Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/18/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/18/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Dario works at the club when Blanca comes in and comments on it being quiet in the club. Dario asks if she's meeting someone. Blanca says she just decided to stop by. Dario guesses she is looking for Rafe but she denies it. Dario thinks she has the hots for Rafe.

Aiden sits alone in his hotel room where there's a knock at the door. He yells for them to go away but the knocking continues so he opens the door to see André. André teases Aiden about destroying his room. André tells Aiden that he has good news about Rafe. Aiden responds that it's over for him and Hope since she knows he lied so it doesn't matter if Rafe is around or not. André calls that a pity as he reveals to Aiden that Rafe is no longer with them and has died.

Shawn rushes in to the building after the explosion trying to find Hope and Rafe.

Blanca tells Dario that a lot of women find Rafe attractive. Dario accuses her of avoiding the question but Blanca says there wasn't one. Blanca admits she likes Rafe but knows he seems very much in love with Hope. Dario questions her not fighting but Blanca says she doesn't fight for a man. Dario asks if she's going to leave Salem then but she says she likes it there so she will stay. Dario thinks she will get bored like he did. Blanca asks what brought him back to Salem. Dario responds that he felt like his family needed him. She calls him a good son. Dario jokes that he's not sure Adriana would agree with that. Dario asks what she's thinking. She calls him very different from the rest of his family especially Rafe. Blanca feels Rafe is cool and laid back while Dario seems like a bomb waiting to explode.

Shawn tries to call Hope but gets no answer as he sends workers to search the property.

Aiden questions André killing Rafe. André asks what he expected him to do when he told him to take care of it. Aiden argues that he never told him to kill Rafe and questions what's wrong with him. André asks what he wanted him to do then. Aiden hopes he covered his tracks. André says he did like a DiMera. Aiden warns him that he can't have anything like this leading back to him as he can't deal with the Salem PD especially after losing Hope. André points out he has lost Hope in more ways than one. Aiden asks what that means. André explains Hope trying to save Rafe. Aiden asks what he's saying. André responds that Hope and Rafe are no more and didn't survive the explosion so he's so sorry for his loss.

Rafe carries Hope through the building after the explosion and lays her down. Rafe tells her not to die on him.

Dario tells Blanca that's very dramatic. Blanca questions why he hates Eduardo so much but says he doesn't have to answer. Dario says it's very simple as he betrayed his family and broke his mother's heart which is unforgivable. Adriana then appears and asks what is unforgivable. Dario avoids and asks what she's doing there. Adriana says she was looking for Rafe. Dario informs her that he is not there but he will make them some drinks as he sits Adriana and Blanca at a table then goes back to the bar. Adriana asks Blanca about her day at work. Blanca says she had a good day. Adriana asks if her sister was able to reach her which Blanca questions. Adriana says her sister was trying to reach her but only got her voicemail. Adriana reveals that Blanca's sister mentioned a man back home in Mexico who has been asking about her, named Guillermo.

Shawn calls Roman and says there is no sign of Hope or Rafe but they found Hope's phone destroyed. Roman points out that no body has been found so there is a good chance they got out. Roman encourages him to believe and says he will be there soon.

Rafe places a wet rag on Hope's body and she wakes up in pain, asking what happened as Rafe tells her she is okay.

Adriana asks Blanca who Guillermo is and why she is so afraid of him. Blanca calls it no big deal and she just hasn't heard his name in awhile. Blanca says he's an ex boyfriend. Adriana questions him wanting to keep in touch. Blanca doesn't know why, insisting it's over between them. Dario brings them their drinks. Adriana wants to try and call Rafe again as she is starting to worry. Dario thinks it can wait and complains that she always worries about them. Adriana steps outside to make her call. Dario goes to tend to customers while Blanca pulls out her phone and calls her sister Natalia, telling her that she is worried about Guillermo trying to find her. Blanca instructs her to tell him that she has no idea where she is if he asks. Dario returns to her and asks if everything is okay.

Roman joins Shawn in searching the building. Shawn says if they did get out alive, they will be injured pretty badly.

Aiden questions André about how this happened. André explains that a series of clues lured Rafe to an abandoned basement where he was knocked out then chained to a bomb. André mocks Rafe trying to free himself. André tells him that Hope rushed in, trying to save his life while Rafe begged her to leave but she refused. Aiden accuses him of lying to him and playing mind games. Aiden demands to know where Hope is but André laughs at him.

Hope notes that Rafe is hurt but he claims he's fine as he brings her a glass of water. Hope asks where they are. Rafe guesses it's DiMera underground tunnels. Hope asks what happened. Rafe informs her that there was an explosion. Hope remembers the bomb and he was in chains. Hope asks how they got out. Rafe reminds her that she got them out. Rafe praises her being a good shot even though he didn't think it was the best idea but it was. Hope recalls a trap door. Rafe says it must be a DiMera property since it has a secret underground escape route. Hope remembers climbing down a ladder. Rafe says that is when the bomb went off and how he hurt his leg. Rafe tells her that he will be alright as he continues taking care of Hope. Hope thanks him for saving her. Rafe reminds her that she saved him. Hope says they're even as they saved each other.

