who could set up dummy accounts and all that money. Victor reminds him that Deimos took all of his money but Brady informs him that John did some checking and found out he has some cash. Brady adds that he discovered Victor made a withdrawal of the same amount of money days before Tate's kidnapping. Victor says that was for he and Maggie to take a cruise to get away with. Victor can't believe Brady is accusing him of this. Brady says that Victor hates Summer and Theresa and saw the chance to ruin both of their lives. Brady demands to know where his son is.

John and Marlena talk about the account with the money to kidnap Tate and start to bring up the possibility of Victor but they decide to change the subject from the negativity. Marlena talks about other things then mentions their wedding coming up. John asks how she wants to pull this off. Marlena suggests something new and fresh. John states that they have pretty much done it all. John jokes about doing it at Wrigley Field when they go to see a Cubs game as he kisses her.

Chad and Rafe bring Hope in to the living room of the DiMera Mansion and lay her on to the couch. Chad goes to get some water as Rafe checks on her. Jennifer walks in and rushes over questioning what happened and what's going on. Chad returns and says he doesn't know but they need to get them to the hospital. Jennifer decides she will call 911 and call Kayla.

Aiden talks with a nurse at the hospital about a bruise and worrying about something being broken as he claims to have fallen down some stairs. Kayla comes in and sees him but then gets the call from Jennifer. Kayla asks how badly Hope is hurt and tells her to hang in there as they will be ready for her. Aiden questions if she said Hope and if she's going to be okay. Aiden asks if there's anything he can do. Kayla tells him to get out of her face because Roman told her about all of his lies so what happens to Hope is none of his business.

Rafe and Jennifer check on Hope, worrying about her wound. Hope wakes up as they encourage her to hang in. JJ arrives with cops and a stretcher asking what happened. Chad picks Hope up and places her on the stretcher. Jennifer, JJ, and the cops go out with her while Chad helps Rafe walk out of the mansion.

Theresa questions caring about Summer having it rough. Summer insists that she wouldn't do that to another baby but Theresa thinks she's twisted enough to do anything for that kind of money. Roman enters and tells Theresa there is nothing new yet but they are on it. Roman thanks Summer for coming in and asks her about being blackmailed. Summer explains that she found money and a note in her hotel. Roman wants to see the note but Summer threw it out since she wasn't going to do it. Roman asks why they chose her. Summer guesses they knew about her con artist past and that she knew Brady so she could get close. Summer insists that she would not do anything like that. Roman asks if they had something on Summer that she didn't want anyone to find out.

Victor can't believe Brady is accusing him. Brady brings up how Victor hired a woman to kidnap Claire to make Belle seem like an unfit mother. Victor argues that was for Philip to get custody. Brady screams that Victor does these things and that's who he is. Brady accuses him of drugging Theresa and taking Tate. Victor argues that Theresa is an unfit mother and he can't believe he's still listening to Summer. Brady demands to know where Tate is and says he'll forgive him. Victor says he's the only one who deserves forgiveness because of what he's being accused of. Victor decides he can't listen to him anymore. Victor tells him he can tear apart the whole place if he wants but they are done as he walks out of the house. Brady turns around and sees Maggie come back in.

Kayla checks on Hope in the hospital with a nurse and two cops. Aiden appears in the doorway as Kayla tries to talk to Hope. Kayla orders to prep the operating room. Kayla tells Hope that everything will be alright as Aiden walks in. Kayla tells him to get out so he does as they stretcher Hope to the operating room while Rafe and Jennifer walk in.

Brady assumes Maggie heard all of that. Maggie says they were pretty loud. Brady also assumes she thinks he's wrong. Maggie doesn't blame him for being suspicious since Victor has done horrible things in the past but he's changed. Brady brings up there being no ransom so this wasn't for money and asks who else has motive. Maggie reminds him that Victor loves him and Tate. Brady feels he still wants absolute control and that he'll do anything for what he wants. Maggie insists that Victor is desperate to find Tate. Brady thinks what Deimos did changed Victor and he's right back to being the old Victor. Maggie says maybe but maybe not. Maggie thinks Brady is just upset, afraid, angry, and exhausted so he's looking for any explanation he can find. Maggie asks where he got this idea. Brady admits it came from Summer.

Summer looks at Theresa and tells Roman that the blackmailer only knew about her criminal record. Roman questions what they would reveal but she claims it was just her past which she already told the people she loved about. Roman asks about the money but then gets a call from Rafe. Roman asks where he is and if he's alright. Rafe tells him that he's at the hospital, Hope's in surgery and they made it out alive. Rafe tells Roman that he needs to get there and let Shawn know right away. Roman says he'll be right there, tells Summer they will do this another time and exits. Theresa comments on Summer dodging a bullet. Summer thanks her for not saying anything. Theresa says she only cares about getting Tate back. Theresa decides they can go so they exit the interrogation room as Victor arrives at the station.

