Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/1/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/1/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole argues with Deimos that getting revenge on Kate wasn't the deal. Nicole thought he changed. Deimos tells her that what Kate did was beyond cruel. Nicole reminds him that he said he would clear her name but questions if he would rather stick it to Kate.

Kate asks Andre if he's sure that he saw Deimos talking to Nicole. Andre tells her that it certainly looked like him and that they were outside of the town square so Kate storms out to go find out. Andre checks his phone with a text from "Guy" asking how their venture is going.

Aiden is asleep and has a nightmare about the night he was kidnapped and replaced by his clone then to escaping from being locked up. Aiden wakes up in a panic, knocking over the lamp near the bed. Hope comes in and asks him what's wrong.

Deimos tells Nicole that no one has charged her with murder so he would never let anything happen to her. Nicole calls that easy to say and asks how long his game is going to take because Kate can do a lot of damage. Deimos says he isn't worried about Kate. Nicole warns him about Kate's history. Nicole says she understands but revenge never turns out fun. Deimos calls it payback. Nicole thinks telling the cops what happened would be payback enough. Nicole encourages Deimos to give everything back to Victor to prove he changed. Deimos argues that what Kate did was unforgivable as she tried to kill him and send her away to prison. Deimos asks Nicole if watching Kate get what's coming to her be a turn on to her.

Andre goes to the police station where Rafe is working. Andre thinks back to confirming with Aiden that he wanted Rafe out of the way. Rafe asks Andre if he's having second thoughts about Monaghan going down for his crime. Andre tells Rafe that they both know who killed Stefano. Rafe asks if he's here to let Hope know this will never end. Andre reminds him that they had this conversation before. Andre says he isn't letting old grievances hold him down anymore as he's a new man focused on the future. Andre asks if Hope is there so he can explain that to her. Rafe asks why he's really there.

Hope asks Aiden what happened as he cleans up the broken lamp. Aiden claims he woke up and accidentally knocked over the lamp. Hope questions hearing him yell when he woke up. Aiden claims it was nothing and insists he's fine as he cleans up the broken lamp. Hope makes a call that they will be checking out of the lodge. Aiden questions why she did that. Hope says something is obviously going on and he's not talking about it. Hope says they have to talk or they should just go home. Aiden blows it off as just a bad dream and insists he's fine. Hope argues that he's obviously not fine and if he refuses to open up then they can't move forward. Aiden stops her and agrees to tell her everything.

Andre tells Rafe that he doesn't have any hidden agenda. Rafe believes he came to test the waters and check if he's building a new case against him or if Monaghan recanted his false testimony. Rafe warns that if he did, they would arrest Andre so that he would never get out. Andre threatens that if he ever tries to put him in jail again, he'll wish he was never born.

Hope tells Aiden that he has nothing to be embarrassed about by having a dream about being locked up. Aiden talks about how real it felt like living it over again. Hope understands he was traumatized so nightmares are not unusual. Aiden didn't want her to see him as weak. Hope knows he had been through a terrible ordeal and relates to having nightmares too. Hope assures him it's normal. Aiden responds that nothing they experienced was normal.

Nicole tells Deimos not to confuse her anymore. Nicole reminds him that he said he would tell the police he's fine so she would be off the hook. Nicole doesn't know how to react. Deimos argues that she wants to see Kate suffer as much as he does. Nicole doesn't want to be that person anymore. Deimos says he can't just turn off how he feels when someone hurts him or someone he cares about. Nicole encourages him to be free. Nicole says he can either continue to live like a cornered animal or he can make decisions that benefit him with a true future. Deimos feels that if he gives in, Kate wins so he has to show her that she can't screw with him. Deimos says he needs Nicole's help to do it. Deimos warns her that Kate will grind her in to the ground if she doesn't teach her a lesson. Nicole says that she needs to think about it. Deimos tells her that he can't hide forever so he needs an answer now. Nicole responds that it will have to be no then. Deimos is sorry to hear that. Nicole is sorry that he hasn't really changed at all as she then walks away. Deimos calls the Kiriakis Mansion pretending to be someone else looking for Kate but finds out she is not home.

Rafe points out Andre getting upset at the thought of going to jail and that he just threatened a police officer. Rafe says he'd be right back in jail if he had a witness. Andre responds that he would bring in his new lawyer to make Rafe's life so uncomfortable. Rafe asks why he would give a damn about his new lawyer. Andre asks Rafe to tell Hope that he came looking for her as he then exits the station.

Aiden tells Hope that nothing is ever normal again after a DiMera walks in to your life. Hope says that's only if he gives them that power. Aiden feels that he did as he let them destroy his life. Aiden hates facing that the DiMeras took everything away. Aiden believes Hope is still so cautious because the trust isn't there and probably never will be. Hope tells him that she's trying. There's a knock at the door so Aiden figures it's time to go.

Nicole walks through the town square on the phone, arguing that Kate knows nothing and Deimos will back in charge soon as she requests files. Nicole hangs up as Kate walks by. Nicole asks if she's looking for someone. Kate responds that she is looking for her partner Dario. Nicole calls her paranoid. Nicole says she just wants to go back to work. Kate reminds her that she's been fired because Deimos is dead and she's sole CEO unless she has information to prove that wrong.

Deimos sneaks in to the Kiriakis Mansion and walks around the living room where he looks through a drawer.

Rafe makes a call to find out who Andre's lawyer was in his latest arrest. He learns that he was fired on his second day and asks who the new lawyer is but is told there is nobody.

