Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/5/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/5/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kayla and Steve are with Joey in the hospital. Joey says they don't need to stay with him but Kayla insists on helping him recover. Joey is glad he gets to go home tomorrow.

Maggie sits at home looking at a photo of her and Summer. Victor comes home and asks about her meeting. Maggie responds that it's nice to be around people who actually listen to how she feels. Victor apologizes for going off on her and Brady. Victor says he just loves her so much that any time she hurts, he feels the pain as well. Victor starts to leave but Maggie stops him.

Summer sits on the floor of her hotel room, counting out $100,000. She then goes through photos of her and Clark being seen together that were in an envelope until she's startled by a knock at the door.

Brady joins Theresa and Tate in the town square. Brady wants to talk about her argument with Victor. Theresa brings up work but Brady wants to know what happened with Victor. Theresa blames herself and explains that she stayed up all night to finish designs so she was so exhausted by the time she took Tate out that she fell asleep until Victor woke her up as she fell asleep when she was supposed to be watching Tate.

Summer answers the door for Dario and questions what he's doing there since they were going to meet at the club. Dario says he was just going to pick her up and questions her not letting him in. Summer tells him to go and she will explain later. Summer then goes back and hurries all the money into a bag and slides it under the bed. Summer puts the surveillance photos of her and Clark back in an envelope and in to her purse as she then exits the room.

Brady asks Theresa how she could let herself fall asleep when Tate could've been taken. Theresa swears it was only for a second and believes she would have woken up. Brady points out that it was a pretty dangerous situation for Victor to see. Theresa complains that Victor called her an unfit mother. Brady assures that they know that but she should've known better than to take Tate out while she was that exhausted. Theresa complains about working so often lately and not spending enough time with Tate. Brady encourages that will change when DJ Wear gets rolling. Theresa suggests they plan some family time for the three of them which Brady agrees with. Theresa promises that nothing like that will ever happen again. Brady informs Theresa that he'd be a hypocrite as he's been wrong about things too like Summer.

Maggie tells Victor how heartbroken she is and talks about how kind Summer had been to her but now it's like she's nothing more than a stranger to her. Maggie says Summer is not responding to her messages. Victor suggests it's for the best. Maggie adds that she still intends to forgive Summer which Victor can't believe. Maggie compares it to Victor taking his children back. Victor argues that his children weren't criminals. Victor insists that they would be much better off without Summer in their lives.

Summer goes to meet Dario in the club. Dario questions what is wrong with her. Summer reveals that someone left $100,000 at her hotel room along with a paper promising much more if she agrees to their request. Dario questions who would do it. Summer says she doesn't know but she has her suspicions. Summer says the person obviously has money to spare and resources to have her followed as she shows him the photos from watching her with Clark. Dario worries that they could be being watched right now and could know about burying Clark's body. Summer worries that if she doesn't do what they want, they might turn her in.

Brady reveals to Summer about her conning him with Clark. Theresa argues that he never should've trusted her in the first place. Theresa brings up Brady always taking Summer's side which hurt her a little. Brady wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt but it backfired on him. Theresa asks if Maggie knows. Brady responds that she does now. Theresa decides she's going to find Summer to run her out of town.

Steve tells Joey to leave the missions to him for now as he has enough to worry about. Kayla reminds Joey that he will be facing the judge from skipping bail in Salem and the robbery charges in LA. Joey decides he wants to call Jade to check on her so Kayla and Steve exit to let him do that. Steve asks Kayla if she is having another headache. Kayla says it's getting better just not completely gone. Steve reminds her that he's there for her and will do anything to help her. Kayla thanks him. Kayla mentions going to find Fynn to tell him she's back at work. Steve decides to go unless she wants him to come home with her. Kayla responds that she isn't ready for that.

Victor tells Maggie it won't be easy but he thinks it's best to forget that Summer ever existed. Maggie goes over abandoning her daughter when she was born and maybe if she kept her, she wouldn't have had such a hard time. Victor argues that she was young, poor, and unable to take care of a child. Maggie talks about them finding each other and getting to know each other. Maggie feels responsible for Summer being out there suffering. Victor asks what she wants him to do which she wants him to find Summer for her.

Dario tells Summer that whoever sent this means business. Dario asks if she's thinking about doing what they asked. Summer says the money is tempting but no way. Summer calls it beyond reprehensible. Dario advises her to tell them no thanks but Summer worries that they aren't going to take no for an answer. Summer hates leaving the money behind but she thinks the best plan is for her to just disappear.

Brady stops Theresa and tells her not to ruin their family outing to wage war with Summer. Theresa agrees that she won't let her. Brady adds that Summer probably won't be sticking around much longer anyways. Brady says other than Dario, Summer has lost everyone and everything. Theresa questions if he feels sorry for her. Brady admits that he is in a way as Summer never learned to love or trust anybody so she lies and manipulates to get what she wants. Brady brings up his history of being manipulated by women like Nicole and Kristen. Theresa asks if he thinks he used bad judgment by getting involved with her too. Brady argues that they were different people when they met but admits getting involved with her at first was part of that pattern. Brady insists that they have changed together and he loves her so much so there is no regret here at all. Theresa says it's just hard sometimes with Victor always trying to find fault with her. Brady tells her to let him worry about Victor. Theresa wishes him luck on that because she doesn't think he will ever let her live down what happened to Tate. Theresa asks what if one day Victor finally succeeds in turning Brady against her. Brady promises that will never happen.

