Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/30/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/30/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate walks around the Kiriakis Mansion and hears a noise so she calls out for Andre or Deimos. She then knocks over a book and the sound of it hitting the floor freaks her out so she says she can't stay here and walks out.

Chloe listens in from outside as Deimos tells Nicole that he will be there shortly but has some things to take care of first. Nicole can't believe she will be free and can't wait to tell Kate. Deimos asks her not to say anything as he wants to handle his "resurrection" in his own way. Nicole questions if this is going to be some kind of trick. Deimos promises he will be there as Salem is his home.

Blanca goes to the club where Dario is working. Blanca finishes a call and tells Dario that she just got a job with the hospital. Dario tells her that Adriana will be thrilled that she is staying in town so she can continue trying to be match maker with Rafe. Adriana tells Dario that Rafe isn't interested and asks if Adriana has played match maker with him. Dario says she better not because he doesn't need her telling him who to be with.

Jennifer and JJ talk outside about why Abigail would escape. JJ tells her that Abigail is guilty of starting the fire so she must have realized how much trouble she is in. Jennifer wants to find her and keep her safe. JJ worries that Chad will have no problem keeping them in the dark if he finds her first. Jennifer disagrees but JJ thinks Chad feels he's the only family that Abigail needs.

Chad takes some money and goes to leave home but runs in to Andre, who comments that he looks like he just the love of his life. Chad questions him. Andre asks if something happened with Abigail. Chad tells him that she ran off so he doesn't have time for this. Andre stops him and offers to help.

JJ tells Jennifer that he's been trying to figure out where Abigail would be hiding but feels like he is failing. Jennifer argues that Abigail is not being herself so none of this makes sense. JJ feels like there is something he must be missing. Jennifer encourages him to stay focused. JJ tells her that he will keep her posted as he goes to continue the search. Jennifer calls Chad and leaves a message that she needs to see him right away.

Chad questions how Andre can help him. Andre says he still has his finger on the pulse of the town so maybe someone has heard something about Abigail. Chad asks why he would help him. Andre talks about wanting to heal the family. Chad asks him what he wants. Andre responds that there is a piece of property outside of town that Stefano bought so Andre wants him to give it to him in exchange for him helping bring Abigail home to him.

Shawn tells Belle that they went from dating to falling in love and now are back at the beginning. Belle says they are taking it slow and can't go right back to living together. Shawn says he will text her later and exits. Philip then arrives at her door. She questions what he's doing there. He says he came to see her and saw Shawn leaving. He questions if Shawn is living there now. Belle notes that he's been drinking. Philip says his life is a mess, his record label is a bust and he's alone when he'd rather be with her. Belle doesn't want to do this. Philip tells her that she can't be getting back together with Shawn when he still loves her.

Kate walks through the town square where Lucas startles her from behind. Lucas asks why she hasn't returned any of his calls, e-mails, or texts. Lucas adds that he read about her getting married online and that she's part of a murder investigation.

Nicole asks Deimos why they can't go back to Salem together. Deimos gives her his word that he will be there. Nicole guesses she has to trust him for now. Chloe comes back in. Nicole tells her that she can't believe this as she came to see her then her whole life changed around. Nicole then asks how Chloe and Deimos met. Chloe calls it a long story for another time. Chloe calls Parker in to say goodbye to Nicole. Parker asks her not to go as he wants her to stay. Nicole says she would love to but has to get back. Parker suggests next time he can come visit her. They hug goodbye. Nicole tell Deimos that she will see him there. Nicole hugs Chloe and then exits. Chloe sends Parker to his room to clean up. Chloe tells Deimos that she won't keep him from getting back to Salem. Deimos tries to talk but Chloe doesn't want to hear any more of his lies. Chloe questions him saying he wanted to go away together and if that was just a way for him to stall before he could get back with Nicole.