Blanca tells Dario that everything is fine and admits she was trying to keep an ex boyfriend from tracking her down. Dario thinks it sounds like trouble and asks if there is anything he can do. Blanca tells him it's no big deal but thanks him. Adriana returns and complains about being unable to reach Rafe after leaving four messages. Dario mocks her worrying too much. Adriana decides to go as Blanca does as well. Adriana tells Dario to tell Rafe that she is frantic with worry if he sees him. Adriana hugs him and tells him not to turn his phone off. Dario agrees to answer any calls from her. She tells him to call if he hears from Rafe. They thank Dario for the drink as they exit the club.

Rafe tries finding medical supplies but can't find anything. Rafe insists his leg will hold up to get her to the hospital. Hope says they have to get out of here. Hope tells Rafe that he has to go get help for them but Rafe refuses to leave her. Hope insists that she needs him to do this. Hope says she will be fine for a few minutes if he goes to get help. Rafe agrees to go for one minute down the hall and says he will be right back.

André tells Aiden that it's the truth whether he wants to believe it or not. Aiden asks why he would let this happen. André calls this Aiden's chance to move on. Aiden argues that this isn't what he wanted. André calls it collateral damage but he can't say he's not pleased with how things turned out. André declares that Stefano's murder has finally and definitely been avenged.

Blanca and Adriana walk through the town square. Adriana points out her constant looking around and seeming nervous. She asks if it's because of Guillermo. Blanca says it's no big deal and regrets getting involved with him but he's not ready to let go. Adriana notes that he doesn't know she's in Salem. Blanca responds that he must never find out.

Hope calls out for Rafe, asking if he's back. Rafe says he just got back. Hope asks if he got help or called their families. Rafe informs her that he did not. Rafe says there are two ways out, one is totally blocked from the explosion and the other is a locked door. Rafe says he came back to try and find something to pick the lock with. Hope worries that there is no way out and no way for anyone to know they are alive. Rafe promises he will get Hope out and back to her family.

Blanca and Adriana sit together in the town square. Adriana notes her being so quiet and thinks she can't stop worrying. Adriana asks how it ended badly between her and Guillermo. Blanca asks why she cares and tells her it's not her business. Blanca tells her to stop acting like her mother and turns away from her.

André advises Aiden to look towards the future, not the past. André tells him to take care of his son and try to find the right woman this time. Aiden calls Hope the right woman but says he took her from him. André says they wouldn't be having this conversation right now if he didn't take him that night since Bo shot his replacement. Aiden argues that he knew he wouldn't kill Hope but André wanted her dead. André tells Aiden to take the chance to move on. André goes to leave but Aiden stops him and begins punching him until André blocks and knocks him down by hitting him in the throat.

Adriana apologizes for upsetting Blanca. Blanca says she's sorry for speaking to her like that when she's being nice to her. Adriana tells her she's just worried about her since she brought her here, hoping Rafe would fall in love with her. Blanca assures that is not going to happen but she's still happy as she loves it in Salem. Adriana still hopes she hasn't given up on Rafe since she can tell she likes him and he could fall hard for her too if Hope wasn't in the picture. Blanca points out that she is in the picture but Adriana assures it won't last as she sees no future for Hope and Rafe.

Rafe encourages Hope about the police searching for them since no bodies were found. Hope tells him that she trusts him that everything will be okay. Hope thanks him and then passes out.

André steps on Aiden and warns him to never forget who he's dealing with. Aiden questions if he's going to kill him. André says Aiden might find satisfaction in killing him if he thinks he has nothing to lose but he's dead wrong.

Blanca returns to the club and orders another drink from Dario. Dario asks how many times Adriana asked about Rafe or called him. Blanca says not once as she was only paying attention to her. Dario guesses she asked endless questions about her past and personal life. Blanca says not really as they didn't talk about anything much. Dario feels she doesn't like talking about her past or personal life which she confirms. Dario says he doesn't either. Blanca asks if there is a woman in Dario's life. Dario responds that there is a woman he wishes was in his life but he's not sure it will ever be a possibility. Blanca toasts to them being a hell of a pair.

Adriana walks through the town square and tries calling Rafe again, leaving another message to call her as soon as he gets the message.

Roman and Shawn continue to search the property. Shawn points out the broken chain and that someone must have busted it. Roman guesses Hope must have freed Rafe somehow. Shawn thinks it could be how they got out alive before the bomb went off. Roman and Shawn agree they need to find out who was responsible for this.

Aiden gets back to his feet and asks André what more he could do to him. Aiden says his son is locked away and Hope is dead so he has no leverage. André threatens Aiden with spending the rest of his life in prison. Aiden argues that he did not try to kill Hope so the police have nothing on him. André brings up Aiden changing Hope's life insurance policy. Aiden argues that it can't be pinned on him. André laughs at him and informs him that he made sure Rafe and Hope dying in the explosion would fall back on Aiden. André warns Aiden that he will take the fall for murdering them if he doesn't get back in line and give him the respect he deserves. André then exits the room.

Rafe tries to wake Hope up to give her more water but notes that she's burning up. Rafe continues trying to wake her up.

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