Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/8/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/8/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Summer rushes out of the town square where she bumps into Dario who questions her purse. Dario hopes she didn't change her mind about kidnapping Tate for whoever is blackmailing her. Dario tells her that running is the best thing for everyone. Summer responds that she knows what she has to do and she has to go as she walks away.

At home, Theresa asks Brady if he's still mad about what happened yesterday. Brady says he's not. Theresa wants to take Tate to the park with her but Brady says no. Theresa thought he wasn't mad at her.

Rafe talks with Shawn at the police station and gets the file on the fire case from him. Shawn asks if he really wanted paperwork or if he wants to know what's going on with Hope and Aiden. Shawn tells him that he hasn't heard anything. Rafe didn't mean to put him on the spot. Shawn wishes things turned out differently for Rafe and Hope as he thought they were good together. Shawn mentions having nothing against Aiden and points out that he told the truth but Rafe wonders if he did.

Aiden joins Hope in the living room of the lodge where Hope has breakfast made for him. Hope apologizes for last night since this was supposed to be a romantic getaway for them. Hope says she really honestly thought their wedding night was behind her. Aiden asks if she really wants to cut this short and go home. Aiden tells her it's time to go. Hope is sorry that he's disappointed but Aiden says he isn't. Aiden says he didn't come with expectations so a few nights alone with her is all he could ask for. Aiden thinks back to their talk the night before. Hope questions him being fine with the way things are and thinks he's lying.

Shawn asks Rafe what he thinks Aiden is lying about. Rafe says he just has a gut feeling since Aiden and Hope started with a lie so he can't let it go. Rafe asks what Shawn thinks since he has good instincts. Shawn says he has the same thought as Aiden wanted to start over. Rafe brings up Aiden buying a property out of town. Rafe informs him that he bought it from the DiMeras and reveals that Aiden visited Andre in prison while using a fake name. Rafe says Andre claims he only wanted to talk about the property. Shawn suggests it could be a cover up, questioning who would believe Andre. Rafe mentions seeing the documents and pictures of the property, wondering why Aiden bought it. Shawn agrees that it's weird but not criminal. Shawn says he has to remind himself that Hope is a smart woman and is loyal. Shawn talks about Hope never being as crazy about someone since Bo until Aiden came around. Shawn mentions them not getting married technically which Rafe questions.

Brady explains to Theresa that he doesn't want her taking Tate out because she's exhausted. Theresa invites him to come with them. Brady says he will make some calls and then meet them in the park. They kiss as Theresa exits with Tate. Summer then shows up at Brady's door. Brady thought she was gone. Summer says she couldn't leave until she gave him this as she gives him her bag full of money. Summer tells him it's the $50,000 she owed him. Brady questions if she really thinks money can make up for what she's done. Brady says there is no cost for what she's done.

Theresa sits with Tate outside the town square where Anne joins her. Theresa mentions being tired as Anne brings out her work to go over. Theresa tells Anne about falling asleep when Victor walked by. Theresa talks about telling Brady what happened. Anne comments on them being so happy. Theresa says things are perfect and Summer is history. Theresa adds that Summer turned out to be the liar she knew she was and now she is leaving town. Anne asks if she's sure. Theresa says that she said so. Theresa brings up Summer telling her to take good care of Tate and something about the way she said it was creepy. Theresa mentions never trusting Summer and is glad that Brady is on to her.

Brady gives the bag of money back to Summer. Summer argues that it's everything she owes him. Brady questions where she got the money from. Summer says she hit up an old associate. Brady warns her about if she took it from Victor or Maggie. Summer insists she told the truth and that she's not the same person. Summer says that Brady changed her.

Hope asks Aiden to do her a favor and tell her how he saw this trip going. Aiden doesn't want to answer but Hope insists. Hope promises that whatever he says is totally fine as she just really wants to know. Aiden agrees about being honest. Aiden misses being together and says he got lost in the moment which is just the start. Aiden goes over how he saw the weekend going with them feeling their old connection. Aiden says they would have taken a walk, had dinner together and then make love. Hope asks him what else.

Shawn tells Rafe that Hope loved Aiden enough to marry him. Rafe says that's how they can verify Aiden's version of the story because he says he was switched the night they got engaged which means Hope married a completely different guy. Rafe wants to have tests run.

