Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/7/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/7/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Deimos tells Kate that the rumors of his demise have been greatly exaggerated and that so many rumors are flying around like the wedding they allegedly had. Deimos pours champagne. Kate responds that she only took what he promised her. Deimos questions her not even welcoming him back from the dead. Kate says she was in shock but she's thrilled that he's back. Kate hugs him, claiming she's just so happy that he's okay.

Chad sits at home when Andre comes in. Chad tells him that he's glad he's there. Andre notes that Chad is having a difficult time figuring out how he feels about him lately. Chad apologizes for being a mess lately. Andre calls it understandable. Andre knows how much he loved Abigail. Chad says he's lost without her. Andre reminds him that she may never return while he has a child that depends on him. Chad wants to know more about what Abigail was like when Andre saw her. Andre responds that she was scared and fragile but he saw resolve in her eyes like she was discovering her strength. Andre talks about losing someone you depend on. Chad thinks he feels that he betrayed him. Andre felt the world betrayed him but he gets over. Andre asks why Chad asked him here and if he's looking to get more information out of him like if he thinks he knows where Abigail is. Chad says he's given all of that up, joking that Andre is not smart enough to trick Abigail. Chad wants Andre to help him find Abigail and if he does, he'll give him anything he wants. Andre asks if that includes his brotherly love which Chad agrees to. Chad asks if he can count on him.

Jennifer walks through the town square and comes across Ciara sitting at a table. Jennifer greets her and asks what she's doing there alone. Ciara says she was just checking out classes at Salem U for the fall. Ciara asks how she's holding up about Abigail. Jennifer tells her that she could really use her help. Ciara asks what she can do. Jennifer wants her to tell her how Chad is doing and asks if he's said anything about Abigail's disappearance. Ciara says she knows he's doing everything he can to find her but he hasn't said much. Ciara thinks Chad hired someone to look for her. Jennifer tells Ciara about her and JJ thinking that Chad could be hiding Abigail. Ciara assures that Chad is not hiding Abigail as he's a mess without her. Jennifer argues that Chad has been defensive and cynical which makes her believe that he's hiding something. Ciara argues that she would be able to tell because she has gotten to know Chad better the last few months. Ciara says she sees how much this freaks Chad out. Jennifer believes Chad would hide her to protect her and think he's doing the right thing. Ciara tells Jennifer that she is wrong. Jennifer says she doesn't want to upset her. Ciara complains about everyone being so quick to judge Chad because he's a DiMera when she doesn't even know the man he has become. Jennifer questions just how close Ciara has gotten to Chad since she's been living there.

Andre agrees that he could check with his connections about Abigail. Andre asks Chad if he's willing to accept whatever he finds out even if he doesn't like it. Chad asks if he means something could have happened to her. Andre points out that Abigail is out there alone. Chad wants to stay positive and asks Andre to find out whatever he can. Andre likes the idea of having whatever he wants. Chad tells Andre that if he brings Abigail back to him, he can have everything he has. Andre notes that Chad really does love her. Chad states that he would give his life for Abigail's. Chad asks if he can trust him. Andre says he can as much as he can trust him and then exits the mansion. Chad pulls out his phone and makes a call to have Andre followed because he wants to know everywhere he goes and everything he does. Chad imagines Stefano, who tells him that maybe he's gone mad if he thinks he can trust Andre. Chad responds that he may be delusional talking to dead people. Stefano says he is the voice in Chad's head, telling him that Abigail is gone and warning him that he is playing with fire. Chad says he won't be able to live with himself if he doesn't try to find Abigail. Chad still believes Andre knows where Abigail is or he's hiding her so he's waiting for him to let his guard down. Chad feels he's smarter than Andre. Chad argues about Abigail getting better.

Ciara isn't sure what Jennifer is asking her. Jennifer thinks Ciara is developing feelings for Chad by spending all this time with him. Ciara says she didn't mean to imply anything and she just doesn't appreciate how she's talking about Chad. They argue that they are both trying to find Abigail. Jennifer just wants her back home. Ciara tells her to trust Chad a little more and see that's what he wants too as she then storms off.

Kate tells Deimos how horrified she was and asks how he survived and why he didn't tell that he was still alive. Deimos responds that he had his reasons and they are none of her business. Kate brings up how devastated she was. Deimos points out that she pushed him in to the river. Kate calls it an accident but Deimos doesn't believe her. Kate brings up that she had just watched him confess his love for another woman but questions what killing him would have done for her. Deimos argues that she would get the house and all the money. Kate argues that he would have done the same thing in her place so she thinks he should admire her for it. Kate continues that they are exactly alike in taking advantage of opportunities. Kate talks about everyone looking for him. Deimos thinks she was relieved that he didn't show up but Kate claims she was heartbroken. They argue over Kate putting his ring on her finger. Deimos pulls out the wedding certificate and prepares to rip it up but Kate yells at him not to.

