Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/12/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/12/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad falls asleep on the couch and dreams of Andre telling him about the plane crash then their last argument about Abigail not being on it. Chad then dreams of Jennifer coming over and blaming him for Abigail's death until he wakes up in a panic. Jennifer rushes in with Thomas, assuring that Chad everything is alright while Chad worries about Abigail. Jennifer encourages that they will find Abigail. Jennifer tells Chad that he has to find a way to keep it together.

Aiden and Hope return to Salem as Aiden brings her home and assumes she wants some alone time which she confirms.

Rafe searches the property that Aiden bought and prepares to call Hope when he gets knocked out by someone from behind.

Aiden asks Hope if he can see her later for dinner. Hope wants to catch up with Ciara and mentions having to check in with the station. Aiden asks what's next but then apologizes if he's being pushy. Hope tells him that she does feel closer to him and that things are moving in the right direction.

Andre is revealed to have attacked Rafe and ties him up.

Chad tells Jennifer that it was just a nightmare. Jennifer worries about him but Chad claims he's keeping it altogether. Jennifer suggests Thomas can feel if Chad is anxious and he will be upset. Chad argues that he's upset too as he doesn't know if he will ever see his wife again. Jennifer asks him to be more sensitive that she is her daughter. Jennifer complains that she is heart broken and it's not just about him. Jennifer says she's trying hard to keep it together for Thomas. Chad wants to move past this and brings up not getting sleep and having an investigator looking for Abigail. Chad understands Thomas will be affected a little bit. Jennifer asks him to let her take Thomas but Chad refuses. Chad questions Jennifer thinking she doesn't let her feelings show and knows she's just as upset. Jennifer brings up being a parent longer than Chad. Jennifer starts to accuse Chad of blaming her for Abigail's condition. Jennifer whines that Chad has no idea what he's doing so she begs him to let her take Thomas for a few days but Chad continues to refuse. Jennifer claims she is just trying to give Chad a break, complaining that Chad is unraveling each day that passes. Chad feels she is too as Abigail continues to be missing. They continue to argue. Jennifer thinks her taking Thomas gives Chad full focus to find Abigail. Chad brings up her and JJ telling him to let Roman and the police handle it before. Chad questions if she wants him to find Abigail his own way or if she's just saying that to take his son away from him. Chad tells her that he needs his son. Jennifer calls him selfish for not thinking about Thomas. Jennifer begs him to let her take Thomas to her house with Doug and Julie.

Hope tells Aiden that they need to let things happen organically. Hope agrees to dinner and kisses him. Aiden tells her to call when she's ready as they set up their plans.

Rafe is knocked out and chained to the wall in the empty building. Andre sets a bomb counting down 89 minutes and sits next to Rafe, telling him to get himself out of this one.

Chad sits with Thomas and thinks back to his nightmare about Jennifer blaming him for Abigail's death and then thinks to his argument with Jennifer. Chad takes Thomas and decides they need out of the house to get some fresh air.

Jennifer returns home to Doug and Julie, who ask if there is any news on Abigail and if she's seen Chad. Jennifer tells them that Chad is a mess and not in his right mind. Julie says they all are but Jennifer thinks Chad is going to lose control. Jennifer worries about Thomas. Doug agrees that Chad should let Jennifer take Thomas but Julie understands Chad wants to keep his son close. Jennifer tells them about Chad refusing to let her take Thomas because he thinks he can handle everything. Jennifer feels that Thomas is going to get hurt in the fallout and wants there to be something more that she can do. Doug suggests maybe there is.

Rafe's phone rings with a call from Hope. Andre talks to the unconscious Rafe about how this should remind him of how they buried Stefano in the destroyed building rubble and now he will know what that feels like. Andre listens to the voicemail that Hope leaves, telling Rafe to call her back. Andre comments that Hope should be here and says his plan is that Hope will be there to die right beside Rafe. Andre then heads up the stairs.

Chad plays with Thomas in the town square when a woman sits nearby and comments on Thomas being adorable. Chad thanks her. She calls him a good dad and asks where his mom is today. Chad thinks back to Abigail's letter. The woman apologizes if she upset Chad. He responds that he's just running late and says it was nice to meet her as he walks away with Thomas.

