Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/4/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/4/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe receives an envelope with a flash drive. He goes in to the interrogation room with his laptop to use it in private. Rafe views the security photos he received which confirms that "Guy" was the fake name Aiden used as he was visiting Andre in prison. Rafe questions why Aiden would use a fake name

Hope stops Aiden and says he doesn't get to decide for her. Hope refuses to let fear make her give up. Aiden says this isn't about fear but about him. Aiden feels he hasn't been listening to her about going slow. Hope reminds him that she suggested going away. Aiden says it was the right thing to do but it made them realize that they haven't gotten past what happened so it's not time for them to move forward yet. Aiden tells Hope that he loves her so he needs to respect that as they then start kissing again.

JJ meets with a female patient at the mental hospital to ask her if Abigail ever talked to her. The girl says Abigail never talked to anyone except Ciara.

Chad reads the letter from Abigail where she says that he and Thomas will never see her again. Chad continues reading that she came home and felt like a stranger so she felt she had to go away to give them a chance at a sane life, adding that he will never find her. Chad says he can't believe it. Ciara enters and asks what he can't believe. Chad responds that she's gone.

Shawn goes to the police station and greets Rafe, who is going over papers. Shawn asks if he's doing some heavy thinking or on a suspicious case. Rafe says he doesn't know yet and questions Shawn just now getting there. Shawn tells him about working on the fire case. Shawn says they apparently have an arsonist and asks Rafe his thoughts. Shawn then asks Rafe what is going on.

Aiden and Hope kiss and move towards the bed. Aiden stops and asks if she's sure. She says she is so they kiss on the bed.

Shawn asks Rafe what's bothering him. Rafe responds that he needs to sit on it for awhile. Shawn thinks he could help but Rafe says maybe another time. Shawn asks if it's about Hope. Rafe questions why he would ask that. Shawn says it can't feel very good knowing she's off with another guy. Rafe states that's not his business anymore. Shawn asks if that's it. Rafe says he just has something that doesn't add up but if he figures it out, he will let him know. Shawn gets a call and says he will be there in 15 minutes. Shawn tells Rafe that he has another case. Shawn hopes Rafe figures out whatever is going on as he then exits.

JJ asks the doctor to have someone find him as soon as Ciara shows up for work.

Ciara tells Chad that she's sorry and doesn't know what to say. Chad argues that it's not possible since Abigail always talked about wanting to come home. Chad confirms it's her handwriting but says it is not like her. Ciara asks where he found it. Chad responds that he didn't, Andre did, as he then rushes out of the room.

Andre sits in his room at the Salem Inn, saying he has so much to do. Chad bangs on the door until he opens up. Chad comes in and asks where she is and what he's done with her.

JJ comes across Chase at the mental hospital. Chase asks if Ciara is in trouble, insisting that she didn't help Abigail escape. JJ says it has nothing to do with him unless he has information. Chase mentions hearing Abigail always talk about going home. Chase mentions that Abigail and Ciara didn't talk which JJ points out is not what he heard. Chase guarantees Ciara had nothing to do with Abigail escaping because she was with him when it happened.

Chad accuses Andre of Abigail's letter being another game of his. Andre questions what he's implying. Chad demands to know where Abigail is. Andre responds that he doesn't know. Chad yells that he's lying. Andre asks why he would do that. Chad argues that Andre does things to make people suffer. Andre tells Chad to think logical. Andre reminds him that they have an agreement. Andre questions why he would hide Abigail and insists he has no idea where she is. Chad goes to leave but Andre stops him and admits he did lie about one thing but only to protect him. Chad asks what he lied about. Andre reveals that he didn't find the letter but Abigail actually gave it to him so he did see her. Chad calls him a son of a bitch. Andre tells him to calm down and either leave or they can sit and talk rationally.

Chase tells JJ about seeing Ciara at the time they say Abigail escaped. Chase talks about watching Ciara so he could stay out of her way. JJ calls that creepy. Chase insists that Ciara had nothing to do with Abigail's escape. Ciara then enters the room so JJ asks her to recall all of her movements around the time of Abigail's escape. Ciara questions if he's serious and if he thinks she helped her. JJ brings up them being close and insists he wants answers. Ciara says she didn't help her but is glad she escaped. JJ questions thinking she's better off alone with nothing while Ciara brings up how much she hated this place. Ciara apologizes but figured Abigail would've gone home. Ciara can't believe Abigail would break Chad's heart like this. JJ is not convinced that Chad is being totally upfront and thinks he could be hiding something. JJ asks if she knows anything. Ciara insists that Chad is not hiding anything.

Chad questions Andre seeing Abigail in the mansion. Andre says she seemed so fragile. Chad questions letting her leave. Andre says he tried to stop her by bringing up Chad and Thomas. Chad asks how she reacted. Andre says she was emotional but felt she was doing the right thing. Chad argues not telling her it was the worst thing she could do. Andre says she was very determined. Chad questions why he lied and said he found the letter. Andre felt it was a shame that he couldn't convince her to stay and knew it would devastate him but it was her decision. Chad says Andre makes it impossible for anyone to believe anything he says. Andre insists his heart was in the right place. Chad responds that he doesn't have a heart. Andre hopes this doesn't screw up their arrangement. Chad turns and leaves the room.

Rafe continues going over the security camera footage of Aiden visiting Andre in prison. Rafe gets a call and responds that he's on his way to the Salem Inn.

