Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/14/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/14/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Doug gives Jennifer a list of attorneys that he knows. Julie gives her suggestion from the list. Jennifer says she just wants to provide a safe environment for Thomas. Doug gives his suggestion, thinking she needs a shark who won't be afraid. Julie asks Jennifer if she's sure that she wants to sue for custody. Jennifer thought she was on board. Julie thinks she should try to speak to Chad one more time but Jennifer argues that he is incapable of hearing reason. Julie suggests by now he may have cooled off. Chad then arrives, asking Jennifer what the hell she thinks she's doing.

Justin goes to the police station and asks Roman about Hope bringing Aiden in. Roman says he's letting Hope have first crack at him as she deserves to do this by herself. Hope enters the interrogation room with Aiden. Hope tells him to shut up as she knows he lied to her and she still let him back in to her life because he promised to never do it again but he was lying then. Hope states that it was him on their wedding night right up until the end. Hope warns Aiden about when Rafe finds out because he will make him wish he never came back to Salem.

Rafe remains chained up in the building where Andre left him while the bomb now counts down from 58 minutes.

Chad questions Jennifer suing him for custody of Thomas. Jennifer says they have been over this. Julie suggests they take some time on the situation. Chad tells her to mind her own business. Doug speaks up so Chad apologizes. Chad asks for a minute to speak Jennifer alone and promises there will be no outbursts. Julie and Doug agree and head upstairs. Chad and Jennifer head in to the living room. Chad apologizes to Jennifer and says they should definitely speak rationally about this because things got heated earlier. Chad says there are obviously intense feelings about this and people tend to overreact. Jennifer is glad he understands that. Jennifer asks if he's saying that he was wrong to reject her offer to take care of Thomas. Chad asks if she's joking and argues that she's the one who is wrong for trying to take Thomas away from him.

Chase is at the mental hospital when another patient knocks a book from his hands. Ciara picks it up for him and asks if he's okay. He claims he's fine but she says he doesn't seem like it. Chase says he just hates the place. Ciara points out that Abigail did too and insists the doctors are just trying to help. Chase doesn't want a lecture and tells her to drop it. Chase asks why she's even talking to him. Ciara tells him that they need to get something straight.

Hope asks Aiden what he has to say for himself but he's speechless. Hope brings up Aiden's blood test and how they joked about it being bad luck to see the bride on her wedding day. Hope mentions how Aiden isn't supposed to remember any of that. Aiden asks what she's talking about. Hope informs him that Shawn dug up the test results and the blood was his. Hope confirms she didn't marry the imposter but him. Hope goes over that he lied when he said he was kidnapped the night they got engaged. Hope states that Aiden was going to kill her. Aiden tries to deny it but Hope insists. Hope goes to storm out but Aiden stops her and admits that she is right that he was there that night. Aiden admits he lied to Rafe, Roman, Hope, Chase, and Ciara. Aiden tells Hope that everything he told her about how it happened was true and he only lied about when. Hope mocks that being a small detail. Aiden says he didn't lie about why it happened because he would never try to kill her and she has to believe that. Hope responds that she doesn't have to believe anything.

Jennifer argues that Chad is not capable of taking care of Thomas. Chad argues that Ciara is taking care of him. Jennifer argues about Ciara not having her experience. Chad accuses her of trying to steal Thomas after everything he and Abigail went through with Ben. Chad thought he could count on her. Jennifer says she could give him a loving environment. Chad brings up Jennifer being an addict and questions what court would ever hand his son over to her.

Ciara brings up Chase lying to JJ about seeing her when Abigail escaped. Chase admits that he did. Ciara ask why since he didn't have to say anything. Chase points out that JJ was accusing her of helping Abigail escape and kept pushing him to say that she had something to do with it so he figured he would give her an alibi to get JJ off her case. Ciara confirms that he did back off kind of which Chase is glad to hear. Ciara asks if he's glad because he helped her or if it was helping him feel better about himself.

Rafe screams for help as the bomb now counts down from 40 minutes. Rafe tells himself that he just has to think. Rafe says that Aiden couldn't have done this because he was away with Hope but notes that it was property that Aiden bought from Andre. Rafe struggles with the chains trying to escape.

Aiden knows Hope doesn't have a reason to believe him anymore but points out that he wasn't the man that Bo killed that night. Aiden says he was only there because Stefano and Andre threatened Chase's life but he could never go through with it. Hope tells him not to say he loves her as she thinks back to their wedding night. Hope says it makes her sick. Aiden apologizes. Hope wants to know every single word of the rest.

Chase questions how helping Ciara would make him feel better about himself. Ciara thinks there has to be part of him that thought it was doing her a favor. Chase says it had nothing to do with that as he knows they have a long way to go. Chae tells her that he just wanted to save her because he knows what it's like to be pushed, pointed at, and accused. Chase tells her to drop it because it doesn't matter but Ciara feels that he put her in a weird position because now she has to back up his lie or tell the truth which would give JJ more of a reason to think she's covering up. Chase apologizes for not thinking it through. Ciara says she didn't want or need his help.

Aiden knows it's painful to relive what happened that night as he apologizes again. Hope stops him and asks what happened next. Aiden recalls going downstairs to change clothes to make it look like he was the necktie killer then he was supposed to go back to the room but she came down looking for him. Aiden says he saw her looking happy and lost his nerve. Aiden talks about trying to figure a way out and he wanted to tell her everything. Hope points out that he didn't do that. Aiden goes over how his clone showed up and he was kidnapped. Aiden says they wanted Hope dead and they were going to have their way with or without him. Aiden adds that they realized he didn't have it in him. Hope asks why they didn't do the switch sooner then. Aiden says he doesn't know and only remembers waking up alone in a cell. Aiden talks about living in Hell, not knowing if Hope or Chase were alive but she made it. Hope responds that she only made it because of Bo who is dead. Aiden tells her that is truly everything and asks if she believes him. Hope asks what difference it makes. Hope questions if she should be grateful that he didn't go through with it. Hope calls Aiden a sociopath. Aiden tells her that she has to understand how much he hated lying but Hope argues that he never stops lying. Hope tells Aiden that he doesn't deserve his life back. Hope says lying to her got her to forgive him but that will never happen again as she will hate him forever. Hope then exits the interrogation room. Roman checks with her. Hope says she hasn't strangled him yet but mentions that Rafe needs to know that he was right about Aiden all along.

