Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/11/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/11/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ciara takes care of Thomas in the town square where Claire joins her and asks what's going on. Ciara tells her things are intense as Abigail is gone and she doesn't think she's coming back to Chad.

Chad talks on the phone at home, complaining about his men being unable to find Abigail. Chad gives 24 hours for him to bring results or he will hire a different investigator. Andre arrives with Chad hoping he brought news about Abigail. Andre tells him he better sit down.

Theresa begins to panic about Tate missing as she fell asleep. Brady tells her to just focus on finding him as he makes call that his son has been kidnapped.

Ciara tells Claire that Chad doesn't want her telling people but she has to tell someone. Claire swears not to tell anyone. Ciara explains to her that Abigail wrote a letter that she's not coming back and told Chad not to look for her. Claire wonders why she would do that. Ciara talks about her escaping the clinic. Ciara thinks back to Chad reading the letter. Claire comments that Chad must be freaked out. Ciara says he's a mess. Claire asks if Chad believes it. Ciara says he's confused but she thinks he's starting to believe that Abigail is not coming back. Claire asks what this has to do with her then starts to ask if she's thinking. Ciara says she's just never seen a guy so hurt and lonely before. Claire advises her not to take advantage of that. Ciara responds that she just feels sorry for the guy. Claire tells her that they both know she's secretly in love with Chad.

Andre tells Chad about the plane crash at the gulf and that there were no survivors, saying that someone said they saw Abigail on the flight.

Shawn arrives to ask Theresa questions. She cries that she was with Tate and then the next thing she knew, Brady was waking her up and Tate was gone. Shawn asks if Brady can think of anyone who might have taken Tate. Brady mentions Emma the nanny having the day off and says he can call her. Brady then brings up Victor as he tells Shawn about Victor finding Theresa asleep the other day. Shawn questions this not being the first time. Theresa argues that it was only for a few seconds. Shawn questions the drink Theresa was having. She says it was a protein smoothie. Shawn decides they will have it tested to see if she was drugged. Theresa brings up Victor saying she was an unfit mother and threatening to take Tate. Brady decides he will call Victor. Another cop shows up having found Tate's stuffed animal. Theresa breaks down crying. Brady tells Shawn that they have to find him.

Andre tells Chad that he hopes it's a mistake. Chad questions how Abigail could get on the flight with no money or ID, arguing that the story doesn't make sense.

Claire thinks Ciara would be completely fine if things led to more with Chad. Ciara denies it but Claire argues that she's in love with Chad and looking for an opportunity. Ciara says she would never take advantage of Chad and can't believe that Claire thinks she would. Claire thinks she would since she wants to take care of him. Claire says it's just her opinion. Ciara says she just wanted to talk to her about Chad because she can't believe Abigail would do this to he and Thomas. Ciara says Claire is trying to make it in to something else. Claire tells her this can't happen because Chad will never give up on Abigail and Ciara will end up with a broken heart.

Brady calls Victor, who is at the club and asks if he had anyone take Tate. Victor says he didn't and that everyone knows Theresa is an unfit mother so his help wouldn't be needed. Victor adds that he warned Brady. Victor tells him that he will call his men to organize a search. Brady thanks him and hangs up as Theresa remains crying. Brady calls John and says the police have put out an amber alert. Brady mentions Theresa possibly being drugged. John can't believe it and says he will give whatever is needed if there is a ransom demand. John tells him he will be on his way and hangs up. Marlena comes in and asks John what's happened. John tells her that he has bad news. Theresa asks Brady if he can ever forgive her. Brady hugs her as she cries.

Ciara repeats that she can't believe Abigail would do this. Claire thinks she is looking for reasons to hate Abigail because she's in love with Chad. Ciara asks her to stop saying that but then admits she loves Chad. Claire tells her to now realize nothing can happen. Ciara argues that they don't know that as things would be worse if Chad had to go through this alone. Claire brings up Chad being ten years older and insists that Chad only looks at her as a nanny for his son. Claire asks Ciara to stop thinking anything will happen between them. Ciara guesses she's an idiot but Claire says she is just love sick. They joke about Claire writing a song about it. They talk about being unable to control feelings. Claire wants Ciara to promise not to act on her feelings.

Andre knows how devastating this can be. Chad continues to argue that it isn't true. Andre says they will wait a few days for the investigation. Chad suggests he get back out there and actually find Abigail. Chad says he has to actually find her if he wants any reward. Andre says he'll be in touch and exits. Chad reads an article on his tablet about the plane crash then throws the tablet across the room.

John makes calls with the department about Tate including texting a photo to Shane. Marlena comments on Shane never seeing his grandson. John says he has to get out there and hugs Marlena then exits.

Victor joins Shawn, Brady, and Theresa. Victor says he has three guys surveying the area. Shawn is glad for any extra help. Shawn then asks for a word with Brady so they step aside. Shawn hates to have to ask but asks if Theresa might be using again. Brady says there is no way. Shawn says if so, they would have to notify children protective services. Brady assures him that she's clean. Shawn asks if he has any idea who might have drugged her as they walk away together. Victor comes back over to Theresa and calls her incompetent and pathetic. Theresa asks what Victor thinks he can do to make her suffer more. Brady comes back and tells Victor to stop pointing fingers and just focus on finding who is responsible. Victor exits. Shawn thinks Brady and Theresa need to go home as there is nothing more they can do here. Theresa refuses to leave until they find Tate.