Rafe joins Jennifer in the waiting room and tells her that Roman and Shawn are on their way while Ciara's phone is going to voicemail. Jennifer encourages him and asks if there is word on the operating room. Rafe wants to check but Jennifer wants someone to check the wound on his leg. Rafe is only concentrated on Hope and says they are lucky they got here when they did. Rafe asks why Hope didn't listen to him. Jennifer says if she did then he wouldn't be here now. Kayla comes in and says she has good news. Kayla informs him that they removed Hope's spleen but she will be fine. Aiden appears in the doorway to listen in. Kayla thinks Hope will be able to be released in a week. Rafe wants to see her. Kayla tells him she's in recovery so he can see her in a bit. Kayla adds that if Rafe didn't get her here when he did then there would've been a completely different ending. Jennifer tells Rafe that he saved Hope's life. Jennifer hugs him and thanks him as Rafe says that Hope saved his. Aiden looks relieved from the doorway.

Maggie questions Brady relying on Summer's word. Brady says they have kept their eye on Summer and she's guilty of plenty but made a hell of a case for Victor being behind this. Brady thinks Victor could have left Summer the money and then when she turned him down, he had someone else do it. Maggie refuses to believe it. Brady brings up Victor withdrawing $100,000 from a bank account. Maggie insists that was for the world cruise they were going to go on. Brady thinks it's a coincidence. Maggie yells at him to have a little more faith in his grandfather then apologizes as he's under a lot of stress. Brady understands it hasn't been easy on her and apologizes. Maggie cries that Summer is still her daughter so she deserves her love. Maggie suggests Summer and Victor could both be wrong and someone else did this. Brady says he doesn't know anything other than his son is gone.

Victor asks Summer about her being questioned. Summer says she came to help. Victor points out her dying her hair and thinks that shows her guilt. Summer says they are leaving. Victor questions why she hasn't been arrested. Summer screams at him that she didn't kidnap Tate and accuses him of it. Victor warns her to return Tate to his parents or he will make sure she wishes she was never born. Victor then exits the station. Theresa asks Summer if she still thinks Victor did it. Summer responds that Victor is lethal and will do whatever it takes to hurt Theresa and destroy her.

Rafe joins Kayla after getting stitches on his leg. Rafe asks about Hope being in recovery. Kayla tells him that Jennifer is in with her now. Kayla is so glad that Rafe looked out for Hope. Kayla leaves and Jennifer returns. Jennifer tells Rafe that Hope seems good but will be asleep for quite awhile now. Jennifer decides she will head back to the mansion if he's good now. Rafe thanks her for everything. Jennifer tells him to take care as she exits. Rafe goes on to visit Hope in her hospital room. Hope wakes up and greets him. Hope tells him that she's going to be okay. Hope says that she's alive because of him. Rafe says he wasn't going to let her die.

Aiden finds a nurse to ask about Hope but she tells him that he will have to ask a doctor. Shawn arrives and questions what Aiden is doing there. Aiden explains that he heard about Rafe and Hope. Shawn says Hope is going to be okay no thanks to him. Aiden tries to explain but Shawn doesn't want to hear it. Shawn threatens to find out he was behind the explosion so he will spend the rest of his life in prison.

JJ walks through the town square, talking to Jennifer on the phone about taking care of herself and being glad that Hope will be okay. Chad walks up with Thomas and asks JJ if there's any word on Hope. JJ says she's doing okay considering. JJ starts to walk away but Chad stops him and brings up the search for Abigail. Chad then stops and says he's sure JJ would have told him if he heard anything. JJ goes to walk away again but Chad stops him and brings up Jennifer suing for custody. Chad hopes JJ could talk to her. JJ responds that there is no way he will talk about it with him because that's between he and Jennifer. JJ then walks away.

John finishes a call with Brady and tells Marlena that Brady confronted Victor who said he had nothing to do with the kidnapping. John decides he has to get back to the office to go over everything in hopes of clearing this up once and for all. Marlena decides she will go with him. John asks if she has time. Marlena responds that she will make time for him. Marlena tells him they will go crack this case as they walk off together.

Victor returns home to Maggie. Maggie mentions hearing he and Brady arguing. Victor is sorry that she had to put up with that. Maggie adds that she tried to convince Brady that he was wrong. Victor guesses he wasn't buying it. Maggie explains that Brady is terrified and grasping at straws. Maggie tells Victor that she believes in him as she knows he could never do something like that. Victor hugs her.

Hope tells Rafe that she doesn't remember much clearly but all she knows for sure is that Rafe was always there, doing whatever it took. Rafe says he was just returning the favor. Hope thanks him. Rafe decides he'll go and let her rest so he exits the room.

Aiden swears to Shawn that he had nothing to do with the explosion. Shawn reveals finding proof that he purchased the property. Aiden insists that he would never do anything to hurt Hope as he loves her and always will. Rafe walks in and threatens to take his head off if he goes anywhere near Hope. Rafe adds that he can tell his buddy André that he's coming for him too. Aiden then walks out of the room.

Brady joins Theresa and Summer in the town square. They talk about Victor denying everything and not knowing what to do. Summer wants to help and swears to do whatever it takes to get Tate back.

Roman joins Shawn and Rafe at the hospital. Roman says Ciara was at the library with her phone off but is on her way. Roman takes Rafe to get his statement about what happened in that basement.

Aiden goes in to Hope's room. Aiden says all he ever wanted was to love her. Hope wakes up and tells him to get the hell away from her. Aiden insists that he didn't do this to her. Hope tells him to leave Salem and never come back. Aiden responds that he can't do that. Hope warns him that he will regret it.

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