Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/13/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/13/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole sits at the club where Dario joins her and asks what Deimos said to her. Nicole confirms that Deimos said he would tell the cops that she didn't try to kill him. Dario asks why he isn't on the news as being alive. Nicole wonders that as well.

Philip calls Kate, asking what's going on with Deimos as he heard he's alive and back in Salem. Kate questions where he heard that. Philip explains that he heard it from Chloe which surprises Kate and that Chloe said Kate was the one who pushed Deimos in to the river. Kate laughs off believing in Chloe and tells Philip to just trust her as she hangs up. Kate heads in to the Kiriakis Mansion where Deimos reminds her that he told her to leave her key. Kate reveals she had a spare key. Deimos asks what she wants as he thought he made it clear that he didn't want to see her anymore. Kate tells him that they have unfinished business that they are going to settle today.

Brady comes home to Theresa, who complains about Summer taking Tate. Brady informs Theresa about the test results showing drug residue in her protein shake. Theresa blames Summer and says it was premeditated. Brady points out that they don't have any proof that it was Summer. Theresa screams at him for defending Summer as Belle enters the room.

Chloe joins Philip at the Pub for breakfast. Philip asks how she'd like to be a star.

Dario still believes that Deimos is going to screw over Nicole. Nicole insists that he can't hide forever since he came back to reclaim his life. Dario suggests he could still disappear but Nicole argues that he wouldn't do that. Dario guesses they'll see if his feelings for her are real. Eduardo arrives and greets Dario. Dario introduces him to Nicole. Eduardo asks if he wants to talk in his office but Dario says he will make it quick. Dario accepts Eduardo's job offer to run the club for him. Eduardo says he just made his day and calls it the positive first step between them that he's been hoping for. Dario warns him not to put too much hope in to anything as he's only taking the job because he needs the money.

Deimos questions what business he and Kate could still have to discuss. Kate brings up being barred from entering at Titan today as she reminds him that she still has a contract. Deimos considers that contract null and void. Kate brings up her lawyers and threatens to go to court unless she's back in her office by lunch time. Deimos questions if she really wants to force him to go to the police and tell them that she falsified a marriage license and tried to kill him. Kate calls that an accident but Deimos calls it attempted murder. Deimos says if she backs away from Titan, he will consider backing her story as soon as she returns all the money she siphoned from his accounts. Kate claims to have no idea what he's talking about but Deimos says it's all right here. Kate questions if he would take everything from her after everything he's already taken from her. Kate argues against Deimos leading her to believe they had a future together. Deimos says they both made mistakes and suggests she not make another one.

Chloe asks Philip what he's talking about. Philip brings up his record label and it being hard to sign singers so that's why her walking back in to his life is a godsend. Philip calls her definitely label material and suggests doing a record to let the world know she's back.

John finishes a call with his ISA contact Ronnie. Paul goes over John getting all his contacts talking. Paul asks John what if he doesn't find Tate by the end of the day. John tells him that his only rule is to never give up. John gives Paul a list of names to contact and assures that they will find Tate.

Brady tells Theresa that he's not defending Summer but Theresa argues that he is. Belle tries to calm Theresa down. Theresa brings up Summer conning Brady out of $50,000. Brady notes that she gave it back and continues to point out that they have no proof like any ransom. Theresa thinks it's revenge for Brady not loving her. Brady asks Belle if she thinks Summer could have done this but she doesn't know. Theresa blames Brady for Summer having their son.

Dario tells Eduardo that he will move on as soon as something better comes along. Eduardo understands and says the job is his for as long as he wants it. Eduardo goes to get some glasses to celebrate. Dario sits back down with Nicole. Nicole points out that his father is obviously trying to reach out so he could've been a lot nicer. Dario reminds her that Eduardo left them when he was little. Nicole points out that he's not doing what he used to do anymore. Dario feels Eduardo came back and completely fooled the rest of his family. Nicole asks if it would kill him to take his word on a trial basis because everyone deserves a second chance. Dario thinks she is talking about Deimos.