Ciara returns to the DiMera Mansion. Chad asks if everything is okay as he thought she left for the night. Ciara tells him about Jennifer thinking he is hiding Abigail and that she's in on it. Chad says he knows but doesn't have time to worry about her as he needs to focus on finding Abigail before she gets hurt. Ciara asks about him talking to Andre. Chad admits he's having his doubts that Andre knows where Abigail is but he doesn't feel he can trust many others. Ciara asks if that includes her. Chad feels she is the only one he can trust. Ciara tells him to count on it. Chad tells Ciara that he sometimes imagines Stefano like a conversation in his head. Ciara tells him that she did the same with her dad. Chad mentions his imagining of Stefano telling him that Abigail may never get better and could put Thomas at risk. Chad doesn't want to believe that but asks what Ciara thinks. Ciara says he probably won't want to hear it. Ciara thinks Abigail ran away because she was scared that she might not get better for a long time and that it wouldn't be fair to put Chad and Thomas through that. Chad doesn't think it's better for her to be out there alone. Ciara calls it a no win situation. Chad says he has a plan for when he finds her and brings her home. Chad brings up a psychiatrist that Stefano used that will do anything that is necessary. Chad wants to build a room down in the tunnels of the mansion where he can keep Abigail safe and no one will find her. Ciara thinks it sounds like a prisoner. Chad says she will have Thomas and doctors. Chad knows it's not ideal but it's all he can think of to keep her hidden. Ciara says he just has to find her then but it seems like she doesn't want to be found. Ciara suggests maybe it wasn't just fear that made Abigail ran away. Chad asks if she's saying that she ran away because she stopped loving him. Ciara says if you take away the possibility of Andre having her then there is no explanation of why she ran away and wrote that letter. Chad agrees, saying that's why none of this makes sense. Ciara thinks Abigail just needs time to pull together and then she will come back when she's ready. Ciara encourages Chad that he's already doing everything so there's nothing more he can do. Chad feels that's the worst part of it all.

Kate tells Deimos that there's no reason to ruin a good thing. Deimos says only she would call a fake marriage a good thing. Kate suggests they could make it real but Deimos tells her that he doesn't love her. Kate points out that he never did so nothing would really change but they could still be a power couple. Deimos says he has enough power but Kate argues that you can never have enough power or money. Kate questions if her little shove got to him. Deimos says that's part of it and the answer is no. Kate asks if he's hesitating because of Nicole. Kate brings up that Nicole berated him and threw his ring back at him. Kate calls Nicole a poor substitution for Helena and asks how he would ever trust Nicole. Kate argues that Nicole has faked everything including marrying her son for money. Kate says the only reason Nicole got involved with Deimos was because of Victor's plan to take him down. Kate suggests Deimos will always wonder if she's a part of some elaborate con. Kate tells Deimos that Nicole will stab him in the back while with her, he knows what he gets. Kate says they would both benefit from their marriage and asks if Deimos is willing to let Nicole shred him or if he wants to go to Vegas like they originally planned. Deimos asks her how soon she can pack. Kate is glad that he sees reason and promises he won't regret it. They go over having separate bedrooms. Kate tells him they will be a great team as together there is nothing they can't accomplish. Deimos says life is full of surprises. The two of them head upstairs to get their suitcases.

Jennifer sits with Caroline in the Pub and tells her about Roman searching for Abigail but she worries about Abigail traveling the more time that goes by. Caroline talks about Abigail going through so much. Caroline thinks Abigail might know what she's doing as her letter didn't sound like she was confused. They agree that she wasn't getting better in the mental hospital. Jennifer cries that she just wants to know Abigail is okay. Caroline assures her that God is watching over her and will lead her back home when she's ready. Jennifer worries if she never is. Caroline encourages her to pray about it and to not lose faith.

Ciara tells Chad they should go for a walk to clear his mind but Chad doesn't want to. Ciara suggests playing chess to take his mind off things. Chad appreciates what she is trying to do but nothing will take his mind off of Abigail. Chad tells her to just go check on Thomas. Chad then agrees to go on a walk with her. Ciara exits while Chad stops to look at his wedding photo.

Kate finishes a call with her assistant making a flight for tomorrow morning. Deimos comes in and reveals he's not going because he wouldn't marry her if his life depended on it. Deimos informs her that he lied just like she did when she told the police that Nicole pushed him in to the river. Deimos heads down in to the living room. Kate follows him and questions that being what this is about. Deimos calls it a quick and easy way to get her out of his house since she's all packed now and can walk out the door. Kate argues that they need each other but Deimos declares they are over. Kate calls him such a fool for going after Nicole. Deimos doesn't want to punish the world or spend another moment with Kate who was willing to destroy someone's life. Kate argues that Deimos would do the same. Deimos warns Kate that going after Nicole is going after him. Deimos tells her to get out of his house. Deimos adds that he still has to go to the police to tell them what happened. Deimos says he could say it was an accident or he could point all fingers at Kate to have her put away for life. Kate warns Deimos that he just made the biggest mistake of his life. Deimos responds that marrying her would've been the biggest mistake and tells her to have a good life as Kate storms out of the mansion.

Ciara comes back to Chad with Thomas and says he's asleep so he won't even know they are on a walk. Chad decides he doesn't want to go anymore as he wants to wait for someone to call about Abigail. Ciara worries that he will drive himself crazy doing that. Chad says he's tired of hearing that as nobody knows what's going to happen. Chad declares that he will be here in his home waiting for his wife. Ciara apologizes for being selfish and leaves the room. Chad goes after her but she had already left with Thomas.

Andre sits in his hotel room reading a news story about a plane crash at the Gulf of Mexico and seems to get an idea from it.

Kate makes a call to see someone first thing in the morning to lay out a plan to settle the score.

Andre talks on the phone, saying he needs help on something but it must be foolproof and no one can question it. Andre says he will send an e-mail with details. Andre says they will talk soon and hangs up. Andre talks about it being so tragic for Abigail as he turns up the volume of his classical music.

Ciara sits in the town square where Chad finds her to apologize. Ciara tells him there is nothing to apologize for as she was asking him to do something stupid and he wasn't ready for that. Ciara calls it no big deal but Chad says it is a big deal when she has been nothing but supportive to him. Ciara tells him it's okay. Chad adds that he would hate to scare her off and lose their friendship as she is the sanity of the house right now. Chad says Thomas would have it tough if he lost her as he doesn't think he can handle him alone. Ciara promises that she won't let him lose her and touches his hand as Jennifer walks by behind and sees them together.

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