Rafe continues struggling to escape as the bomb now counts down from 31 minutes.

Hope can't believe she was stupid enough to believe Aiden over Rafe. Hope feels she doesn't deserve her badge because of it and tells Roman that she is angry at herself. Roman understands what she has been through is unfair and she wanted to believe the best in Aiden. Hope wanted to believe he was one of the good guys. Roman tells Hope that he talked to Justin while she was in with Aiden. Roman says he would like to put Aiden away for life but right now they have nothing to charge him with.

Chase tells Ciara that he's a screw up that ruins everything. Ciara argues that he has no idea how she's feeling because he has no idea what it's like to have control taken away. Ciara screams that he took away her control when he raped her. Chase yells at her to lower her voice. Ciara asks if it bothers him to see who he really is. Chase tells her to stop which Ciara reminds him she said to him and he didn't stop. Ciara cries that Chase just kept going through her screams and pain. Chase continues yelling for her to stop.

Chad tells Jennifer that his family may have a history of crime but he doesn't. Jennifer brings up EJ and Kristen. Jennifer asks what Chad is capable of when he gets really desperate. Chad questions if she thinks he's dangerous with evil blood in his veins. Jennifer asks why he's so defensive. Chad says he is sick of being judged based on his DNA. Jennifer argues that she should've listened to her instincts and kept her daughter away from him, blaming Chad for Abigail being missing. Chad yells at her that a lot of bad things happened but he protected her from Ben when she did nothing. Jennifer blames Chad for that too since he took Abigail from Ben. Chad asks if she's crazy. Doug interrupts and tells Chad to get out.

Chase starts coughing and having trouble breathing so Ciara wants to get someone to check on him but Chase says no, not wanting to be given more drugs. Chase brings up threats from patients, staff, and everybody. Chase feels he has a target on his back because everyone knows what he did.

Justin tells Hope that they can't charge Aiden with attempted murder if he didn't actually attempt it. Hope brings up taking bribes from the DiMeras. Justin says they can't prove that. Hope brings up fraud but Roman says they have to be able to prove it was Aiden. Hope says he admitted it but Justin points out that he would recant. Hope thinks Justin is scared but Justin says he doesn't have a case since Aiden knows how to work the system. Justin reminds Hope that the fake Aiden died so Aiden would just blame the DiMeras and walk. Hope refuses to let Aiden out and says she will find a charge that will stick.

Rafe manages to reach a pair of pliers nearby with his foot and yells for Andre as the bomb counts down from 28 minutes.

Hope tries calling Rafe but gets Adriana and asks her about not hearing from Rafe. Hope mentions that she's already checked with Dario and Gabi. Hope assures Adriana that everything is probably fine and she will call when she hears from Rafe. Hope hangs up as Shawn returns to the station and asks about Aiden being held in lockup for 24 hours. Hope insists there has to be something that will stick. Shawn wishes he could be more of a help. Hope tells him that looking for Tate and Abigail is important. Hope asks about Rafe. Shawn tells her that he mentioned a property earlier that Aiden had bought. Shawn explains how Rafe found out about Aiden visiting Andre in prison which led him to the property. Hope decides to get the address. Hope goes to leave but Roman stops her and says they have a bank robbery and need all hands on deck. Hope turns and leaves the station anyways.

Rafe remains chained up as the bomb counts down from 26 minutes.

Ciara brings Chase a cup of water and asks about his coughing. Chase says it usually passes and has happened a few times before. Ciara asks if the doctor knows but Chase feels there is no reason to tell her. Ciara suggests the doctor could help but Chase says he will still have panic attacks so he wants to keep quiet. Ciara encourages that the longer he keeps it in, the worse it gets. Chase thought her therapy with Marlena was helping. Ciara says they are talking about him not her. Chase wants to know that she's doing better.

Doug tells Chad to go. Chad tells Jennifer that he knows she is upset and frantic about Abigail but says she isn't thinking straight. Chad reminds her that he and Abigail are in love. Jennifer asks why she ran away then. Chad says he doesn't know. Jennifer tells him that he can explain everything in court. Chad argues that she isn't doing this for Thomas but because she misses Abigail and is doing anything to hold on to her. Chad yells that Thomas is his and Abigail's, not hers so he won't let her take him away from him. Chad then storms out of the house. Jennifer insists to Doug and Julie that it's not about her but about Thomas and Abigail as she knows Abigail would want her to protect Thomas.

Chad calls Belle and says he's going to need a lawyer.

Chase tells Ciara that he doesn't need an explanation just a yes or no to if the pain has gotten any less. Ciara says she's not going to give him another part of her. Ciara tells him to concentrate on his recovery while she will focus on her own. Ciara tells him to never speak for her again.

Rafe continues to struggle as the bomb counts down from 20 minutes. Hope arrives and finds Rafe chained up. Rafe tells her to get out of there because the place is rigged to explode. Hope insists on getting him out but Rafe says no. Hope pulls her gun out to shoot the chain but Rafe warns her that the wires are underneath so if she does that, the place will blow. Rafe tells Hope to go now as the bomb counts down from 19 minutes.

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