Dario tells Blanca that he knows Adriana means well but he doesn't need anyone telling him how to live his life. Dario gets a text. Blanca asks if anything is wrong. Dario says he isn't sure what to make of it. Blanca offers to help but Dario says he just has to wait for a friend to show up. Blanca decides to leave him to it and hopes everything is okay as she exits.

Chad tells Andre that the property is his if he wants it if he can help him find Abigail. Andre says he will check with his contacts. Chad asks why the property is important. Andre says someone is interested in it and he needs the extra income. Andre tells him not to worry about Abigail as he remarks that if she was dead, they would have found her body by now and he then exits.

Belle reminds Philip that he said she and Shawn belong together. Philip says he was just being noble and rambles that there is no way they belong together. Philip argues that Shawn is boring while she needs adventure and excitement. Belle tells him that he's had too much to drink and she's not interested. Philip accuses her of being in denial.

Kate tells Lucas that she's glad he is here because she needs her family at a time like this. Kate wants Lucas to help her run Titan. Lucas tells her that she needs to get out of Titan as soon as she can. Lucas tells her to give Titan back to Victor before it's too late. Lucas worries that she will be in a lot of trouble if she doesn't.

Deimos tells Chloe that he wasn't lying or playing her as he meant every single word. Chloe feels every word meant nothing once Nicole walked in. Chloe argues that them making love meant nothing. Deimos says of course it did. Deimos talks about Chloe reminding him that he couldn't run from his past and that Nicole needed to know the truth. Chloe says she saw it in his eyes when Nicole came in that he is in love with her.

Nicole meets Dario at the club and informs him that Deimos is alive. Dario wants to go to the cops but Nicole says they can't as she made a promise and he wants to tell people. Dario asks where he's been. Nicole reveals that he's been at Chloe's. Dario questions him not coming home with her. Nicole says he had to wrap things up. Dario thinks she has just been had. Nicole assures him that Deimos wouldn't cross her. Nicole adds that if he doesn't come, she will track him down herself and kill him because she won't go down for something Kate did. Dario feels that either way, she is screwed.

JJ goes back to the mental hospital and checks in with the guard. He assures him that Abigail didn't come back here and feels she is better off. JJ tells him to go help find her. JJ then goes in to the room she stayed in and searches through the drawers. JJ searches the room until he finds a diary underneath the mattress.

Belle tells Philip that they are not having this conversation. Philip tells her to choose passion and excitement because he never stopped loving her. Philip says he was crazy to walk away from her. Belle tells him to stop but Philip doesn't think she really wants him to. Philip says he knows her and then kisses her. Belle tells him not to do that as he couldn't be more wrong while Shawn then returns to the house.

Nicole tells Dario that he doesn't understand. Dario says he's just warning her because he is her friend and he's been with her through this from the beginning. Dario feels that she is feeling the pull from Deimos. Nicole insists that she knows what he is capable of. Dario argues that Deimos only cares about himself so if she opens the door to him, she will get hurt bad.

Deimos tells Chloe that what they shared did mean a great deal to him. Deimos calls her a very special person and says nothing he said was false. Chloe calls him the most manipulative son of a bitch she's ever known as he has used her, Philip, Kate and now Nicole. Chloe yells at him to get out so Deimos turns around and exits. Parker comes back in and asks Chloe why she yelled at Deimos.

JJ sits down to read through the diary left by Abigail then gets up and leaves the room.

Jennifer goes to the DiMera Mansion where Chad says he was just about to call her. They talk about not hearing from her. Jennifer feels guilty for urging Chad to put Abigail in the mental hospital. Chad says that's in the past now and they talk about being unable to find her. Jennifer encourages that they all want to find Abigail. Chad argues that he isn't bound by laws and will break every rule to find Abigail so he wants her, JJ, and Roman to stay out of his way.

Belle tells Shawn that Philip is drunk and wouldn't leave. Philip tells Shawn that he was reminding Belle who she belongs with. Shawn tells him to leave. Philip drunkenly tries to punch Shawn but he avoids him, grabs him and kicks him out of the house. Belle apologizes as she thought she had it under control but couldn't get him to leave. Shawn asks if she's okay. Belle says she is now that he's here and kisses him.