Deimos and Kate go to the police station where Deimos guesses Roman is surprised to see him alive. Roman asks Deimos if it's true that Nicole tried to kill him like Kate said. Deimos responds that everything he has to say will be the whole truth and nothing but. They go to the interrogation room. Deimos brings up Kate's video showing some of his argument with Nicole. Deimos assures Roman that Nicole did not push him in to the river or harm him in any way. Roman then asks who did. Deimos claims no one and calls it an accident, blaming it on heavily drinking that night. Deimos tells Roman that he hit his head on a tree, lost his balance and fell. Roman brings up Kate swearing that Nicole pushed him. Deimos says it all happened so fast and he's sure Kate is sorry. Kate repeats that she is sorry. Roman asks Deimos where he has been all this time. Deimos explains that a friend helped him recover and he's fine with it all in the past so they can all move forward now. Roman asks if Deimos married Kate like she claimed which he confirms. Deimos adds that they have since agreed to annul the marriage and go their separate ways. Kate says it was fun and romantic at the time. Deimos says they both realized they prefer being single. Roman remarks on it not working out for them. Roman guesses the case is closed and thanks Deimos for coming in. Deimos is glad to close things up for him and says they got to the truth. Deimos and Kate exit as Roman laughs to himself.

Chloe tells Philip that it's really sweet but she's never considered a career as a recording artist. Philip insists but Chloe doesn't know about long hours in the studio and touring when she has an 8 year old son. Philip offers to make it all revolve around Parker so she will never have to be away from him. Chloe brings up that he hasn't heard her sing for years so she could have lost it. Philip wants to find out.

Nicole suggests she and Dario no longer talk about Deimos because he obviously gets to him. Dario comments that Deimos gets to her. Eduardo brings them champagne. Nicole thanks him but says she can't. Nicole tells them to celebrate. Dario tells her not to leave him now. Eduardo encourages any friend of Dario's to stay. Dario suggests Eduardo hire Nicole to redecorate the club. She appreciates the confidence. Nicole gets a call and says she has to go. Nicole tells Dario to be nice as she exits.

Belle asks Theresa how this is Brady's fault. Theresa complains about Brady bringing Summer to Salem and argues that he loved that Summer fell in love with him. Theresa yells about Brady always defending Summer. Brady stops her. Theresa argues that Brady could've died going in to the ocean to save Summer. Theresa cries that Summer played it for all it's worth. Belle points out that Brady never fell in love with Summer because he loves Theresa. Theresa screams about Summer paying him back by stealing their son. Belle hugs Theresa as she cries but she pulls away to answer the door as Shawn arrives. Theresa asks if they found anything out. Shawn says they had a few leads but nothing panned out. Theresa screams that everyone is looking in the wrong place and storms to the bedroom. Brady follows after her. Belle tells Shawn about Theresa being convinced that Summer stole Tate. They talk about understanding the fear and hoping they find Tate soon. Brady comes back having gotten Theresa to lay down. Shawn relates to knowing what this feels like and asks about Summer being behind this. Brady says he never thought so before. Belle points out that Theresa said some harsh things. Brady says she wasn't wrong as he did defend Summer more than once even after she conned him. Brady mentions telling Summer that he didn't want her in his life anymore so she was more than angry with him. Brady doesn't understand how Summer got in to drug Theresa's drink. Shawn attributes it to her being a con artist. Brady asks Belle to stay awhile as there is something he has to do and he exits. Shawn decides to leave as well.

Philip brings Chloe to the Kiriakis Mansion. Chloe is unsure about being there but Philip assures her that Kate told him that she and Deimos will be at the police station for awhile. Philip has Chloe play the piano and sing until Kate and Deimos then enter the room. Deimos praises Chloe's singing while Kate questions what she's doing back in town. Philip tells Kate that it's impolite to pry. Chloe hurries out of the mansion. Kate questions if Philip couldn't find another piano in town. Philip says he thought they would be at the station a little longer and asks how it went. Kate says everything is resolved. Deimos informs him that he did not throw Kate under the bus but their marriage is terminated. Kate says she's just thrown out of the house and out of a job and her money. Deimos reminds her they still have paperwork to finalize. Philip asks Kate if she's going to be okay. She responds that she always lands on her feet but God help anyone who stands in her way.

Theresa comes back out to Belle as she couldn't sleep. Belle tells her that Brady went to go to take care of something. Theresa acknowledges that she's said horrible things to Brady lately but insists she isn't wrong and questions why Brady can't understand that. Theresa complains that no one understands but Belle tells her that she does as Claire was kidnapped before. Belle relates to the panic and fear. Belle adds that the entire situation brought her and Shawn closer than ever before. Theresa tells her not to count on that for her and Brady.