Claire comments on Ciara being good with Thomas. Ciara asks what's going on with her life. Claire mentions not working with Philip on the record label yet so she worries that he changed his mind or that he'll stop working with her because of Belle being back with Shawn. Claire talks about wanting it to work out. Ciara jokes that they will have each other if Chad and Philip breaks their hearts. Claire comments that it sucks not getting what they want.

JJ goes to see Chad with another cop and a search warrant. Chad questions JJ still thinking he's hiding Abigail. Chad tells him that he's wasting his time. JJ picks up Chad's tablet and asks about it. Chad says it's nothing but a dead end. JJ asks why he would be interested in the plane crash. Chad says he's losing his mind so he's searching the news, hiring investigators, and doing whatever he can to find Abigail. Chad argues that he's not the enemy and he's scared of being too late already as Jennifer enters and tells him to never say that.

Shawn tells Brady and Theresa that Tate isn't here so it would be best for them to be home if anything comes up. John arrives and agrees that they should go home. Theresa tells Brady that he can go home while she stays there. Theresa worries about Tate being around strangers and starts to panic as she then passes out in Brady's arms.

Marlena gets Theresa put in the hospital. Theresa complains that she can't stay here as her son is missing. Marlena brings up that she could have drugs in her system. Theresa complains that she hasn't used since having Tate. Marlena mentions Shawn thinking she could have been drugged. Theresa wonders why. Marlena tells her that she will take her home if she's released. Marlena assures her that the police are doing everything they can and they want her to go home. Theresa argues against doing what they say. Marlena insists that all the men in her life are doing everything they can so there's nothing more she can do to help. Theresa argues that she could. Marlena brings up Belle being taken when she was a baby so she knows how she feels. Theresa calls herself the worst mother ever. Marlena encourages that it's not her fault. Theresa worries about if Tate is not found and she never sees him again.

Brady walks through the town square where he rushes over to Ciara and Claire since he sees the baby stroller. Brady apologizes as they have the same stroller so he thought maybe it was his. Brady informs them of Tate's kidnapping.

JJ and the cop come up with no sign of Abigail. JJ sends him to search the guest house. Jennifer tells Chad that there is no reason to believe Abigail was on the flight that crashed. Chad mentions the investigator saying a woman matched her description. JJ and Jennifer argue against it since she had no money. Chad says he's just following every lead as he doesn't know where she is. Jennifer declares that she believes Chad. Jennifer tells JJ to call off the search because they need to be working together.

Victor, John, and Shawn join Brady in the town square. John says he will make more calls. Brady decides to call Marlena to check on Theresa while Shawn steps away on a call. Victor asks John who would do this. John doesn't know but says he will make them wish they never laid a finger on his grandson.

Marlena answers Brady's call and says Theresa is doing okay but they are waiting on test results. Marlena mentions Theresa wanting to go back to the park. Marlena gives Theresa the phone. Theresa complains about being unable to leave the hospital. Brady wants her to go home and rest but she says no. Brady assures her there is nothing she can do here. Brady asks her to do it for Tate so she agrees. Brady thanks her and tells her he loves her as he hangs up. Shawn comes over to Brady and asks how Theresa is doing. Brady says she's fine. Shawn reveals to Brady that they just got the reports back and they both tested positive.

Claire goes to the club where she runs in to Theo. Claire tells Theo about Tate's kidnapping. Theo calls that crazy after what happened with Abigail. Theo asks what the police are saying. Claire says there are no leads yet.

Ciara brings Thomas home to the DiMera Mansion and asks if there is a lead on Abigail since she saw cop cars outside. Chad says it's just JJ searching the entire grounds again. JJ decides he no longer believes she's there. JJ asks if Abigail has reached out to Ciara but she says she hasn't. JJ asks about the charter flight plan but Chad says his investigator said no cops. JJ complains about Chad giving him another reason not to trust him.

Claire asks Theo if he's visited Chad lately. Theo says no as he's been busy and Ciara doesn't want to see him since she's been there. Claire says Ciara shouldn't be pushing her friends away when she needs them as it doesn't make sense. Theo asks what doesn't make sense but Claire says she can't talk about it though she's scared that Ciara is going to get hurt.

Chad refuses to give JJ the name of his contact. JJ decides they are wasting time and tells Jennifer they should go but she wants to spend time with Thomas. Chad encourages Jennifer to take Thomas to the park. Ciara mentions that she fed and changed Thomas so he will probably sleep. Jennifer snipes back that she has more experience with babies than Ciara does. Chad thanks Jennifer for believing in him. She tells him not to prove her wrong as she takes Thomas and exits with JJ. Ciara asks about the flight they talked about. Chad calls it a dead end.

Andre talks on the phone about making up the story of Abigail being on the flight that crashed. Andre says she would use a fake name and comes up with the name Jenny Thomas.

Brady assures Shawn that Theresa is clean so Shawn says they have to find out who put the drugs in her system.

Theresa falls asleep on the couch at home and dreams about her argument with Victor then telling Brady about it and Summer's last words to her about taking care of Tate. Theresa then wakes up in a panic. Marlena tries to calm her down but Theresa says she needs to call Brady and rushes to her phone. She calls Brady and tells him that she knows that Summer took their baby.

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