Steve tells Kayla that he's a little confused as he thought they turned a corner in California since she said she couldn't live without him. Kayla tells him that it doesn't change her being scared by his reckless nature. Kayla needs time to sort it out. Steve calls that her answer every time it comes up and asks if she's not just making excuses because she doesn't want to be with him. Kayla feels that they she needs to know letting him back in is the right decision for them. Kayla says she can't thank him enough for finding Joey and bringing him home but he has clearly inherited his need for danger. Kayla brings up Ava and wonders how they can ever forget that Joey murdered someone. Kayla repeats that she just needs time. Steve tells her that she is his one and only so nothing will ever change that as he then exits the hospital. Steve goes to his office looking frustrated.

Victor tells Maggie that Summer could be miles from Salem by now. Maggie decides she will use her phone to try and track her down one last time.

Summer tells Dario that she messaged the number back that she would think about their request so she can buy time to get out of town. Summer then gets the call from Maggie but doesn't answer it. Dario asks why she did that. Summer can't stand the thought of Maggie ripping into her and hates herself for letting her down. Dario brings up that she refused to take everything from Maggie and asks if she doesn't think she can fix this. Summer says she should get back to her hotel and pack so Dario decides to walk her there. They exit the club and walk in to the town square where Theresa sees them. Theresa wants to go after them but Brady stops her. They approach and Summer assumes Brady already filled Theresa in. Brady confirms he did and mentions Dario being in on it too. Summer argues that Dario did nothing. Brady mentions the lie that they were dating. Brady asks if Summer ever said anything truthful. Summer responds that she was absolutely truthful with him once and thinks he knows what she is talking about. Theresa questions what that means. Summer says it's not important but tells Theresa not to take him for granted because Brady is a good guy who deserves the best as does Tate. Dario decides they should get going. Brady agrees and says goodbye. Dario and Summer walk away. Theresa questions what Brady is not telling her.

Maggie tells Victor that Summer didn't answer so he's probably right that she has already left Salem. Fynn arrives to check on Maggie. Maggie says she's doing quite well. Maggie asks Fynn about Summer. Fynn says he didn't know her very well. Maggie asks what he remembers as a first impression. Fynn recalls that she seemed troubled but Daniel saw something worth saving. Victor argues that Daniel was like Maggie, too kind-hearted for his own good.

Brady reveals to Theresa that Summer came to him a few weeks ago to confess her love for him. Theresa says she knew it and questions why he didn't say anything. Theresa says she wouldn't have said anything but then realizes she probably would have. Theresa still thinks he should have told her then stops to ask if Brady has feelings for Summer.

Kayla returns to Joey's hospital room. Joey tells her that Jade didn't answer her phone. Kayla guesses she could be talking to her parents now. Joey wants Kayla to give Jade a chance. Kayla argues they aren't good for each other. Joey wants to talk to Steve, thinking he would back him up. Kayla informs Joey that Steve is spending the night at his office. Joey questions what more Steve has to prove to get back together. Kayla responds that people change. Joey tells her to think more with her heart than her head as Steve deserves a second chance and so does Jade.

Fynn tells Maggie that she has a clean bill of health but advises her to take it easy and not push herself too hard. They appreciate him coming at this hour and he then exits. Victor says he's always happy to hear she is in good health. Victor asks if she's thought any more about taking a cruise. Maggie asks if he's sure he can afford it. Victor says he wouldn't be who he is if he wasn't wise enough to save a few bucks. Maggie agrees to look into it then as she is starting to think that getting away for awhile might be the best thing for the both of them.

Jade goes to Joey's room in the hospital with tears in her eyes. Joey asks her what's wrong. Jade tells him that things didn't go well with her parents and her dad kicked her out. Jade cries that she thought she didn't care what they thought of her but it hurts so bad. Joey holds her as she cries and insists they will come around but Jade doesn't think so. Jade says they hate her and now she has no place to go.

Brady tells Theresa that he does not have feelings for Summer. Theresa doesn't want to be the last to know when someone is after her man. Brady suggests a really nice dinner but Theresa lost her appetite. Brady offers to order take out so they can have it later which she agrees with. Brady goes to order while Kayla walks by. Theresa greets her and says Caroline told her about Joey being shot. Kayla says he's okay and will make a full recovery. Kayla notices Tate. Theresa can't imagine that happening to her child. Kayla encourages her that motherhood suits her. Theresa is glad someone thinks so since Victor has been all over her. Kayla tells her not to pay attention to him. Kayla is really proud of how Theresa has turned her life around. Theresa thanks her, mentioning that everyone does deserve a second chance.

Joey tells Jade that he will take care of that. Jade asks if he's sure about that since Kayla isn't her biggest fan. Joey says she won't kick her out with no where to go. Joey tells her not to worry as they will figure this out. They say I love you to each other and then kiss.

Steve sits in his office having a drink until Kayla arrives, surprising him. Steve puts the drink away and answers the door, asking what's going on. Kayla says he left his harmonica when he moved out. Steve says he has 20 so she didn't have to come all this way. Kayla says she just wanted him to know that she does love him. Kayla declares that she can't seem to live with him or without him.

Summer and Dario return to her hotel room where Summer shows him the cash she received. Summer mentions they've made a career taking risks but Dario worries about crossing these people. Summer hopes Theresa took her warning seriously because someone out there is willing to pay a lot of money to kidnap Tate.

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