Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/20/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/20/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe dreams about trying to escape the tunnels then has a nightmare about Hope dying with Aiden and André blaming him for it. Rafe's nightmare continues with Aiden and André taunting him about costing Hope her life. They tease Rafe about being just like them but he says he's nothing like them. Eduardo appears to Rafe in his dream and encourages him to stay strong. Eduardo tells him to make those responsible pay for what they have done by offering him a gun but he refuses to be a killer. They go over Rafe covering up the crime when Hope murdered Stefano. Rafe turns it to Eduardo leaving his family to be an assassin. Rafe knows Hope regrets the mistake of killing Stefano. Rafe says he will mourn Hope and honor her life as Eduardo disappears from the dream. Rafe then begins to dream of Hope speaking to him from beyond the grave, questioning why he didn't fight harder for her or love her enough.

Rafe wakes up from his nightmare and checks on Hope. Rafe tells her to come back to him and then falls back asleep at her side.

Rafe's nightmare then continues with Hope voice questioning why he didn't fight harder for her. Ciara and Shawn appear in the dream and blame Rafe for Hope's death. Dario appears next in his dream and says he's here to help Rafe. Dario encourages him to push the pain aside and move on. Rafe mocks that as what Dario does and argues for his love for Hope. Dario brings up how the family always looked to him but Rafe doesn't want that responsibility. Rafe declares he just wants Hope to be okay as he breaks down crying. Rafe then has flashbacks of past times with Hope. Adriana then appears in his dream and says she was wrong about Hope and blind to the happiness she brought him. Gabi joins her and encourages Rafe to never give up. André and Aiden reappear to continue blaming Rafe. Doug appears in the dream and blames Rafe for letting Hope go. Rafe knows he should've fought harder and goes back to Eduardo in his dream to ask for the gun he offered earlier. Eduardo tells him revenge is sweet as he hands him the gun. Rafe's nightmare concludes with him shooting Aiden and André. Hope returns in his dream and they kiss until she passes out.

Rafe wakes up again from his nightmare and checks on Hope. Rafe checks her pulse and is relieved that she's alive. Hope wakes up so Rafe tells her it's going to be okay. Rafe tells her that he's going to get the door open. Hope tries to say it's her turn but Rafe says they'll talk when she gets better. Rafe promises to be right back as he goes to the door. Rafe bangs on the door to no avail.

While Rafe continues banging on the door, Hope dreams about their past times together including their first kiss and then dreams of the explosion.

Rafe finally is able to break the door open and begins screaming for help as Hope awakes.

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