Aiden and Hope continue kissing in bed until Hope's flashbacks begin of their final night together with Hope stabbing the fake Aiden causing Hope to yell and stop things between them.

JJ and Jennifer go to the DiMera Mansion after Chad said he had news. Chad informs them of the letter and shows it to Jennifer. JJ questions it as Jennifer reads the letter. Jennifer notes her handwriting. JJ points out that Chad seems more calm than torn up about it. JJ starts to accuse Chad of hiding Abigail but Chad insists that he doesn't know where she is. JJ continues to accuse Chad. Chad tells JJ that he doesn't trust him and is starting not to like him. Chad tells JJ that he can search the entire place but he won't find her. Chad then exits the room.

Aiden apologizes to Hope. Hope tells him that it wasn't him. Aiden says he knew it was a mistake. Hope blames the images and trying to make them stop. Hope repeats that she knows it wasn't him but can't get it out of her head. Aiden knows she thought going away would make it easier to forget but it's not working.

Andre makes a call, asking about a delivery. Andre hangs up when there's a knock at the door and Rafe arrives. Rafe says he needs to ask him some questions. Rafe asks Andre why Aiden was visiting him in prison and why he was using an assumed name.

Hope reminds Aiden that it was her idea to come here. Aiden blames himself for bringing so much pain to her life by not being honest from the beginning. Hope decides it's too soon. Aiden doesn't want to force what's not there.

Ciara comes home early to Chad and mentions JJ thinking that he's lying. Ciara asks Chad if he knows where Abigail is and swears not to tell anyone if so because she has his back. Chad wishes he did know where Abigail is and wishes he never sent away. Chad yells in frustration. Ciara asks if there is anything she can do to help. Chad tells her to go check on Thomas so she goes to do that.

Hope tells Aiden that it will just take more time. Aiden asks what if there's nothing she can do and she's never ready. Aiden calls this trip wishful thinking to think it would solve their problems. Aiden understands he is triggering all of her horrible memories and feels that will never change.

Andre asks Rafe if he knows how many visitors he had in prison. Rafe believes he could count on his fingers. Andre mentions Hope being one of his visitors and she accused him of kidnapping Aiden. Andre calls her story preposterous about the fake Aiden. Rafe says with Andre's family it's not so preposterous as it did happen. Andre says they always blame the DiMeras. Andre adds that if Stefano did it, he had nothing to do with it. Rafe calls it convenient to blame Stefano now that he's gone. Andre says he's trying to make up for lost time. Rafe says he didn't ask why Hope visited him but why Aiden did. Rafe questions why he doesn't want to answer.

Ciara tells Chad that she thinks someone made Abigail write the letter because it doesn't sound like her. Ciara questions who would do that. Chad says Ben was his first thought but he's locked up so he suggests Andre. Ciara asks why he would. Chad guesses it would be to take advantage of him somehow. Ciara asks if he really thinks Andre has her somewhere. Chad says there's only one way to find out as he then calls Andre, apologizing for overreacting earlier and says he needs to see him. Chad then decides he'll just track Andre down himself but Ciara isn't sure that's the best idea. Chad asks why not. Ciara thinks it would seem obvious since they just had a fight. Ciara asks if Andre wants anything from him. Chad brings up the piece of property. Ciara encourages Chad to make Andre think he's changed his mind or else he will smell the trap. Chad notes she is pretty good at this and decides he will bring the paper work.

Jennifer and JJ walk through the town square talking about trying to find Abigail. JJ talks about not believing Chad and thinking he would do anything to keep her hidden. JJ gets a call from Roman, who says he can't get a judge to sign off on the search warrant until tomorrow. JJ wants to focus on why Andre is suddenly involved. Jennifer asks if he really thinks Andre is helping Chad. JJ feels it's obvious they are doing something. JJ points out that Andre only cares about himself and won't care who else gets hurt.

Andre asks Rafe why he's asking him if he has the surveillance footage. Rafe informs him that there is no audio. Andre claims Aiden visited him for the same reason as Hope did. Rafe questions why he used an alias then. Andre responds that he didn't know he did and suggests he didn't want his name on record. Rafe brings up that Aiden visited more than once. Andre claims Aiden asked him about land that Stefano owned. Rafe points out that Chad owns that now. Andre suggests Rafe should ask Aiden about it. Rafe tells Andre that he will be back as he exits. Andre picks up an envelope at the door with a paper inside that makes him happy.

Hope tells Aiden that she really thought she was ready. Aiden understands it was too much, too soon and suggests they just head back to Salem in the morning. Aiden wishes there was something he could do to make this easy.

JJ tells Jennifer that Andre left his room and that Chad went looking for him. Jennifer figures they are definitely involved. JJ worries that Chad will just end up hurting Abigail in the end.

Chad returns home to Ciara and tells her that Andre wasn't home so he regrets calling him. Ciara encourages him and says she has faith in him. Chad is glad to have someone she can talk to and trust. Ciara tells him that she wants to help with anything he needs. Ciara exits as Chad checks on Thomas.

Hope tells Aiden that she will see him in the morning and heads back to her room. Aiden sits back on the bed frustrated.

Rafe returns to the police station and looks up the DiMera property that Andre mentioned. Rafe makes a call about it, wondering why Aiden would want to buy it.

Andre goes to the empty building and searches around with a flashlight.

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