Doug tells Jennifer that sometimes she has to get tough to accomplish what is best for everyone. Julie asks what his point is. Doug says that if Jennifer is that concerned for Thomas then maybe she will have to sue Chad for custody. Jennifer questions that while Julie thinks it's an extreme position to take. Doug thinks the court would side with her if Chad is in as bad of a position as she says. Jennifer insists that Chad is dangerous and insists that Thomas knows it. Jennifer argues that Chad has never been a parent before. Julie agrees that Doug may have a point to force Chad's hand. Doug repeats that sometimes you have to be tough to do what's best. Jennifer doesn't know where to begin. Julie suggests a good lawyer. Jennifer starts to question if that's really fair to spring on Chad. Julie thinks mentioning it could make Chad let her have Thomas. Jennifer worries that it could make him go crazy. Julie is sure Chad can handle it and says she has to worry about Thomas.

Hope goes to the police station and greets Shawn, asking if he's seen Ciara because her phone is off. Shawn tells her that he hasn't been able to call her yet because of Tate being kidnapped. Hope questions that while Shawn informs her about Theresa being drugged. Shawn then informs Hope about Abigail's escape as well. Hope can't believe it and asks for the files on both cases. Shawn asks if she's talked to Rafe but she hasn't so Shawn takes her in to the interrogation room. Hope wants to get up to speed on the cases but Shawn says he has something important to tell her. Hope asks what it is. Shawn says there's something she needs to know about Aiden but they get interrupted with a cop saying there's a possible Tate sighting. Shawn says he will be right there and leaves Hope with an envelope, saying she needs to see this and he's sorry. Shawn exits the room leaving Hope with the envelope.

Chad rushes out of the town square with Thomas, breathing heavily as he quickly drinks a bottle of water and repeats to himself that he is okay. Chad thinks back to arguing with Jennifer. Chad sits down and his phone rings. Chad answers and tells them to widen the search regardless of how much money it costs or how many men they have to add. Chad says the longer it takes to find Abigail, the further away she gets. Chad hangs up in frustration.

Doug offers Jennifer a list of attorneys to speak with but Jennifer says she doesn't need it right now. Doug suggests she talk to some to get a sense of what her options might be. Jennifer can't believe they are having this conversation. Julie repeats that she has to do what is necessary to protect her grandson. Julie hates seeing her go through this. Jennifer cries that she just wants Abigail to come home where she belongs. Doug assures that will happen. Jennifer says she needs time to think. Doug understands it's a huge decision and step to take. Jennifer doesn't want to alienate Chad as she feels they should pull together instead of apart. Jennifer decides she can't talk about this right now and needs some air so she rushes out of the house.

Chad watches over Thomas and mentions getting ice cream as he walks off with him.

Jennifer stands outside her house and walks away.

Chad brings Thomas home and sits with him.

Jennifer goes to the Pub and sits by herself.

Hope looks through the papers in the envelope confirming Aiden's DNA samples matching proving that Aiden wasn't switched until the night of their wedding, not before when they first got engaged like he had said. Hope gets upset and tries to call Rafe but just gets his voicemail again then she rushes out of the station.

Julie looks sadly out the window as Doug joins her. Julie says she was just thinking about a lot. Julie brings up that they never discussed Jennifer's addiction with her which she kept hoping she would bring up. Julie notes that that drug abuse will come up if Chad gets a lawyer. Julie talks about how recent the addiction was. Doug points out that Jennifer hasn't agreed to pursue this yet but they both know she is seriously thinking about it. Julie insists they are doing what needs to be done to protect Thomas. Doug adds that they need to protect Jennifer as well. Julie talks about Jennifer's rough few years. Julie decides she can talk to Chad, make him see reason, and avoid the whole legal battle. Doug disagrees and thinks she would just be adding gas to the flames. They kiss and then continue to wonder what to do about Chad. Doug says all they can do is try to be strong and be there for support. Julie repeats protecting Thomas.

Rafe wakes up chained to the wall and struggles with the chains.

Jennifer returns home to Doug and Julie to tell them that she's thought things through and she's made a decision.

Chad plays with Thomas at home until he gets a phone call from Jennifer. Chad thought they said all they need to say to each other. Jennifer asks if she can't change his mind. Chad says no because he's Thomas's father. Jennifer argues that Chad is stretched beyond his limits and is leaving her no other option. Jennifer informs Chad that she will contact her lawyer and sue for custody of Thomas.

Andre sits in his hotel room watching footage from a camera he set up of Rafe who begins screaming for help.

Hope goes to Aiden's hotel room and knocks him down with a punch to the face. Aiden asks what's going on as Hope tells Aiden he is under arrest and begins handcuffing him.

Andre laughs as he watches Rafe struggle with being tied up. Rafe notices the wires and sees the bomb that Andre has set is now counting down from 69 minutes.

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