Aiden admits to Hope that he saw this trip going with them ending up engaged. Aiden feels they got a lot out of the trip still since they know for certain they have a long way to go. Aiden adds that he has another fantasy to deliver her from all the pain he caused her.

Rafe talks with Shawn about testing the DNA samples and how they shouldn't match if Aiden is telling the truth. Rafe decides he's going to that property Aiden bought to find out what's going on.

Theresa tells Anne that it's enough about Summer so they need to focus and get some work done. Anne suggests delaying it until tomorrow but Theresa insists. Anne thinks she needs a break. Anne reminds Theresa about her upcoming wedding and not having a dress. Anne encourages her to think about that instead of Summer. Anne gathers her things and leaves. Theresa resumes working on her wedding dress design.

Brady questions when he changed Summer since she and Clark conned him just a couple weeks ago. Summer argues that she just wanted Clark to go away. Brady doesn't believe her and questions what she wants. Brady says he did nothing but try to help her since day one. Brady tells Summer not to go see Maggie because she's been through enough disappointment so nothing she says will make any difference. Summer questions if disappearing would be better. Brady says he will tell Maggie that she left town. Brady says there is nothing more for her to do as she blew it and didn't step up. Summer asks if he doesn't think she can change or help him. Summer suggests there is something she can do for him right now that he would be grateful for. Brady stops her and says he's not playing but Summer repeats that she can help him. Brady doesn't believe her. Summer grabs Brady and kisses him. Brady pushes her off as she shouts that they could've been so good together.

Theresa talks to Tate about her and Brady's wedding then becoming a real family.

Brady questions Summer for kissing him. Summer says they both blew it as they both felt something. Brady argues that they were friends but never anything romantic. Brady assures her that he loves Theresa and his life is with her and Tate. Summer tells him to remember that she tried as she then storms out.

Hope tells Aiden that it was a great fantasy. Aiden says he means it but knows she's still uncomfortable. Hope still wants to hear what he has to say. Aiden blames himself for letting Stefano in.

Rafe walks through the town square where someone follows him.

Brady sits alone at home then gets up and picks up the bag of cash Summer gave him. Brady sticks it in a drawer then texts Theresa that he's on his way to see her and Tate.

Summer returns to her hotel room and begins packing her bag as Dario enters the room. Dario questions her not taking the money and running. Summer says she can't stay in town even if she wanted to. Dario suggests they could smoke out the blackmailer. Summer doesn't want to take the risk. Summer tells Dario that he's in the clear once she is gone. Dario points out that he would never ask her to do something like this. Dario asks about the money. Summer responds that she is keeping it. Dario questions her since the blackmailers won't be happy if she doesn't kidnap Tate.

Aiden tells Hope that he guesses they should go back which she agrees they probably should. Aiden suggests taking a quick walk which Hope agrees to.

Rafe goes to the building on the property that Aiden bought and searches inside with a flashlight. Rafe gets a call from Shawn.

Dario tells Summer to get out as fast as she can if she is taking the money. Summer says she will be in touch. Dario offers to take her to the airport but she refuses. Dario wants to help her but Summer says she needs to do this alone. She hugs him and thanks him for everything. Dario guesses she isn't going to call. Summer tells him to take care of himself as she then exits.

Theresa gets Brady's text that he's on his way. Theresa puts away her papers and yawns as she struggles to stay awake.

Rafe asks Shawn if he got some answers. Shawn confirms the DNA samples are a match so Aiden is the same person who Hope married.

Aiden and Hope head back inside from their walk. Hope tells Aiden that she knows what he's up to.

Rafe asks if Shawn is sure which he confirms. Rafe goes over Aiden saying he was kidnapped before the wedding which wasn't true. Rafe says they don't know who they are dealing with as they agree that they need to get Hope away from him.

Hope accuses Aiden of trying to make her sad that they are leaving the lodge and that it isn't necessary to leave. Aiden admits he's guilty and asks if that upsets her. Aiden asks if anything Hope said isn't true. Hope says no and decides maybe they just need more time together as she hugs him.

Rafe prepares to call Hope but he gets knocked out from behind by whoever followed him.

Brady arrives at the park where Theresa had fallen asleep. Brady wakes her up, asking where Tate is. Theresa gets up in shock that Tate is missing.

Summer sits on an airplane on her flight out of Salem as a baby crying is heard nearby.

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