Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/15/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/15/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita


Theresa talks on the phone to her mom, crying about there being no news on Tate. Shawn finishes a call and tells Belle there is nothing as well. Belle encourages they have to find Tate soon because she doesn't know how much longer Theresa can keep it together. Theresa breaks down crying while on the phone.

Victor talks on the phone, wanting everything on Summer and to bring in more man power if needed. Victor says to check in every hour as he hangs up. John enters and tells Victor that he tore apart Summer's hotel room and came up with nothing but he did find something in the elevator. Paul brings Maggie in to John's office. Victor tells Maggie that she didn't need to come down but Maggie wants to help. Maggie asks if they have any idea who took him. John informs her that everything is pointing towards Summer.

Roman and Justin talk with Aiden in the interrogation room. Aiden tells them that he has nothing to hide as Hope knows everything. Justin goes over Stefano's plan to use the necktie killer's MO and questions Aiden not having a gun or any backup plan. Aiden argues that they have nothing to put him in the prison because he didn't do it and would never try to kill the woman he loves.

André watches Hope and Rafe from his hotel room on the camera. André remarks that Hope is too late and they won't make it out alive.

Rafe continues telling Hope to get out but Hope refuses after all the times he saved her. Rafe argues but Hope insists that they will figure this out together as the bomb counts down from 18 minutes.

Claire joins Doug and Julie at the Pub. Julie comments on it being too long since they have seen her. Doug asks how she's doing. Claire is frustrated at nothing happening with her musical career but they encourage her. Claire brings up Chad and Abigail. Claire mentions Ciara saying Chad is having a rough time and she feels bad for him and Thomas. Claire notes their expressions and asks if something happened. Julie reveals to her that Jennifer is suing Chad for custody of Thomas. Claire doesn't think she would do that but Julie explains that she felt she had no choice. Claire calls it sad. Doug says they do what they have to in order to protect their children and grandchildren. Doug mentions calling Hope and not hearing back. Doug guesses she must be swamped on a case.

Hope tells Rafe that she has no idea how to dismantle the bomb. Hope tries to call Roman to get a bomb squad but she has no signal so she has to go outside. Rafe continues encouraging her to go but Hope promises that she will get him out. Hope exits as the bomb counts down from 16 minutes.

Theresa tells her mom that she doesn't need to come and she will call the minute she hears anything. Brady comes home. Shawn asks him how it's going. Brady talks about chasing leads but getting nothing. Theresa mentions Shane contacting the ISA. Shawn tells Brady that nothing has panned out yet. Brady worries that going on television will bring out all the nut jobs. Theresa screams that at least she did something and blames Brady for bringing Summer to Salem. Brady yells back at her about concentrating on finding their son.

Maggie calls it impossible for Summer to kidnap Tate. Maggie hopes Victor is not the one who put the thought out there. John assures her that it's coming from a lot of different sources. Paul explains how Summer warned Theresa to take good care of her son before leaving town. John brings up Summer's feelings for Brady and her criminal history. Maggie argues that a con artist isn't a kidnapper and insists Summer wouldn't do that. Victor knows Maggie doesn't want to think she is evil. Maggie argues there is no proof. John points out that Summer left town the same time that Tate went missing. Paul asks if she gave any clues as to where she might go. Maggie mentions Summer living in Texas and then California. John asks if Summer has contacted Maggie since leaving which she confirms she hasn't because they had a falling out. Maggie says she has left messages but she hasn't gotten back to her. Maggie insists that Summer is not capable of doing something this horrible.

Summer goes through shopping bags in her hotel room.

Maggie tries calling Summer but it goes to voicemail. John assures her it's been turned off. Paul and John try to make more phone calls. Maggie knows Victor thinks Summer did this. Victor calls her the most obvious suspect. Maggie asks why. Victor brings up Brady turning her down and suggests she could be in it for the money. Maggie feels part of it is her fault for abandoning Summer as a baby. Maggie thinks she could've done so much more to help her. Victor tells her that she did more than enough and it's not her fault that she's a criminal and liar that deserves to be in prison or worse. Maggie cries.

Shawn and Belle decide to head to the back to let Brady and Theresa talk. Brady says it's been a long day with nothing going right. Brady tries to get through to her. Theresa tells him that she's sorry that she's so angry at him for bringing Summer to Salem. Theresa says she can hardly look at him and knows it's unfair but she told him that Summer was trouble. Theresa cries that Brady sided with Summer over her. Brady insists on his love for Theresa and asks what more he can do. Brady decides he will go check in with John then and exits the house.

Justin asks Aiden why he didn't alert Hope to Stefano's plan to kill her. Aiden says he wanted to so badly but Stefano made it clear that he would kill Chase if he backed out so he hoped to find a way out. Roman calls it very strange that he conveniently leaves certain pages blank. Roman says Aiden would have had to tell Hope everything about being on Stefano's payroll and being brought to seduce her. Roman says Stefano knew he wouldn't go through with it so he made the switch to a hired killer. Justin is more interested as to why Aiden added his name to Hope's life insurance right before the attempted murder. Aiden insists that wasn't him and must have been the DiMeras. Aiden tells them that they should be questioning André as he should pay and he'll do anything he can to help bring him down.

André has a drink in his room and says today will be justice for all. André goes back to watching the camera on Rafe.

Hope returns to Rafe and tells her that she couldn't get a signal outside either. Rafe tells her to drive until she gets a signal. Hope refuse to leave without him. Rafe doesn't want both of them to die but Hope insists on finding a way to get him out of the chains. Hope asks Rafe how he ended up here. Rafe says all he knows is that Aiden just bought this property from the DiMeras and that his whole story was BS. Hope tells him that she knows and asks if André is involved. Rafe says probably but it doesn't matter and tells Hope to just go. Hope works on getting Rafe out of the chains.