Paul and John finish making phone calls trying to find information. John directs Paul to just wirte down everything they say to him on the phone. John decides to check social media for Tate's name. Paul suggests checking out new adoption listings too as it could be a cover. John is impressed by Paul picking up on things fast. Brady arrives, telling John that he needs his help to locate Summer now.

Nicole goes to the police station. Roman thanks her for coming in. Nicole asks what's going on. Roman informs her that Deimos is alive. Roman says they didn't get in to how he survived but he said it was an accident so she is off the hook. Nicole asks if Deimos said anything about Kate. Roman says Deimos confirmed their marriage which surprises Nicole. Roman adds that they are putting a quick end to it which Nicole says is good. Nicole is glad everything is resolved.

Kate finishes a call about transferring funds and says she will not be able to be contacted at the office any longer. Kate asks if Deimos is satisfied. Deimos says as long as she doesn't try to double cross him. Kate brings up that Chloe went completely white when she saw him. Kate brings up Philip telling her that Chloe had told him Deimos was alive. Kate asks about them knowing each other but Deimos tells her it's not her concern. Deimos tells Kate to give up the ring. Kate supposes he will try to give it to Nicole again. Deimos repeats that it's not her concern. Kate thinks Nicole has humiliated him enough. Deimos warns her not to push it. Kate remarks that Helena should be happy that she didn't marry him and consider a blessing that she fell off the cliff. Deimos tells Kate that she should be happy he's not strangling her. Kate asks how Nicole would feel about that and says this is who Deimos really is as she walks out of the mansion.

Brady and John go to the club and meet with Dario and Eduardo. Dario says he hadn't heard about Tate's kidnapping and calls it terrible. Eduardo offers to help in any way they can. Brady says Dario is key here and asks if he's spoken to Summer. Dario says he hasn't and has no idea where she is. Dario asks if Brady really thinks Summer could have anything to do with Tate going missing. Brady asks if Dario thinks so. Eduardo points out Summer being a con artist and thief. Dario argues that she's not a kidnapper. Brady tells him to tell them where she is so they can prove him right.

Belle brings coffee to Theresa and encourages her to continue hoping but Theresa responds that hope is meaningless. Theresa argues that she can't just sit here and has to do something because she knows Summer did this to get back at Brady. Belle says if that's true then Brady and the police will find the truth but Theresa says they can't wait so she has to do this herself.

Dario assures Brady that he would tell him if he knew. Eduardo points out Dario being her only friend. Dario says Summer wasn't clear all the time and would sometimes disappear. Brady asks Dario to let him know if she contacts in any way. Eduardo repeats that they will do anything to help. Brady gets a call from Belle, who tells him to turn on Titan TV now. Brady has the TV turned on at the club to see Theresa recording a live breaking news about Tate's kidnapping, offering a 1 million dollar reward to anyone who brings Tate home to her.

Summer paces in a hotel room until the there is a knock at the door. A woman named Dominique is there and asks if she has what they requested. Summer responds that she does and hopes she has what she requested.

Philip and Chloe walk through the town square. Philip apologizes as he didn't know Deimos would be home so soon. Chloe calls it a mistake. Philip wants to focus on how good she was. Chloe brings up how she was nursing Deimos back to health and he could be really charming. Philip guesses she had feelings for him which she confirms as Deimos talked about them running away together. Chloe says she wanted to believe that she could fall in love again but feels so stupid for not seeing through him. Philip tells her not to blame herself as he hugs her. Philip argues that when Deimos is involved, he's at fault as he will promise anything to get what he wants.

Roman sits with Nicole in the interrogation room and tells her that he didn't buy any of Deimos' story as it didn't make any sense at all. Nicole calls it possible but Roman doesn't buy it. Nicole asks if he's saying this isn't over. Roman says he has no reason to keep the case open but he doesn't trust Deimos and neither should she. Roman advises Nicole to stay away from Deimos.

Kate walks out of the town square, calling Andre and leaving a message asking where he is since he said he wanted to work with her. Kate hangs up as Andre then approaches. Kate questions where he's been since he didn't meet her in the morning. Andre tells her that he had another project and asks what is so urgent. Kate tells Andre that she wants Deimos brought to his knees and to make sure it sticks this time.

Deimos stands alone in the Kiriakis mansion looking at the engagement ring.

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