Aiden asks Hope what's wrong. Hope says she was just thinking about what he said about the DiMeras destroying everything. Hope tells him that she wanted them to go away and spend time alone to see if they could get things back on track. Hope encourages that they are both fighting the nightmares. Aiden says he keeps trying to protect her from what happened and focus on the future so they can be happy.

Nicole tells Kate that a successful CEO wouldn't dump a good executive on a whim. Kate brings up the impending murder charge. Kate questions why Nicole is so hell-bent on becoming part of Basic Black since Deimos is gone. Nicole notes her seeming so sure about that. Kate asks why she isn't and what Nicole knows that she doesn't.

Deimos looks over Kate's marriage certificate and thinks back to Nicole's last words to him. Deimos goes to leave the mansion but Andre arrives so Deimos hides. Andre walks in to the living room so Deimos sneaks out.

Nicole tells Kate that she isn't her and didn't try to kill Deimos. Nicole hopes he's still alive. Kate feels that's only so she would be cleared of his murder. Nicole argues that they both know Kate is the one who pushed Deimos. Nicole understands her reasons for not admitting it but asks her to do the right thing this one time and tell the police that she had nothing to do with it. Kate says no because if her wish comes true then Deimos is alive. Nicole says this isn't about Deimos but about who Kate is. Nicole encourages Kate to change who she is and they could help each other. Kate repeats that she's not her. Kate questions how Nicole could help her. Nicole suggests they could make sure Basic Black is one of Titan's most successful businesses so she'd work with her not against her. Kate questions how she went after the man she loved. Nicole says it was an act to make Deimos pay for what he did to Maggie. Kate tells her that she saw how she looked at Deimos and what she said to him by the river. Kate believes Nicole meant every word without thinking of how it would affect her. Nicole says she is trying to make up for that. Kate believes she's just trying to manipulate her in to giving her job back. Nicole says she's trying to make peace but Kate doesn't believe her. Nicole brings up Kate taking Victor from her. Kate brings up Nicole saying she changed being with Daniel but argues that Nicole is still selfish as DNA doesn't change. Kate tells Nicole that she can rot in Hell before she would ever tell the police that she's innocent. Kate then walks away.

Aiden asks Hope what if they can never let go of the past. Hope suggests giving it a try. Aiden tells her that he loves her but wants her to be honest if it would sometimes be easier to run away. Aiden talks about escaping being locked up by always thinking of her and having faith that he would see her again. Aiden talks about being afraid this is a dream. Hope assures him that it's not as they kiss.

Rafe gets a call back and asks if Andre had any visitors in prison other than Hope. Rafe learns about someone named Guy and asks for a description as he's never heard of him. Rafe writes down his description and asks for the security tapes to be checked for photos.

Aiden and Hope continue kissing until Hope flashes back to the night she was almost killed by "Aiden." Aiden gets upset about causing her nightmares and says he can't keep hurting her. Aiden declares he should've never come back as that was selfish of him to think they could just pick up where they left off but now he knows they can't. Aiden decides he is not going to cause her any more pain and heads to the back room.

Kate comes home as Andre is finishing a call. Kate tells him that she found Nicole but no Deimos so it's possible he was mistaken. Andre says it's possible he was not too. Andre asks what's for lunch. Kate responds that she will be dining alone. Kate tells Andre that him staying in the guest room was a one night thing. Andre realizes she still doesn't trust him which she confirms. Andre says that doesn't mean she has to reject his company. Kate feels Andre is getting too comfortable here so whatever he's up to, he will have to do somewhere else. Andre tells her that he will find out if Deimos is still in town and what he's up to for a generous fee. Andre gives Kate her keys back as she agrees. Andre then exits the mansion.

Nicole returns to Deimos outside the town square and tells him that she ran in to Kate. Nicole then tells Deimos that she's in. Nicole says she wanted to do the right thing but after getting an earful from Kate, the right thing is something completely different. Nicole says she's in on whatever plan he wants to put in motion. Deimos laughs and says he was just about to tell her that he decided not to go after Kate. Nicole questions what changed his mind. Deimos says he thought about what she said earlier and she was right that revenge is a waste of his time. Deimos says revenge against Victor didn't get him anything. Deimos declares he has to start living his life again instead of trying to take it out on everyone for what went wrong. Nicole states that Kate says people can't change their DNA but she thinks she may be wrong. Nicole brings up Kate's suspicions about Deimos being back in town as she asked a lot of questions. Nicole assures him that she kept it all a secret. Deimos decides it's time to let her in on it. Deimos adds that the police will be his next order of business to clear her name. Nicole asks if he's going to change his mind. Deimos asks why he would. Nicole says she may not have tried to kill him but she definitely played him. Deimos reminds her of no more retribution.

Rafe receives an envelope with a flash drive. He goes in to the interrogation room with his laptop to use it in private. Rafe views the security photos he received which confirms that "Guy" was the fake name Aiden used as he was visiting Andre in prison. Rafe questions why Aiden would use a fake name and brings up Hope's number on his phone.

Hope stops Aiden and says he doesn't get to decide for her. Hope refuses to let fear make her give up. Aiden says this isn't about fear but about him. Aiden feels he hasn't been listening to her about going slow. Hope reminds him that she suggested going away. Aiden says it was the right thing to do but it made them realize that they haven't gotten past what happened so it's not time for them to move forward yet. Aiden tells Hope that he loves her so he needs to respect that as they then start kissing again.

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