Paul says he couldn't get anything on an airline number. John assumes Summer planned this carefully which means she would need a new identity. Paul says the thought of anyone taking Tate makes him so angry. Paul feels he is cold and cunning like John but John jokes that he's unreadable and sly. Brady enters and asks if there's anything but Victor says no. Maggie tells Brady that she is so sorry if Summer is responsible. Brady says it's starting to look that way and he's sorry too. John declares they've got something.

Theresa sits at home and jumps when Shawn's phone rings. Shawn rushes in to answer it but it has nothing to do with Tate. Belle notices Theresa's drawings of her wedding gown and praises it. Theresa calls herself stupid for thinking she could have it all and says she doesn't deserve it. Theresa calls it payback for the horrible things she did to people. Belle encourages her that her dreams can still come true. Shawn adds that none of this is her fault. Shawn steps out to make another call.

Julie and Claire talk about enjoying the food at the Pub while Doug tries calling Hope again but still no answer. Doug says he should be used to this by now but the idea of Hope's life in danger in the field never gets easier.

Rafe keeps telling Hope to go but she refuses to give up. Rafe tells her to be realistic as the bomb counts down from 6 minutes. Rafe doesn't want to die knowing that she died trying to save him. Rafe tells Hope not to blame herself and just go. Hope gets a call through from Shawn and answers, telling him that they are trapped on the property. Shawn responds that he's on his way and rushes off.

John finishes a call and reveals that a woman matching Summer's description was seen using her alias of Cindy Callahan on a flight to Las Vegas but the ticket woman couldn't remember if there was a baby with her. Brady wants to go there now but John stops him. Victor points out that Summer could be anywhere in the world by now.

Summer talks on the phone to a travel agent about a vacation and says she wants to leave right away. Summer says she wants out of the US in the next 2 hours and money isn't a problem.

Victor suggests maybe Summer thinks Las Vegas is a great place to hide. Brady worries about Summer taking Tate out of the country. John says he can make a call to have Summer's picture all over the airport. Paul contacts a hotel manager in Las Vegas that he knew from his baseball days and confirms that she just checked in to the hotel there. Brady thanks him and says he doesn't want any cops or agents to freak her out while she has his son. Brady promises to be in touch as he rushes out.

Justin tells Roman that there's nothing he can charge Aiden with. Roman argues that Aiden had all the equipment for a murder and thinks he must be guilty of conspiracy. Justin points out that Stefano's dead and André would deny it. Roman questions just cutting Aiden loose. Justin says they will follow him very closely and catch they hope him doing something that will hold up in court. Roman hates that he has to tell Hope.

Hope tells Rafe that Shawn will be there before the bomb stops in 5 minutes. Rafe questions what the bomb squad is going to be able to do in that time and continues telling Hope to just go as the bomb counts down from 4 minutes.

Victor complains about Summer and thinks he should send some men down for backup. John thinks Brady is right that they don't want Summer to panic while she has Tate. Maggie wishes they could do something. John tells them to just hope Brady gets to Vegas before Summer runs with Tate again.

Julie asks Claire if she's heard any news about Tate. Claire tells her about Belle saying Theresa thinks Summer took him which surprises her. Claire hates thinking of what could be happening to Tate. Doug encourages her not to speculate as it will make her sick. Doug says everything possible is being done to find him. Julie suggests Doug call Shawn to see if he's heard from Hope. Doug calls that a good idea and calls Shawn but gets his voicemail. Doug tells him to call when he gets his message as he's trying to get a hold of Hope.

Belle looks outside and sees that Shawn left after stepping out to make a call. Theresa hopes he heard something about Tate then cries that there is no hope. Brady returns and informs them that they may have a lead on Summer in Las Vegas. Brady says he just wanted to tell Theresa in person because he's on the next flight out. Theresa declares she's going with him.

Roman tells Aiden that he's free to go but something tells him that he will see him soon because liars like him never get too far from trouble. Aiden responds that he's not lying about loving Hope. Roman yells at him to shut up because Hope won't have a damn thing to do with him ever again. Roman tells him to get out of his sight so Aiden exits the station.

Hope tells Rafe that she's not going anywhere and reminds him that Shawn is on his way to the bomb squad so they are going to get through this. Rafe insists that she needs to go. Hope tells him that she will hurry back. Hope kisses Rafe and exits as the bomb counts down from 2 minutes.

Theresa gathers her things and goes to leave but Brady stops her because it could get ugly and he doesn't know what they are getting into. Theresa insists on going. Belle asks what if someone calls but Theresa says she wants to be there the second Tate is found. Brady is unsure but Theresa yells at him about protecting Summer. Belle tries to talk Theresa in to staying but she decides she's going to save her son. Theresa exits so Brady follows her out.

Summer talks on the phone about arranging her flight and uses the name Danielle Mullen on her passport. Summer confirms the flight is leaving to Monte Carlo today and hangs up.

Aiden returns to his hotel room and looks at a photo of he and Hope together. Aiden then throws it against the wall and knocks everything off the tables. Aiden tosses everything in the room in frustration as he thinks back to Hope punching and arresting him.

Doug comments on being unable to get a hold of anybody and wonders what's going on. Claire reminds him not to speculate like he said earlier. Claire suggests Hope and Shawn may both be busy and could have turned their phones off. Doug admits it makes sense. Doug decides to put it aside and order a hot fudge sundae for the three of them.

Rafe watches as the bomb counts down now from 1 minute. Hope returns and tells Rafe to get down as she fires a shot with her gun.

Shawn arrives outside in his cop car and calls it in on his radio. Shawn starts to get out but there's an explosion in front of him.

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