JJ goes to the DiMera Mansion and reads Abigail's diary to Jennifer and Chad, talking about feeling scared and judged then wondering if she could never go home again. Chad wonders why she would think any of that. JJ suggests he might have said something to scare her. Chad gets upset and argues that he only ever tried to love her and make her feel safe. Chad takes the diary and looks through it. Chad wants to keep it for a possible clue but JJ says he can't let him do that. Chad questions JJ not trusting him. JJ tells Chad that if he finds her first and keeps her from them, it won't do anyone any good. Andre then enters and asks if he is interrupting.

Chloe tells Parker that she and Deimos just had a little argument and he had to go back to Salem. Parker asks if she's sad. She says she isn't because she has him as they hug. Chloe cries so Parker asks what's wrong. Chloe suggests they take a trip to Salem.

Nicole knows Dario is saying this because he cares and she calls him a really great friend but she knows what Deimos is capable of and also who he used to be. Nicole believes Deimos was a decent guy who loved Helena until Victor had him put in prison for 30 years. Nicole gets a text from Deimos that he has arrived in Salem and wants to see her.

Kate tells Lucas that she isn't giving Titan back to Victor and isn't in any danger. Kate suggests talking about something else. Lucas points out that she hasn't asked how he's doing so he informs her that he just got engaged to Adrienne. Kate sarcastically congratulates him. Philip stumbles over to interrupt them, laughing at Kate saying she just wants her children to be happy. Lucas calls it early for him to be drunk. Kate says she will take Philip home but Philip turns her down, saying he will screw up his life and wallow in it as he walks away.

Belle and Shawn move to the bedroom and have sex.

Andre asks if there's any news on Abigail. Chad says there is nothing yet. JJ questions what he's even doing there. JJ hopes Chad didn't let him move back in. Chad says they are just transferring some property. Jennifer can't believe Andre was even released. JJ tells Chad to keep him posted as he and Jennifer exit. Chad asks Andre what he knows. Andre says he does know something but first wants to deal with the property. Chad tells him it's whatever he wants then asks what he knows. Andre reveals a letter that he says is from Abigail.

Dario goes home where Blanca is making ice tea. Dario asks her about the job at the hospital. She tells him that tomorrow is her first day and asks how things went with his friend. Dario says that remains to be seen because he thinks his friend may be getting in way over her head.

Nicole goes outside the town square to meet Deimos. Nicole admits she was worried that he wouldn't show up. Deimos says he gave her his word. Nicole tells him that her life is on the line and asks if he's ready to tell the police that he's alive and well. Deimos stops her and says no.

Andre tells Chad that he just found the envelope behind the curtain in the living room. Chad opens it to read it. Andre guesses she must have left it after she ran away. Andre hopes he finds answers in the letter. Chad asks to be alone. Andre reminds him that they can deal with the property later and he's sorry for what he's going through. Andre exits as Chad reads the letter where Abigail writes that Chad and Thomas will never see her again.

Belle looks out the window at home and thinks back to Philip being there earlier and kissing her. Shawn comes out from the bedroom.

Philip tells himself that he blew it today as Chloe approaches with Parker to greet him.

Kate returns home to the Kiriakis Mansion. She heads inside where Andre startles her and suggests they celebrate. Kate questions what they are celebrating. Andre says it's a deal they haven't made. Andre tells Kate that if she gives him $500,000 then he will make sure Deimos disappears. Kate responds that Deimos has already disappeared. Andre then reveals that he just saw Nicole talking to someone who looks exactly like Deimos.

Nicole questions Deimos not wanting to tell the police what Kate did to him. Deimos wants deep lasting revenge in a better way. Nicole didn't think this was about revenge. Deimos says Kate is his enemy and hers too. Deimos asks Nicole to help him get back at Kate for what she has done to both of them.

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