Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/6/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/6/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Belle has a dream about Shawn kissing her and then it turns in to Philip kissing her as she then wakes up.

Chloe takes Philip out of the town square and talks about getting him sober. She notes he's still being awfully quiet. Philip doesn't feel there is much to say but Chloe knows something is bothering him. Philip changes the subject to figuring out why she's in town. Chloe responds that she's here because she owes him an apology.

Nicole sits with Parker at the Brady Pub. They joke about not telling Chloe that she's giving him ice cream. Nicole talks about missing Daniel and how he's with them all the time.

Kate stands in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion with an envelope as she imagines Deimos coming home and then stabbing him. Outside the mansion, Deimos approaches the front door.

Philip asks Chloe what she's talking about. Chloe says she made a big mistake and he paid for it. Chloe brings up the whole mess with he and Victor. Philip argues that she had nothing to do with that and asks what's going on. Chloe reveals that she's the reason Deimos found him. Philip is surprised to learn that she knows Deimos. Chloe explains how she met Deimos without knowing who he was and telling him that she knew Philip. Chloe mentions that he used her to get Philip to hurt Victor.

Kate imagines Deimos confronting her and then knocking him out with a fireplace poker.

Philip questions what Chloe told Deimos. Chloe explains that she didn't think anything of it as he gave her a fake name and they became friends. Philip tells her about how Deimos followed him until he made a mistake. Philip informs her about the girl that overdosed in his room which Deimos used to blackmail him. Chloe wouldn't blame him if he hates her but Philip says she didn't do anything bad and just got used by Deimos. Chloe says she just wanted to come to him as soon as she found out. Philip tells her that Deimos can't hurt either one of them anymore since he drowned in the river but Chloe then reveals he's alive. Philip questions how and where he is. Chloe explains that she was his first phone call after he survived and she let him stay with her while he recovered.

Kate imagines telling Deimos how worried she was about him and begging for his forgiveness only to then shoot him. Kate ends up leaving the room as Deimos sneaks in through the back.

Philip can't believe Deimos is alive. Chloe explains that she thought she was helping her friend Robert until she found out he was really Deimos. Philip questions Deimos telling her everything. Chloe informs him that Deimos is coming back to Salem. Philip asks if he told Victor or Kate. Chloe doesn't know or care. Chloe doesn't want to get involved in any drama. Philip points out that Kate is still his mother and brings up that Nicole is the one who pushed Deimos in to the river. Chloe reveals that she actually isn't, leading Philip to realize it really was Kate who tried to kill Deimos.

Nicole asks Parker about Deimos. Parker mentions that he was nice to him but Chloe got pretty mad at him. Nicole states that Deimos can be a nice guy but he likes to play games. Nicole advises Parker to just be careful around Deimos.

Kate goes to the police station. Roman tells her that they are busy and asks what brings her so late. Kate wants to know what they are doing to find Deimos. Roman says they don't know if he's dead. Kate says he could be needing medical attention but if he's alive, she needs to know. Roman says there is nothing they can do and suggests she go home to get some sleep. Kate complains that her husband is missing. Roman brings up knowing Kate a long time and seeing her through a lot of husbands but she's never seen him like this. Kate says she's upset. Roman compares this to her barely blinking when she broke up with Clyde so he thinks something else is going on. Roman tells Kate that she is going to tell him what is going on here.

Philip asks Chloe if she's 100% sure. Chloe explains that Deimos told her Nicole left and then Kate pushed him in to the river. Philip says all he knows is Deimos is dangerous. Chloe confirms he's coming back and he's pissed. Chloe says she convinced him not to let Nicole be charged for his murder. Philip asks if there's any chance he comes back to clear Nicole and then leaves again. Philip guesses he's coming after Kate full force. Philip thinks Kate faked her marriage to Deimos which Chloe confirms. Philip wants to warn Kate. Chloe stops him and asks if they are okay first. Philip says of course they are. Chloe still feels bad for her part in all of this. Philip understands she didn't know at the time and came to tell him as soon as she knew so he can't be mad. Chloe mentions Parker wanting to see Maggie and that she has to look in to finding a new job. Philip asks her not to go back to Chicago. Philip tells her to stick around and he will have an offer to change her life tomorrow. Philip invites her to breakfast at the Pub tomorrow. Philip says first he needs to find Kate so he walks off.

Roman asks Kate to talk to him as a friend about what's going on. Kate doesn't think he would believe her but Roman insists. Kate tells him that she's a mess after losing a man she fell in love with. Roman questions if it was love then. Kate responds that she wasn't looking for it and was really ready to be on her own until Deimos came to town and changed everything. Kate claims they were true partners in business and life but now he's gone. Kate questions why Roman finds it so hard to believe that she could fall in love with Deimos. Roman states that he is definitely her type. Kate asks why he's so surprised that she is upset then. Roman thinks she is holding out. Kate repeats that she is upset because her husband is missing and the reason is Nicole.

Chloe joins Nicole and Parker at the Pub. Parker goes to play the jukebox as Chloe sits with Nicole. Nicole mentions Parker being worried about Chloe as he brought up her getting angry at Deimos. Nicole asks why she didn't tell her that she was involved with Deimos. Chloe claims she wasn't and talks about Deimos pretending to be someone else to get information out of her. Chloe says Deimos used her to get information on Philip to hurt Victor and that's all it was. Chloe says she didn't stop having feelings for him until she found out he was obsessed with Nicole. Nicole clarifies that he was obsessed with Helena. Nicole says she was so concerned about clearing her name that she didn't pay attention. Nicole asks if Chloe feels nothing for Deimos then. Chloe reveals that Deimos had asked her to run away with him right before Nicole arrived. Chloe says she then saw how he looked at Nicole and knew she didn't stand a chance.

Roman notices Shawn being frustrated at the computer at the station and asks what's going on. Shawn informs him that Philip showed up drunk and trying to get Belle back. Shawn says Philip just keeps on coming back. Roman suggests Shawn have a talk with Philip without Belle being there.

Belle looks at an old photo of her and Philip so she thinks back to playing cards with him when they were in Las Vegas and then thinking back to their last conversation when Philip came over drunk and kissed her. Belle then leaves the house.

Philip goes to the Kiriakis Mansion. He knocks on the door and calls out for Kate, saying they need to talk about her husband. Deimos sits inside and hears him. Philip opens the door and continues calling for Kate, asking if she's home. Philip enters the mansion as Deimos is now gone from where he was.

Shawn finds Philip outside the town square. Philip apologizes for before as he was drunk. Philip hopes they can accept his apology and let him make amends. Shawn tells him to stay away and leave Belle alone, insisting that's what she wants. Philip questions him speaking for Belle. Shawn says he's asking him man to man to step aside.

Belle walks through the town square.

Nicole tells Chloe that this is about her. Nicole says Deimos sees Helena when she sees her. Chloe blames herself for letting her guard down and letting Deimos in. Nicole realizes they got together but Chloe says it was stupid and over now. Nicole agrees that they can put this all behind them now. Chloe asks if Deimos went to the police to clear her of the murder accusation. Nicole says not yet. Chloe suggests Deimos must be building a case against Kate to bring her down. Nicole mentions Deimos claiming to be done with revenge. Chloe says they will see. Chloe adds that Deimos can't hurt them as long as they stay clear of him. Parker then calls for Chloe. Parker comes over and says goodbye to Nicole. Nicole tells Chloe to call her when she gets back to Chicago. Chloe says they will talk soon as Nicole exits. Chloe tells Parker that they aren't going back to Chicago yet which makes Parker excited to stay in Salem longer.

Philip tells Shawn that he will respect Belle's wishes. Philip states that Shawn deserves the truth that Belle doesn't love him. Shawn calls that desperate of him. Philip argues that Belle wants to love Shawn because it's the right thing but she's not in love with him. Philip suggests letting her go. Shawn questions Philip thinking he knows Belle better than him. Philip says Belle wants more which is why they had trouble before. Philip says that Belle is afraid of losing her family so she's trying to be the girl Shawn fell in love with. Philip adds that there is a wild side to Belle that Shawn hasn't seen. Philip questions if he wants to be responsible for keeping Belle locked up. Philip then walks away. Belle comes around the corner behind Shawn and looks over at him.

Nicole walks through the town square and checks her phone.

Kate returns home to the Kiriakis Mansion and begins to head upstairs when suddenly the piano begins being played. Kate stops and heads in to the living room where she is shocked to find Deimos playing the piano. Deimos greets her and asks if she's going to welcome him home.

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